Unlike Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity is a Pro-Video Game Conservative

January 3, 2007 -
Just before Thanksgiving, GamePolitics broke a story which detailed conservative pundit Bill O'Reilly's fear and loathing of digital culture, especially video games.

In case you missed it (and shame on you if you did), here's what O'Reilly had to say about gamers:
Basically what you have is a large portion of the population... who don’t deal with reality - ever. So they don’t know what day it is... They don’t know anything… because they are constantly diverted by a machine. Now what this does is it takes a person away from reality because they’ve created their own reality…

The skill set that is necessary to earn a decent living is being deemphasized in a fantasy world of football games and shooting zombies and all that… I really fear for the United States because, believe me, the jihadists? They’re not playing the video games. They’re killing real people over there.

Now contrast O'Reilly's close-minded rant with the more rational view of conservative talking head Sean Hannity. As described on Kotaku, Hannity loves Nintendo's Wii, especially the boxing portion of Wii Sports, and related how he enjoyed playing the system with his son.

So... how does O'Reilly see cataclysm in video games while Hannity sees only fun and entertainment?


O'Reilly does have kids. And all of you guys are a bunch of pathetic, pimple-faced geeks who think you're smart because you play video games, and that somehow is enlightening. Yes, we know you were unpopular in high school (chances are, you're still in high school) and the only girl you'll ever get is someone just as fucked up as you are, but hey, masking the real problems that you have deep down inside by saying absolutely horrific things about Bill O'Reilly isn't helping. Give me a break!

I've always found it ironic that Bill O'Reilly is always preaching for "personal responsibility" on so many issues, yet he turns right around and encourages parents to blame anyone other than themselves if their kid does something wrong.

I happen to believe that parents should take responsibility for what shows their children watch and what video games they play, instead of just dumping their kids in front of the electronic babysitter and wandering off. According to Bill O'Reilly, that makes me a leftist wingnut.

"Conservatives are generally idiots."

You lost all credibility right there. Making generalizations is what the anti-video game supporters thrive off of. Don't stoop to that.

Conservatives are generally idiots. Following a political ideology that is purposely antiquated and regressive in nature highlights their absurd disregard for facts and basic logic.

Video games are a form of entertainment. Bill's rant destroys itself long before a serious critique deconstructs it. I guess those "removed from reality" afford their very expensive and time-consuming hobby by begging on the street while servers are down. One part of his rant really stood out:

" I really fear for the United States because, believe me, the jihadists? They’re not playing the video games. They’re killing real people over there."

Yeah, Bill. Let us praise the idea that someone is SO connected with reality -- especially the part where one worships an invisible, unknowable, and childish diety who spreads death, natural disaster, and promises damnation for anyone without "faith" (aka the desire to believe something without any evidence) -- that they kill REAL people. I mean, really, all these damn kids using video games to vent frustration on pixels -- that's horrible.

As Bill tells us, all violence should be REAL and inflicted upon REAL people.

The only reasons Hannity dosen't have a problem with games are:

1. He isn't trying to sell a book in which he bills himself as THE great crusader for right wing cultural values.

2. He is a devout believer in the MaGicAL powers of the free market. Hey Sean, how're we gonna' deal with school funding issues? "Free Market!", poverty? "Free Market!" health care? "Free Market!", Darfur? "Free Market!"

Oh, forgot to add:

"MARTAY!" :tingle ting ting ting tingle:

"Hey Sean, I tell ya' I'm OLD, those democrats 'r bad! I'm OLD!"

"Ya' know Marty, that's exactly what I've been tryin' to say, you have some great insights into the world of politics."

"I'm OLD!" :tingle ting tingle:

"See ya' later Marty!"

Slightly of-topic but I heard there was some more youtube responses to o'reilly other than the infamous 8 year old. Where might I find them?

first time I've ever seen "Hannity" and "Rational" in a sentence before

I've always liked Hannity. He's a REAL conservative, not one of the chumps who claim themselves to be conservative yet obviously aren't as they are for bigger governments and more power to politicians. Not a big surprise here though. Hannity and I usually see eye-to-eye on issues

I still like O'Reily more, even though I wouldn't exactly say I like him. His show is a joke though. Hannity, on the other hand, just burns me up. He totally disrespects people who don't agree with him. I can't tell you how backwards that makes him look to me.

Well at least some one likes us.


In North America, Conservative and Liberal are almost defined in the eye of the beholder. Some Conservatives believe that government should stay out of personal business (the idea that smaller gov is better, less wasting of resources, more freedom for industry) (conservative in the fiscal sense). Others believe that it means "values-based", as in values from "the good old days" (conservative in the moral sense, aka Big Brother knows best). It gets very confusing sometimes, especially when you get the moderates arguing.

That's why a comedy show in Canada made fun of a couple of talking heads saying "Big 'C' Conservative", "Little 'c' conservative", "Big 'L' Liberal" and "Little 'l' liberal" as they were trying to sort out what kind of policy had just been announced. ;)
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

While Sean is a bit of an odd ball and very much a rightist, he's suprisingly accurate in his observations, if not the most diplomatic of people. I listen to him online mainly for humor, as some times he goes off on a rant and it's a riot. For the most part though, hannity is just a younger, more in touch person then O riely so it's hardly a suprise for him to be a bit more in touch with the current gen.

Still doesn't change the fact that he's a bit overzealous and egotistical, but hey, what radio host isnt?

No GoodRobotUs, it does so happen to be that in Europe, and for the most part Britain, Cons really are regressive, while demo's take the progressive stance.

It's only in the US that the political parties are so fucked up that they've more or less switched sides these days.

And yes, drug-addict Limbaugh and Nutjob O'Reilly are both media whores.

'One should not base their opinions of Conservatives on the likes of Bill O’Reilly. He and Rush Limbaugh are media whores, not conservatives.'

Well, I'm in the UK, so I don't really have too much experience with the American political parties, so apologies if I seemed like I'm stereotyping, in the UK 'Conservative' basically means 'Afraid of change' (That's an extreme definition by the way, not party policy). So you could effectively have 'Conservative Democrats' from a UK perspective.

So… how does O’Reilly see cataclysm in video games while Hannity sees only fun and entertainment?
Bill O'Reilly = 57
Sean Hannity = 45
Not the whole reason, of course, but certainly a factor.

@Beacon --

I was just going to mention the age factor. Also, Hannity has kids and O'Reilly does not. The fact that he can play and enjoy a Nintendo Wii with his kids is simply awesome. If only more parents (Democrat AND Republican) could be involved with what their kids were doing, the world would be a better place.

"So… how does O’Reilly see cataclysm in video games while Hannity sees only fun and entertainment? "

Because Bill O'Reilly is a narrow-minded twit?

@ Verbinator

What? We shouldn't be critical of Bill O'Riely because of Hillary Clinton, Lieberman and Blagovitch passing/making up laws that sacrifice first amendment rights in the name of gaining votes?

If you think this site isn't harsh on all gaming critics, and supportive of all pro-gaming peeps, you seriously need to LURK MORE or gb2demonoid. I mean, just read this pro-hannity article above our heads, or scroll down a bit and edumacate yourself about a certain D-gov.

Also, try and learn the difference between true conservatives and progressive assholes trying to win votes/support from "conservative" Christians and luddites. Democrats aren't the only progressives right now, and given how much the Republican party has tried to change about the powers of our Federal government (deciding marriage laws, keeping people on life support, etc) I think you might want to be careful about who you label as conservative.

O'RLY is an I with certain conservative viewpoints who is actually very progressive.

I love how O’Reilly’s premise suggests that we gamers all have no lives and no contact with the world. I wonder how he thinks we afford all these games, since clearly the skill set we've learned playing games would prevent us from holding gainful employment.

Once again, we get to listen to someone with no knowledge at all of video games in general, criticizing us and postulating theories on what kind of people we are.

I guess O’Reilly’s real point is that all adult americans should be out on the streets learning to kill human beings, to prepare for killing the jihadits when they come to take away their freedom.

Defending games against political assassination definitely creates one of those "strange bedfellows" situations. It's often difficult to be a conservative (let alone a religious conservative) and participate in these forums when more than half the commentary borders on, if not totally crosses over into character assassination, name calling and other forms of hate speech directed against both conservatives and Christians.

Protecting games against censorship and persecution is not a clear-cut case of Church Ladies vs. "what we think is fun." For every faith-based conservative trying to manipulate the law to protect "the children" from what they dislike about games, there were as many or more liberals trying to bring about laws to do the same thing but for different agenda reasons.

Here's a thought for a New Year's resolution: we keep the gratuitous partisan sniping to a minimum, focus our harshest criticism on those who ignorantly (and repeatedly) attack our hobby/profession, and continue to look for positive ways to support those whose job it is defend games against ignorant legislation and malicious litigation. (As an aside, and maybe GP noticed this himself, but many of the ideas we've discussed on our forums later became the text of talking points for people at both the ESA and the ESRB).

One should not base their opinions of Conservatives on the likes of Bill O'Reilly. He and Rush Limbaugh are media whores, not conservatives.

Urge to kill fading...

Because... Bill only sees new viewers/listeners when spouting something that resembles an attack on anything new?

And what the HOLY NOODLE has happened to the old O'Reilly topic? Spambots and religious bullsh#t spans half the damn page size.

'believe me, the jihadists? They’re not playing the video games. They’re killing real people over there.'

It's always funny when Bill O'Reilly proves the Anti-gamers wrong unintentionally.

So while JT goes on about banning computer games to appease Terrorists, Bill is contradicting him by saying that American kids play computer games and don't kill, whereas 'jihadists' don't play computer games and do kill.

These people are funny in a 'can't remember what we said 30 seconds ago' kind of way.

Oh, and on Subject, good to see some of the younger conservatives are locked up in their own technophobia. Hmmm.. Maybe all those years driving KITT helped ;)

3 posts in a row....damn :( Curse you lack of Edit button.

I meant NOT locked up in their own technophobia, sorry.

'Doesn't make him any less of a lying weed.

"So… how does O’Reilly see cataclysm in video games while Hannity sees only fun and entertainment?"

My guess is that it has to do with them being two different people. Just because they are both conservative doesn't mean they have identical beliefs.

Also, O'Reilly is a nutter. ;) I haven't seen or heard Hannity enough to know about him, but O'Reilly is definitely a few cards short of a deck.

May also have to do with that Mr Hannity seems laot younger, so he may actually have an idea of what he's talking about.

Wow, now I have my first reason to actually like Sean Hannity. *shiver* Although, I'm sure Hannity just makes other Mii's of people he doesn't like, sort of like when Colbert made the new speaker of the senate as a Mii, and beat her up in Wii Sport's Boxing game. ;)

At least I can't fault him for liking the Wii though. It does seem like a really good system that all members of a family could enjoy, and maybe that'll mean parents will actually pay attention to their children and stay involved in the process of what kids play on their game systems.

I'm thinking it's really all rooted in the idea that games are just toys and used solely for escapism, particularly by the socially inept or people without anything more productive to do with their lives.

Games may be leaving behind the assumption that they're solely for children (slowly), but they still haven't gained cultural legitimacy as a valid form of expression, equal to film or television.

And while it's debatable whether games really are equal to the former two in say, depth or artistic and cultural value at this time, the fact remains that games, being the chosen form of entertainment for the age groups least likely to express political clout, are an easy target upon which to pin the decline of one's society.

Dare I say that this is completely ludacris. Who's to blame the people whom make the video game or the parents who buy the video games for the children nonchalant and oblivious as to what they're buying. THERE'S A LABEL PEOPLE. If the parents were really concerned in the first place they would have read it and then there wouldn't be an issue about their child playing a violent video game and going off mimicking it. No one really brings up the fact that the kids cannot acquire the rated M(mature) games without an adult and that if the parents buy it and try to sue the company they really have no right to do so! Games are a good source of entertainment...IF you can handle it. If you can't it's plain and simple that you need to avoid video games at all cost. Also what about the company's that advertise in video games...what will happen to them?! If we banned a video game that they have advertisement in that may spark another controversy. Who might say that video games are a necessary evil. Also the video game controversy will probably die out in a decade just as the magazine, television, movie, and comic book controversy's. It's basically just a fad and as a new media comes along the attention will be pointed towards it.Okay so it might not die out completely but it will come up for like one week and be shunned to the side.

Because riely is an out of touch technophobe and hannity isn't? Maybe its because being conservative doesn't mean anti videogame, the same way liberal doesn't mean pro-video game.

Watch for branches while riding your high horse. It gonna hurt like hell when one gets you right across the face and knocks your ass onto the ground.

You are the only idiot here. As a right leaning moderate I find O'r to be antiquated and technophobic. That is not a horrible thing it is the truth. Plain and simple.

Now, go use some clearsile and let the grownups talk.

[...] (2) Qu’on se comprenne bien : ici, le problème n’est pas le fait que les personnes attaquées dans cet article appartiennent au camp conservateur ou néo-conservateur. Les différentes prises de position qu’on peut entendre au cours du débat sur les jeux vidéo, leur violence ou leur règlementation, dépassent largement les clivages gauche-droite. Pour un Bill O’Reilly qui vitupère les IPods et les gamers, vous trouverez un Sean Hannity qui est du même bord politique et qui a le même ton propre aux polémistes néo-conservateurs, mais qui est mordu de jeux vidéo. Et au début des années 90, Alain et Frédéric Le Diberder rapportaient dans leur livre Qui a peur des jeux vidéo ? que les attaques les plus virulentes contre les jeux provenaient de la gauche américaine, qui voyait en eux “un loisir pour petits mâles blancs, sexistes et racistes”. Il se trouve seulement les attaques contre Mass Effect proviennent exclusivement de personnalités appartenant au camp néo-conservateur américain. [...]
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