"Ready to have a party and shoot some people?" ...Logs Detail Secret Shopper Sting

January 4, 2007 -
Recently, GamePolitics reported on a secret shopper investigation conducted in three Washington counties at the behest of State Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson. The Democrat is a longtime critic of video game violence and was the sponsor of a 2003 video game law which was eventually declared unconstitutional by a federal judge.

In Dickerson's recent sting, underage buyers were able to purchase M-rated games just over half the time. Dickerson commented, "That’s kind of a shocking statistic. I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was."

Now, GamePolitics has obtained the raw data logs which detail that investigation. According to the documents, a clerk at a Blockbuster in Burien, WA, sold a copy of Halo 2 to a 15-year-old girl, asking her:
Ready to have a party and shoot some people?

On the other hand, a clerk at a GameStop in South Center Tukwila told the girl:
I am sorry. I will lose my job if I sell to you.

Rep. Dickerson's Legislative Assistant Melissa Bailey told GamePolitics that the survey was more of a spot check rather than a definitive study of the issue.
This was not intended to be scientific.  We just conducted a simple check to see if underage kids can buy M-rated games. 

Check the logs out for yourself (MS Word format): King County, Thurston County, Snohomish County.

GP: Big thanks to Omaha Sternberg of iGame Radio for the tip!


Sorry Daniel, but I'm with Hayubusa and Yoshiko on this. Jotun was sterrign us off topic and sputign his own beliefs on this board. If he wants to get on his soapbox, get flamed and banned, he needs to take it to the main forums, not hte omment boards.

And Jotun, I"m going to ask you what I ask Thompson about being a gamer. I've been viewing porn since I was age 18, of legal age to do so, for, for about htree years, and am now 21. Why am I not a rapist yet? Because, by your definition, I should be in prison for numerous sexual assault charges.

To kurisu7885,

Sorry, no I don't get upset at people who love porn, but what I get upset about is that people who obsessed with porn and kill women. All I am saying is that women and men must be treated equally, we all belong to the human race.

So, go ahead and like what you like, because I respect freedom more than hatred, terrorism and racism like Jack Thompson is promoting to the community. And this will be my last post before anything gets ugly. Just wait when Dennis sir put up the dangers of pornography on games articles. I will be waiting.

soon buying cigarettes and alcohol will be easier than buying a "violent" game.....


C'mon dude, who do you think you're kidding? Jotun, respectful? You don't consider derogatory blanket statements about all Christians disrespectful? Sweeping generalizations about people who watch porn (and yes, I do) are OK?

I see why you like him; he's like your twin or something. You both are strong willed, tenacious about sticking to your convictions, and your likes, dislikes and mannerisms mirror each other. That's the good news.

The bad news is this:
1) Neither of you can stay on topic consistently.
2) Some of the things you write show that you both post before you think way too often.
3) You both have a habit of missing the point.
4) When you respond to people, half your answers don't address the original statements, and you go off on a tangent instead.
5) Neither of you look like you consider the feelings of the other posters when you write. (That's more Jotun than you, though)

If you think people like you and Jotun are Jack's worst nightmare, you have it back-asswards. His worst nightmare will be the gamers who can calmly articulate themselves and put him on defense, not the extremists who can only think and talk in absolutes. If you still aren't buying what I'm selling, I ask you this: how many times, since you started posting here, have you been the recipient of incredulous, exasperated, and often angry responses to the things you've written? I'm pretty sure you lead the league. Jotun has drawn some serious fire himself, and he hasn't been posting nearly as long as you. Why is this important? WE'RE THE ONES ON YOUR SIDE.

You think the rest of us LIKE flaming you two? I, for one, don't, but I will make my opinion known if I get fired up. Honestly, you sound like a decent guy. I don't see you as a bigot or anything that bad. But, if you say things that either personally offend, or make the rest of us look bad, people WILL come down on you. My main concern is that you're sending out letters that look like some of your posts to non-gamers. We want to be taken seriously by them, and how can you expect to do that when you're having trouble being taken seriously by us?

That being said, I will also say that your posts have been overall a lot better than when you first started.

I don't know where your accusations are coming from in claiming that I love porn, kid. You are off your rocker and out of your element.

I'm sorry, saying that everyone that likes porn is or will become a murderer, rapist or sex fiend is just like Jack saying that anyone that likes video games is or will become a murderer or obsessed with violence.



You are being a fucking moron. Just because someone hates Jack Thompson doesn't automatically prove that they're the fucking shit.

No, I'm not Christian. I'm Agnostic. I also know the difference between reality and fantasy very well.

I balance high school, working out, work, community college and soon my university classes, graphic design, web design, party, budget planing and my bills alongside my video game hobby.

CounterStrike isn't the only game I play, dipshit. Name any fucking game and there's more than a good chance that I've played it at one point in time.

Daniel, again. You're a fucktard. Look at yourself. People like YOU are the reason people like US are having the finger pointed at. Jack Thompson isn't the enemy here in this argument. You are.

@ Yoshiko and hayabusa75

As I said before, I think Jotun made some mistakes by saying that you like pornography. However, I think overall he is very respectful by saying sir when he posts. I think he has good intentions, but he makes some mistakes along the way. He shouldn't be put down that much for a few mistakes. Nobody's perfect.

@ Yoshiko & hayabusa75
Thank you, for making sense in your long winded rants. I can’t stand people who over generalize and are unspecific, when making offensive statements. You two seemed to have done a pretty good job of fixing this issue.


I think Jotun's use of "sir" and "ma'am" was more meant to be condescending rather than polite, since they go on to talk about how I love porn then indirectly implying that I'm going to become a rapist and kill women. Last I checked you can't rape the willing! (haha, see what I did there? No? never mind... ._. )

It wasn't really a few mistakes. Jotun was making bigotted comments and being prejudice.

Why can't you post like this all the time, Dan? If you were more articulate with the rest of your statements I wouldn't be jumping your balls all the time.

Sarcasm doesn't translate through text as easily as I'd like it to. I don't whether to say "You're welcome" or be offended.


Rants are generally unstructured and discombobulated attempts to make the same point over and over again in an uncontrolled way. Long-winded usually involves continuing to be redundant far after one's point is made. My posts were neither, buddy. That short enough for you? I sure wouldn't want to put you out any.

Good enough for me I suppose.. that quote won me over... what a great quote.

Next time be more carefull what you say.

Wow.. ok... first off, @ Daniel, drop it.. seriously, you were arguing with yoshiko, more of a conversation really when Jotun jumped in on her as well.. apparently the old phrase "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" jumped into your mind and you proceeded to back him up....

This was a mistake.

If you have any decency I suggest you distance yourself from that ignorant grandstanding fool quickly, I agree with yoshiko, his use of "sir" was if anything, condescending. I could just as easily tell you to fuck off, but if I say "Sir fuck off" its much different right? No? Didn't think so.

It seems like the enemy of my enemy is my friend thing is the topic here, in my humble opinion, as you are apparently thinking that because jotun is supposedly an opponent of Jack Thompson, he is apparently on our side.

I would rather have an enemy with a gun to my face then an ally with a gun to my back any day... Jotun and his ignorance serve only to misrepresent the intelligent gaming community that is needed to calmly and logically debate jacks utter bullshit, we do NOT need every ally we can get, even when we needed every ally we could get we would still be better off turning down the ones like Jotun.

If anything, he is just like jack.. the personality strikes me so.. similar in that they are both prudish idiots that try to back illogical arguments by bringing up completely unrelated subjects and misplacing blame, jack is a whiny child in a deranged old mans body, he sends flame mails to his opponents, and has even been known to post on message boards and things just like (and including) this one, the only difference is jotun is perhaps more subtle.. and that isnt saying much.. the use of sir means nothing, he is just trying to distance himself from a different kind of flamer, the "ROfL fuk u NOOB I r rite u r rong" type, let me assure you, they are just as ignorant, but one is more dangerous.

@Jotun In addition to all the things said above, you are a disgrace.. it shames every intelligent rational person who crosses these boards to have you on them, you'r ignorant, yes, by DEFINITION, IGNORANT, assumptions are idiotic and only serve to prove how foolish you are.

FYI: Ive been playing violent games for QUITE some time, and game period for even longer, ive also seen my fair share of porn, and you insisting that porn has the effect of turning its viewers into rapists or anything of the sort is, as yoshiko said, as ignorant as saying video games turn children into trained killers.

I cant help but notice the similarities between you and jack, did I mention he likes to bring up, (and participate in) cases where someone who commited a violent crime also, by coincidence, had a video game console at their house/apartment/ etc... you are one in the same.. you have associated every person who has done an action, an action that doesnt hurt anyone, and is none of your business, with disgusting criminals, who hurt in unspeakable ways, shame on you, you prick piece of shit.

Thanks for making my day with your earlier post by the way yoshiko, I love a good burn.

And by the way,

To everybody,

I hereby agree with everyone here, I am sorry, I felt very guilty that I said that, not because I want everyone to feel sorry for me, but I felt that is because the greater sin inside me is that I abused human rights and freedom, I shouldn't be saying that people who loved porn are rapists and Daniel thought me one thing, even though I hate porn, I should think of others people's feelings instead of thinking of myself.

I had learnt one thing from John F. Kennedy and that is, "Many people enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thinking."

I'm sorry for all people here, now I realized my mistake and although I still hold on to my dislike for porn and the world is getting into a big trouble (terrorism, war and racism) but I now know that one should think of others and not himself.

So to Yoshiko (sorry for the CS thing), hayabusa and the people who hated me, I would love to seek your forgiveness.

Sure, I apologize, even though I still condone pornography, but I should be feeling guility.

@ Iliad

I never condoned Jotun's accusations. I think he was wrong to say that Yoshiko likes pornography. I don't at all think that he was right. I think he was 100% wrong, when he said that. I simply think that he doesn't like Jack Thompson and it's hard for me to be against someone who is against Jack Thompson. However, I'm not condoning what he said. Although I'm also against pornography, I don't think that everybody who sees it will become a rapist. He was wrong again when he said that.

I'm not defending his comments. However, I'm saying that he made a mistake. People make mistakes all the time. It's human nature. Somehow, he doesn't come across to me as a bad person out to slander people. I think Yoshiko had every right to be mad as hell as Jotun for his comments. However, he made a mistake and let's move on. That's what I'm saying. I think it's time to forgive and forget. Jotun, I think you should apologize to Yoshiko. Those comments were wrong and you had no right to say that.
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