Thompson Sues Kotaku Parent Company

April 25, 2007 -
Controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson has named Gawker Media, parent company of the popular game blog Kotaku, in a lawsuit before a federal court in Florida.

Thompson's ire was apparently raised by Kotaku reader comments which the attorney maintains are threatening. He also alleges in the complaint that Kotaku and Gawker declined to remove the posts in question. Those messages were posted in response to Kotaku's coverage of Thompson's claims that video games prompted last week's Virginia Tech massacre.

The Gawker suit is actually an amendment to an action Thompson filed on March 13th against the Florida bar. On April 11th he amended it to include the members of the Florida Supreme Court. And now Gawker joins the list of defendants.

This morning a Gawker attorney e-mailed Thompson, citing the case of Zeran vs. AOL and writing:
It is clear from the context of these comments that they are hyperbole, and not an incitement to violence, imminent or otherwise.

Earlier in the week Thompson reported Kotaku to the Denver Field Office of the FBI as well as the Denver Police Department. This morning he contacted the U.S. Attorney's Office in New York, where Gawker is headquartered. It is unknown what type of response, if any, he received from those agencies. He also complained about the matter to Levi Strauss, Inc., a Kotaku advertiser.

Kotaku editor Brian Crecente declined to comment on the lawsuit. The judge in the case, Paul C. Huck, threw out an earlier Thompson suit against the Florida Bar in December, citing at the time what he referred to as Thompson's "wild accusations of a vast conspiracy."

Read the complaint here. Related Kotaku coverage of the FBI report here. Kotaku discusses the lawsuit in a brief posting here.

UPDATE: The Law of the Game legal blog has an analysis of Thompson's complaint. Attorney Mark Methenitis concludes:
While many of [Thompson's] claims are relatively novel, they also seem to be relatively poorly constructed as a way to include a blog he particularly dislikes.


Breaking - Moron Sues Free-Speech Gaming Site

Typical Thompson suit. Quoting famous thinkers in an attempt to lend credibility to the case, spelling errors, conspiracy theories and lame attempts at humor that seem to come from direct-to-video 80s teen comedies. Men his age rarely say....not after sentences. As usual, there is little apparent knowledge or citation of the actual law, which tends to be the most important part of a lawsuit. Even if these were actionable threats (which is questionable), there is no precendent that Gawker would be responsible. Also, it seems entirely unrelated to his case against the bar, so I have no idea why he made it part of the same suit.

Ok, who's selling the "It sure would be nice if someone ganked Jackoff Thompson" t-shirts? I'd buy that for a dollar.

You know... pretty soon there'll be enough to start a massive defamation of character lawsuit.

Only a matter of time before any authority will ignore him completely.


I think it's pretty clear, Massacre Chaser, Jack Thompson hates America. Everything he's done in the past.. 2 or 3 years? It's all been a direct affront to the First Amendment. All of it. He -hates- freedom of speech and protection of expression. He wants it to be banned, outlawed, and ruled against, 100%.. Except when it affects him.

I recommend the gaming populous in America, as a whole, get together and file a class-action suit against him as an individual, on the basis of defamation of character, slander, harassment and libel. He's not just going after companies, he's going after the entire gaming population of America, and the world! He's actively trying to make the world think gamers are cold-blooded killers, eager to shoot each other in the face, who don't know anything about everything, and has gone on record to call gamers as a whole, some rather disgusting slurs, with sexual overtones at times.

Wouldn't it be possible to file a lawsuit on that basis?

Haha that document says

"Specifically, an Internet web site at, within mere minutes
of Thompson’s appearance on the Fox News Channel, posted a call to action by its
“editor” Brian Crecente, who is a video game industry apologists as to its excesses, its
illegalities, and its Stalinist tactics."

Wow Stalinist tactics, never would of guessed

Does anyone else find it really funny that he describes himself as "an attorney in good standing with the Florida Bar and has been since 1977" and then immediately identifies one of the defendants in his lawsuit as the Florida Bar? How good of standing can you possibly be on if you're naming them in a law suit?

Remember when he said that video games are "mental masturbation"? Isn't this judicial and legal masturbation?

Well, let's see. Mainstream media has been attacking him more and more lately. So... what does Jack Thompson do? Throw another frivolous and pointless lawsuit on the stack of pointless things he's done. Yeah, that'll show 'em!


I'm still amazed his Fla. Bar page says he's in good standing with the Bar...

"20. During that period of time, The Bar demanded, in writing, that Thompson
once again climb onto The Bar’s psychoanalysis couch so that he could be evaluated by
the Florida Lawyer’s Assistance Program! There they went again down that bunny trail
of harassment, having learned nothing because it wanted to learn nothing."

Is that proper legal talk?

I'm reading the Gawker part now. We all knew Jack Thompson was an egomaniac but to actually quote himself? Never seen that before. It took all of points 64 to 74 to finally get to the point. Everything else was shameless self-promoting.

Next up, John Bruce Thompson sues U.S. government because he's offended by sharing oxygen with others who don't agree to his opinions...

"71. Besides, science has now established the long-term effect of such violent
entertainment consumption"


"Gawker Media has a long history of acting irresponsibly in various regards. It
organized a campaign to stalk actor George Clooney, for example, learning nothing from
the stalking of Princess Diana."

What the....?

Nah. Next up: John Bruce sues Massacre Chaser, Jack Thompson over defamation of character, for the rampant and mindless harassment of the game industry, in an attempt to overthrow the First Amendment, for the sake of personal gain, resulting only in the character of MC,JT being thoroughly and eternally tarnished in the eyes of the public, in turn causing John Bruce to suffer irrecoverable harm to his own practice of Law.

Probably this, regarding Clooney:

NW2K Software

Keep in mind, Jack is a parent, I repeat, HE HAS HAD CHILDREN. What I want to know, is does his son have friends? I mean, if the kid had any friends that played video games, or any friends at all for that matter, they either aren't his friends anymore, or he has had to openly reject his father in order to have any sort of social life.

I see....

But why is Jacky suddenly using such unprofessional language. Lots of exclamation points and wird bits in this legal document.

@Dreamwinder: One of his previous suits blamed Take Two for other kids picking on his kid in school.


Jack himself has stated his son is emberrassed that JT is his father, and his son tries not to mention that's he's JT's son. Jack doesn't seem bothered by it though.


He's always been somewhat unprofessional and incoherent, but it does seem a little more prevalent lately.

Good for him!

He made it to "good standing with the Florida bar" before he said something utterly ridiculous.

"Jack [Thompson] should be shot"

Ya, nice to know he put the ENTIRE quote in there.

Does anyone know if JT is still facing possible disbarment from the Folrida Bar, or was that settled in the T2 settlement?

Let's go help kotaku.....We should donate money.

here's the line that boggles my mind the most

"It appears, but it is not absolutely certain, that this kid got
Thompson’s e-mail address from What a surprise."

or maybe, just maybe jack, he got your email from one of the many places that you have it posted as a mater of public record, such as at the bottom of each and every one of these complaints


I just read the complaint, and I was wondering, is it really necessary for him to state that he is "at least 18 years of age" after stating he is a U.S. citizen? Or do you think he feels compelled to add that because so many people would consider such an outlandish and rediculous claim immature and childish?

...can you *use* phrases like 'fast forward to 2004' in a legal document? Well, obviously you can; the question is why in the name of sanity *would* you?

I think Jacko needs to get whatever *competent* lawyer rewrote his T2 countersuit to go over this. I'm just surprised he's not filing it in Floridqa again. It just... boggles the mind that this guy can turn in crap like this, honestly think people will take him seriously, and *still* call himself a lawyer.

Oh, well. The more he defecates all over his own credibility, the sooner he'll fall out of the public eye.

As I understand it, the T2 settlement dropped the Contempt of Court charges, but the Florida Bar situation is a completely different animal. It's still ongoing, which is probably why he's tacking this 'WAH THE MEAN KIDS SAID BAD THINGS ABOUT ME' idiocy onto the suit against the Bar.

Let’s not be too impressed with Thompson’s trumpeting of the fact that he’s a member in good standing with the Florida Bar. It just means he’s paid his dues. That’s it.


“Members of The Florida Bar in good standing shall mean only those persons licensed to practice law in Florida who have paid annual membership fees or dues for the current year and who are not retired, resigned, delinquent, inactive, or suspended members.”

Andrew Eisen

what a freaking fruit.

We all know he wants video games banned across the board, from GTA to Tetris, but my question is what would he then like done if that were to happen? Send all former gamers to prison? Have them de-programmed, Clockwork Orange style? Whatever. Moot point anyway.
I honestly think that within five years he will have attempted an act of violence against someone affiliated with video games. I'm certainly not hoping for it, but Jack has been acting even more unhinged than usual lately. I think it's entirely possible that he'll become physically dangerous some time soon.

Gosh Bluewolf72 can\'t you stop pimping your bullcrap everywhere? What do you do, spend all your day googling stuff related to your things so that you can post just to pimp yourself? You are a joke, your interviews suck, your articles suck, your radio sucks, and you are a fat moron who gives gamers a bad name, and you even aren\'t one, you just pretend to be to pimp your crap. Shut up and spend your googling time in actually doing some work in case you get something decent to offer people. You are just as bad as Jack Thompson only in a different way. Such a fucking joke the both of you.

Odd. Decidingly odd.
His legal ramblings have been getting, well.. stranger and stranger the last few years. Not that i'm a fan of the man or anything, but, it's starting to look disturbingly like dementia.
He's of an age where ahltzimers starts to take hold, if he has it. Symptoms are the only way to tell, besides an autopsy.
Ignoring my distaste of the man, that's not something I'd wish on anyone.

So he calls the FBI because he states they are 'taretting' him, and then tries to sue the parent company, this was all, however, AFTER he sent Crecente an Email demanding he remove his refutations of Jack's TV claims.

He's really losing his grip, he's turned into that caracature of a Sue-happy American. I'm genuinely beginning to wonder if he is truly ignorant to just how ridiculous he is, I used to think he did it as some kind of act, that he was some kind of showman, but watching him flail around like this after being shot down by mainstream news, well... It's a bit embarassing.

"ballyhooed" Is that a legal term?

Thompson is a fool, the case will make it and soon enough he will fade out. I remember EGM saying something a few months ago that was well put (paraphrased): "It's a good thing Jack Thompson doesn't have any REAL power or we might actually have an issue".

I can see it now.

“Jack Thompson Vs. World”

Anyone else thinking of Boyd Cooper from Psychonauts?


I own Psychonauts but I got stuck at the fish boss? Is that the infamous Milk Man level?

I don't even know why i'm typing this comment. There needs to be a better way in say "Jack Thompson is a shithead."

Damn you Cho for bringing him back! >_

didn't get my full memo across

*sigh* Jackie is censorship personified. Its like he had a soul exchange with Joseph McCarthy but got distracted by 2 Live Crew while getting it.

Seriously, I WANT to be through with venting about this guy! But everytime gamers and I get used to his absence, something comes up and he jumps on his horn and blurts out the most idiotic things that even people with half a brain slap thier foreheads!

But at least it gives GP something to talk about. And its also a big relief the mainstream media is catching on and somewhat taking our side on the matter.

Thank you, I'll see you next time he does something through-the-roof-stupid. Cheers.


"(is plaintiff allowed to say that?)"
What made you ask that?

"unco5nstitutional" ?????
is "politicking" a word

apparently, anyone who doesn't agree with you obviously miised the debate

From the literary genius who brought you Floridqa!

did it ever occur to any of you he may use us as spell checkers. He looks on the forums and goes back and takes the 5 out of "unco5nstitutional"


Unlikely. He apparently can't be bothered to even buy a word processing program with a spell checker and run that. Why would he go to the effort of using a bunch of forumers as spell checkers if he can't even be bothered to have some software do it for him? Not to mention it's a little late for spell checking after you've already filed something with the court.

I know people have said it already, but I think his language here is appalling. I can not believe such offensive language can be used in a legal document without it being a quote of something the suit is over. Not to mention he's quite hypocritical in many of his allegations. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I am just sick of his agenda being forced on us and his extreme inflammatory comments.

And I'd love to send him something about the work I'm doing right now (I'm a psych/soc dual major). We're using video games as a medium to teach social skills to kids with ADHD, autism, etc. and it has been having amazing and fast results. If I did though, and I'm completely serious, I wouldn't be surprised if he sent me some kind of cease and desist order and then tried to get our program shut down.

[...] Thompson Sues Kotaku Parent Company [GamePolitics] [...]

[...] Thompson Sues Kotaku Parent Company [GamePolitics] [...]

Hey JT sue Vince Desi from postal!!!!!!!!!


wow this man is definately in a retarded state!

am i missing something why is the florida bar being named as a defendant?? (check paragraphs 2 and 3) hes suing the courts?????

yup i think i read that right he is suing the courts

Ah yeah, nothing having the FBI search the VT shooters dorm and finding NOTHING in the line of video games. Now Thompson knows he's been pwn'd on that frontier, so he'll try another. Does this guy not realize that everyone is laughing at how stupid he is?
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