V-Tech Rampage Creator Demands Payment to Remove Game

May 15, 2007 -
In the history of video games, perhaps in the history of the Internet, this is something never seen before: an audience held hostage.

Ryan Lambourn, the Australian man who created the highly offensive V-Tech Rampage, has posted a message on his GooGumProduce website demanding payment to take the game offline:

I will take this game down from newgrounds if the donation amount reaches $1000 US, i’ll take it down from here if it reaches $2000 US, and i will apologize if it reaches $3000 US.

Newgrounds, of course, could take the game offline without regard to Lambourn's wishes. It remains to be seen whether the site will do so.

It's unclear whether Lambourn's Dr. Evil-style demand is for real or just part of an elaborate prank. Either way, the clock is now running on Ryan Lambourn's 15 minutes of fame.

UPDATE: We're running a GP poll (see sidebar) on the V-Tech game situation. Be sure to vote!

UPDATE 2: Lambourn writes on his website that the money demand was a joke:
...the donation thing is there as a joke against all the people commanding me to take my game down. I didnt think anyone would donate money to it and so far my paypal account has proven me right...

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Re: V-Tech Rampage Creator Demands Payment to Remove Game

I've been reading a lot about morality lately, as you know, and it's interesting that there are situations that are intellectually similar but we feel/act in morally different ways*. Clearly what this guy is doing feels much worse than the news outlets, and of course the ransom thing pushes it over the top, but why -- why is it worse? I don't think it's because it's an unfamiliar thing that he's doing. His game puts the player in a morally despicable role. There aren't too many people who would admit to wanting to be like the VTech shooter. Whereas with the news, we're voyeurs. So that, I think, is the difference from the perspective of a person watching the news. But the perspective from the news outlets, their advertisers, and this guy, is at least in part that they're profitting from other peoples' tragedy. I do personally believe the news coverage was inappropriate and irresponsible. And this guy is a blight on society, but less so than Rupert Murdoch? No. He just doesn't know how to f*ck people over with style. Actually, he's a lot more open about it. *At the beginning of Moral Minds, Hauser discusses the following two scenarios: you're driving in your new car and you see a girl hurt and bleeding by the side of the road. She'll die if you don't take her to the hospital, but it'll be a $200 bill to clean your upholstery if you do. Do you take her? Of course you do, it would be wrong not to. Then you pay the cleaning bill. #2: You receive a mailing from a very reputable charity, one well known for putting most of its donations toward the needy. For $50, you can provide 25 children with vaccine or drinking water or something that will save their lives. Most people toss these in the trash or payday advance. Why are we morally obligated to help the girl by the side of the road, but not the 25 children in another country? He suggests (and I think he's right) that it's because we evolved to help people near us. We didn't evolve to even be aware of people far away, or to help people from photographs. People evoke an emotional response. Whether this is because people near us are more likely to be family and therefore share the same genes, or because there is a possibility of reciprocation, I'm not sure. And I'm not sure what's going on with this situation, whether it's the voyeur vs. antagonist, or something else, but it's very interesting.

Truly evil? I think that's a little extreme. I doubt that the guy who made this game is any less sane or compassionate than most people his age. He undoubtedly has a sick sense of humour, like me, and my guess is he made it to show his mates and have a laugh. Now a lot of people can't see how a tragedy like this could in any way be considered a joke and therefore are absolutely appalled. However the humour lies not in the subject matter but rather in the fact that it is in such bad taste. It's very similar to the cringe humour used by that of Ricky Gervais in "The Office" and "Extras".

Sick humour also requires a level of detachment that not everyone has. For people who feel things deeply or people who were involved it is highly offensive and upsetting. Newgrounds.com is therefore the perfect place for it, the site having it's roots in bad taste flash content. When it gained notoriety is when it became a problem. What possible reason apart from ratings and clicks could the media have had for giving it as much attention at it has received? Is it in the public interest? No; is it particularly interesting? No; is it the sought of thing that would offend people? Yes. When push comes to shove the media are the ones making money from this game. The only reason the games creator said he's take it down for $2000 and apologise for $3000 is to say "F@$k you" to the torrent of ridiculous death threats and hate mail he received(and probably sniggered at). And as for refusing to be interviewed on TV unless he got paid. Why would you expose yourself to the danger of appearing on national television as the bad guy of the hour for free?

Sure, the game is offensive and I'm not saying that its creator is the victim but he probably isn't the insane, twisted, evil, pathetic, freak that people seem so certain he is.

"I don’t give a flying f*** about him or his free speech. Two of MY friends were killed in Norris, and because their lives actually meant something to me, I don’t think this game is just “in poor taste,” I think it’s disgusting."

Not to defend the VT shooter, but he didn't give a "flying fuck" about the people that taunted him growing up, or picked on him..etc....Didn't care about their "free speech", or "freedom of choice"....and he thought they were disgusting people too.

Know what might have stopped all of this in the beginning? If he we all learned to just IGNORE shit that drives us mad.

I was TORTURED all growing up.....but I like to think I survived it, and I learned to ignore it and I'm leading a great life.

Those same feelings you're spewing that you don't care about someone else or their freedoms is EXACTLY what got us in this situation in the first place....

So for all of you up in arms...learn what "peace" is really all about.

this dude needs some serious help. he thinks what he did was a joke. I don't understand people like him. this is truly evil

I don't give a flying f*** about him or his free speech. Two of MY friends were killed in Norris, and because their lives actually meant something to me, I don't think this game is just "in poor taste," I think it's disgusting.

Sorry, but this guy does have the right to spew his crap. That said, the hosting company doesn't necessarily have to enable him to spread it. Its like that freak Fred Phelps that runs around to military funerals with his brood of 18 kids (all lawyers) screaming that God kills US troops because we don't suppress homosexuals (I believe he uses a more base means of saying it, if you want to hear it, feel free to Google it).

Unpopular speach has to be protected, however, it also preserves your right not to hear it, or to counter it.

Oh and by the way,
I'm tired of people making a fool of themselves and putting themselves out of the line to think of retarded ways to get this man in jail? WHAT? Nonconsent of what being killed portrayed in a video... what?! You really can't get more ignorant than that. How about you funnel your anger into more productive causes than looking like a complete idiot. This man is not breaking any rules. And what, freedom of speech should be taken away?

WOW. You guys are almost as idiotic as this guy.

I think this game is interesting. It gives a different perspective of the shootings. Everyone expects everybody to be totally sympathetic and totally wishy washy against this. Guess what, I guess some people aren't. I really don't appreciate the fact that you can go and play Grand Theft Auto and call this game a disgrace to society.


I didn't like the V-Tech Massacre. I don't think anyone of you can disagree on that. I didn't like the fact he was South Korean (like myself) and how I turned the South Korean news and found an extra segment just because he was South Korean. I mean I believe in the power of the individual, I mean just because he went and shot and killed people doesn't mean that we should watch out for South Koreans. Also, just because Iraqis bombed the World Trade Center doesn't mean that Iraqis should be watched out for...

JJ: The Starvin' Marvin' episode wasn't a current event (it was, but it was just an event that wasn't really hugely significant and sensetive), and it didn't really mock them. However, this game is just a discrace towards those who were killed, injured, and those who knew anyone in the first two groups personally.

yeah, esta bueno el juego este, solo demuestra la realidad de USA, mucha violencia en ese pais.

I am an instructor and a student at Virginia Tech. Without a doubt, the past few weeks has given me a life's worth of experience and emotions, and much to ponder.
In the days and weeks following the tragedy here at Virginia Tech, we experienced a wonderful outpouring of emotions from around the world. It's almost as if time stood still while everyone offered their open arms to those of us in need. It was a wonderfully comforting time. It's such a shame that it had to end.
I completely agree with many of the posts here that the freedom of expression, of thought, and of intellect must certainly be preserved. I only question the perverted minds creating such entertainment venues, and the totally sick people supporting this effort.
If you don't like the game, don't play it. If you don't like the movie, don't go to see it; and if you don't like the book, don't read it. If it's not played, it won't be sold. If people don't go to violent movies, they won't be made. It's that simple.
I guess I long for a day when the purpose of free speech is to express opinions, not taunt emotions. When reaching out to comfort those in need would last longer than a week.
There is suffering around the world. Couldn't we all focus a little more effort on ending this suffering, and and a little less time on these perverted thoughts.

haha good on 'em. like his article says "You don't get heard unless you do something outrageous" Good on 'em. I like how everyone wants the game down but no one's willing to change the gun laws "They'll kill no matter what" Not true, If I had access to a gun when I was an angsty teen I'd probably have gone psycho on some jocks ass too, but since I didn't have access to a gun it remained a /thought/ because there was no physical means. I'd donate money to this dude in a heartbeat and tell him not to take the game down.

VTstudent, no I think you spoke very well. I've had personal tragedies myself, and like you, I do find it difficult to watch those kinds of movies these days.

That said, I still support this guy, horror movies, and violent games, etc. We, by our nature, are a very violent species, and I believe that a valuable and cathartic outlet is poking fun at ourselves, no matter how horrible the subject matter. Doesn't mean that it feels nice when we're the ones who are the subject matter, but it doesn't mean that we should try to stop it either.

If we personally don't like it, we don't have to pay attention to it.

However, since we have one of you from VT on the site, I'm sorry you had to go through what you went through. It truly sucks.

@ Monkeychow

You say you'd be honored if someone made a game where your family and friends were killed? Shot multiple times and left to die for no good reason? How about if they actually were killed in that same manner less than a month ago? Would you still be honored and laugh? I honestly doubt it. Poking fun at a memory? For those of us involved its not just a memory, its still a fresh wound that won't heal for some time. Those are the types of issues you need to think about before making posts that say as much.

You say it doesn't hurt those involved... How about the fact that theres a girl named emile in his game? ok, so he miss-spelt the name but the intent is still there. How do you think her family and friends feel about that? I doubt they're laughing and feeling honored.

I do however understand what you're saying about our obsession with violence in general and our desensitization to violence in media. I myself was a big fan of the Saw trilogy, and enjoyed watching movies such as Hostel, The hills have eyes, and movies of that sort. But since April 16th I haven't been able to bring myself to watch such movies anymore... They have lost the appeal they once had and actually going through what happened at VT makes me wonder why I liked those movies in the first place. I don't think human suffering should be such a large source of entertainment and I now understand why my parents, older friends, and earlier generations in general don't watch those types of movies as much as younger generations... Most have been through tragedies themselves, felt the loss of family and friends, and just don't find entertainment in watching someone else go through it. I hope this is something most do not have to go through or at least not on as large or painful a scale as VT, Columbine, 9/11; But I believe if you do experience such a tremendous loss, a loss so close to you, you get a better understanding of what you actually consider entertainment.

(Pardon the length of my last paragraph as it is the first time I've actually delved into this aspect of the tragedy and its aftereffects on me personally)

Maybe too many people playing the game used up his monthly bandwidth? If so, that's a shame. I don't think people should even give this game the time of day, even out of curiosity.

Maybe his server provider has shut down his page? I don't know.

But I do hope its down for good.

Saying it was free speech is the lamest excuse for assholism that I've yet heard.

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

I just played it and it's sucks. It will be a non-issue in a very short time.

@ RandomHero

No one thought of creating a VT game? Wrong. I'm sure many did prior to this. I'd bet most who considered it opted not to.

And... you think it's funny to mock people for mourning lost loved ones?

Also, "most people" aren't saying the game should be taken off Newgrounds or wherever else it's hosted now. Most people are in support of free speech, despite how repulsive it is in this case.

C'mon this guy did a great job, he's absolutely right about demanding a ransom. Alltough, i would have demanded a million at least. There's too many people on this planet anyway.

I'm Laughing at this story, because a smartass has done something no one thought of yet create a game disgracing the mouring of people and to make it worse he wants money. but i agree with most it should be taking down because of the problems it is causing still he is a smartass for wanting money and getting fame for that

I respect this guy sooo much

I totally and utterly concur with what Monkeychow says. Do I think this guy's an asshole, a little bit. Do I think what he did was wrong? No. We live in a society that contradicts itself constantly, we deem this bad, and then go ahead and watch extremely-violent movies and games like scarface and GTA. Whats the difference? If it hits so close to home, don't pay attention to it. You people make a big deal out of everything and it sickens me. People starve everyday in poor countries, and people get shot in ghetto everyday, but no one seems to care or feel sorry for them...this is just all a load of crap~

@ILiveatVATECH : In no way does this say what you went through was not hard. In no way does the game state that it was not a horrible act. HAve you had to explain to your son yet about World War 2? Have you had to explain that ANY war game he plays was actually real at one time? People died. You can honestly look at this from either side. Anyone that can relate to ANY material is going to have a problem with it. Watching United 97 APPAULED part of my family, because I had family die in the WTC bombing. Why did they decide to make a movie and make money off the tragedy? Regardless of it is done in a tactful way or not, there will always be someone who won't like something. But for the people getting up in arms about this, there is PLENTY of other things in the world they should be up in arms about too..but I'm sure they're not. I'm sure they'll let their kids watch the same things, or play the same video games that basically mean the same thing.

It reminds me of the religious groups that picketed the Matrix movie when it came out. "OH MY GOD THE VIOLENCE!!!" "I WOULD NEVER LET MY KIDS WATCH THIS"..................then they went to see Passion of Christ...because they had to see how Jesus had it. If you have seen the movie, you will understand my irony.

I have seen material on the holocaust making fun of it, and I have laughed.....why? because I can separate the actual event from the media/fiction created about it. Same reason I could goto a horror movie and watch someone slaughtered, and it does not phase me....but to see someone hurt in real life...is a VERY horrible event. I relate it to a car crash I witnessed recently that shook me up. I can watch car crashes on TV and it does not phase me a bit. But when I saw an SUV flipping multiple times in front of me, that is a completely different story. THAT is reality...not fiction based around it.

To you, I have all the respect and prayers to you for going through what you did....it honestly was a horrible thing to happen. But if you can't ignore media and have to get over sensitive about it...then shame on you....you should be stronger than that.

[...] « Who dares to say that blogs do not have an impact on political campaigning? V-Tech Tragedy as a Flash Game May 16th, 2007 Sooner or later it was going to happen. Unfortunately it happened sooner. A flashgame about the V-Tech rampage was uploaded on Newgrounds. As GamePolitics points out, the game is rendered in a documentary style, similar to that of the highly controversial Super Columbine Massacre RPG. There’s one difference though: As controversial Super Columbine Massacre RPG might have been, its creator at least tried to make a thoughtful attempt and had the decency to wait six years with the release – and he didn’t give in to the increasing industrialization of all art but tried to convey his viewpoint. It was dangerous in a thought provoking way. I can comprehend where the (often ill-informed) critics are coming from: Games inherent the trivialisation of human life since the survival of one’s avatar depends on the player’s ability (that’s why there never was – and hopefully never will be – a game about Anne Frank) and due to their save function they won’t let the player feel all the consequences of their action. That said: A mature medium should be allowed to make comments on serious issues (it should not only be allowed to but see this as a pressing duty). But not only is the game industry notoriously insecure about itself, perpetuating the same juvenile concepts again and again, but there is also the sensationalist mainstream media, which can’t tell independently developed games and industry-produced software apart (yet to speak of politicians who use them as an excuse for strikter legislation) – with often unfavorable consequences for the industry. Still: Should this stop people from trying to critically comment serious events through the medium of a digital game? It would be giving up before trying and giving in to the political economy of the contemporary mainstream mediasphere. The V-Tech game though is just plain, idiotic provocation. It’s evacuated of any thought, any reflection, any common sense. A fact that is underlined by the fact that its creator started to hold the public hostage and offered to take it offline if people pay him $1000 US – an apology can be expected for $3000 US. As Kotaku put it: “Free speech and free expression are great. Just make sure you’ve got something to say.” [...]

How can this be ignored! With all the media? Tell this to my 8 year old who plays video games & his friend at school told him about this. I am still trying to find words to explain this tragedy to him that happened at Mommy's work! I am so ashamed of the fighting and some of the people's remarks on here! Cowards who are going to sit there and write how funny this all is. I really thought after this tragedy-how people really stepped up and really helped-and I had been so thankful-till this! Now I now know how people really are-VULTURES!

I can not believe what I am seeing & hearing. We cant even start healing-and now this? When is it going to end!? All this support for this $%^*@ who made this $&*^%! Free speach or not! I ask only this-take all of your exra time and energy & support us-not disgrace us! Even donate to a charity or volunteer somewhere!

You know what I think is funny? Everyone is so pissed that he's trying to profit off of a tragedy in a "tasteless" way............So are you saying that if he profited off of it in a "tasteful" way, it would be ok? I think it would still have gotten flack.

For that matter, I honestly believe most of you bashing this are complete utter hyprocrits. If you bash this....then bash moves like United 97....bash "World Trade Center"....bash the movie "Pearl Harbor" *more than it is already bashed for bad acting*.....Heck I could go on an on about profiting off of a tragedy. But OHHH NO....those were tasteful...those were wonderful movies...showing how the tradegy was in a "heroic" way.........Just more words to say "I am a hypocrite".

I found this hilarious honestly. Was the V-Tech shootings horrible? Absolutely. Can I separate reality from a videogame? Yes I can. Were you to make a game about me, or my family, and make us look stupid or die....I would laugh..and be honored...know why? It's media..it's entertainment..it's fiction. We have WAY too many sensitive people in this day and age. He is poking fun at a memory....a historical event....he's not actually HURTING the people who were involved.

I heard a funny quote on XM Comedy today on my commute to work that I believe relates to this. When Janet Jackson showed her tit on TV....the entire world freaked out...........but change the channel to any of the other 20 main channels *abc, nbc, fox..etc*....and you will see someone shot right in the head, and more violence than you can count your finger at that doesn't get near the amount of attention. Personally? I'd rather my kid look at a titty. Just goes to show how damn sensitive and hypocritial people are today.

[...] Virginia Tech Simulation Sparks Controversy [...]

Insults, death threats, violent intentions...this is not how people should respond to violent and offensive content like this. The guy who created this game desired to get a rise out of people, and he is probably masturbating to these responses and feeling a lot better about himself because he managed to piss so many people off.

Congratulations, you immortalized a lame and rather dumb game. Next time, try to ignore it and get on with your lives.

i can't get over some off these reponses.. saying that u want to "kill" him and stuff like that.. sounds like a typical american response.. "do as i say or i'll kill you" what a joke..

rules 1 and 2 pal

Idiots. This guy couldn't give a shit about free speech, his only intention is to piss people off, and offend people who were just involved in a school massacre. Like I said, if some Nazi skinhead had made a game where you have to kill as many Jews as you can, you'd all be talking about how he's an "anti-semitic asshole".

This guy srsly need to gb2/b/

As sad as it is to see something like this coming out of gaming, I have to admit he had the right to make it. In the future I hope aspiring game designers will take a step back and choose to be a little more respectful to the families and people involved in incidences which they wish to recreate or documentize within a game. This particular game is obviously done in poor taste, while games like Water for Darfur and SCMRPG are made with more of a message.

So many valid points here. Freedom of speech. As offensive as that may be, here in Aus we don't have it. Cherish that right America. Me, there is some Muslim extremist s*** I would gladly see burnt, but I have not grown up with a protected freedom of speech.

I also remember seeing on stickdeath the prisoners at Guantanemo Bay and them getting shot etc. I know the VTech slaughter is a grave trgedy, but here in Aus we don't have the right to bear arms either. Seems like you have to take the good with the bad.

This type of pressure will hopefully see my fellow Sydneysider reflect a bit, and maybe donate any monies to an appropriate charity, although I doubt he will get anything.

The comment about the Iraq war and Darfour seems poignant.

So many valid points here. Freedom of speech. As offensive as that may be, here in Aus we don't have it. Cherish that right America. Me, there is some Muslim extremist s*** I would gladly see burnt, but I have not grown up with a protected freedom of speech.

I also remember seeing on stickdeath the prisoners at Guantanemo Bay and them getting shot etc. I know the VTech slaughter is a grave trgedy, but here in Aus we don't have the right to bear arms either. Seems like you have to take the good with the bad.

This type of pressure will hopefully see my fellow Sydneysider reflect a bit, and maybe donate any monies to an appropriate charity, although I doubt he will get anything.

Ugh, just jackassery for jackassery's sake.

Most Aussies hold yankers to be wankers.
Looks like they are right.
Let the morons self-destruct!!

He lives in St. Clair. That explains everything - Scumbag.

yikes...with all the wanna be B/s here you think they know sarcasm when they see it.....the donation thing is cute...prehaps it takes a real arse to understand another...

Typical kid who got dropped in the head while growing up, and hasn't been hugged enough by his parents. Shame on this piece of lowlife microbe scum - may you burn in hell forever and ever.

Actually the fund raiser thing is not a bad idea and to get ride of the game critics you donate the money to the family of the victims. Although can say that the game is a little taste less. But some less offense would do. But the idea for fund raising is still a good one.

Gamepolitics are a bunch of kneejerks that want to get rid of flash games so they won't ban video games, fuck you.

lol no one wants to get rid of flash games.....jebus

Basically we think he was being an edgy attention whore who suddenly said, "ZOMG! I can make money off of this LOL!"

Joking or not, alot of people look down on asking people to pay for an apology.

oh and I forgot to add, this leaves a foul taste, and is pathetic, if he really cared about his game he wouldn't offer this bounty, his game is not worth $1000 anyway.

Some of the responses here kinda make me ashamed to be a gamer. I do agree though that we need to talk louder and longer, make sure that its understood that there are alot of us that are offended by stunts like this.

I also agree with Xlorp that it does seem that there are a couple responders that seemingly want their IPs banned.

i have nothing against him. why well i think its because i could care less about his game i know its about the tragidy but if people want to pay him because they are offended i will sit on the fence and laugh at them. sure the v tec shooting is not funny but people willing to shell out cash to remove something they sought out and got offended by that is laughable. let him collect there cash, and watch as he go's laughing to the bank after removing it, then watch as he pumps out a new ver or something close to that rinse and repeat.

You gotta hand it to the guy. People complain about this game and he says "OK I'll give you a chance to take it down, so either pay up or shut up". He'll either walk away from this richer or expose how much the anti-gamers actually care about the children if they are so irked over this.

I think it's a safe bet to say if Super coulmbine tried the same thing the game would be off the web by now.

These comments are spamtastic. I sent a email to the creator to do a interview and he called me a leech. What irony!

I guess it's a good thing this site is no longer Livejournal based, eh? Otherwise, there'd be some pretty .....curious images being posted.
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