Romney Continues Video Game Theme in Iowa; Negative Reactions Elsewhere

July 23, 2007 -
Terrorists, Internet pedophiles and violent video games.

Those were the issues Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney spoke about during a Friday campaign swing through Iowa. As reported by the Gazette Online, the candidate repeated his "our kids are swimming in filth" message as he pressed the flesh at Cronk's Cafe in Denison:
It's time to clean up the water in which our kids are swimming. I've proposed that we enforce our obscenity laws again and that we get serious against those retailers that sell adult video games that are filled with violence, that we go after those retailers.

Meanwhile, Romney's video game stance has alienated some observers on both ends of the political spectrum. Last week the conservative Free Republic site picked up on GamePolitics' recent Romney coverage. The Freep's reader comments to Romney's position were uniformly negative:
- Whatever happened to Republicans who wanted to get government off the backs of the people?  For all of you who thought his nanny tendencies would stop with his "Health Insurance for everyone!" thing here in Massachusetts.

- Save us from the video games!!!!! This idiocy just dropped him 50 points in my book. Having seen this, I’m not sure I would vote for such a bozo, even if they are the nominee.

- I agree I`ve been a Romney supporter but I don`t want big brother on the internet and in video games. When he stuck with reforming the government to kill duplication and over bureaucracy, and some reforms to help the economy, and increasing the size of the military I was with him.

Meanwhile, Chris Kelly, who blogs for the liberal-leaning Huffington Post, writes:
I think the solution to kids playing violent video games is for their parents not to give them the fifty bucks to buy one. But that's just me. But let's say you were a "values voter." Here's the problem with [Romney's] Oceans Ad:

The Peggy Noonan column [Romney is] quoting ran in the Wall Street Journal after the Columbine shootings, and it ends with a bitchy and out-of-left-field shot at [Hillary Clinton]...

Meow! I guess, when you think about it, Hillary Clinton really was responsible for the Columbine killings. I mean, in that she didn't personally prevent Rockstar games from distributing Grand Theft Auto. This never would have happened if Mitt Romney was First Lady.

Here's the problem, and why Mitt Romney probably doesn't want to run against Hillary Clinton on who's tougher on Halo: ...on November 29th, 2005, Hillary Clinton - and Joe Lieberman - introduced The Family Entertainment Protection Act to prohibit the sale of inappropriate games to minors. You can look it up, if you're not too indolent.

You might think it's a moronic non-issue, but it's Hillary's issue. The Super Mario Brothers = Moral Swamp thing? She owns it.

Mitt Romney has spent almost five million dollars, and he just produced an ad for Hillary Clinton.

And, of course, conservative presidential hopeful Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) doesn't think much of Romney's ad, either.


what about the real violence against Americas youth from illegal immigrants? Not a peep about that.

Agreed, I don't think the problem is with the idea of stopping retailers from selling M rated games to underage buyers, I think the problem is with the idea that a law is needed to do this rather than educating both the parents and the shop-hands.

"I’ve proposed that we enforce our obscenity laws again and that we get serious against those retailers that sell adult video games that are filled with violence, that we go after those retailers."

ok. before people start chooping me down for what im going to say, let me say that ok, he does have a point on the "retailers" at least he's not saying oh that damn video game industry is destorying our youth. At least hes not Jack Thompson

@Jack Thompson

There is one major flaw in your second posting:we do vote,we read political news,and we now how many of those video game legal battles you lost.

Gamers are quite familar with game controversy and gamer sterotypes.We hear all the time in the media. But heres the interesting part, non-gamers are not that familiar with the details of each video game controversy. We have a up hill battle of being properly represented in old media.That where you step in Jack.Old media (newspapers,network news,radio talkshows etc) want 2-minute snippets to throw out there so they can attempt to tackle latest controversy in less than 6 minutes. Leading "feeling" over substance.When ever Jack has a real debate with someone ,he loses the debate(Adam Sessler on G4,Chris Mathews on Hardball after Virgina Tech for example).One fact araises,Jack cant win any true debates about video games. He gotten pretty good at running away from debates.Canceling his appearance at the Penny Arcade Expo debate shows that. Now he trys to act hes king of the hill by posting his responces on It kind of reminds me of Mike Tysons last professional bout.The fight ended when Tyson threw in his own towel and he starts talking about how he has digraced the sport of boxing.

Oh how has the mighty have fallen. One moment you blow us off and the next moment you feel threated by us talking about video games in politics.
Jack keeps growing more and more cowardly and pathetic as the years go on.

Now about the Romney issue.There is four words that can undermind Romneys attemept to use the violent video game card,"CNN YouTube Debate". We co-called "geeks" can submit any question we want to Romney.In last nights YouTube debate there was about 3000 questions sent in.If the gamers come together and send in lots of difficult questions to him about his views on the game biz we can easily exceed that number.Theres one thing that game critics can understand is our large numbers. And yes we do vote Jack :>


You cannot judge an entire people because of the actions of one person.

Not everyone has the same political views whether they are the same religion or not.

I am a Mormon, but I don't think I would be voting for Romney as I find his flip-flopping and some of his policies on protecting children unwarranted.

I have yet to find a presidental hopeful that I would vote for. As an independant I an unable to vote in the preliminaries for either Dems or Reps. So far I have seen no third party (man I hate that term) candidates at all. Of course, I may not be looking hard enough.


I think that given the current neigh-biblical administrative retardation we find ourselves under you can't say that religious views aren't a big fucking part of this election. Our Lord Bush who art in Jesus hath proven time and again that religious thinking is neither condusive to nor appropriate for someone in his office.

I personally would never vote for a candidate who is a devout Mormon, because I would assume said individual is fairly... uh, manipulative... like, uh... Romney.

It seems that the game thing is being adressed on both sides of the political spectrum. Once again, it is for "the children." While going against the retailers is admittedly a less heavy handed COA than going against the developers, it is still a bit much to put a law on the books about it. What frightens me the most is say this law succeeds in one way or another, then what. Various politico's with thier own agendas will use it as a basis to ban or regulate other things for similar reasons now that they have thier foot in the door. Should it continue, it would continually snowball, each proposition getting bolder and bolder with each percived "victory of morality." Oh yes, and the oceans metaphor is just high grade BS in a box. "The Columbine killers inhaled the ocean too deep?" Can't even keep his metaphors straight it seems. I could use other seemingly profound yet meaningless metaphors to justify my agenda too. "Each campaigner against games elected dries the oasis of freedom more and more until we live in a desert of opression."

@ Jack Thomson
If you are the real deal, and not just some random troll, I have a lot of things I've been meaning to say to you. First and foremost, it seems to me that you seem to suffer from some sort of crusader complex, it appears you believe you are a soldier of god fighting a war against a rising tide of corruption and amorality. It also appears from my perspective that you believe that you are shouldering this moral responsibility for not only yourself, but for all the victims who died in supposedly game related incidents. It appears you believe that those who oppose you are "evil" in one way or another. Either they are being bought off, are inherently amoralisitic, or are just as likely to be the next [game title here] killer somehow. Oh yes, do you still associate yourself with batman? In the 1950's (which I suspect is the archetype for your ideal america), comics were treated just like you are leading the charge against video games. "A seduction of the innocent" they called them, sounds awfully similar to the way you describe video games.

I know (vaguely) of a nation that has religion permiating every level jack, a nation that enforces it's code of morality fiercely (this nation even made Porn a captial offense recently). It may sound more intense, but it doesn't feel that different from what you seem to want to happen to the US.

Funny how John Bruce Thompson (if it's really him) assumes everyone who is here can't/isn't registered to vote...

@ ForceApplied

I never thought I'd ever see an honest, or even worthy candidate, but I know of at least one currently running. There are a couple of the lesser knowns that seem to have the right idea (which is probably why they are not well known). If you truly seek an honest and worthy candidate then I urge you to research Ron Paul.

And before anyone says it's pointless to vote for Dr. Paul because there is no chance... stop it. Just stop. If that is how you really feel, fine. Let the major media corporations make the decisions for you. But if every apathetic voter got out there to vote for Ron Paul, he would win by a landslide. I'm not telling anyone what to do, just suggesting that you look into it. He's the real deal and is assuredly pro-video games (and every other form of art and speech) because he believes in the CONSTITUTION.

As for Romney, well I guess he is at least making some waves with us gamers, eh? They like any attention they can get.

Romney has a snowball's chance in hell of getting elected, so there's nothing to worry about. Hillary, on the other hand...

I find it a bit funny how much inaccurate information there is surrounding Romney's religion, especially since it makes JT's information sound credible (scary thought). But at least look up some information about something before you spread rumors about it. Not that you should base your vote on religion anyways. It's pretty short-sighted.

Despite being in his religion, I don't like the guy either. In my opinion, there aren't really any good candidates... as usual. Perhaps that's why half of the voting population and myself choose not to vote: there's no one worth voting for. That and there's no one supporting video games... as usual. Too big of a generation gap between the candidate population and the younger voter population. They just don't understand us.

Jesus H. Tap-Dancing Christ! What sort of fool posts a link that uses himself as a reference? And calling US egocentric? Not only is that man insane, he's a hypocrite. I don't see any of US spouting our points on Fox news, do you?


First Amendment: Makes for good TP.

@ jccalhoun, GS:

But videogames *HAD* to be the cause, they're the source of all society's ills, ever! (from even all the way back to Abe Lincoln's assasination, I heard John Wilkes Booth trained on Silent Scope... was pretty good at it, rumors say.)

oh and BearDogg-X just wins for that quote.

@ Jack Thompson, Massacre Chaser-Hearse Chaser-Necrophile-cashed in on Columbine more times than Nashville musicians cashed in on Sept. 11th-Attorney in name only

So how many more things you're going to falsely blame the game industry for?

"Shut the f*** up, you're out of your element"- Walter, The Big Lebowski

Practice what you preach, Jacky Boy: Grow up and get a life.


I'm pretty sure its not Jack. I mean the "biggest enemy to gaming" would HAVE to be somewhat smarter. I mean if he was this big of a brain dead skinwaste he couldn't pose any kind of threat to anyone. Right?

here's the full text of the article Jacko is talking about:

Here's the BBC's latest story on the killer and they have fairly extensive coverage of the trial funny how they don't mention videogames.

Here's Wikipedia's entry for News of the World, the original source of the article (which no longer seems to have the story online)

It is nice to see that Jacko is getting his evidence from the paper called "Sex 'n' Scandal weekly", "News of the Screws" and "Screws of the World."

Once again Jacko is right just like he was right about the Virginia Tech case and Jacob Robida and that law in New Orleans that he helped write that he guaranteed would be constitutional.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. If Jacko keeps blaming every crime on videogames then eventually he will reach that level of accuracy.

@E. Zachary Knight
I disagree, obviously, but you are right that this is not the forum for such a discussion.

Dude, it's not just Jack Thompson...

@ Zigs
Hey, don't blame Jack Thompson on Florida.
It's not our fault we're the retirement state.

Dear Jack Thompson, inculdeing your profession with your name (with the exceptions of title granting professions such as Doctor or Professor) is generally considered rude and boastful, in addition most internet communities consider immature or stupid to type in all capital letters as you have done in your name.

Oh, Capslock-JT-impersonating troll, at least TRY to sound convincing, please?


That article speaks as if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was created by and governed by humans. I assure you that Jesus Christ himself is the head of this church and it is his decisions and doctrines that we teach.

But this is not the place for an in depth discussion.


I don't know about everyone else but my responses are mildy tailored copypasta. (Ok the food is actually on the table, but still). Rather useful when ever someone claims games desensitize.

Well im sure things will go back to the way they were when it was livejournal

jack makes a posts and someone comments he then posts again and says the next person that comments is required by law to post there name phone number address and so on and so fourth

@ JACK THOMPSON ATTORNEY! (Caps lock is cruise control for cool right?)

I need your help suing all the major gun makers. 3 weeks ago I shot a deer and took it home and helped my grandfather clean it and butcher it.

I am no so very traumatized, its taken years and about 40 deer but I finally realized I've been desensitized to violence and death. I don't puke anymore during the process.

I need your help because I just don't think I can sue Mauser, H&K, Springfield, winchester, and Ruger. I'm sure we could include optics makers in the suit, possibly a few ammo manufactures and a few gunsmiths in Virgina.

I mean you can do it right? You can take them on, just like you have taken and defeated the video games industry. You have god our god on your side! You can defeat all the evil in the world!

I don't need to tell you my number since your amazing lawyer skills should let you find it on your own, I mean if you can sue everyone on this site you must be able to find my phone number, and name!


I'm going to go enjoy dinner now Jack, gonna have some rather well prepared dear meat that ,as always, was a rather stomach turning effort to prepare and clean, despite my years of training on video games.

You embarrass yourself, you embarrass anyone who shares your belief in god, but most of all yourself.

Guys, it's Jack. You should realize now that he doesn't even read what we say. He doesn't even care what we say. We're not behind his blasphemous crusade to win a share of a $1.2 billion jackpot, exploiting the bereaved and claiming his quest for financial enrichment in the name of God. He's only here because he likes to stir us up.

"Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children?!"

To quote George Carlin!

"F*** The Children"

Now On to Jacky Boy....

Hey jack remember me duffy!! you know you do come on remember i emailed you a long time ago explaining that while i didnt agree with your theories or beliefs i respected them because you have the right to your own beliefs..

Hmmmm and what was it you told me?? *taps head* oh yes that's right "go buy a suicide game and get real good at it" your actully damn lucky jack that i lost that email account.See jack everyone here realizes that you have a lot of anger and hatred in you for Video games in general and Gamers also.Yes your own son is a gamer also Right?? So does that make him a murderer. No it doesnt because just for the simple fact that just because you play video games like Grand theft auto and the manhunt series (both personal favorites of mine) it doesnt mean its going to "train you to kill".And even if it did then why dont you explain how i've played Gta since gta 3 came out and i was around 22 years old or 23 at the time so i was well over the age restriction for it.

Yet i've never hurt anyone or killed anyone so doesnt that put holes in your theory??

Jack plain and simple listen up and listen now

your not welcome here no one here wants you to post and not to mention the fact that since a brain dead moron like you thinks anyone that posts on here are nothing more then "children" what does that say about you when you demand that we give out our personal information...

Get a life jack and maybe a actual hobby you know instead of being a ambulance chaser..

Might i suggest watching High school musical 2 on the 17th of august

Either way get the hell out and stay out

Good day


p.s dennis sorry for the long post but its been a while since i did that and it had to be said

LOL, Jack called US egocentric!


Be a good lad and give Jack his ass back, please. There are many others in line waiting to hand it to him.

I have gone ahead and written an email to Romney through his campaign website about the issue. I doubt he'll personally ever even hear of it, but whatever. I had time. Here is what I wrote to anyone who remotely cares:

As a fellow American and voter with a family who shares your religious views, I am concerned about the direction you are taking your campaign as it relates to video game laws and legislation. The violence contained within video games and indeed all media raises a serious moral issue, and parents should and do have the right to avoid such material if they find it unsuitable. All recently released video games consoles contain parental locks, and many major retailers are voluntarily checking the ID of individuals seeking to purchase games notable for Mature content.

However, forcefully pushing this morality onto the general public as your ongoing campaign suggests removes freedom of choice from the hands of the public. Not all parents believe that video games are harmful for their teenage children, and many recent studies and reports suggest that they are right. (Though admittedly there are varied findings of short term aggression, or lack thereof between children who play games.)

I would encourage you to study the proven effects of video game violence on youth and society and perhaps fund your own unbiased study if possible. I would encourage you to to look at decreased youth crime rates since video games have become a multi-billion dollar industry.

There are giant psychological and sociological issues plaguing children and hindering their proper development. Blaming these deeper issues on video games is grossly irresponsible when there are larger issues to consider. You mentioned the Columbine killers in the same breath as video games in a recent speech, perhaps the most offensively uninformed point you have addressed throughout your campaign for presidency.

If your opposition to video game violence is based around morality, I cannot disagree with your personal standpoint. But I can strongly disagree with the idea of legislating the distribution of first amendment protected material simply because some people don't like it.

I would like to respectfully ask you to please reconsider your priorities. Those of us who play video games are mature and responsible people who know how to distinguish the world presented in video games from the real world. We are peace loving people with diverse moral and religious beliefs. And we vote.

I do not believe you to be an unfair man like many of the sensationist massacre chasers looking for a scapegoat. As such, I trust that you will continue to research media related issues and the literal affect that the material in question has on society. Thank you for your time and consideration to this matter.

Won't someone PLEASE think of the children?!

It's going to be an uphill battle to convince my Mormon family not to vote for this guy. My best bet is quoting Jack Thompson's endorsement.


I had resigned to the 'internet troll' theory a long time ago. After all, nothing riles up a bunch of gamers like claiming you are Jack Thompson. Well, claiming you are Hilary Clinton or Mitt Romney perhaps...

I'm still in two minds, to be honest, it's not too difficult to pull of a Thompson impression, I'll admit, it's just a question of random insults, blatant declarations of half-fact and using the phrase 'knucklehead' as often as possible, but either way, I'm not convinced either way.

The way I see it, I'm going to respond to the contents of the post regardless, especially silly stuff like that Harling thing.

If the IP is coming from the great inbred state of Floriduh, I'm sure it's Jacky Boy.

"Basically, it’s a case of glass houses and stones."

By now, it's a flamethrower in a paper house.

And Jack, you don't know WHAT you are talking about, whether you like it or not, and regardless how you start throwing around names like 'Manhunt copycat', you really should investigate the whole case some more.

I feel sorry for the family of the Nurse who was killed by an insane man with a knife, but do you think this is the first time this sort of thing has happened? There's been 5 kids stabbed to death locally over POSTCODES Jack, yes, postcodes. I worked in administration for the Metropolitan Police for a while, and you know what, you'd be amazed at how many stabbings take place every single week, many of them from grown adults who had never played a computer game in their lives.

I also KNOW there have been cases of people going on shooting sprees in shopping malls in the US where Video games have not been involved in any way, shape or form. They obviously don't get mentioned on here because they aren't related to games, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. So what about the thousands of shootings that have no games involved? It's easy to count all the murders where games are involved and then declare the common denominator to be games, but the fact is that there is no single motive for murder and no single trigger for it either, and there is most certainly, no cause of it outside of the person choosing to commit the crime.

Holy crap Jack, I can't believe you posted that article. Oh man that is the biggest piece of sensationalist piece of garbage I think I've ever read. Kudos to that writer who really needs to be picked up by The Onion. To pick apart all the flaws in that article. Well let me take it one step at a time.

I mean, that is a parody right? I mean you likely realize its a parody right Jack? If that is really you and not some internet troll pretending to be you then the last shred of any argument you could ever make has been spread to the four winds.

Lets deconstruct now shall we?

"Still keen on throwing tomatoes and eggs at the ESRB and BBFC for rating AO and respectively banning Manhunt 2 in the UK? Probably yes, as a big fan of the sadistic game. I can't argue with the fact that education is an important factor when it comes to messed up kids because of video games, but wait till you read this story. It'll change your perspective on Rockstar's Manhunt franchise, dramatically."

Oh show me the way my internet guru, my Obi-Wan of Cyber-Space. Lay the facts before my feet and show me the error of my ways!

"This piece up
on tells the story of Stuart Harling, who "got life for stabbing nurse Cheryl Moss to death while she was on a cigarette break." Forget the fact that nurses smoke too, that's not important. What's important is that Stuart did... what he did because of sitting all day in his room and playing Manhunt on his PlayStation 2."

Uh.. he did it because he spent all day playing Manhunt on his Playstation 2. Um... okay. Do you have any evidence to back this up? He played Manhunt AND he killed someone. But I fail to see the connection between the two. Maybe he rendered his stabbing prowess from cooking, all those sharp knives and fleshy meat of a side of roast. Which mind you is more hands on than tapping a button. So yes cooking is better training than Manhunt for killing.

"In a sickening random attack the 18-year-old trainee accountant slashed and hacked her 72 times — just like he'd PRACTISED on the PlayStation in his bedroom," the site reports. Today makes two weeks since Stuart was convicted at the Old Bailey, while the guy's mother, Lorraine Harling, confesses that she and her husband David, had no idea of the savagery "that had quietly built up in their son," the same article reads."
I fail to see how someone could practice killing on Manhunt. That is unless he painted an X button on her forehead and tapped it repeatedly with his mad thumb skills.

And even if a game such as Manhunt 2 would come to the Wii with its motion sensing still wielding the controller like a knife and using a real knife against a real person is going to be a world of difference. The Wii controller is not going to be forcefully forced away from a person. And I promise you if anyone tried to stab me I'd flail around like a cat on PCP. So yeah, the Wiimote won't meet with the resistance necessary to practice such an act.

But again this isn't something that needs to be practiced. Stabbing is rather rudimentary. Even our knuckle dragging proto-ancestors learned to tie a pointy rock onto a stick.

Also the story notes that he is 18. Legal age to be drafted into the real life military and be forced to shoot real life people. Yeah, but we don't want him playing a video game now are we? If this story truly was posted by Jack and not some internet troll pretending to be him then this disproves your statement that you want to keep games out of the hands of kids, as he was legally an adult. Now you are going into keeping games out of the hands of taxpaying adults. Not a wise move bucko. Keep in mind when tax paying adults get pissed of they dress up like the most lily skinned Indians and toss some fucking tea into the fucking ocean.

"Stuart never gave us any reason to think he was violent at all. He was a very normal boy—quiet and reserved. I used to call him ‘my little professor,' said School attendance officer Lorraine. "I knew he was playing the video games but we didn't really know what went on in them, how brutal and graphic they were."

This is all a waste of text. Yeah, so there is a major flaw in logic here. How would knowing what games he plays give you any insight into if he was a violent person or not. Many people enjoy entertainment of mediums of all types that do not reflect what kind of person they are. Case in point, Jack Thompson presumably reads the bible and yet he is not honest and he practices the sin of pride. So playing a violent game doesn't make you violent as reading a book of morals doesn't make you moral. Heck, I know some really fat people who play Madden. Playing an athletic game doesn't make you athletic. So the "You are what you play" is a really retarded line of thought.

"The mother and father did not see their son for over a year, the same site reports, until his trial last month. "He looked the same old Stuart, only he had a beard," said the grieving mother. "But the way he was acting wasn't Stuart. I think there are two Stuarts — the one I knew before all this happened, and the one that's there now. They're two different people. He's not the Stuart I know."

Okay. People change, change is a natural part of life. Though there is nothing here that points that his mind was utterly warped by playing Manhunt. And frankly if your whole persona could be changed by a (crappy) game then frankly you aren't fit for society. You are so susceptible to influence that frankly trying to keep media or anything from influencing such a person would be a fool's errand.

"Don't worry Ma! I can breathe underwater! Aquaman does it!"

"In an article of mine, entitled "The Wii – Your Personal Killing Teacher," I said that Manhunt on the Wii would be a very bad influence. Why? It's simple really: whatever the player has to do, the game will require real-life movement such as in Wii Tennis, where gamers replicate swinging the racket towards the ball, the instant it reaches his/her Mii. Take that and add it to violent games, Manhunt if you will. What do you get? Your personal hack and slash teaching device."

You have to make motions that are a very pale shadow of the ones required for the actual act, and even then the system does 99% of the work for you. I'm pretty good at Wii Tennis. Flailing like a retarded chimp at banana hour I can crush a good amount of Mii foes on the Wii. But if I went up against Anna Kournikova, yeah my ass would be toast no matter HOW much Wii I played. Hell if I was the person who lost to Ana ten years ago I'd still get my ass handed to me on a pretty silver platter with a bow on it.

But lets move onto two words in that last paragraph. Hack and slash. Um, okay yeah. Those don't sound like graceful, trained manuvers with a blade to me. Those sound like crude moves of desperation made by someone with a blade thrust into their hands. You don't train to hack and slash, its pretty damn instinctive. You put a knife into the hands of a pissed off chimp and you are going to have a lot of dead chimps in the city zoo.

So to sum up. You make movements LIKE those required with about 99% of the factors removed from it and stabbing is instinctive. You are letting me down here chief. You were supposed to be my Obi-Wan. Don't let me down. What are your closing nuggets of Wisdom to totally blow my mind and support the fascist UK nanny state?

"Still think Jack Thompson's crazy? Well, yes, I'm sure you do, but he's quite right about Manhunt 2. Take-Two and Rockstar have their way cut out for them – in terms of revamping the rejected violent game – if they want to launch it anywhere near the UK."

Thats it.... thats all you fucking have. Holy shit that was a huge fucking waste of my time! Yes I think Jack is crazy! I think he needs to be locked the hell up with impressionable boy in some version of Alcatraz for crazy shits! You put NO facts in this miserable excuse for a news story whatsoever. He played Manhunt AND he killed but not ONCE did you say ANYTHING to pull these two points into a point of causality.

Okay thanks for this. I'll be sure to print this out and use it to line a parrot cage, really thanks. But come back of you have anything relevant to say. Until then, keep your big media sensationalist bullcrap to yourself. I am sick to hell of these shocking retarded titles used to sell newspapers.

"Nintendo leaps of mother-fucking shelf and rapes a bus full of nuns before shitting on the steps of the whitehouse! And Mario doesn't support our troops assholes!"

See I can do it to!

To quote the immortal Willy Wonka: "You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!"

Mr. JB Thompson,
That article that you have posted is just an opinion piece. There was no facts present, no analysis of the situation that occurred. And an obvious bias against a form of entertainment.
The writers opinion made it seem as if the parents had no knowledge of what their son enjoyed and it was ok. Also the attacker was 18; an ADULT.

This one opinion piece, does NOT prove anything.

Oh, and it also should be noted that the Jury decision emphatically ruled out that any kind of 'Mental Disorder' was the cause of the killing in the Harling case, basically, he killed her, he ordered a knife-fighting manual and a knife on Ebay a few days before, and the choice to kill was his own, the British law has already stated that the crime was not bought on by external influences.

Send flowers to the bereaved friends of the boy killed by the Manhunt copycat killer. Do something useful with your snarling, egocentric lives, why don't you? Thanks. Jack Thompson

lol, snarling.

Oh dear, I think we hit a nerve ;)


To raise his e-go. Oh, that was lame.

He's driving his e-car after the e-ambulances :O

Toput it bluntly, Jack, just because a mother who has seen her son labelled as a killer lash out at an unpopular media does not make it fact, after all, that's PRECISELY what happened in the Pakeerah case, and we both know in that particular case, the victim owned the game.

@E. Zachary Knight

Beyond my rather extensive personal experience, which I will not delve into, there is a movement within the faith that believe that women are regarded as second class, and their views are under represented. Here's an example of the idea:

@ Good Robot Us

Thanks for the clarification on the matter. It seems that JT likes to google his own name and Manhunt.

@Jack Thompson, Attorney

So, because one mother blames Manhunt, and an editor who has only heard the opinion of the mother and hasn't bothered to look at any other aspect of the childs' life? Do you Google on a daily basis looking for any kind of report or comment that even vaguely says what you want it to say?

So, basically, because a mother, rightfully grieving for her son's crimes, and, I might add, being English I know a lot more about that case, i.e. that he also had a wealth of violent movies and literature, as well as Neo-Nazi stuff in his room, that his parents also missed.

Stuart Harling was a very very sick man, when asked why he had stabbed the nurse he said, 'I dunno, kind of ruined my day, really.', the REASON he injested so much violent media was because he was a very very sick person.

Here is a more reputable article on the Web, one that I didn't include my name in the search for...

I disagree with Mr. Thompson about FreeRepublic. It's full of *conservative sociopaths*, not libertarian thugs.

Also, again with the ban evasions? Tsk tsk, you'd think a grown man wouldn't act like a twelve year old "1n74rw3bz 7uff guy111".

@ Zigs

Care to back up your thoughts of "Mormonism" I happen to be one and have yet to see anything that reflects your views?

Romney's an opportunist who's sold out his religion, his home state, and his party. I'm not shocked at anything he does anymore, but I'm glad to see people aren't buying it.
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PHX Corp Sony is Disabling Users from Archiving Their PS4 Livestreams of Until Dawn08/27/2015 - 8:47pm
MattsworknameAndrew: SOrry I didnt get back, i went to bed before I saw your post. The Producer is listed as Arbitor36508/27/2015 - 6:06pm
Andrew EisenNope.08/27/2015 - 4:17pm
ZippyDSMleeDid you guys cover Fatal Frame 5 being nintendo Eshop only?08/27/2015 - 3:55pm
Big Perm120 bucks for a tetanus shot. Thanks Obama08/27/2015 - 3:01pm
Andrew EisenMatthew - Of course they do. I wasn't suggesting otherwise. Hell, Quiet's already been cosplayed quite a bit.08/27/2015 - 1:25pm
Big PermThere's been some pretty good Kill La Kill cosplay08/27/2015 - 12:56pm
Matthew WilsonI saw someone cosplay as the main charector from kill la kill last year at pax, so people do it.....08/27/2015 - 12:55pm
Andrew EisenPerm - Well yeah, Kojima himself said something along the lines of "Cosplay this, I dare you! No, seriously. Please cosplay this!" I was just wondering if there was an in-universe explanation.08/27/2015 - 12:45pm
Andrew EisenCheck out last week's story on The State of Play book for an updated cover and a list of all the authors and their essay titles! - 12:44pm
Big PermI figured it was because titties are awesome08/27/2015 - 12:37pm
Andrew EisenI'm still waiting to see if any reviews spill the beans on the story reasons behind Quiet's goofy getup in Metal Gear Solid 508/27/2015 - 12:33pm
ZippyDSMleeHave you seen what the Deva wrestlers wear? Now lets get all that Japan only DLC for DOA over here, and DOA Volly ball,ect let the whining commence!08/27/2015 - 12:18pm
Matthew Wilsonsuprisingly, there has not been the negative reaction I was expecting.08/27/2015 - 12:13pm
Andrew EisenWe should devote a segment to R. Mika's costume on the podcast. It'll be great!08/27/2015 - 11:40am
Andrew EisenMatt - So... who is the producer of the video you linked?08/27/2015 - 11:15am
ZippyDSMleeAnd its not as bad as rumble roses :P08/27/2015 - 11:14am
ZippyDSMleeE. Zachary Knight: I dunno wrestling is about spectacle nd bad costumes are part and parcel of it..08/27/2015 - 11:13am
Big PermThis costume is amazing. Praise it08/27/2015 - 10:59am
E. Zachary KnightOh wow. This costume is obnoxious. Why? The character and moves are cool but man that costume. Ugh. - 10:56am

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