Jack Attack on GamePolitics, Part 4: The Bookstorm

July 25, 2007 -

Part 4 of 4

Background: Controversial anti-game attorney Jack Thompson went on the attack against GamePolitics in an interview with the obscure PopZart site during the week of E3. 

In my third year of running GP, I’ve grown accustomed to Thompson’s criticism, but this attack was so remarkably personal in nature that I feel compelled to respond.

You may also want to read part one, The Demonizing, part two, Game Industry Stooge and part three, Raising The Bar. Part four, The Bookstorm, follows.

Picking up where we left off in Part 3, we resume by quoting another of Thompson's accusations from the PopZart article:

JT: McCauley even went so far as to link his site to my Tyndale House book offering at Amazon.com to assure that it would be "bookstormed."  The number of obscene postings at my book offering there were so voluminous because of what McCauley did that Amazon had to delete many of them.  McCauley is simply a tool of this industry, then, and its too bad, because the guy has talent and has a sense of what is news.  What he lacks is any sense of fairness when it comes to Jack Thompson.

GP:  This is an absolutely, utterly, false accusation which Thompson has repeated numerous times, including to PopZart. Here's the truth:

Back in 2005 GP's only source of revenue was a pittance from Amazon affiliate ads. You know - someone clicks through and buys a book, GP earns a few pennies. Thompson's book Out of Harm's Way was to be published in mid-November, 2005. Thinking that it might be a good seller among GP readers, I posted an Amazon ad for it, pre-publication, in early September. For three months that ad ran and Thompson never complained. Why would he? He was getting free advertising.

When the book finally launched in mid-November, people certainly did post nasty things on its Amazon page. I actively discouraged that on GamePolitics and even wrote a charitable commentary on the book at one point, for which Thompson thanked me. All of this from the guy who, in Thompson's words, "lacks any sense of fairness when it comes to Jack Thompson."

Timing is crucial to understanding what happened next, and how this outrageous "bookstorming" accusation suddenly materialized. Thompson's book was published on November 14th, 2005, and the nasty Amazon posts started almost immediately, but the  bizarre "bookstorming" charges against GP didn't surface until nearly three weeks later, on December 1st. Why?

It's impossible to know for sure what triggered the sudden turnaround, but Thompson may have become angry with me over two stories - one that I wrote, and one that I didn't. It's also possible that he became even more frustrated when I was unable to take his phone calls. 

All I know is that from September 1st until the late afternoon of December 1st, Thompson was fine with his book being advertised on GamePolitics. What caused him to suddenly begin making these outlandish allegations? Here's the timeline. You decide...

Sept. 1, 2005 - GamePolitics begins running pre-publication Amazon ad for Thompson’s book

Nov. 15. 2005 - GamePolitics announces Thompson’s book is now for sale; posts first chapter; negative comments start to appear on Amazon

Nov. 16th, 2005 - I admonish GP readers who are discussing some mischief against Thompson's book ("I won't have a book burning advocacy here, no matter whose book it is.")

Nov. 25th, 2005 - Having now skimmed the book I write my generalized impressions; Thompson posts a thank-you

Nov. 30, 2005 - Book ad has run on GP for 90 days – no complaints from Thompson

Dec. 1st, 6:45 AM - GP runs a story about a service promoting Thompson as a radio talk show guest; Within hours Thompson will take exception to this item

Dec. 1st, 2005, 9:59 AM - via e-mail, Thompson offers GamePolitics an op-ed, “Hillary’s Video Game Hoax,” which is his response to GP's  Nov. 29th coverage of game legislation introduced by Sen. Hillary Clinton

Dec. 1st, 2005, 12:43 PM - Thompson posts response on GP to the radio bookings piece; chides GP for not running Hillary story; vows to quit visiting GP.com

Dec. 1st, 2005, 12:48 PM - First of six voice mails left this day by Thomspon; chides GP over bookings article and not covering Thompson's Hillary op-ed

(these voice mail recordings were left on my office phone by Thompson on December 1st, 2005; they were digitized and saved)

Dec. 1st, 2005, 1:28 PM - GP, busy on those oh-so-annoying non-GamePolitics segments of life, posts a brief response to Thompson; but no time to respond to Thompson's phone calls

Dec. 1st, 2005, 2:15 PM - second of six voice mails left by Thompson

(in these voice mails Thompson seems to believe he's talking to an answering machine on which I'm screening calls; he's actually talking to Verizon's voice mail service, which I use for my office phone. I can't hear a word he's saying until I get around to checking messages)

Dec. 1st, 2005, 2:27 PM - third of six voice mails left by Thompson (as a courtesy to Thompson, we've blocked his recitation of his phone number with a tone)

Dec. 1st, 2005, 2:32 PM - fourth of six voice mails left by Thompson (ditto, regarding JT's phone number)

Dec. 1st, 2005, 2:48 PM - fifth of six voice mails left by Thompson

Dec. 1st, 2005, 4:24 PM - last of six voice mails left by Thompson ("I'm done with you... you're a hack...")

Dec. 1st, 2005, 4:32 PM - Eight minutes after his final, angry voice mail, Thompson’s FIRST EVER attack on the GP Amazon ad materializes via e-mail to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, cc’d to GP: Tortious, Possibly Criminal Activity at Amazon.com...I would ask that you rescind from [GP] the privilege of linking to my book on your site.  The idiot videogamers who visit that site are not buying the book.  They and the owner of the site, Dennis McCauley, are using the link to “bookstorm” and spike the book.  I want it stopped now.

Dec. 1st, 2005, 5:54 PM to 7:19 PM - GP sends several e-mails to Thompson: "I can't tell you how disappointed I am that you would link my name with anything insidious … I would caution you not to blame your bad [book] reviews on me... I've been in and out of meetings all day and I can't talk to you on the phone...  FYI, as per your request, the ad for your book is gone from my site. To date, five copies were sold through GamePolitics - which probably makes us the world's leading referral site on your book."

Dec. 2nd, 2005, 6:07 PM - Thompson posts a lengthy tirade, vows never to return to GP (no such luck, unfortunately)... GP responds, admittedly with more heat than is my norm. But then again, I'd just been accused of this "bookstorming."

Dec. 3rd, 2005: Thompson sends an e-mail to newspapers that carry GP's column claiming that GP is misrepresenting himself; copies to media outlets; claims that GP is orchestrating bad reviews at Amazon, including the line, “I got McCauley to pull the [book] link this week, because I caught him doing this.”

Dec. 3rd, 2005: The truth being that I took the Amazon ad for his book down as a response to Thompson's request, I wasn't about to sit still while he claimed this courtesy as evidence of some wrongdoing on my part. I immediately reposted the book ad and left it up the entire month of December to prove the point. This did not go over well in Miami, to say the least.

The bottom line is simply this: If Jack Thompson makes people angry, that's not my fault. I can't control what people think about him or what they post on Amazon.com or anywhere else. I absolutely challenge Thompson to produce any evidence whatsoever that I encouraged an attack on his book. There isn't any evidence because it never happened. In fact, there's substantial evidence to the contrary.

Jack's parting shot at me from the PopZart article:
JT: These blogs like GamePolitics, where Dennis McCauley lets people hide behind anonymity, like big tough guys, casting their stones and then whining when I respond with what I think is the truth, with my name attached, kind of tells anyone who is willing to listen and hear who the mean-spirited anonymous cowards are.

GP: I assume he is referring to reader comments. What am I supposed to do about that? Did GP invent the anonymous Internet? Maybe Jack could take it up with his old law school classmate, Al Gore.

In the end, I must think back to Federal District Court Judge Paul Huck, who, in dismissing a recent case filed by Thompson against the Florida Bar, wrote:

Thompson submits nothing beyond wild accusations of a vast conspiracy against him…


Dennis - you're a fantastic journalist. Like the very first poster already said, keep doing what you do.

Oh Amusing. Right after Dennins finishes shooting down Jack's little hissy fits in a four part story, he posts a comment that has nothing to do with it? Funny stuff.

I still find it horrendously deploreable that a LAWYER would demand that anyone and everyone who chooses to post commentary display their full name and address. How stupid does he think we are?

What next Jack? Demanding that little kids turn over Mommy and Daddy's credit card numbers over the internet? How about my Social Security number and a scanned copy of my driver's lisence? My Birth Certificate? Please Jacky Boy, tell me how much of my identity you want to steal.

Bravo Dennis. You've done a magnificent job of taking a very heated topic and coolly tearing it apart piece by piece. This sort of work is stuff you should print and hang on a wall somewhere. This probobly won't stop Jack from spreadng his lies everywhere, but now if anyone asks, you can refer them to this story in the archives.

Oh. and you get another 50 points for professionally bitch-slapping Thompson. *Level up music*

Odd how "what you think is the truth" generally involves slanderous name calling Jack. Yes, yes, people here cast stones, but if anyone is whiny it's clearly you. A person makes a point you do one of three things.

A) Childishly attack their character and call them names.

B) Make a point that's completely irrelevant to the original post.


C) Fail to respond at all. (Which I can't blame you for. There's too much to respond to, and I understand that you probably only want to look foolish so many times per day.)

And why should any of us be expected to divulge our personal information? What good does it do you or us? You chose to be a highly criticized public figure. Do you really want to email opinion pieces to your critics at GamePolitics or pay them visits at their homes? Or is this just about money again and your desire to file lawsuits when people hurt your feelings? Seriously, why in the world do you need to know anyones personal information?

Oh stop it Jack, you're just looking silly now.

I listened to the Game Politics Podcast back when they had Jack Thompson on because I'd heard about him from other sites and sources, particularly PCGamer. The interviews given to Jack Thompson were some of the most lengthy and comprehensive I've heard given by anyone anywhere. Before those interviews Jack Thompson had been demonized as "The man who wants to get rid of videogames". After listening I felt he'd been humanized in a way no one had bothered to before. I understood his views and motivations and while I can still call him an idiot I can also say that he believes emphatically in protecting children from all forms of violence. GP is the most fair news site I've ever seen, not just gaming news site

Your point Jack?

Do you suddenly think your problems would go away if another person was looking at your ethics complaints?

The thing he never understood was that people didn't have a problem with his campaign even if we didn't agree with it, we've had discussions with Yee and Dr Walsh on GP, and yes, whilst there is the ever-present Internet habit of throwing Bananas, neither Yee nor Walsh assumed that we were 'stupid' for having a different viewpoint, no other anti-game proponent attacks the Gamers themselves as being 'Nazis', 'Knuckleheads' and a plethora of other insults.

I've certainly got better things to do than go attack books that I really have limited interest in, but it's assumed that because I post on here, and don't agree, that therefore I MUST be a social misfit who engages in casual vandalism.

The anger on here was never at his opinion that games should be banned, even if that opinion seemed to be mobile depending on circumstances, it was at the demeaning and belittling attitude he automatically took, the fact he bundled ALL gamers into one basket, kind of like saying that all LaCross players are rapists simply because a few commited rape, and the fact that even when proven to be completely wrong about something, like the Robida or Cho incidents, he still wasn't man enough to take it on the chin.

and a lil fyi, that question was mean't as more of a "how old is the dude?" sort of way :D

How long til he's dead? Seriously, isn't he reaching his limit yet?

Excellent article Dennis, full of facts, citations, evidence. In fact, everything that Mr. Thompson fails to supply in any of his accusations or court documents. That final quote does indeed sum it up completely.

I fail to see how he can continue to blame anything on GP after this series of articles. Every accusation he has had has been debunked and shown up as fantasy, perceived threats that are not there.

"They attacked my book and tried to vandalise the page!"
"You mean the book he wrote a decent review of and advertised for you for free?"

I can only think of one thing that accurately describes this.

Jack, you just got OWNED BITCH!!

Well said dennis, well said.

It's interesting to note, as an aside, that Jack recommends Basketball, of all sports, tragically ironic after the VTech incident.....

Sorry, there was meant to be more to that....

Basically, I'm talking about Jack's little tantrum regarding the alleged 'Bookstorming'.

I guess the book didn't fly off the shelves the way he imagined it and as you all know GTA 3 is to blame for that.

When you can't make a successful argument against someones opinion what do you do? You attack his character. You see it all the time, and it's sad every time.

You didn't cover him when he wanted, so he stormed off. Seems very immature.

I'm afraid I kind of feel sorry for him. He sets himself up to be knocked around by other people, and it seem to me that it is he himself that always brings things to the next level. He is always on the defensive and alienates even people who start on his side. He has done more for the Games Industry in his own arguments and I suspect he knows it. He can't live a happy life and I find it very sad indeed.

@Justin Johnson Doubt he'd be so resistant of taking it if he really had nothing to hide.

Yes Jack, because as a video game player and GP reader, I have nothing better to do than attack you all day long through GP comments. I just sit here all day waiting for the chance to pounce on your name like a cougar and execute it with the precision like the savage beast of a gamer I am. It really makes sense.


I thought those voicemails were too funny to be real. I have heard similar before, and sorry GP, but I think Jack might be in love with you. Maybe ask him to dinner and let him down softly

"These blogs like GamePolitics, where Dennis McCauley lets people hide behind anonymity"

If I lived in Miami I would personally visit his office to tell him what I think of him.

Jack posts on slashdot to!!! AWESOME!

oh like i really need to hide behind someone.
hey jack you want my address and name?
ill gladly post them!

Just reading about the phone calls makes me think of the spurned lover who does not believe the relationship is doomed.

But JT needs to grow up. Christ told his disciples to say when they pray, "Please forgive me my tresspasses as I FORGIVE OTHERS THEIR TRESSPASSES."

Sounds to me like JT needs to start practiing those Christian values he professes to live.

Also the final link is broken.

Don't bother GreatNocturn, do you really think he would REALLY pay more attention to you if you gave your name and address? It's just a ruse to get your contact details so he can harass you and your family, I've seen him do it before, remember that kid who was raising money for charity by doing a YouTube of his Dad or Brother destroying a signed copy of Out of Harms' Way? Jack phoned the parents, and claimed that he'd got the kid into a 'heap of trouble' when the truth was nothing of the sort, and the video was made.

The reason for anonymity on the Internet is to protect the people using it, Jack is supposedly all about 'Protecting the Children' and yet doesn't think twice before demanding personal details on a Public Message board. I was furious the last time he tried to pretend he had the legal weight to demand that people post their details on here, it could so easily have led to a terrible result, which Jack would, without doubt, have tried to blame on Video Games, not his own irresponsibility.

So Thompson is apparently whining because his book didn't get glowing reviews a high praise from all?

For all we know it's all /b/'s fault that Jack is hell bent on destroying people's rights.


Grow up. It is because of comments like yours that we have this problem with JT.

Again, Grow Up.

Jack is a bad case of herpes for the game industry. I don't see him going away anytime soon.

Quick! Someone give him a new upcoming form of media/art for him to bitch about. It worked for rap.

@E. Zachary Knight, KOTOR:

Agreed. Saying that you want to kill someone isn't the best way of coming across as a rational nonviolent sort of person. Hate his attitude, despair over his argument skills, and mock his unusual sense of logic, but civility goes a long way.

I'm sorry...I just can't take anyone seriously who actually, truly, and really refers to themselves in the third person in a serious way. The Thompson appreciates the hot! It's like something out of bad comedy. I wonder when the Florida Bar will get around to forcing him to take that psych evaluation. Though it'll be a sad day to the game industry when it loses this comical non-effective adversary and evnetually gains one with a real brain.

Boom. To the face. Just by reading this 4-part story I simpily hate Jack more than ever and have a better appreciation for your work and reporting.

The final quote, from Paul Huck, sums up Jackie just fine. Keep doing what you do.

Frankly, even if I felt inclined to, I wouldn't give my name and address to a lawyer who is quite obviously beyond the sanity event-horizon anyway.

Heh Jacks time would be better spent trying to bust open the kennedy assassination conspiracy with the rest of the conspiracy nuts.

Foolishness is all I see here, Jack's voice (which is lacking already) is clearly waning more and more with each passing day. Eventually he'll get kicked off the bar and then he will just be an anti-gamer troll wandering the internet looking to stir up trouble.

Beg pardon, Heard Understood Acknowledged.

My favorite meaning for Hooah is Head Up your Ass.

Original meaning, however, is Heard, Understood, Affirmative.

Jack, you know what? Your opinions about us are only efforts to deface your own reputation. It's not too late to seek forgiveness though, but don't wait, if the whole people or gamers gets pissed off by your cruel words, then it is too late to go down on your knees and beg for forgiveness, which you don't want that to happen, right?

So, shut your big fucking mouth and stop wasting your time.

@Jack Thompson

Jack, please, for your own and everybody elses sake stop it. You are just embarrasing yourself.


That is actually a very amusing link. Lets see Jack claimed that Take Two would be destroyed by March 23 and its now, oh look at that its way past that and Take Two is still in business. Man, I wish I had a dollar for every time Jack loses.

@Andrew Eisen

Yes. An Al Pacino character. A character who lost his sight because he was screwing around with hand grenades.

Ever think about THAT, Jack-Off T?

Jack, when you decide to call it quits or are looking to make some real money, I have the perfect plan for you:

- Buy a golf driving range
- Charge $100 for a bucket of balls
- Be the guy who drives around in golf cart scooping up balls
- Become insanely rich

Thompson is just reminding us that he's an attorney because he won't be for much longer.


ok thanx for answering my question, consider all the crap hes put the bar through if they do disbar him i doubt they will try and keep it too private

Ok. I went to popzart and read the interview. Some of the things Thompson says in it are ridiculous, but that is to be expected. I should learn not to read things like that -- they always lead to me ranting about it afterwards. So I wrote a post in response to the article and posted it only to notice that I didn't see any other comments. Anyway I thought I would reproduce it here, just to see what you all think.

The problem with this interview of Jack Thompson is that he is not really challenged about his methods. The ends do not justify the means. He has been guilty of saying terrible hateful things to people, including but not limited to "Go buy a suicide game and get real good at it". I have seen his comments where he belittles gamers. I think most people know that what a lot of immature people have done to Thompson and his family in regards to phone calls, name calling and sending him vile things is wrong, but at the same time he is not interested in a constructive dialogue with us. It's not that most gamers disagree with Thompson's stated goal of keeping mature games out of the hands of children, its his methods we can't stand. I think there are better ways to keep violent games out of the hands of children than a ban or legislation. I think ultimately that it is up to the parents to know what there kid is playing and at $50 a video game I see no good excuse for how they can not know. Those are my opinions, but I understand that Thompson has his.
I should go ahead and say here that there was a time when a large number of gamers got together and tried to open a talks with Thompson to exchange constructive ideas about how to accomplish this goal. A letter was written to Thompson apologizing on behalf of the gaming community for the way he has been treated by some of its members and asking him to speak with us civilly. People from all over the world signed this letter and pitched in with money to send an impressive number of flowers to Thompson as a peace offering. A lot of time, energy and hope was poured into that project. Thompson's response was not at all positive. He called our efforts "childish". He stated that he had no interest in a dialogue with us, and he implied that he was going to send the flowers to a member of the video game industry. ( I think it was Paul Eibler (sp?) but I don't remember) In the end it seems to me that Thompson would rather be hateful to anyone he views as a gamer than work with gamers to keep mature rated games out of the hands of children. I find that extremely strange if his goal is what he says it is. I would think that anyone wishing to create positive change in an industry would be happy if the consumers of that industry were willing to listen and exchange ideas but that is not Thompson's position.
Some people think that Thompson is mentally ill. Some people might mean that as an insult while others are expressing genuine concern. Thompson has a history of stating that the "industry" is conspiring against him. He believes that all gamers are involved in that conspiracy. He seems to suggest again and again that all gamers get orders from the "industry" and work to carry them out. To some people that might seem a little paranoid. Thompson has intentionally made himself a volatile figure. It seems that he believes this helps his cause. Personally I think it does the exact opposite; it distracts people away from the issue until they only pay attention to Thompson's behavior.


Yeah, but I don’t think Thompson ever meant “Hooah” to be disrespectful or as a way to rile us up (like he does with pixelante, a word that’s so silly and poorly conceived that it’s impossible to take seriously as a pejorative). I think it’s just something he heard in a movie and thought was cool.

Andrew Eisen


You persistently try to put-down, attack and smear others to prop yourself up... Whether you're using Christ's name to align people that work for an honest business to satan... or trying to discredit journalists... or seeming to receive satisfaction from getting into flame-wars with teenagers on the internet.... and now you even use smear tactics to attack the president of YOUR OWN BAR ASSOCIATION... It probably wasn't published because your self-serving goal of trying to smear Frank Angones is very transparent.

PS... Although you've completely established that your goals are ideological and that you're willing to twist and manipulate the letter of the law to suit your own ambitions, in a way I hope that you don't loose your license to practice law.

This is because you'd be more dangerous as a private citizen to pursue whatever tactics you please, without the type of restrictions you face as a lawyer.

- - - -

CHECK THIS LINK: http://www.joystiq.com/2007/03/18/jack-thompson-responds-biblically-to-t...

I don't think anyone would think this guy should be practicing law after reading what he wrote.


Yeah its a military thing. I don't use it because I've not gained the right to do so, neither has Jack. So every time Jack does use it its a major insult to our men and women in uniform past and present, including those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Therefore its par for the course as far as the lack of decency and couth that John Bruce Thompson displays.

@Andrew Eisen
but Al Pachino's character was a retired US Army officer.
Funny thing BTW, a few popular meanings of "hooah" include "I am not listening" and "I don't know what that means, but I'm too embarrassed to ask for clarification" which suit Thompson perfectly.

Damn, miss a day, miss a lot!

If Jack got his own blog, there'd be nothing but gamers on it. And Jack, the day you get my personal info there'll be a 50mph bucket of my own spit immediately following it.

@Austin Lewis:

You're way off with #2. Jack lacks the necessary equipment.

@Andrew Eisen:

Ha! Watching JT get punched in the mouth never gets old!

Steven Landes and Austin Lewis,

May as well lighten up on the "HOOAH" thing. By Thompson's own admission he picked it up from Al Pachino's character in Scent of a Woman.

Andrew Eisen

Shakespeare wrote a famous line about Lawyers, IIRC. But if I quoted it, it may be taken as a threat.
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