Jack Attack on GamePolitics, Part 4: The Bookstorm

July 25, 2007 -

Part 4 of 4

Background: Controversial anti-game attorney Jack Thompson went on the attack against GamePolitics in an interview with the obscure PopZart site during the week of E3. 

In my third year of running GP, I’ve grown accustomed to Thompson’s criticism, but this attack was so remarkably personal in nature that I feel compelled to respond.

You may also want to read part one, The Demonizing, part two, Game Industry Stooge and part three, Raising The Bar. Part four, The Bookstorm, follows.

Picking up where we left off in Part 3, we resume by quoting another of Thompson's accusations from the PopZart article:

JT: McCauley even went so far as to link his site to my Tyndale House book offering at Amazon.com to assure that it would be "bookstormed."  The number of obscene postings at my book offering there were so voluminous because of what McCauley did that Amazon had to delete many of them.  McCauley is simply a tool of this industry, then, and its too bad, because the guy has talent and has a sense of what is news.  What he lacks is any sense of fairness when it comes to Jack Thompson.

GP:  This is an absolutely, utterly, false accusation which Thompson has repeated numerous times, including to PopZart. Here's the truth:

Back in 2005 GP's only source of revenue was a pittance from Amazon affiliate ads. You know - someone clicks through and buys a book, GP earns a few pennies. Thompson's book Out of Harm's Way was to be published in mid-November, 2005. Thinking that it might be a good seller among GP readers, I posted an Amazon ad for it, pre-publication, in early September. For three months that ad ran and Thompson never complained. Why would he? He was getting free advertising.

When the book finally launched in mid-November, people certainly did post nasty things on its Amazon page. I actively discouraged that on GamePolitics and even wrote a charitable commentary on the book at one point, for which Thompson thanked me. All of this from the guy who, in Thompson's words, "lacks any sense of fairness when it comes to Jack Thompson."

Timing is crucial to understanding what happened next, and how this outrageous "bookstorming" accusation suddenly materialized. Thompson's book was published on November 14th, 2005, and the nasty Amazon posts started almost immediately, but the  bizarre "bookstorming" charges against GP didn't surface until nearly three weeks later, on December 1st. Why?

It's impossible to know for sure what triggered the sudden turnaround, but Thompson may have become angry with me over two stories - one that I wrote, and one that I didn't. It's also possible that he became even more frustrated when I was unable to take his phone calls. 

All I know is that from September 1st until the late afternoon of December 1st, Thompson was fine with his book being advertised on GamePolitics. What caused him to suddenly begin making these outlandish allegations? Here's the timeline. You decide...

Sept. 1, 2005 - GamePolitics begins running pre-publication Amazon ad for Thompson’s book

Nov. 15. 2005 - GamePolitics announces Thompson’s book is now for sale; posts first chapter; negative comments start to appear on Amazon

Nov. 16th, 2005 - I admonish GP readers who are discussing some mischief against Thompson's book ("I won't have a book burning advocacy here, no matter whose book it is.")

Nov. 25th, 2005 - Having now skimmed the book I write my generalized impressions; Thompson posts a thank-you

Nov. 30, 2005 - Book ad has run on GP for 90 days – no complaints from Thompson

Dec. 1st, 6:45 AM - GP runs a story about a service promoting Thompson as a radio talk show guest; Within hours Thompson will take exception to this item

Dec. 1st, 2005, 9:59 AM - via e-mail, Thompson offers GamePolitics an op-ed, “Hillary’s Video Game Hoax,” which is his response to GP's  Nov. 29th coverage of game legislation introduced by Sen. Hillary Clinton

Dec. 1st, 2005, 12:43 PM - Thompson posts response on GP to the radio bookings piece; chides GP for not running Hillary story; vows to quit visiting GP.com

Dec. 1st, 2005, 12:48 PM - First of six voice mails left this day by Thomspon; chides GP over bookings article and not covering Thompson's Hillary op-ed

(these voice mail recordings were left on my office phone by Thompson on December 1st, 2005; they were digitized and saved)

Dec. 1st, 2005, 1:28 PM - GP, busy on those oh-so-annoying non-GamePolitics segments of life, posts a brief response to Thompson; but no time to respond to Thompson's phone calls

Dec. 1st, 2005, 2:15 PM - second of six voice mails left by Thompson

(in these voice mails Thompson seems to believe he's talking to an answering machine on which I'm screening calls; he's actually talking to Verizon's voice mail service, which I use for my office phone. I can't hear a word he's saying until I get around to checking messages)

Dec. 1st, 2005, 2:27 PM - third of six voice mails left by Thompson (as a courtesy to Thompson, we've blocked his recitation of his phone number with a tone)

Dec. 1st, 2005, 2:32 PM - fourth of six voice mails left by Thompson (ditto, regarding JT's phone number)

Dec. 1st, 2005, 2:48 PM - fifth of six voice mails left by Thompson

Dec. 1st, 2005, 4:24 PM - last of six voice mails left by Thompson ("I'm done with you... you're a hack...")

Dec. 1st, 2005, 4:32 PM - Eight minutes after his final, angry voice mail, Thompson’s FIRST EVER attack on the GP Amazon ad materializes via e-mail to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, cc’d to GP: Tortious, Possibly Criminal Activity at Amazon.com...I would ask that you rescind from [GP] the privilege of linking to my book on your site.  The idiot videogamers who visit that site are not buying the book.  They and the owner of the site, Dennis McCauley, are using the link to “bookstorm” and spike the book.  I want it stopped now.

Dec. 1st, 2005, 5:54 PM to 7:19 PM - GP sends several e-mails to Thompson: "I can't tell you how disappointed I am that you would link my name with anything insidious … I would caution you not to blame your bad [book] reviews on me... I've been in and out of meetings all day and I can't talk to you on the phone...  FYI, as per your request, the ad for your book is gone from my site. To date, five copies were sold through GamePolitics - which probably makes us the world's leading referral site on your book."

Dec. 2nd, 2005, 6:07 PM - Thompson posts a lengthy tirade, vows never to return to GP (no such luck, unfortunately)... GP responds, admittedly with more heat than is my norm. But then again, I'd just been accused of this "bookstorming."

Dec. 3rd, 2005: Thompson sends an e-mail to newspapers that carry GP's column claiming that GP is misrepresenting himself; copies to media outlets; claims that GP is orchestrating bad reviews at Amazon, including the line, “I got McCauley to pull the [book] link this week, because I caught him doing this.”

Dec. 3rd, 2005: The truth being that I took the Amazon ad for his book down as a response to Thompson's request, I wasn't about to sit still while he claimed this courtesy as evidence of some wrongdoing on my part. I immediately reposted the book ad and left it up the entire month of December to prove the point. This did not go over well in Miami, to say the least.

The bottom line is simply this: If Jack Thompson makes people angry, that's not my fault. I can't control what people think about him or what they post on Amazon.com or anywhere else. I absolutely challenge Thompson to produce any evidence whatsoever that I encouraged an attack on his book. There isn't any evidence because it never happened. In fact, there's substantial evidence to the contrary.

Jack's parting shot at me from the PopZart article:
JT: These blogs like GamePolitics, where Dennis McCauley lets people hide behind anonymity, like big tough guys, casting their stones and then whining when I respond with what I think is the truth, with my name attached, kind of tells anyone who is willing to listen and hear who the mean-spirited anonymous cowards are.

GP: I assume he is referring to reader comments. What am I supposed to do about that? Did GP invent the anonymous Internet? Maybe Jack could take it up with his old law school classmate, Al Gore.

In the end, I must think back to Federal District Court Judge Paul Huck, who, in dismissing a recent case filed by Thompson against the Florida Bar, wrote:

Thompson submits nothing beyond wild accusations of a vast conspiracy against him…


(normally posted as GameDevMich)

"Every man who possesses both free will and reason has an obligation to take responsibility for his actions, even though he may not be actively engaged in a continuing process of reflection, investigation, and deliberation about how he ought to act."

A comment I made in another JT related thread should have been accompanied by the above quote. I originally complimented Mr. Thompson on his constant usage of the rights awarded to him as an American citizen. I later clarified that while his usage of what so many take for granted is commendable, I refuse to compliment his actions and execution. At times, I feel disgust at the language and logic he spews.

In my opinion, a person who is proud of their accomplishments can only be respected if they own up to their mistakes and shortcomings. A man who so eagerly attacks people on a personal should have seen this verbal smack down coming. I believe, after seeing both sides represented directly by Mr. Thompson and Mr. McCauley, a clear winner is apparent in this altercation.

Congratulations for the "win." Condolences for the path you were forced down to get to this "win."

"why has Kuehne, after having received that “target letter,” been allowed by the rest of the Governors to serve as “designated reviewer” on Bar ethics grievance committees?"

Mr. Thompson speaks about full disclosure in this letter. In that case, the above sentence should have been written:

"why has Kuehne, after having received that “target letter,” been allowed by the rest of the Governors to serve as “designated reviewer” on Bar ethics grievance committees SUCH AS THE ONE REVIEWING MY LICENCE TO PRACTICE LAW BASED ON MY APPALING AND UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOUR?

Takes a lot of the wind out of his argument, doesn't it? That's like a burglar saying "How can this policeman who has been accused of wrongdoing be allowed to arrest and prosecute a criminal like me?"

I love how he calls for integrity through this letter. Mr. Thompson, if you had ANY integrity, you would not have acted the way you have done in the past, nor would you spend your days insulting people you don't even know on the internet.

Is he REALLY that stupid?! Did he REALLY just post his office address and office phone number?!

And am I the only one who sees the irony that after the zip code, he has "666" in his phone number? (I will say no more numbers as relating to phones so as not to be one of those people who spreads phone numbers)

I see this as one of three possible things:

1) He REALLY is stupid enough to think that putting his address and phone number on the internet OFF of his personal web site is going to receive no comebacks from people who find and read it. I wouldn't be surprised if he was so stupid; he put his number on a porn site and now gets voice messages asking for a good time with local singles in his area!

2) He's NOT as stupid as we think, but actually BAITING people to call or write to him so as to receive more attention and build his base(less) attack on gamers as immature nuisances on society. First off, GP readers aren't that gullible as to fall for that kind of ploy (these days). Two, those that do call are usually not GP regulars or have been looking for this information for a while just to get at him. Three, Dennis is most likely going to remove that so called "Press Release" as soon as he sees it.

3) He's both stupid AND sinister in that he does intend for his number to get called, but is dumb enough to think that he'll be contacted by the right people. No newspaper or Florida Bar people are going to call him back over this. If anything, they already know Jack is full of bile and lies.

This is all he is: Bile and Lies. He is so venomous, evil, malicious, mean-spirited, and nasty ALL while saying he is doing the work of good and of God.

Jack, you are NOT a righteous crusader doing the work of the Lord. You are NOT some kind of hero like Batman who fights crime.

You ARE Don Quixote and the windmills, charging blindly into something that isn't really there.

I'm a gamer, I'm a writer, I'm married, I'm a college graduate, I'm a full time employed web engineer, and I'm also Agnostic and mostly side with Liberal views. (Dennis Kucinich IS my House Representative, and that's a fact Jack!) Don't try and lump me in with your imaginary "Pixelante" group, because it isn't going to work. I have too many good qualities about me to let someone as miserable and myopic as you to sweep me into your twisted little imaginary world.

I kind of feel sorry for your wife and kid(s) as they must be wondering what's wrong with you, perhaps. Your downward spiral towards career destruction is spinning so far downward, that I bet they wish you'd just give it a rest and be a normal lawyer like everyone else. Someone who lets clients come to THEM instead of reaching out at brass rings which aren't even there. You're activism and one-sided views are so off-target, that I would not be surprised if you saw giants where there stood only windmills.

I could call nasty names, I could lower myself to the level of what you perceive as a "pixelante", but I'm not going to give you that satisfaction.
You are a parasitic, decrepit, misguided, foolish man who is charging full steam ahead to his own destruction. There is no point in attacking you as you are doing just fine by yourself.

Hope you can find work after your disbarment.


Steve "Otaku-Man" Broida

After reading all this stuff about JT, I came accross a Non Sequitor comic strip by Wiley Miller that has a lot to do with JT. I do not have a link to the actual comic, but here is the text.

The Political Zoology Field Guide

The Venomous Blotoad (Vindictus Ignoramus)

Identifying Characteristics:
At first appearing placid and harmless, this toad will suddenly bloat with rage over the slightest hint of any disagreement with its preconceived notions. Trying to be rational with the Blotoad will only enrage it more, causing it to explode in an irritating cloud of hyperbolic rhetoric. This defense mechanism acts like a stun grenade against reason, allowing the toad to escape reality.

Subtropical Blame Forests.

Natural Enemy:
Pretty much anyone with a brain.

Describes JT rather well doesn't it.

Dennis, you should do a write-up about all his activity here, including the time he made like a pedophile and attempted to get the contact information for minors.

Just listened to the voicemails...OWNED! What a tool.


He doesn't aim, he treats this like his own blog and posts in the first article.

jack you really need to make yourself a blog. It would be awesome. You can even specify credentials that people would need to use.

OK, I take it that KOTOR's comments warranted deletion and banning... anyway..

Bravo, Dennis! I make an effort to read every article you post, and I've been salivating for this fourth and final article. You did an excellent job in explaining and countering Jack's inane accusations. You even admitted to being a little angry in some of your initial responses. I respect you for being honest in this regard and admitting that you, too, are human. There is a reason I frequent this site, and it's excellent balanced work like this.

On the lighter side, those voice mails. That was horrible. I've been saying it for a while, but this proves it. Jack's in love with you Dennis. He wants to have your babies, I think. He just doesn't realize that its over, despite his own statement that he was ending it. He's a scorned lover. I wonder if his wife knows.

@ Jack Thompson

So.. it really is you. Um, this may seem presumptuous, but what the hell does that have to do with anything? Purple donkeys in yellow sweaters eat green sunlight with ocean cars. There. Maybe you can understand that. Its in your style. I know I'm clueless as to what that means.

@ Austin Lewis

I'd bet money that the second statistic is right on the money.


“oh, go buy a suicide game and get real good at it, won’t you? ”

So Thompson either doesn't believe games have any real life effect on others (and has thus been knowingly lying all along) or he literally advised someone, possibly a child, to commit suicide. Truly a disgusting human being if this quote is for real.

It's obvious from Jack's letters that he could never write a book...he just blows hot air, and a REAL author writes it down.

A website mounting a concentrated effort against one individual's internet persona is nothing new, and certainly not illegal. Somethingawful and Opie & Anthony are infamous for instigating Amazon.com trolling. I've never heard it called 'bookstorming' before.

Too bad Thompson doesn't have an internet following where he could actually do some damage... his base seems to not get the whole internet thing, cause if they did they'd be informed, and if they were informed then it wouldn't be an issue. Oh well, Disney and Youtube probably raise their kids better anyway.


This is what blogs are for, Thompson. Get one.

If we want to speak of integrity, let us talk of your career. Of a man who fear mongers and massacre mongers to push his own personal agenda. Of a man who makes up studies for his own personal profit, and makes up numbers for the advancement of his retarded schemes.

I've got some numbers too Jack.

98% of people who know you or know OF you think you're a self-righteous jackass who desperately needs that evaluation.

100% of the people on this site believe you eat paint chips and sodomize giraffes.

323% more road rage was caused by YOUR tirades.

Are they real?

John Bruce,
And that has to do with the article... how?
Perhaps it's just bad aim on your part. I can understand bad aim. Born legally blind back in 1967, attended a school for the blind, and now, thanks to diabetes finally rearing it's ugly head, my left eye is now about ninety percent covered in cataracts and my right eye is reduced to 20/400. Thank goodness for the 32 inch TV that I play video games on. Anyway, like I've said, I can understand bad aim.

Perhaps you meant to post that comment under this article:
Whether it's the same case or not, it's far closer to the subject than this article.

Glad to help ANYONE who needs it.

Party on Dude! (Cripes, but I haven't used that phrase in over 15 years.)

NW2K Software

These blogs like GamePolitics, where Dennis McCauley lets people hide behind anonymity”

Oh Jack. We've talked on the phone for a few minutes, though he was quite the bitch.

I was calling to get information from him for a Soc. Paper I was doing on scapegoating (I told him I needed info).

When First I called, he told me to call back the next day at 5.

When next I called, he told me that he was too important to waste his time on a peon such as myself, to which I replied that I was no peon, and certainly would expect a man with such a holier than thou language to watch his fucking mouth.

The name posted is my real name JT. Come get me.

@GoodRobotUs “Oh stop it Jack, you’re just looking silly now. ”

Now, he has been looking silly for years. I still have the email where he cursed at me and attempted to defame me after correcting the release date of San Andreas (he was two weeks off) after opening a dialogue on the Hot Coffee issue. Also remember that 15 year old that emailed him with probably the best email he ever wrote asking why he [Jack] was putting so much effort against video games. Jack Thompson replied by laughing at this poor kid's first name.

How about these historic replies...

“Don’t need your help, junior. You’re the problem”
“oh, go buy a suicide game and get real good at it, won't you? ”
“kids don't have liberties. do your research ”

I would like to interview JT from a gamers perspective after all this and see if he changes his story

KOTOR - you're IP banned for violating our comments policy. GP does nt tolerate threatening comments...

@ Jack Thompson, IRL Troll
If this were a court, I would demand relevance. The fact you ignored every single thing GP has said about you, I can only come to the conclusion it is all true and you should be ashamed of yourself. Act like the adult you should be.

Many including myself have speculated that the reason why many of the targets of Jack's wrath never respond to his accusations is because it takes more time and energy to refute them than it does for him to make them. It is said it takes less energy to destroy than it does to create after all. And for that reason many opponents take the easy way out and choose not to respond. However, someone once told me silence equals acceptance. And for that reason, for all his wild accusations, because nobody responds and chooses to ignore him instead, he looks as if he may just be right. Jack may be a general failure as a lawyer, but he's good at the technique of how to attack your opponents with enough half-truths that rather than get bogged down in having to refute them, they say nothing.

Dennis, I salute you and you have earned my undying admiration and respect. I'm sure you had better things to do with your time and energy than to answer this maniac when it would have been easier to ignore him like so many others did. However, to do that would be to hand him a victory by default. Like the sunlight to a vampire, Jack will shrink from the harsh light of truth. His failure to respond to the earlier thread shows that when confronted with the facts he has nothing to say...except maybe more baseless accusations. Again, silence equals acceptance.

If only more people would realize that it's worthwhile to counter him at every opportunity. Then we would have been rid of him long ago. Only now however does it seem that people are starting to get wise to that as evidenced by recent events. He's now in freefall and his career has entered into a tailspin that will be very difficult to recover from now.

Oh and Jack, what did that little missive have anything to do with, well anything? If the best you can muster is press releases and gibberish at this point, you're pretty much finished.


Dude, you are going the right way in this. I am impressed that you maintain a civil response for everything that JT says. You do not try to trick him (or anyone) into a worse situation and, like Dave just said, you are a fantastic journalist and keep going.

@John Bruce Thompson

Now you on the other hand, I can't say much good for. You try to make it so only you are heard in Debates you participate in (The one with Paul Levinson being the closest at hand). You send particularly venemous statements to people who are gamers, simply because they are gamers (the guy who sent you an email about knowing what you were going through with your wife). And why? You give no reason, which would not be taken well now anyway. You did pretty much harass Dennis with those calls. Which came of your own greed. When GP did have the link to your book, you did enjoy free advertising. But, when you were getting negative comments, it was not necessarily from viewers of the GamePolitics website, it might have been from third-party readers who genuinely did not like your book. And now, for the treatment you give for traditions. Hooah is as posters have stated, is a term used by only the Marines. They have gone through true hardship and they deserve to have at least their own phrase! Whether you have been in the marines or not, I do not know, but you aren't really acting like one of them.
Furthermore, your treatment of Christianity. You claim to be a Christian, but you fail to demonstrate understanding of the most principal beliefs. You have hatred for gamers, but you give no good reason as to why. The industries are more understandable, however, praying for the destruction of a company...Many people would see that as a definite negative quality When you do practice Christianity properly publicly AND privately, I believe, at least, that some people will be affording you a little more respect. Another thing you could, if you are a professional attorney, is to act like a professional and treat all your opponents as equals, rather than insects to be crushed. Insulting respected members of the gaming community does NOT go down well, or didn't you notice?
Another thing to consider for people to respect you a little more: use words that don't automatically prejudice parents to come over to your side. Masturbation is a VERY powerful word and every single adult who has had a child becomes over protective when hearing it. Pornography is another. As a father, you should know this.
Another thing. You are so quick to blame video games as the training ground for killings. And for some, it has been, I won't deny that. But those have been only a minuscule part of all unlawful killings in THE WORLD, not just the United States. They do exist, yes, but you zero in on one of the smallest causes. Why not pursue drug-/gang-related ones, that will not create such great controversy?
You really have to see things from our point of view though. But that may be hard to do. You could try playing a game from every genre there is and see the wonder in perfect cut scenes, the beauty in gorgeous landscapes, the thrill of defeating bosses, feel the adrenaline of high-speed racing, the pressure of your scouts being ambushed by units with superior research, the satisfaction of completing high-difficulties and finishing an entire game, 100%. Experience the tenseness of rounding a corner and finding yourself faced with a dimly lit corridor chock-full of zombies, or taking on the entire army of an alien race for the good of all humanity. If you can do all this and PROVE it, you might find that there is more to gaming than there you think now.

But Many will be skeptical. By methods that you have used, you have proved that you won't play fair. That you, basically cheat. And the thing that gamers despise the most, is a cheater.

You should at least try to experience our worlds....

...After all, you have made us all too familiar with the courtroom.
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