Gamer Calls Out Mitt Romney in YouTube Debate Video

August 8, 2007 -
Ryan here has obviously been paying attention.

He knows that, among Republican presidential contenders, Mitt Romney has been hitting the video game issue hard lately.


Mr Thompson,
If this website is an empty forest, why do you insist on continuosly talking in it?

"Mitt Romney doesn’t care what some guy sitting on a toilet thinks about GTA IV."

a president who doesn't care about what another thinks is a tyrant. Nice potty mouth Jack, too bad the only toilet around is the one your career is in.

"All of these YouTube videos by gamers are not “calling out” anyone. Mitt Romney doesn’t care what some guy sitting on a toilet thinks about GTA IV."

Since when does someone have to care for them to be called out?

Jack, please, calm down. Not only are these videos merely auditions that may not even make the cut for the youtube debate, but even so, you're taking the phrase Dennis used far too literally. You, of all people, would know that writers, or journalists, or what have you, need to create SOME sort of hook in their title to make people want to read more. I learned of that technique in middle school. I trust you would have learned the same. Not so many people would have read this if it read "Gamer mentions Romney in youtube debate video." That sounds boring. "Calls Romney out" sounds more... for a lack of a better term, exciting.

You're right in the fact that these videos are basically insignificant, as they're not bound to change the opinion of even one of the candidates. That didn't happen with the last debate, and that probably won't happen here. But there's no need to go so far so far as to say that they won't serve any sort of purpose whatsoever.

Could we please find someone to make a YouTube video that doesn't look like an unhinged shooter? If one of these videos hit the YouTube debate all the candidate is going to have to do is point and shrug!

All of these YouTube videos by gamers are not "calling out" anyone. Mitt Romney doesn't care what some guy sitting on a toilet thinks about GTA IV.

These videos are trees falling in an empty forest, kind of like this web site.

That video was spot-on! Bravo, Ryan.

I am not American and English is not my first language, so I cannot record a video. However, if someone finds the following words useful, feel free to make a video with them:

"Illinois` videogame law was declared unconstitutional and costed to the citizens over 500,000$. Other laws followed a similar fate. Proven that science has not been able to find a causal link between videogames and real life violence, are you going to spend taxpayers money on laws which are against free speech? Thank you".

And of course, fix my poor English!

@ PheonixZero

*Expects the “If you think you can do better, make your own” comments that are going to eventually start showing up if I continue to critique these”.*

Here's the comment you've been waiting for! Actually, considering the amount of thought you are displaying as far as what goes in the background, foreground, relevant props, etc, it would actually be a great idea for you to make a video (if you have the tools to do so). With that much attention to detail, it has a higher likelihood of being recognized and responded to at the debate.

More on topic, the video was good. It sounded like "unrated", but he very definitely meant "M-rated" because unrated games just don't exist anymore, and I don't think old unrated NES games could ever be rated (if they were to be rated) as anything but E.

I most definately cannot speak for GP, but I assume they post these videos up front to encourage others to make videos. People in general desire some form of recognition. Posting a video up front is a great way of doing that. I agree, though, that maybe a seperate section for these videos may be better.

I can understand the resentment of the readers here when they dont way this stuff anymore. (I offer a solution, and maybe if these are found in the future they be put on a seperate page? I think it's a good idea GP.)

THe thing is, that is the important to the political process. It give us gamers a voice that have been so far very silent in the main stream. We need to speak out. I have challenged the candidates to come to this site and speak to us. I can only assume that my e-mails were filed in the proper inbox (read: deleted and ignored). We need a vice out there, and this seems to be it in as far as voicing our position.

On comment on the video. Good shot against Romney. He is a band wagon jumper and an over all liar (opinion of every bar in Mass I have been to. And I have been to quite a few.). So calling him on his shit, this person does well.

As for the sound quality. Keep in mind that this is a youtube video so the sound is tough. Fortunately, if the previous debate was any indication, where there is question on sound, the host will set the record straight. So there is little to fear from miss interpritation. Also the view of the guy on the video is very clear, so there should be little question on what he is asking. I hope this makes it into the debate. This is a good arguement and it calls bullshit on Romney so I think he needs to answer this. Also since Ron Paul will be there I am sure that the debate will surely be interesting to say the least.

(I would like it noted that I am not one of the Ron Paul fans. But I do respect his position better than any of the other candidates. Especialy Guliani.)

can this please be the last video GP decides to put up. if everytime a youtube video comes out about gamer politics it seems to go right up here. i guess until the dramatic chipmunk challenges current legislation it hasnt gone too far...

how about we just see the finalists instead of every joe shmoes video.

Not a bad one at all. I'm probablly gonna make mine tomorrow, if I can remember


I've explained my take on the Mormon issue on other Romney related articles, I figured I'd spare repeating myself.

It's not a bad thing considering the candidate (who has been backed by leaders in the Mormon church) is horribly unqualified to lead. Being a Mormon is pretty much a block that prevents an individual from being nominated by either party, effectively barring them from getting elected. See Jews and Atheists, and pending the Democratic nomination... Blacks and Women.

It's a hateful little country, but if the hate keeps people that I support out of office and in the same breath keeps people like Romney out of office; It's more or less even.

@ Zigs

Why don't you explain why it isn't a bad thing that the country hates Mormons? I mean do you have anything to back that up or are you just spewing hate?

Just wondering why this couldn't have been done for the Democrat debate as well, considering how big of an issue this is for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama... the whole debate about violence in video games is cutting pretty broadly across both parties, and it really irks me.

Yeah, I hear you guys on the audio, but that's the only camera I can get my hands on. If I can get a better camera before the deadline, I'll reshoot it.

btw, it was M-rated.

Phoenix - It's a dark room, and Youtube for some reason made the video darker (It's a lot brighter on the version on my computer)

Cyborg: I didn't realize that. Maybe a reshoot is in order. Oh well, I'll figure something out

I have a problem with this video. When Ryan says, "for the sake of the children, ehh... it doesn't really work anymore," might get misunderstood. I'm pretty sure he means legislation won't work, but looking at the syntax, it can be interpreted that the current parental tools (ESRB, retail self-regulation) don't work for the sake of the children.

I approve!

Sounds like UNRATED to me also though I'm sure he said "M Rated". Showing a ratings comparison of the ratings on a game and DVD would have been good along with pointing out the hypocrisy of stores selling Unrated versions of movies. A mentioning of the last FTC study would have been good too as well as a quick mentioning of the fact that the majority of gamers are over 18.

Not to mention, doing it in the dark made it kinda creepy, was there something to hide in the background or was it to hide some apparent acne? O_o

*Expects the "If you think you can do better, make your own" comments that are going to eventually start showing up if I continue to critique these".*

I still have not heard the main question....
governments job is to keep America safe, not to regulate. So why does the government seek to regulate? Is the government truly powerful enough to be the end-all for which games are appropriate for which people? If the government determines that kids are healthier if they go to bed at 9PM, should they enforce a mandatory 9PM bedtime?

This video makes it seem as though retails should regulate. Retailers should not determine what is best for kids. Government should not determine what is best for kids. PARENTS should.

This will not help our negative stereotyping.

This is another one that is almost dead-on. I think the audio need to be better, again, if its possible to do a second take that would be great, not sure if this guy visits GP.


Heh, don't count on that. Keep in mind the subject of all these videos is the government suppression of technology when you get down to it. Why bother understanding something that we're just going burn seems to be the general attitude... hey just like Iraq! (Oy, I should stay on topic)


Not to mention that Hillary takes lobbyist money because they are also 'people'. She even dares to say that she is uninfluenced by them. The only way you can get lobbyist money is if you are the most radical supporter of said group among all of the presidential candidates. I'm just stuck wondering why nearly half of all democrats approve of her.

Back on the subject, I coudn't tell what he said there. Was is "M-rated" or "unrated". Either way, it was a pretty good video. I just hope that the genious tech team at CNN realizes by september that there is a FULL SCREEN BUTTON they can press so the candidates dont have to squint to watch the video. Seriously, do you know how annoying it is to watch YouTube... on YouTube? They had a 144 inch screen but a standard sized video surounded by political signs.

I think I would care more if it weren't directed at Romney. Romney has been hitting the Mormon bong too hard and too long to ever get elected. Flat out this country hates-hates-hates Mormons... which is not necessarily a bad thing considering. Besides that the country's take on Republican's in general right now probably means they are all just blowing smoke out their asses.

Hilary is a much bigger threat, someone with a Bush-league attitude toward upholding the constitution and a massive proverbial (literal?) hard-on against video gamers. Let's not forget she picked up her stance from Joe "psychobabble" Lieberman.

Am I the only one who finds these video debate stories annoying?

There's got to be better content out there to run on a Gamepolitics web site than some nobody sitting in a basement and calling out a politician. It seems half of your front page is taken up with this now when far more important things are going on.


japan did not start rating games till 02,the esrb didn't start till the mid 90's altho be it used or old you can find some unrated games.

I think it would be best to focus on unrated DVDs ,games you have to show ID for regardless of the game and books,yes books are not rated they must be rated and burned in pyres to protect the children!

Goddamn kid, where'd you find an unrated game for sale in stores

When possible, GP, it might be beneficial to some viewers to provide a summary when the entirety of a news item is pointing us to a video. Many workplaces strongly discourage streaming video, even if they tolerate limited web browsing.

[...] Vanderbilt University Contact the Webmaster Link to Article mitt romney Gamer Calls Out Romney in YouTube Debate Video » Posted at on Wednesday, August 08, 2007 Gamer Calls Out Romney in YouTube Debate Video August 8th, 2007 Ryan here has obviously been paying attention. He knows that, among Republican presidential contenders, Mitt Romney has been hitting the video game issue hard lately. WPvideo 1.02 YouTube debate: Why Do You want to Legislate games View Original Article » [...]

Not a bad video. Halting at times, but real and straightforward. I approve!

Could he actually be saying the game was "M-rated", but mumbles it a bit so it's hard to make out? That would explain the label on front and back, plus the ID check.

I've never seen a "this game is not rated" sticker, so if he did say "unrated", that would mean the retail outlet had to come up with their own labels, put them on the front and back of every older game on their shelves, and has a voluntary "check ID on all unrated games" policy that is actually observed by their clerks. While entirely possible, this doesn't really seem all that likely.
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