Gamer's Debate Video Gets Attention

August 9, 2007 -

Eddie from Long Island asks the Republican candidates if they plan to limit violence in video games.

Also of note, Eddie's video was picked up by PrezVid, which remarks:

Looks like video gaming generation is mobilizing. Here’s Eddie — another gamer who doesn’t have a problem with video game violence — and he wants to know if the candidates do.

The video gaming generation is indeed mobilizing. GP dropped PrezVid a note to let them know about the ECA's campaign to back grassroots presidential debate videos created by gamers.

Meanwhile, there is a lively discussion about the YouTube debate videos going on in the ECA section of the GamePolitics Forum.


lol hey guys I'm the guy in vid. lol i agree with ya. i was nervous when i did vid and I figured my shirt was a bit much. but to respond to someone's reply I don't eat junk food (I'm currently on a diet :( lol) I don't play WOW and I don't drink energy drink...they are disgusting lol. Yeah, I wasn't too sure about this but I wanted to follow guide lines you know under 30 secs yatta yatta. Even if the canidate give a bull answer it will at least let America know we care. Oh well, I'd make a more thought out one but since this one has gone around to about three sites I'm gonna let it go. Lets just hope one of us go on the debate. P.S. these guys will give bull answers probably not matter how well the question is said I've seen many questions were they go off topic lol.

Good to see that the gaming community is developing into a demographic. To Mr Thompson, I find you accusation of illeagal drug use based on the fact that the poster you are "tsking" made a small error, to be presumptuous at best.

Your mission is a failed one and the more you speak, the more it is apparent that your words are falling on deaf ears. We are the generation that made video games what it is. I am a 33 year old gamer dad that has two children, a loving wife and I am very reponsible with my children. After my kids go to bed, I do enjoy some occasional brutal violence in my games, but that is my choice. No amount of interviews and name calling will change the fact that video games are an entertainment media that is protected by free speech. Masquerading as a devout Christian has not heped your cause and I think people are beginning to see you for what you are. You seem to have a pretty high opinion of yourself and I doubt that most Christians would respond to your bloated self worth and limitless ego. Im hoping that you can at least see that by the several court rulings against your cause that you have backed the wrong pony in this race. Give up and go home.

I too would like to see some candidates answer the question of their plans or lack of plans to limit the content in video games.

@Jack Thompson

this coming from the man who wants all violent gamers banned, period.

Mr Thompson,
Unfortunately I feel that it is you that has this wrong. It is not whether certain violent games should be sold to minors. The issue is who determines what constitutes violence and which games are appropriate for which kids...government and reatilers or the parents.


I have a question: would it be too much work to make a separate page for these, so they don't clutter up the front page? Or maybe even consign them to the forums? People have some good discussion going about them, but if you're going to be posting so many of them, it would make more sense to have them all in one place separate from the main page, rather than spread out with other stories sandwiched in between.


LOL... actually that's a 'prarie dog' :P

Doesn't someone have a channel setup for videos like that?

i couldve sworn i typed not oh well lets watch some more home made videos.
whens will we see the dramatic chipmunk confronting first amendment rights of developers? thatll go over better than that halo video...

Jack, Jack, Jack, when will you ever learn that WE DONT WANT KIDS BUYING THEM EITHER? Is it so hard to actually READ the other comments here to try to get your completely irrelevant point across to know that you're fighting a losing battle?

You're acting like Yee, who feels like parents have no power over what their children can do. If those parents took two minutes out of their day to spend a little time seeing what their children are playing, which they have every right to do, and if they saw the blatent ratings on specific boxes, they might actually take a stand as the authority figure in their child's life? I know that might seem like a shocking concept to you, but it's what happened in my childhood, and they have no problem with me playing M rated games now that i'm 20 years old.

Where in all of your rants does this imply that the industry wants these games in the hands of children? THEY. DON'T. The sole reason that they do is pure stupidity, of either some lazy clerk at a local Wal-Mart, or some parent who won't get off his lazy butt because he's too enthralled in American Idol to care.

Sadly, you are a victim of stupidity yourself by not only making false truths, but then pointing them in a completely wrong direction.

So what do you have to smoke that makes you call a man six times in one hour just because your feelings are hurt? I think the brand is called, "Uterus".

No offense to any of the classy ladies here, of course!

"The issue is not whether violence in video games is to be limited but whether certain violent games will be sold to minors. Nobody is even thinking of limiting violence in games."

Tell me lies, tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

Were this statement remotely true Jack you would not bother with the manufacturers at all. The purchasing aspect and who does the purchasing is completely in the hands of the retailers. But you show much more attention to Take-Two than you do to Wal-Mart and Best Buy don't you?

So seeing as the manufacturer has ZERO say over who purchases their game one can only assume that you do wish to inhibit the content, violence or otherwise of games themselves.

But let me dumb it down for you a little more.

Manufacturers= Content
Retailers= Purchasing

So yes, you are trying to limit the violence in games.

Guys, it can't be Jack. He has a sense of humor. The Good 'ole Jack I know and loathe is a humorless asshat. :P

Still, gotta love the irony of his post.


Indeed, besides, no one asked for his (not quite) expert opinion anyway.

"The issue is not whether violence in video games is to be limited but whether certain violent games will be sold to minors. Nobody is even thinking of limiting violence in games."

are you smoknig those wacky tobbacy Jack? Dennis says NOTHING about limiting the violence in games, perhaps the video says that (I don't know, the computer I have doesn't have audio), but Dennis McCauley sure doesn't.


Once again you are missing the point. So let us try and simplify things for you so that even you can understand.

No one wants adult video games to get into the hands of children. Everyone who is reading this agrees that there are certain titles that are not appropriate for younger audiences. That being said here is where the problem is.....

Your government is looking to restrict the sale of video games to minors and prevent "inappropriate content" as you like to call it from reaching their hands. The specific target of this protect my children from the horrors of the world happens to be video games. Your government would like to create laws that would enforce with jail time and sever fines to employees of anyone caught distributing this "smut" as you like to call it to anyone under age.

Well the unfortunate thing is that this is not appropriate - any kid of any age can walk into a video store and rent/buy an R-rated movie without any consequence to the store. Any child can go and watch any TV show regardless of the content without any consequence to the person broadcasting the show. Why then must Video games be singled out and made an example of?

Now before you start ranting - think for a moment - your government is looking to create a labeling system that will clearly identify content for parents so that they can make an informed decision about what is appropriate for their child......This system is already in place - it is called the ESRB - all video games are clearly marked - you have to be blind to miss the label - and the markings are approx 5X the size of the movie ratings on DVD's purchased in the store.

We do not need more government review and rating content as it will open the floodgate for new laws to be passed which will soon restrict the content of said video games. Afterall - most of you and your like minded friends believe that video games are the root of all evils in the world so why not create laws that will restrict their content - we already have a rating board in place - now we will enact laws that state no game shall be released without first passing through the government standards of x, y and z. Where each of those standards prevent developers from doing what they would like.

Do you now understand why people are against any legislation against video games? By creating any law now - you are laying a foundation to crush the artistic expression through video game media for all future generations.......

But you do not understand this.....afterall I'm just a "pixelante" who is uneducated and living in my mothers basement with bad hygene (I'm really not - I own my own home, have a successful job, have a university degree in Biology and Organic Chemistry and I play video games - but I"m not at all a contributing member to any sort of conversation that you would partake in.....)

Haha, yeah you've never done your best to make sure a game isn't released or is removed from store shelves when they have been right Jack? Alzheimers must be kicking in.

Uh, Dennis you been smoking those funny cigarettes? The issue is not whether violence in video games is to be limited but whether certain violent games will be sold to minors. Nobody is even thinking of limiting violence in games.

Honestly, is the brain rot from game play making itself more manifest?

Jack Thompson

I haven't been on the site for a few days but I am curious about a few things.

Why didn't the ECA have this contest rolling for the CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Debate? Personally I would have been interested to see the responses of the Democrats besides Hillary Clinton.

Regardless I think this is a great idea and I certainly hope we get a few questions in to the Republicans. However, it is disappointing to note that Rudy Guiliani and Mitt Romney are going to miss the debate due to scheduling conflicts (read that as "skipping"). Unless something has changed in the last few days, it doesn't look like we will get the chance to see Romney further clarify his stance on video games and how far he is willing to go to ban them.


Are you seriously stating the ESRB is controlled by the evangelical right wingers? I can't take anything in your post seriously after you stated that. What proof do you have? Also, your assertion that the ESRB censors games is flat out wrong. It rates games, and has never banned a game. Your beef should lie with the Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft for not licensing AO games. Then you should be angry with retailers for not stocking them. Even if you do consider the ESRB a roadblock, you will still have to deal with the console makers and retailers.

If the ESRB was controlled by the far right wing evangelicals do you honestly think games like Gears of War, Halo, Counter Strike, Splinter Cell, the original Manhunt, etc. etc. would have received the same ratings?

@ Pandralisk

If the ESRB (which I support) is what you say, then the MPAA is a totaltarian terrorist organization on a quest of ethnic clensing for total white power. Jesus, where did you get this insane idea.

Anyway, As for the video, to fast. I think the max is thirty seconds, so he should slow down to that speed.

I also have a similar video and question following here:

While I appreciate the efforts of these gamers... we have yet another video of the stereotypical 25 or younger male who lives in his parents' house eating junk food, chugging energy drinks and playing WoW all night until the sun comes up. While I have no problem with that, they simply will not be taken seriously by the candidates and CNN. Can someone make a video and just make it a bit more professional? Maybe a plain background (as opposed to the dorm room/basement bedroom), a nice shirt, and a measured, intelligible delivery. Maybe even 30 years old?

@ Todd

Did you miss mine?

Plain background -check
nice shirt -double check (I'm wearing a tie)
30 years old -not checked (sorry only 26)
Professionalism -check

'Check' it out yourself (sorry had to pun it)

@ Pandralisk:

"2. The ESRB is a peice of pro-censorship garbage that has censorship power over the industry. It is one of the strongest tools of the radical evangelical right, and has been used to suppress and lower the demand for adult games. Scrap it, imo."

This is an extremely silly thing to say. The ESRB is the only thing keeping politicians for saying "There's no way for parents to know what video games to buy! We must interfere and give ourselves power to veto games we don't like and ban their release." For every irresponsible parent who tries to blame video games for her child's behaviour, we need only say "Why didn't you look at the ESRB rating? It's there in black and white that this game contains imagery or subjects that may not be appropriate for a younger audience".

How can you consider it "one of the strongest tools of the radical evangelical right"? All it does is help people make educated decisions about what games to purchase. It doesn't ban games, merely puts a visible label on the box saying "This is what the game contains, and here is our recommendation of what age you should be to play it."

Perhaps you are referring to the Manhunt 2 debacle when you say it has been "used to suppress and lower the demand for adult games". The only reason Manhunt 2 cannot be distributed, is because Sony and Nintendo will not allow AO rated titles on their systems. That is a problem with them, not the ESRB. There is still a demand for adult oriented titles, and it is up to Sony and Nintendo to realise this and allow the adult section of society to enjoy games made with them in mind on their systems.

As far as lowering the demand for adult games, why then were there sequels to God of War, Halo, Manhunt made in the first place?

Scrapping the ESRB would be an exceptionally stupid idea.

1. The term "Inappropriate" is both highly subjective and littered with a dozen of negative connotations. We should not use this term, unless we are talking --explicitly-- about a video game INTENDED for children. Games should not be ORIGIONALLY considered inappropriate, or have this label posited to their value (like other forms of media).

2. The ESRB is a peice of pro-censorship garbage that has censorship power over the industry. It is one of the strongest tools of the radical evangelical right, and has been used to suppress and lower the demand for adult games. Scrap it, imo.

I just wish he challenged them a little more. All this really does is allow them to say "Gamez ar teh deveal. Proteaz teh chilldrean".

@ Pandralisk

On point 2. WTF? The ESRB was founded by the "industry". It is no more a tool of the "radical evangelical right" than the internet is of the "radical godless(?) left". Just because you don't agree with everything it does all of the time doesn't mean we need to scrap it.

Since I haven't been watching any of these and don't really care to, could anyone tell me if anyone's pointed out that the movie industry ratings are entirely voluntary and legally unenforceable in their question?

Zigs -- ditto. I'll be back in a few weeks when these stop appearing here. I hate sifting through BS to get news.

@ Zigs:

Then don't watch them! There's no law saying that you must watch every youtube video on the front page....

As for the video, waaaay to fast, but then again, who knows what will happen.

I am so sick of these. The quality sure ain't getting any better either.

Talked too fast. ;)

Kinda left it open for politicians to just reaffirm that they are against violence in games, rather than what they would do to reconcile that concern against first amendment protections... but not bad.
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

Slow down.

Can't see the video while I am at work, but it is nice to see that we are getting some attention from other people.

[...] Yahoo Contact the Webmaster Link to Article youtube Gamer’s Debate Video Gets Attention » Posted at on Thursday, August 09, 2007 Gamer’s Debate Video Gets Attention August 9th, 2007 Eddie from Long Island asks the Republican candidates if they plan to limit violence in video ... , there is a lively discussion about the YouTube debate videos going on in the ECA section View Original Article » [...]
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