Racial Comments Trouble Philly Games Writer

September 15, 2007 -

My buddy Rob Watson, with whom I share video game coverage chores at the Philadelphia Inquirer, is concerned about some gamer reactions he's read online concerning Black College Football: The Xperience.

The new PC game from Baton Rouge-based Nerjyzed Entertainment is based on the Unreal 3 engine and should launch this fall. Writes Rob:

I have always bragged about how smart you gamers are and how open-minded and kindhearted you've been in terms of how the world works. Some of you let me down over the last couple of weeks...


Various forums and message boards were littered with "Why do they need their own game?" or "If there was an all-white football game, there would be an uproar!"




There was once a time when these schools were all that African Americans had in terms of higher education... this new game... includes some things EA (makers of the NCAA Football series) probably never even thought about when it comes to black schools; annual classic match-ups and a Battle of the Bands competition...

Stop the hate and investigate.

GP: We haven't been tracking BCF:TX up until now. However, after reading Rob's column we did check out some postings around the Net.

While some gamers have been quite supportive of the game concept, as Rob says, others have been less than accepting. Not to single out Joystiq (whose coverage was very fair), but the 200+ comments to Justin McElroy's article on the game are a good example of the various reactions to BCF:TX.


Tristram, if I may?

You are right that "blacks" do need boosts and that "whites" do not. That is absolutely true. The problem is that what constitutes blacks and whites are millions upon millions of individuals. As a white male who's suffered discrimination based on both gender and race, it's difficult for me to listen to people talk about discrimination in broad terms whether they be white, black, whatever, and whether they're saying something I agree with, disagree with, whatever. I know many other people, unfortunately mostly white, who tend to agree with me.

I do NOT deny that I've had MANY advantages given to me because of my race, whether it's immediate or historical, but it does nothing to diminish the sting of racism. When people act as if I could not have suffered or am lying or exaggerating, it makes me that much more entrenched in my own wellfare and makes me that much less inclined to help other groups. It's ugly, it's a flaw, and I hope you understand I don't mean to say it's acceptable. It is, however, an unfortunate personal truth.

The white moderate like myself IS muffled because we're overshadowed by jackasses who simply pretend that discrimination against blacks is all but a thing of the past and we need to get rid of affirmative action, etc. Christ, no! I think all people in this country must work hard to bring people who are stepped on up, but I still want a voice of my own. I want people to understand that I'm not pretending I have it hard but I HAVE had hardships due to racism.

The moderates are muffled and it becomes necessary to simply be louder, angrier, and ruder to get people to even acknowledge you.


Thank you. that was very well written and expresses my viewpoint on why many reasonable, good people respond negatively to the racial equality debate.

The only thing I have to say is this: There is no such thing as 'reverse' racism. Reverse racism implies that whites are the only 'race' whom ever committed any acts of racism in the U.S.

Ohma's analogy was actually perfect. The analogy does not rely on all white people being bullies.

@Father Time
Your claim that "there are a lot of white men who are worse off than your average black man and vice versa" is dubious at best. 12% of Americans are black. By sheer force of numbers, your claim does not seem to be able to hold up. Unless you are saying that, proportionally, blacks have a much higher representation in the middle classes than whites, your statement cannot be true. There may be a "lot of white men" who are worse off then "your average black man" (which semantically ignores the women of both populations) by sheer number, but per capita this is almost impossible. The poorest places with the highest population in the U.S. are mostly black (and Hispanic). Also, he was technically attacking the argument with his (or her) net speak, not the speaker. Still a logical fallacy if used as proof of its incorrectness, but that in itself was not put forth as proof. While it is not helpful, it is sometimes what it feels like hearing people (not you) post the same arguments again and again without actually advancing them in response to the discussion.

Resorting to name calling hurts anything else you say. this really goes for everyone.

I get the feeling that people here do not really understand the concept. Equality does not mean the same thing as "sameness." Look at it numerically. 3+3 = 4+2. The two sides are not visually identical, but the equal the same thing. In terms of the current debate, equality between the races does not mean identical treatment. Those people who say they want equality for races and want each race treated in the exact same way are suggesting that the circumstances of each race should mirror each other. A group of people who are still statistically marginalized, even in 2007 after years of fighting for equal rights, benefit from a game devoted to their perspective. Why is this? Because their perspective has not been told. The history of early sports tells the white perspective. The history of early colleges tells the white perspective. The perspective coming from these real life black college teams has never been shown before.

To make this slightly more simple, a white only football game would be more of the same. Maybe not in the case of football, which has a lot of black players, but in general. But a game from the black perspective is something not done before. That is why it is a different situation.

Another thing to consider: go play some of your games again and look at the race of each and every character you run into. You will find that, generally speaking, they are disproportionately white. In fact up until recently, I cannot think of a single main character from a game that was black outside of a black context. In other words, unless the person is black for the context of the story, they are not black. White is the default race.

Showing an all black game, therefore, is not racism because it does not serve to marginalize. It serves to bring someone out of the margins. Any claim of racism towards non blacks must show how it serves to marginalize non blacks. A quid pro quo argument is not enough; it is not enough to claim that because it is racist if done by one group then it is also racist when done by another. You must show how it is racist when done by each group. It has already been shown how it is racist when it is done by whites. It has not yet been shown how, when done by blacks, it serves to marginalize whites.

Considering they've spelled experience with an X rather than an E I'm more worried about the Game Producer Spelling Experience (to the EXTREME!!).

Seriously, it was just as stupid in the 90s as it is today.

i'd heard of the game prior to GP announcing it.

you are in an all-black football league.
you work yourself into a frenzy they call getting "Nerjyzed."
during half-time, it's no time to rest. you have to get out there in the drumline!


That argument was based off the assumption that Ohman assumed that all white people were better off than the blacks (hence why they were compared to bullys). When I said a lot I was not talking about percents, I was talking about shear raw numbers. I do not know the exact numbers but there are white guys (and girls) who fall under the extreme low end of the wealth spectrum. Whether they out number the blacks that are in that state or not is different (and if blacks only make up 12% of the population that does not seem likely). My point is that not all whites are in the position to even be able to pick on the poor defenseless blacks (if we go back to the bully analogy).

Methinks Tristram won on the football game front.

Basically: This is a basketball game that has chosen to represent black college football. I'm in the UK, so I don't know or get most of the history behind it, but reading most of these comments appears to be pretty informative.

From what I can gather, this game is focusing on teams/league/whatever that was created to give a particular race a word and some form of expression via sport via colleges that were created to do the same, and that often don't get this kind of treatment, and don't get the chance to. There is nothing really inherently wrong or racist about this game I can see. It is simply giving a look in to something the majority often don't see, and really by no fault of the game creators themselves focuses on racial issues. None of the debate is or has been (even in the comments here) about the game itself, but simply about outside issues and others that really don't have fuck all to do with the game itself other than it's particular focus.

This debate appears to have nothing to do with the game itself, just outside circumstances and opinions.

Although Ohmas analogy was spot on earlier. There's no point trying to pick out logical in context or out of context flaws, because then you've obviously missed the point.

"I suppose we gamers may have a slight advantage in that when we are ‘under attack’ by Conservatives, the arguments we have to make to defend the media are more “just”. Our argument is that we should be free to play whatever games we want, the same way we can worship (or not) whatever theology we want. "

Check the facts Hasselhoff; more anti-gaming legislation has been put forward by the Democrat party than the republicans.

I have a few things I'd like to say, but first, a little background on me.

I'm half Native American. You know, that group of people that got marched across our own land and lost thousands along the way.

The other half is Irish. We were thrown out of our home about 1916 by the British. We came to America and worked on the railroads as they went out west. We would have stayed on the East coast, except we were chased out by the KKK.

So here's what I have to say about the whole racism thing.

Its not nearly the problem its made out to be by minorities; and white males are the most maligned group in America. In college, it was okay when black people called me a cracker, but when I got fed up with it and responded to 'hey whitey' with 'hey blackie' damn if I didn't get in trouble.

Racism is just the ultimate double standard, and here's the kicker; the people reaping the benefits are the same people who never did anything. You weren't the one who was forced to work in the fields, just like I never nailed a railroad spike, blasted a mine, or marched with thousands of other Native Americans. While I refuse to demand special benefits because I'm part native american (including turning down 4000 dollars a semester in money for college) I'm still proud of my heritage and the things I learn from it.

Dr. Martin Luther King worked for EQUALITY, THAT ALL MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN BE EQUAL. He didn't work for affirmative action. He didn't work for special treatment. And, pardon my language, but he didn't work so that BET and hip-hop artists could spout the word "nigga" every 3 seconds.

As to this game, I do think its wrong. The reason is mainly that if there was a White College Football: The Xperience you know damn well that Jesse Jackson would be marchin around town screaming "RACIST" as loud as he could. But because its for black people, its ok.

Equality. The one thing which all of us should work towards. THAT PEOPLE BE JUDGED BY THE CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER, NOT BY THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN.

You know Ohma, a lot of the things you have to say indicate that you live either in a completely different world than the real one, or that you're either A) a complete bigot, on par with the Black Panthers, who were JUST AS WRONG as the KKK, or B) just willing to remain willfully ignorant of changes.

Its true, there aren't as many black people with PhDs as there are white, and part of that is the culture; when you have children believing you can make millions off of playing crappy music and talking fast, people are going to go the easy road. Its not only that there's not as many opportunities (although there aren't) its that for the most part, black people from all walks of life show more of a disinterest in learning than any other race in America.

And this isn't something I made up; this is something that has been proven in 6 school systems observed from a Criminolgical/Sociological perspective.

I’m guessing most of the complaints against this game were simply due to ignorance. I have to admitt, had I simply seen the title and known nothing else, it would not have made a good impression on me, but that’s because I know pratically nothing about College Football and its history and the different leages and divisions and stuff. After reading a little bit more about it, it makes more sense now, and I have no problem with the game. Though I think they should change xperience to experience, but that’s just a pet peeve of mine.

I’m not happy with the trend of some people here to catergorize anybody who had even a brief qualm about this game as racist or stupid, though. Sure, some of them are, but I’m sure many just didn’t understand the context. If EA were to make “Maddon Black Edition”, and have it be exactly like Maddon, except every non-black player is replaced by a fictional black player, how would people feel? I think many of the people commenting on this game at first assumed it was something like that.

Everything Mad_Scientist said, to a T. This is precisely what I was going to say.

As long as the topic of race and creating race related products, racism will always exist.

Race is such a hot button issue, next will probably be religion, that any instance where there is that superiority complex or social injustice can be read. Racism will always exist.

And in these days in times I have seen and been on the end of direct racism and indirect racism. I could careless about indirect racism RE 5, This football game, black exploitation movies, etc where it can be seen as racist. And there is direct racism, KKK anyone? Thats the one I care about.
Can scream racism at every instance of indirect racism where people did not think that it would be racist provided the context. But direct racism is a different story.

In other words use the Race card when it is necessary, not for every damn little thing because then Racism will always be a hot button issue

Why do I keep having thoughts from that south park episode "Nigger-man".
Or reruns of All in the family

I don't see what's wrong with those kinds of points. Frankly they'd be right, if there was White College Football: The Xperience, there'd be an uproar too.

I'm just not very supportive of any game that features any race, purely for the sake of having JUST that race. And I've never liked football games anyways, gimme a real pigskin

And, this is going to sound very cynical on my part, but it's refreshing to hear white people screaming racism for once. I just find it humerous.

(sry for double post)
What i meant by the first part, that i don't like having "Black" college football. It could take place in a place that is mainly black, sure, like detroit or something. But once you stick the word "black" to it, it becomes inherintly more racist, IMO

Well that's not surprising. Every time something like this gets covered I get an opportunity to chime in about the fact that there are plenty of idiot WASP gamer boys who eagerly fill nearly every negetive sterotype about them.
Not even just gamer boys, pretty much any jackass WASP teen who has suddnely realised that *GASP* while it may be acceptable for gay people to affectionatly/jokingly refer to straigt people as breeders, the same is not true of referring to gay people as fags (or something else along those lines), will eagerly post a gorram screed about how "unjust" it is, and how the gay/black/feminist community are just *way* overstepping their bounds.

Well let me say one thing before I continue to post seven more rambling paragraphs:
If the greatest injustice you suffer in life is that you can't use a word that has historically been used as an insult towards the group you would be using it to refer to, then you're doing pretty gorram well in life.

Maybe because there WOULD be an outrage if there was an all-white football game? Whoever doesn't see that must live under a rock.

Ah and I see we've allready started to get the closet racist's responses. Won't today be "fun". :roll:

"Closet racist?"


You don't happen to work for MoveOn.org, do you? You should. You're good at spewing ignorance and hate.

The only thing I see is the word, "football", but maybe it is more about the "footbal experience"? I don't think it will boil down to just another football game but that is going to be the main theme.

I don't understand why there is any backlash to a potential college football game. Why call it Black College Football? Well because that's what it is. These schools and conferences aren't in NCAA, which is a disappointment. I'd love to be able to play the annual matchup of BCC vs FAMU on a videogame, but at the moment cannot.

Whoops I meant to say they're not in NCAA 08 videogame, not the NCAA.

Why yes I do, oh noes, you seem to know everthing about me111 I suppose your next bit of phail will be to tell me that I make the whole black community look bad hmm? Oh you should try a new one, how about: "I bet you like carpet bitch111" or something else equally wrong.

Come on now, judging gamers based on forums? You can just as well judge humanity the same way. I dare the author to go to youtube and read comments to the popular videos. Anonymous posting has brought out the worst in society. People say things they would never say in person and it is awful what is said.

So to do this in a tone of "I thought gamers were smart and open minded..." is out right wrong. Trying to paint ANY one group as less than what they are because of net postings is weak journalism. And here I thought journalists were supposed to be smart and open minded...you let me down... (zing...see what I did there?) :)

Yes, of course I use statements like that, since I think on a level of immaturity that you think on.


Believe it or not, America is becoming more and more racist against white people. It's especially apparent in Texas and all around south.

Please what?

All I said was that there are many "Intartubez Tuff Gaiz111" online who scream "reverse racism111" at the drop of a hat. Furthermore the points that mostly get screeched about are stupid crap like "why can't I, a 13 year old while male, use the word nigger?!" or "damn, those gays are out of hand, how dare they bar a group of women who had been harrasing them from entering a bar111", and that those are not the right sides to be on in those arguments if one does not want to be labeled as a bigot.

Also that everytime I (or anyone else) bring this up, someone helpfully proves the point by posing some baseless accusation along the lines of "Oh, well you're just an agent of the gay/feminist/black/liberal agenda111 You just want to keep the white male power structure down111", and that posts like that don't do much to demonstrate how bigoted I (or whoever else it gets directed at) am (are).

Just for the hell of it and to see what kind of reaction it would get someone should start work on an "White College Basketball" game or something and see how that works out. I guarantee there would be a huge backlash over.

I guess this is the revenge for RE5's "white man killing black people" gameplay.
(Note: the above statement is a joke. I personally could not care less about an all black American Football game. Frankly, I don't care about sports games in general.)


Yeah, because historically, the only reason for whites-only leagues has been to *oppress* black people and keep mainstream sports free of them. Black-only leagues were formed so that black people would be able to play basketball too, and have lingered out of tradition (whites-only on the other hand, was rightly abandoned and now sports are a rainbow morass of corruption and violence instead of a solely white one).

I am curious why Rob feels gamers are generally smart, open minded, and kind people? As individuals that may be the case, but as a collective, gamers are deeply divided by brand loyalties and personal preference. This isn't specific to gamers -- almost any multi-factioned community is the same way. Just watch a Democrat "fan boy" go after a Republican "fan boy" and watch how stupid / rhetorical the arguments get.

I suppose we gamers may have a slight advantage in that when we are 'under attack' by Conservatives, the arguments we have to make to defend the media are more "just". Our argument is that we should be free to play whatever games we want, the same way we can worship (or not) whatever theology we want.

Where it gets rhetorical, is when you bring in "as long as no one else gets hurt", because no one having this argument is a research scientist, and no one credible is paying to have research done.

Still, gamer's are generally under fire from an oppressor, and not an equal (like Democrats vs Republicans). That should slants the righteousness in our favor, but judging by how the anti-Gay, anti-Black, anti-Mexican, anti-war, anti-education fights are going, I guess the general public doesn't think so.

As for the actual topic at hand, I can understand Rob's dissapointment to how the points were probably worded (having experienced plenty of 15 year old racists turned 'critics' on XBox live), but I think PlayItBogart said it right (and first): Why is it not legitimate to make these points?

There is no reason an all African American Football video game can't be made, but then why cant an all black-zombie game be made without complaint from the AA community?

I don't think black is modifying "football", I think it is modifying "college." There are still black colleges (I think)...not white ones. So instead of getting hung up on the race thing, see that it is just focusing on these colleges and not trying to oppress white people or "remove the white perspective" or whatever.

For the record, this is a sports game I would actually buy.

don't need to worry about me...black or white i still hate sports games.

you have to be stupid to think that this game is about them being black.it has schools that are historically black and cant make into EAs ncaa games.whats so bad about them wanting to be noticed?hell before this game was announced i didnt even know most of these schools existed.If some of you want schools that are historically white to be feature go buy ncaa games lol.

Double post maybe.

@Gavin Schmitt, MacBoy, and others

The reason is a point of history. If historically African nations had populated North America using European criminals and war prisoners as slaves, and created an institution of slavery and discrimination designed to keep white people out of most of the opportunities available to the black majority that has lasted unto the present, then there would be no outcry for a white only game and a black only game would be met with public outrage. Assuming history has taken the same course.

But this is not the case. The difference between these, then, is that never has a black only anything within the mainstream been created to exclude white people. They were created as the only places where blacks could do the same things as whites. As Ohma said, these are traditions that have endured and hung on. This game is ABOUT those traditions.

It is a double standard. But, it exists and it exists precisely because of all the double standards that used to benefit white people. A white College Football game would serve not to bring white people into the forefront of an issue, but to marginalize non white people. A black College Football game is not marginalizing whites because whites do not exist in the margins. This is because of history. Instead, a Black College Football game serves to put black people at the forefront of the issue and to show something that has historically existed in the margins.

Also, I suspect there is a huge cultural difference between all black colleges and the majority of colleges, which tend to be mostly white by sheer force of proportions. In this way, this is not a "black race" game but a "black culture" game.

@ Ohma

I agree that it is silly for white males to complain, but the greater issue is that we perpetuate the idea that blacks/gays/women ARE second rate, by letting them complain in a double standard.

We see it here in Baltimore's Public School system all the time: kid's choose to get in fights, skip class, and not work because they feel (and I've witnessed this testimony) "Because they are black, they aren't going to be able to get anywhere anyway".

As long as we do not allow legitimate complaints from both sides, we're just perpetuating this view point (and letting that community oppress itself through ignorance)

Still, half of your comments have been intentionally inflammatory / out to start a fight which does not help your case. If you present yourself as a blustering ignorant person, it is difficult for people to see your points past "you as an enemy". That perpetuates racisms (by justifying 'white fear') as much as 'white power' does

@ Brian

there isn't anything wrong with the title, or even the subject matter. A game about black football players is completely fine. So is a game about white football players, or frnech soccer players.

The issue is from the racial tensions associated with the represented. Whites are privileged in the US. As the privileged class, whites are supposed to accept that promoting their own racial group, in any way, will lead to conflict. Likewise, whites are supposed to accept that non whites are free to promote their own social groups in ways whites cant. This is an "Okay, we're on top. So you get some freebies" principle.

Over time, the white community has gotten tired of the systems impact. Look at the Resident Evil 5 debate: non whites complained the zombies were black, being killed by a white character for social reasons, whites found this 'over the line' because the game is set in Africa (where white zombies would be less common).

The big problem with the RE5 debate is that there are two totally unrelated view points. Non whites argue social injustice, Whites argue contextual logic. Since they aren't talking about the same thing, the debate leads no where, and then crops up again here with a new game. Now its non whites arguing contextual logic (black colleges with black football teams exist in a historical context) and whites are arguing social injustice.

@Gavin Schmitt

you deserve some kind of medal for that last paragraph!

@ Tristram

I understand the context of the game, and support it for that reason. My assertion is that if we support the double standard (by not letting white gamers criticism a black only game) we are still supporting the double standard which hurts the USA so badly.

I also assert that part of the problem with the argument in general, is that the two sides rarely argue the same thing (see my last post).

I'm more interested in the discussion from an academic perspective. As Ohma rightly points out, as a upper class white business owner, this game doesn't really effect me socially and I'd I hope I am educated enough (and liberal enough) to know that

I think the problem is grammer. It would change the title alot if Black College was hyphenated.

I hardly think this is anymore offensive than making a football game which glorifies OJ Simpson and his murderous antics.

Besides, Football is already 99.999999999999999999999999999999999% black.

I think I agree with Tristram over this. That, yes, it's a double-standard (an all-white game would cause some kind of outcry) but one with historical basis, one that (as a mixed-race person) I think hardly really affects us.

Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but in our country's history, blacks have had it pretty bad. As a result, even after the problem was "solved" (with Civil Rights, etc.) they still hung onto traditions, and many of the communities and traditions they formed remained.

So guess what? They had colleges almost entirely comprised of other black people, and their football games had different cultural elements than NCAA Division I did at the time. What's wrong with making a game about it?

Would you feel better if we added white people? Balanced it out? It would look really silly and completely tacked-on, because truthfully, there weren't many of them there.

Besides, how would you form an "All-White" college football game (the hypothetical one we keep referring to)? Wow, it would look a lot like our NCAA games, but with white players. This game isn't so much "our players are black!" but more "this is football in mostly-black colleges! Oh yeah, and the players are black."

This is the USA, we can make any games we want. There would be an outcry over our all-white game, but really, no one would stop you from producing it.

@ Gavin

I think that people are making a mole hill into a mountain over this. This isn't a racial debate, this is a video game that features African American Sports Conferences that aren't featured in EA's NCAA game. I can only speculate that these conferences aren't in EA Tiburon's game due to they're smaller conferences. The irony is that the match up I mentioned earlier, FAMU/BCC, is played annually in the same metro area that Tiburon is located in, Orlando. This has nothing to do with racial tensions, it's purely about an alternative video game coming out that showcases the teams that EA didn't put into their product.

I don't find it racist, I just find it slightly arrogant. I mean, look at what happened with RE5, there was a conundrum about how "the white man is putting the black man down". I mean, why is it that with that game, it was called racist by black people, yet this one it's praised? It's a double standard I hate. I say that if black people want to be treated equal in media, then STFU when they're represented in any slightly negative way (i.e. RE5), and then I won't say jack when a game like this pops up around the corner.

EDIT: I meant the game itself, not the gamers.


I respect that fact that you write intelligently, without resorting to rhetoric, and avoiding logical fallacies as a point of argument. As such, I respect your argument. I do not, however, agree with it. This is because black people still need boosting. White people do not. There may come a day when we do, but it is not today.

Blacks were discriminated against by the white majority. We all know this. Interestingly, as the number of people of Hispanic origins grow in the states, they too are discriminatory against the blacks. While Hispanics do not have control of a power structure with which to marginalize blacks, it still exists within the community. Black Americans seem to be a target to everyone.

You speak well of black kids in schools. It is even worse that often the black community itself keeps kids from performing well in school. To be educated is to "try to be white" etc.

How does this relate to the game? It doesn't. What it relates to is your argument that complaints from both sides are legitimate. The white voice is not muffled. The white perspective is not hidden. Therefore, there is no reason for the white voice to complain about being muffled or hidden. This game is not stifling the white voice; it is projecting the black one. A white College Football game WOULD be stifling the black voice, especially because there are no "white" colleges, at least officially.

As for RE5, the game itself was not racist. The problem was that the it evoked racist imagery in the minds of some people. This is a fair criticism. the context response was also fair. The scary part was how many people resorted to racist rhetoric to attack the woman from Black Looks.

@BB You have it exactly right. "Black-College Football" is different than "Black College-Football". Since there are no white colleges, you could not have "White-College Football"... so it would have to be "White College-Football" and this would be excluding.

I'm not gonna comment on the racial stuff.

But I am going to say that, as a marching band performer all through high school, that "Battle of the Bands" feature makes me happy. Like REALLY happy. Marching band is just as tough as football, if not tougher, especially at the college and professional levels. Maybe this will give it a little more exposure (though I'm still holding out for a separate game - I can hope).


That would make an awesome music game.

I have a more "Dutch" point of view here, considering that we have not dealt with the same racial issues as the US did.

Considering the concept of an "Blacks only" game, it is inherently racist from the start. However, comments like : “Why do they need their own game?” are also counterproductive.

The concept of "Because we got punished, we deserve better treatment then the rest" is plain BS. You deserve EQUAL treatment, not better treatment.
This is also the reason why I am against the NAACP. Not because they fight racism, which is good, but because it is inherently racist to organisations name: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
It should be: National Association for the Advancement of All People, or National Association Against Racism.

The most obvious counter to racism is plain simple: Mingle. Mingle alot.

@ DoggySpew

Your logic is flawed, good sir. The advancement of colored people is not inherently racist... to approach equal rights one must advance from ones position behind. Since things are arguably not equal yet, there is still a legitimate reason for "advancement."
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Sora-Chan@Big Perm: I'm a bit of a fan of the Omega Recon3D headset from SoundBlaster. Though it is a bit expensive.08/28/2015 - 2:36pm
Big PermI actually need to look into a new headset. I have those green razer krakens and I would not suggest them. Though maybe they're better for people without glasses08/28/2015 - 11:32am
Big PermI've never heard if Apple was dominant in Japan.08/28/2015 - 11:25am
E. Zachary KnightBeats by Dre? If music videos are anything to go by, they are the only headphones in existence.08/28/2015 - 11:21am
Big PermI wonder what kind of headphones she has08/28/2015 - 11:13am
Andrew EisenMy favorite fighter character/costume of late is Lucky Chloe from Tekken 7.08/28/2015 - 10:59am
Big PermYou might be right, Zippy08/28/2015 - 9:21am
ZippyDSMleeBig Perm: Naw best ever goes to kill la kill!08/28/2015 - 9:14am
Big PermHer costume is amazing. It may be the best costume ever08/28/2015 - 8:30am
E. Zachary KnightLike I said, she looks like a fun character to play, but her costume is really obnoxious.08/28/2015 - 8:29am
MattsworknameMika was always about being a show off and using her but to crush her foes, even back in the alpha days. They just took that and maxed it to the extreme, and I LOVE IT!!!!!08/28/2015 - 5:36am
IvresseJust saw R Mika trailer myself. I do like the inclusion of Vega as the punching bag, especially with that Stone Cold Stunner knocking his mask off....but that ultra move with his face between 4 buttcheeks...class! :-)08/28/2015 - 5:20am
MattsworknameOk, finally got a chance to look at the R mika trailer for SF 5, and I Heart her so bloody much. She just looks like pure fun to play as and is SO colorful. All the YES!08/28/2015 - 3:23am
PHX Corphttp://www.gamnesia.com/news/sony-is-disabling-users-from-archiving-their-ps4-livestreams-of-until-dawn Sony is Disabling Users from Archiving Their PS4 Livestreams of Until Dawn08/27/2015 - 8:47pm
MattsworknameAndrew: SOrry I didnt get back, i went to bed before I saw your post. The Producer is listed as Arbitor36508/27/2015 - 6:06pm
Andrew EisenNope.08/27/2015 - 4:17pm

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