Racial Comments Trouble Philly Games Writer

September 15, 2007 -

My buddy Rob Watson, with whom I share video game coverage chores at the Philadelphia Inquirer, is concerned about some gamer reactions he's read online concerning Black College Football: The Xperience.

The new PC game from Baton Rouge-based Nerjyzed Entertainment is based on the Unreal 3 engine and should launch this fall. Writes Rob:

I have always bragged about how smart you gamers are and how open-minded and kindhearted you've been in terms of how the world works. Some of you let me down over the last couple of weeks...


Various forums and message boards were littered with "Why do they need their own game?" or "If there was an all-white football game, there would be an uproar!"




There was once a time when these schools were all that African Americans had in terms of higher education... this new game... includes some things EA (makers of the NCAA Football series) probably never even thought about when it comes to black schools; annual classic match-ups and a Battle of the Bands competition...

Stop the hate and investigate.

GP: We haven't been tracking BCF:TX up until now. However, after reading Rob's column we did check out some postings around the Net.

While some gamers have been quite supportive of the game concept, as Rob says, others have been less than accepting. Not to single out Joystiq (whose coverage was very fair), but the 200+ comments to Justin McElroy's article on the game are a good example of the various reactions to BCF:TX.


It seems commenters here every bit as bad as Kotaku as the same reason. Can I see a show of hands for everyone who actually read the article about the context? This isn't "all black" football. All Black football has mostly white players actually and will not be featured here.

This isn't about football with black players. It's football at historically black colleges. These are colleges established during Jim Crow days because black students were excluded from almost all existing colleges in the Southeast. Anyone can attend and it's always been that way at most of them if not all. When the historically white colleges finally broke down and allowed black students, there was no reason to shut down a bunch of perfectly good schools. We already have a game featuring these historically white colleges: NCAA Football.

There's plenty of reason for creating this game. Beyond the millions of alumni, students and fans who might want a game featuring their school, it's culturally different, thus the battle of bands mode.

People who are complaining about racism are are really complaining about the existance of historically black colleges, which is an issue that has nothing to do with this game.

"But oh, if anyone ever were to try that, you watch how fast Al 'Im a flaming dirtbag' Sharpton jumps on them."

You dare question the Emperor of Black People?

An addendum to the above (GP, please add edit function): This sin't a matter of black people were victimized so they're getting their own college football video game as part of reparations. It's a matter of historically black colleges having a rather different football culture than the schools in NCAA Football, so it might be interesting to cover that as well. It's no more racist than Madden is nationalistic for featuring American football.

You're forgetting Die Hard with a Vengeance. ^_^

People who are complaining about racism are are really complaining about the existance of historically black colleges,

Oh bullshit. That;s just a way for you to try to paint anyone who disagrees as a racist so you can ignore them and make them feel like crap.

It's pathetic, is all it is. It makes YOU the bad guy in this debate.

This game actually sounds pretty cool, but I wonder how it will be different. I mean, football's football, right?

"Oh bullshit. That;s just a way for you to try to paint anyone who disagrees as a racist so you can ignore them and make them feel like crap.

It’s pathetic, is all it is. It makes YOU the bad guy in this debate. "

No, it's you who now feels like bad guy because you've actually just ignored what he said, focused on one part in particular to try and disarm is argument, and made yourself look pathetic. That particular part may have been a bit off, but the overall argument seemed pretty solid and fine to me.

How about we just let the game ship and tank like it was going to anyways.



White people aren't the bully. They're the kids and grandkids of the bully. Can I walk up and kick a little kid because his dad kicked my dad's ass in elementary school? No. Can I walk up to a big kid and kick him even if he's minding his own business, because his dad was a dick? No, that's wrong too.

You can't profile people like that. We are all individuals. If we were all exactly like our ancestors then black people would be exactly like they (usually) were during slavery, ie uneducated and conditioned to be subservient. That's obviously racist bullshit. And so is the notion that white people need to be punished for the racism of dead white people they've never met and couldn't have stopped from being bastards.

Negro League Baseball: The Battening is going to be the sequel? I'M THERE!

Personally I think everyone should be offended by something titled Black College Football: The Xperience. But maybe that's just me. I mean, okay, historically they used to be black colleges. I can dig that. Is the game set in the 1950s? Oh, it's not?! You mean they aren't really black colleges anymore?! Then what is the point of the title.

Then again it's not like this is a high-profile release. I don't think it's going to beat the NCAA game or the Madden game.

@ Baramos


I don't think you know what historically black means. These have never been racially exclusive colleges. They were established specifically for the benefit of black people and still have mostly black students, though. I suppose you could pretend away the racial angle and Name it SWAC SIAC CIAA College Football: The Racially Agnostic Xperience. That sounds like something I would buy on impulse.

Listen, I'm of English descent. I'm making Extreme Limey basketball 2008!

I don't want any Polacks, Bohunks, Krauts, Spics, Dagos, Wops, Frogs, Chinks, Japs, Squareheads, Gooks, Micks, or Wetbacks in my game. My intention is to create a game to celebrate my Limey heritage.

Or...maybe....it's just easier to stop segregating. It's really romantic to segregate like it's 1950, but all it does it make it harder to accomplish what we all really want out of life, to build a strong, safe life where we can get what we really want. I know it's also not politically correct to point out when segregation is pseudo-racist(It's not really racist, since 'black' isn't a race, it's a poorly defined lower limit on the amount of light human skin reflects compared to how much it absorbs), but it is. Dwell on how different everyone is, and you'll just end up burning the bridges which all lead to the future.

who can honestly say this is a positive representation:


I think one of the biggest problems is schooling. In school we focus on only slavery in the south and it seems only African's were slaves. When that is horribly untrue. Lets not forget that the Roman's had 99.9% white slaves(Celts, Germanic tribes, Goths), and were sent all over the empire. Not only where these white slaves used for farming, they also were used for sex, fighting, among other things. Also lets not forget Serfdom hell i would rather be a slave than a serf.

Another problem is we see race as in "white, African, Asian and so on" American instead of just American. For some reason it is wrong to be just a American. Stephen Clobert said something to the likes of i don not see color only Americans. Until can drop the race things like this will alwys happen.

JJmug, Rome doesn't get covered much because US schools mostly care out US history. While there were a few Natives in the beginning, slaves in the US were almost all black.

Oy, don't use Colbert as a model of behavior. The guy is a walking parody. The flaw in his haughty exhortation, "I don't see race!" is that, even if his character wasn't lying, being dogmatically "blind" to race also allows you to ignore racism.

Is it racist? Yes

Is it protected by the 1st amendment, thus has every right to be produced? Yes

That is all I have to say on the matter.

Okay, again a history lesson. The Black Football Game is created around the historically black colleges in the US that were created during the time of segregation

(Here is a list http://edonline.com/cq/hbcu/alphabet.htm)

Yes there is a double standard. I can be called a cracker (This does not mean saltine crackers, but the slave driver who would crack the whip) and a honkey (during segregation the KKK would drive through black neighborhoods honking horns late at night) and I can't do a damn thing about it. Yes it is hate speech, but when was the last time you heard of a black person being charged on hate?

The NAACP is a double edged sword in my opinion, they do a lot of good, but they also claim racism when there was none.

Just to remind everyone again. Think how much speech is limited for a white, straight, christian, male compared to a black, lesbian, aethiest, female. The more of a minority you are, the more protection you get in what you can say.

It's protected speech for them to have this racist game. It's also protected speech for honourable people to attack this game for being racist.

The moment it stops being something reasonable is the moment where the people exercising their right to say they find it offensive and segregationist decide to get the government to shut their opponents up.

I'm thinking along the lines of a black John Thompson. "Black basketball is the devil! We need to ban it!"


Ugh, I'm glad I ended up having better things to do yesterday, because all that "Well, your analogy is wrong 'cause it isn't perfect in every single little detail, so I win the argument" crap is exactly why I said I wasn't going get dragged into an argument over the analogy unless people could provide a legitimate argument against it.

In my analogy the sponsor represented an ethnic/social majority, the add-ons and modifications were institutions and cultural traditions that favored the majority, and you'll even notice that I said that only *some* of the sponsored drivers drove aggressively.

In the more succinct analogy I posted, the bully wasn't even representing every middle-class white male, only those who chose to use racial epithets as insults; the weak kid was the portion of the ethnic/social minority who opted to create their own slang in retaliation. In the context of the discussion that analogy was from, Person B suddenly decided to be *DEEPLY* offended by a gay member of the forum's use of the term "Breeder" to affectionately refer to two of their friends who were planning to get married.

And so, the reason why you use analogies in the comments section of a news article, is because it's generally expected that anyone with the reading comprehension skills to understand the analogy, will also realize that it isn't (and never will be) a *perfect* encapsulation of your argument, and that unless you have said something like "I want to kill whitey", they also won't assume that you are crazy.

...and you don't want to post a frigging wall of text that no one wall probably read.

@Ohma I say this with all do love and affection because 90% of my friends happen to be African American....you're the Racist one...you're bashing people and putting words in their mouth...and to be honest my friends would be ashamed of you.

I am Far from Racists as it takes hate to be Racist but I do see that it's a Valid point. If there was a football game based solely on White players and called the White college whatever then yeah...there'd be a political uproar about the Racist Video game...and The proof is in a College.

A group made a white only Scholarship for one reason, they wanted to show the hypocracy of the world today. they showed the facts that there was no scholarship that assured a white people went to college but there were plenty that assured other Races went...to me that is Racism that one race is left out or treated as a lesser entity...and thats just idiotic....

Though the one thing that even -MORE- idiotic is to call Racism on a Logically valid point...thats like calling a person Racist against Mexicans because they are against -illegal- immigration o_O;

I love how you guys always assume that I embody everthing you hate. You do realise that you *don't* actually know anything about me beyond what I've said here right?

So why is it that everyone who attacks me assumes I *MUST* be an EEEVIL black lesbian out to oppress the poor disadvantaged white man (I hear that they're *SO* underrepresented in the government).
I just find it very funny how everyone just jumps to that conclusion (granted it is about...mmm...25% correct) and then declares "Ugh, I can't beleive you! You're just proving every negetive sterotype I've held-err heard about you people".

Whereas I (and the few others who posted similar arguments), have only said that whinging like a spoiled child just because you don't get the same treatment as a group of people who are (both historically and currently) disadvantaged*. Yes, in an ideal, magical happy land, full of rainbows and puppies, we wouldn't have to treat people differently because we'd all magically have equal opportunities and social standings in life. However, we don't live in a magical land of blah blah, so we need protections and special considerations in place (both societally and socially) for people who do not have the same opportunities/social standing in life through no fault of their own.

*and been a bit of an ass, which I *suppose* I should apologize for, though my assyness does not change the validity of my arguments in the least.

As to Black folk being underrepresented in government, it would help if the people who did represent you actually showed up (like Julia Carson, D Indiana.)

"As to Black folk being underrepresented in government, it would help if the people who did represent you actually showed up (like Julia Carson, D Indiana.) "

And again the assumptions, you guys just live in your own universe don't you?

Actually, that wasn't an assumption.

Julia Carson has showed up to 12/672 votes.

The only reason she still has a job is because she's black and lives in a mostly black district.

Her time as a representative has been marred with scandal and 'missing funds', as well as abuse of power.

Now, if this was anybody else, say, Richard Lugar, everyone would jump down his throat.

@Seiena: Again, these colleges are not restricted to black students and I've seen no indication that game is restricted to black characters either. Their blackness is a matter of history, not policy. We have a game for the white schools. It's called NCAA Football. It's liek peopel aren't reading any comments and continuing to make the same statements, many of which were already debunked in the OP.

Actually Aces of Sevens I'm not even going to bother and point out that it's not so much the game as the statement...it is infact -TRUE-! And has been proven before if you put the words 'White Only' in anything it's -RACIST- if it's any other Race only it's praised for standing up...and I have good cause to say that stuff cuz I'm a Catch 22 in Real life...my -parents- are loaded, I am -POOR- (as in 0 income.) and Because my -Parents- are loaded the world expects them to support me...but what happens when I wanna go to college and they say go get Financial Aide? FA says "sorry...your -parents- are rich...get them to support you...oh they won't? well thats too bad guess you aren't going to college..." Yes my FA told me that seriously.

I wish people wouldn't twist my words I've been reading and all I see is a bunch of bashing of stupid crap -_-;

Perhaps it is useful to make a distinction here between racism, prejudice, and privilege. I offer this as a way to hone and focus the debate. Those who study such things often find this distinction productive as it parses out two very different social events.

Start with prejudice: Prejudice is a belief about another based solely on that individuals identity markers. Thus if I believed that someone I met was a bad driver solely because they were a woman (without having watched them drive) I am prejudice. If I believe that black people are inferior or inherently different from white people solely because of the pigmentation in their skin, I am prejudice. My guess is many of the people here who are saying "I am not a racist" really mean I am not prejudice. That is I do not harbor preconceived notions about another based on identity markers.

Racism is far more complicated: Racism is the collection of institutional, cultural, and historical forces that benefit discriminate against individuals based solely on identity markers. For example, I as a white male, recently rented a new apartment I was treated much differently, the same for car loans, job applications etc. I get the "privilege" of being white, and the many benefits are society associates with this (from not being monitored in a store by security guards to being assumed to be a good tipper at any business and thus getting good service). Thus I take advantage of a society which still has rampant racism. Forget the fact that my ancestors were not slave owners (came over after slavery) I still benefit from a history of white people in power discriminating against people of color . . .no choice of mine, i am not trying to feel guilty about this . . . just a fact.

A person once told me the briefest definition of privilege I have ever heard: Privilege is not having to think about what privilege is. As someone who is white it is an exception rather than a rule that I am confronted with my race (sure when I go to to a predominately hispanic neighborhood I am reminded that I am white--but the fact that this is an unusual occurence proves the point).

The game isn't racist, rather it reflects a complex history of a once horribly racist, still predominately racist society. (Think about it this way if we made a historical baseball game set in 1940 we would have to have two separate games, one for the Negro Leagues and one for the Major Leagues . . .would the games be racist, no, rather they would reflect the racism of the time.)

@Seiena: How is that relevant: thsi is "Black only" college football. I said that in the very post you are responding to.

Rather, this isn't "black only"


I do not exactly agree with your definitions of prejudice and racism. It isn't because they're bad, wrong, or anything like that. It's simply that they're too individually esoteric. They are, however, EXCELLENT as far as operational definitions are concerned. It is a shame that such definitions are not more frequently used.

Also, the definition of privilege... I've heard it, I've used it, but I've never seen it put so simply and effectively. Thank you very, very much for it.

Couldn't care less about this game but it is true, a whites only college basketball game would have a huge backlash...

As for racsism in America the whites are not on top any more (except the rich elite)...Racsism against white people is all the rage...
Though most of the rascism is in the communist like government job industry...

ex:You have been working here for 5 years saved us millions of dollars have the support of your boss and haveonly great job reviews and you are white?
Thats great but there is this black person that has worked here for a whole year, doesn't have support of their boss and has average job reviews at best so we are going to have to hire the black person,
sorry, maybe you will have more luck next time?
If you don't think this is rascism against a white person then go dunk your head in the toilet and wake up...

If you think I am a typical american rascist then you should probably know, I wasn't born in america and there has never been rascism against black people or even slavery of black people in my native country...
The example above happened to a girl I know....

Listening to some of the comments here... it's no wonder why gamers are stereotyped as a bunch of white, whiny 15-year old kids.

One things for certain -- our school systems need to do a much better job of teaching US (and world) history.

Oh, and for the idiots out there who still believe that white people are persecuted in this country. Take a trip to the rural south -- poetically Jena Louisiana.


One thing that many gamers and Jack Thompson have in common: They both have a talent of making an ass out of themselves on the Internet.

Oh, and Ohma: You're not helping either with your "I'm right and everyone else is a racist attitude".

Oh yea, its the famed Jena 6 line again. Wow.

Go to Ohio, where I used to go to college. Go to Over the Rhine with me. Watch as the second you walk into the area, the Black people living there leer at you. Watch as within four minutes of walking in, you've got at least 2 people following you. Watch as you turn around, the stupid fucks attempt to mug you.

Then, realize that this is an every day occurence in Over the Rhine.

As for Louisiana, there's plenty of racism from the black community down there too. Just because its not as publicized as one incidence of racism, doesn't mean its not occurring.

But of course, we should listen to what the UK has to say about occurences in our country. Because they're so well informed about it.

If you don't notice the persecution of white people in our society, than you're a fucking retard. Theres no affirmative action for white people, is there?

It's late, so I'll just say this about affirmative action:

You cannot lobby for equality and special treatment at the same time.

Technically speaking, developers can make a "White College Football" and focus on the early 1900s style of play (with leather helmets or other rudimentary protection). I'd be willing to bet that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the rest of the NAACP would be foaming at the mouth, even if it was historically accurate.

I don't know. BCFX looks like the ONLY thing going for it is supposedly that it's "black." I'm not so much offended by the fact that it's targeting black people so much as it's exploitative. The feeling I get from the marketing is the same thing I get when people market stuff as "EXTREEEME TO THE MAX!", e.g. this game was conceived when some guy in a suit decided that they really wanted to get gaming to "the blacks," so maybe "the football" would be the best way to do so, and hired out to the lowest bidder.

Basically, I think the game itself is racist and derogatory, by thinking that adding a superficial race component to an inferior product is going to make it that much more marketable, instead of pushing a quality gaming experience.

(I didn't have time to read all the comments up to this point beforehand, so my thoughts may have already been voiced by someone more articulate) I could be wrong, but this seems a little like the "exploitation theater" of video games...
From those cats who brought you "Blackula, Caddyblack, and Black Kramer vs. Kramer", comes a funky game so fly, you're gonna say "Damn, that's funky!"
I apologize if my modified Family Guy quote offended anyone, I just wanted to insert myself into this conversation.


I'm not sure you've noticed, but for races, genders, cultures and sexuality who have traditionally not experienced equality...being treated equally (particularly in the face of institutionalized prejudice and bias) often requires "special treatment".

This is based on teams that actually exist/ed. I don't get what everyone is up in arms about. When you play madden do you care which of the digital players are black or white?(if you do then you got issues) Then so what if all the digital players in this game are black.
Why not worry more about whether or not it will be a good game. Isn't that the argument used when discussing a game linked with excessive violence?

@David D.

Special treatment is unequal by definition. And affirmative action — lowering standards for an entire group of people, just on account of their skin color, isn't just unequal; it's insulting. So is raising standards on account of skin color; did you know that the same admissions systems that give extra points for being black take points away for being Asian?

What's next? Should white basketball players' points count double? If Hillary and Obama tie, should we just give it to Obama? (Well, I would say yes, but not for that reason.)

Holding everyone to the same standard at work or school; that's equality. Moving that standard up and down depending on skin color is condescending, it paints millions of people with the same brush, and it's racist. Pure and simple. It says, "Oh, you're black, so you must not be as good in school as white kids. Here, have some free points. You'll need them. Say thank you."

Seriously, to hell with that.

I remember Chris Rock had a bit about affirmative action in one of his stand up acts-something along the lines of "I don't want to get a job over a white man just because I'm black. If there's a test that proves who's better for the job, and he does better, give the white man the job, if I do better, give me the job. But if it's a tie...f*** him! Mother****er had a two-hundred year head start!"

You know, this is a great opportunity really. It's a PC game, right? Well, once the mod community gets ahold of it, I would love to see someone change it to "White College Football: The Xperience". That way, we can observe the reaction.

Personally, my bet is that it'll get some kind of media/blog attention and be decried as vile and racist.

The game isn't racist unless the creators of the game meant it to be racist.

If they wanted to make a football game that was devoid of whites because they don't want them to be in their game, then its racist.

If they wanted to make a football game that followed the black culture through there schools, its not racist, but it is SOMEWHAT wrong.

Mainly for the points already said.

If we really want racism to end, do you think SEGREGATING ourselves even MORE SO is whats gong to end it? Or do you think we should finally grow the hell up and consider us all the same damn thing.

There shouldn't BE a BET or a black history month, just as there shouldn't be a WET or a White history month. There should simply be ET and History.

If we keep segregating ourselves, how the hell are we going to learn to co-exist?

This game isn't racist, and to a point it isn't wrong...but it sure as hell not helping the situation. And if there is a reverse racist backlash from this, the blacks only have themselves to blame.

"And why sould I stop paroding bad arguments with “interweb” speak exactly?"

Because in reading your actual arguements you only parody yourself, which really makes you look pathetic, and looking pathetic takes away your credibility.

Father_Time has been right time after time, yet you respond like a difficult, petulant, child. I've been in staples at the immaturity and dewy-eyed ignorance you've displayed.

As for my opinion? I'm not really sure. I'm having trouble wondering just why there needs to be one. Aren't other football games fun enough?

My quote in my previous post was, of course, directed at Ohma.

The thing the concerns me is that seperation often leads to segregation. I think it would be very hard to convince me that in other pro or semi-pro football organizations black players are discriminated against.

Wow I don't know what all the hubbub is about. We all know this game isn't going to sell very well, it looks to me like another crappy football game now with the movie drumline made into a game mode. My whole stance on it is, White football game, Black Football game, it is going to suck no matter what in the end.

To me, the article on hand that Dennis cites is really discussing the reaction to the game, and much less the game itself. Really, with the RE 5 debate, and this, I think that as the industry becomes more mainstream, these are the growing pains that accompany a growing medium. We won't be able to escape these sorts of debates anymore, and even though we're united by a similar hobby, we all have very different outlooks on life. This argument, in particular, strikes at the core of a very uncomfortable topic for Americans.

To me, it's not so much about "why isn't there a White College Football Game?" It's more that if some other sports division wants to make a game, then hell, they can, and should. To me, HBCUs have a distinctive culture to them, such as the Battle of the Bands, which you don't really see in the sorts of college football that's on ABC on Saturday afternoon, or in the bowls on New Years Day.

For example, I like soccer. If I want to make a game recreating the "Saturday Afternoon in My Local Park Xperience," but except for a small number of white people, because most of the people in my neighborhood are black or Latino, and I want to recreate said experience in a game, is it "reverse racist," just because there's one or two white people? Or is it the French National Team? :P Would there be a similar problem if EA did a FIFA Women's World Cup 2007?

I think we should be encouraging more indie game development, and somehow, I don't think that a sports game that's based on a very real school conference that's been ignored is somehow on par with FPS' designed by neo-Nazis to stomp skulls in. Hell, I'm happy that ANYONE is bothering to make something besides EA and Visual Concepts.

I say, save the knee-jerk reactions for something that really matters, like your local politician preening for votes by trying to "save the children," while they can buy unrated splatter flicks at Best Buy.

Really, I think the root of this is a misunderstanding regarding Historically Black Colleges and Universities. There's no discrimination against any one else who wants to attend, and honestly, if you're a high school senior who has the choice between a free ride at a school like Howard or Hampton or a partial scholarship at a state school, regardless of your background, what would you take?

I'm assuming that many of the "OMG, this is racist" crowd has never had friends who went to an HBCU? Years ago, I visited some friends at Morehouse, and found that A: a white guy was the class president, B: there were lots of people there of Indian, Pakistani, and Burmese descent, and C: it was an all-male school.

No one cared about color; they just cared about girls, because they were across the way at Spelman. Sometimes, it might not be as cut and dry as self-segregation; it might be all about what school offers you the best scholarship. If it's one that has historically had lots of black students, then so be it.

When you think about it, however, it's all kinda moot. I bet EA swallows this fish whole like a whale come NCAA 09 and adds these smaller conferences to maximize the profits and crush the competition.

And at the end of it all, we'll still be arguing about racism.

Some of us will say that it's racist, because we should live in a color blind society.

Some of us will say that it's not racist, because historically, this has been an institution that's been around for a long time.

Some of us will use this as a launching pad to talk about what they hate about people who don't look like them, while saying that they have friends in that group, so it's okay.

Others will use it as a launching pad to accuse other people of discriminating against others.

All of them are very real responses, and all of them, whether we like it or not, divide us from the very glue that binds us to this message board. But it's necessary, as games mature with us.

The sad part is this issue could have been entirely avoided if they'd named it "HBCU College Football: the Xperience" instead.
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Goth_SkunkA GameDev's Year With #GG: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly by Adrian Chmielarz - http://ow.ly/RwSCd08/29/2015 - 5:18am
Goth_SkunkDespite not being a fan of fighting games I had to check out that R Mika trailer. Loved it. Still won't buy the game though, on account of Isuckatstreetfighteritis.08/29/2015 - 2:42am
MechaCrashI use a Dynex DX-840 headset, but it's discontinued. :( I wanted a mono headset so I could keep the other ear free for my speakers, but it has the bonus of being very light and comfortable, so you don't notice it.08/29/2015 - 12:41am
Big PermSora - I was just having a slow day at work earlier. Now I'm home with vidya!08/28/2015 - 7:54pm
ZippyDSMleeSora-Chan: Blender is easy compared to 3Dmax :P08/28/2015 - 6:51pm
Sora-Chantime to take up a hobby? maybe messing around in GIMP to make wallpapers? use qCAD to design somethin? open Blender and stare at it for a couple hours trying to figure what does what?08/28/2015 - 6:41pm
Big PermAlso, yes. I've been spamming the shoutbox. I don't have much going on today, don't judge me08/28/2015 - 3:25pm
Big PermThanks, but yeah. Not sure I wanna drop that kind of cash :P I don't even mind the sound quality of my krakens, it just hurts to wear em after a couple hours.08/28/2015 - 3:25pm
Sora-Chan@Big Perm: I'm a bit of a fan of the Omega Recon3D headset from SoundBlaster. Though it is a bit expensive.08/28/2015 - 2:36pm

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