LaRouche Party Sees Halo 3 Ushering in "New Dark Age"

September 27, 2007 -
The organization of far-out political figure Lyndon LaRouche, which blamed the Virginia Tech massacre on video games, has now targeted Halo 3.

An article on the LaRouche website (see: Halo 3: The Third Wave of Destroying the U.S.) rhetorically asks:
What kind of perverse mind would develop such a thing to lure in so many youthful and vibrant minds?

...How does one young adult get corrupted into becoming a psychotic-mass killer, or a mere useless drone for the likes of... [Vice-president] Dick Cheney? The most obvious answer to any thinking individual— is to dehumanize the image of human beings.

There are many tedious details and complexities that go behind the production of such games as Counterstrike, World of Warcraft, Entropia Universe, EVE-Online and Halo 3. However, once that dehumanizing process has been accomplished, the ability of making useless wars (like that of Iraq, today) and mass killing of innocent people, as in the case of the Virginia Tech incident, are stepping stones for the unleashing of a New Dark Age...

GP: Thanks to longtime GP reader Soldat Louis for the tip!



Check the Gamepolitics forums. That's how I found out.

Larouch, what a fucking retard.

Halo 3 came out? OH NO, IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!

There's a passage in the bible, something along the lines of

Thou shalt not know the hour of my return, so be always ready.

If La Roach was as pious as he likes to act, he'd know that he's setting it back.

I'm not surprised by this at all. This is the same guy that said that STAR WARS (yes, that Star Wars) is intended to corrupt our youth and dehumanize people. His logic? Why would you make so many characters look like monsters (Oh, I don't know... because they’re aliens?)? So that when you kill them, people don't think of them as people.

This is probably his same logic with Halo and even WoW. The PvP is likely a major factor. You can kill a person without a moments hesitation. He likely thinks that desensitizes people. The problem with that logic is obvious. When you kill a person in the real world... they die never to return. When you kill a person in Halo... They respawn in 5 seconds, pick up a gun and cap your ass. You'd have to be a Larouchie to not realize that it's fake.

@ GregoriusH

I doubt he's concerned about economic output. Look at how big Halo 3 is. They have a drink deal, for crying out loud! If this doesn't boost economic output, I don't know what will. Well, "Halo Flu" aside.

@ Zerodash

Dick Cheney probably turned down Larouches advances and now, like any good spurned lover, Larouche is out for revenge.

Honestly, I don't know. I think Larouche dislikes Cheny because it's popular to dislike him and he thinks that will help him draw in more young men to have sex with. I mean cult members. I mean Larouche Youth members. No, wait, I mean cult members.

@ DeusPayne

No, he blames all the world's problems on... everything. Television, video games, the Republican party, The Democratic party, county music, rock music, John Lenon, Chess, ect. This guy hates more than he likes. He's a nut job.

Wow these guys are nuts.

Kudos on the pic made me lol.

Wait.. what?

Reading the article these people actually seem to think instead of playing Halo 3, people should be doing scientific research or other serious things...

Apparently they don't understand that people need leisure time as well work time.

Isn't the single player campaign about killing aliens as usual?

The multiplayer part is just like previous Halo's as far as I understand.

wow...this dude is about as crazy as JT, but scarier

Great pic... that sums up LaRouche perfectly.

But seriously, shouldn't these nutbars being doing something with their time other than bitching and whining about tapping buttons on a controller?

And people wonder why the "terrists" hate us.


Come on now, we all know that video games require nothing less than fanatical devotion, to the detriment of one's life and, more importantly for LaRouche it seems, to the detriment of one's economic output. It is entirely absurd that video games could possibly be enjoyed in moderation in the same way that people enjoy other hobbies, and it is also absurd that the human mind could possibly draw a distinction between the rules which drive a virtual reality and the moral and physical rules that underpin reality as a whole.

There are many studies which have proven these findings. Hundreds of them in fact. No really, on average they publish seventeen new studies per day that support such points. I would show you them, but I won't.

That may actually be the problem. Early in their lives, they became so ultra-serious about life that they never did anything in the name of stress relief or leisure and their brains became a mushy, dribbling mess which led to the absolute absurd conspiracy theories that they are making today.

Ok, project for the ingenious parody writers here:

Create a website that is a parody charity site. It must focus on the seriously mentally challenged, specifically, that segment that seems limited to outrageous and totally idiotic ideas. Not talking about minor conspiracy theorists but rather completely off the wall ones. People who completely rant and rave with nothing intelligent to focus on. Basically, the complete nutcases. It must solely be seeking volunteer support to help bring back these "lost souls" from the brink of utter "brain mushiness" and never ask for financial support. (We don't want people collecting money falsely. :) )

Ah! I've got it! Not "mentally challenged" (as there are a legitimate group of people who fall into that catagory) but rather the "Mentally Skewed" or "Mentally Mushed"! That'll work. :)

Cookie to the first successful creation.
Two cookies if you create a forum and no less than 10 people sign up thinking you're serious and want to help. :)

NW2K Software
Nightwng2000 NW2K Software Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

Just when you think they can't get any crazier...

do we really need to cover things LaRouche says?

Sooooo playing violent games makes people supporter of Dick Cheney ? And the Iraq war ?


We must cover all incredible leaps of logic. FOREVER.


For only one reason. The lulz.

I mean, this is from a cult that thinks CHESS is evil.

Oh, for crying out loud. This LaRouche fellow needs to get his head out of 19th-Century logic.

@ DarrelBT

Wait, WHAT? WHAT??

We're members of the "Cybernetics Cult".

This guy also hates H. G. Wells. I guess I will never be able to sympathize with them.

PS Will Lard be commenting on this article. ;)

Discussions about Larouche by Ex-Larouchites (They've realised that they've been played for suckers). Should give you a good idea about the Larouche cult.

World of Warcraft, Entropia Universe, EVE-Online and Halo 3.

Wait. What?

WoW? EVE? When were either of these games remotely violent? They sure as heck aren't the kind of game that keeps getting labled as "murder simulators." As for Halo 3, I haven't played it yet, but aren't you still fighting aliens for the most part?

"What kind of perverse mind would develop such a thing to lure in so many youthful and vibrant minds?"

Why, the fun-loving people at Bungie, of course. As for the "dark age", if Halo 3 is an indication of it, then bring on the darkness.

"…How does one young adult get corrupted into becoming a psychotic-mass killer..."

I don't know... Broken homes, abuse family life, bieng severely traumitized at an early age, etc?

"...or a mere useless drone for the likes of… [Vice-president] Dick Cheney?"

Such as the useless drones that follow LaRouche around, spewing little to nothing but the blatantly false and ridiculouos lies that he fills their once free minds with.

Mybe the dark age of gaming, a dark age where graphic whores thrive?

Nah nah, I'm just kidding. I'm sure Halo 3's a good game.

LaRouche and his followers in their whole glory :D

@ DarrelBT and DavCube : don't forget they also hate country music, jazz, Voltaire, Descartes, and Euclidian Geometry.

I remember back in the old days, before video games even existed.
There was no such thing as war, no such thing as school violence, and when people all over the world were not constantly inventing things to benefit the whole of humanity, they were busy hugging each other ever so gently.
Clearly video games are the reason our world is in such a sorry state.

Uh...Larouche....let's take a walk to the funny farm shall we?

Lyndon LaRouche thinks that it is the "end times". He thinks that the gamers are the "Antichrist Kingdom", and that the antigamers are the "Heroes of the 'Book of Revelation'". I do not like Lyndon LaRouche, because look at all of the scandals, he has been involved in. Also, alot of people think of him as a "fascist" and an "anti-semite". I think that he is not thinking straight. Also, he is 85 years old. Lyndon LaRouche was born in 1922, so that you would know.

NOT EUCLIDIAN GEOMETRY, ANYTHING BUT THAT, wait, what makes geometry euclidian again?

No! The sky is falling! The sky is falling! These new fangled kajiggers will be the doom of us all!

I'm pretending to be an idiot, what LaRoach's excuse?

You know what caused the Dark Ages?


What is up with their obsession with Dick Cheney?

Man, after reading that statement I just wish we could go back to a time before video games when there were obviously no useless wars.

Lyndon LaRouche is crazy? Hmmm... imagine that.

"There are many tedious details and complexities that go behind the production of such games as Counterstrike, World of Warcraft, Entropia Universe, EVE-Online and Halo 3."

Translation: I don't understand or play vidya games, therefore they're spooky and evil, and must be banned!

Oh and kudos to whoever chose the picture for this article. Funny stuff.

Let me get this straight. He's blaming Iraq on video games?

I'm not entirely sure why, but for some reason this LaRouche stuff reminds me of nothing so much as Scientology.

So Dick Cheney + Halo 3 = War? Like Cheney plays video games, he's found something better to take aim at then digital characters.

Conejo Says:
do we really need to cover things LaRouche says?

For the sake of a good laugh, I hope so.

halo 3?...stepping stones for the unleashing of a new dark age??…

he's probably talking about this:

lol at halo 5 made by nintendo :)

Methinks that LaRouche accidentally found his way here: (SFW, no worries)

Clearly it's a documentary by some clairvoyant warning us of our impending doom.

Uhhuh.... Yes. This makes perfect "sense." You know what else makes perfect "sense?" The Pyramids as landing pads for aliens. See, they'll land there after we've all completed Halo 3 to destroy us. It's all part of the great plan that the video game companies have.

LaRouche is now in full-blown Francis E. Dec mode. The Halo 3 Cybernetics Cult is clearly a Anti-Nation-State Fascist Frankenstein Eyesight Television tool of the Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God's Brain Bank Cities on the moon.

"What kind of perverse mind would develop such a thing to lure in so many youthful and vibrant minds?"

This from the guy who brainwashes young kid and turns them into the LaRouche youth? A group of kids who insult those who do not think like them and at times use violence as a means to try and beat down their opponents?

You know from this guys list on what is corrupting the world we would need to ban everything to make him happy. LaRouche is nothing more than a old man with nothing better to do with his time so he decides to Troll real life and blame everyone who doesn't think or believe like him.

Did this neo-con Hawk not see the military out trying to recruit underage video gamers at an event?

I see that as much more opportunistic and perverse than a game.

In other words, Lyndon LaRouche is the kinda guy that would hate anything that's enjoyable, why even the things Jack Thompson likes would be considered "satanic" (No I don't mean the Bible, because at one point Jack mentioned that he liked a rock group that most people liked). As far as he's concerned, all he really cares about is for the youth group to make him President. If it doesn't make him President, then fuck it.

Jack Thompson, I apologised. You are still a dickhead, but you have never ruined many youths' lives as much as LaRouche had done. Also, at least you DO know what "fun" is.

@ DeusPayne

He apparently blames the declining American economy and the collapse of the Minnesota bridge on games. When you believe that games could cause a building to fall down, saying that games started a war would make perfect sense.

I think he's got his basic idea wrong, I think he meant zealous religion, in the age of reason we live in, the only real threat of a new dark age is coming from, is an organized religion.

@ Sidewinder

Clearly games distracted the safety commisiioners from devoting the necessary time to inspecting and developing scietific solutions that would have prevented the bridge colapse. ;)

lol yeah at least thompson can get down with gay porn from time to time.

Ah, here he is..

LaRouche is one of the most idotic people I have ever seen. I've got his "Dark Age" right fucking here..

Oh they are still pushing the Virginia Tech angle despite an absence of any evidence whatsoever? I guess you have to give them kudos on their mindless persistence.
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