Jack Thompson's GDC Debate Prospects Not Looking Good

November 5, 2007 -
Jack Thompson at the Game Developers Conference?

The Earth might spin off its axis...

But, fresh off of Saturday's appearance in Philadelphia, the controversial attorney claims that he has been invited to reprise his VGXPO debate at GDC, which takes place in February in San Jose.

The news comes from a motion filed by Thompson with the U.S. District Court in Florida, where the anti-game activist is suing the Florida Bar. While the document itself is little more than a legal maneuver, the following text caught GP's eye:
This past Saturday I journeyed to the Pennsylvania Convention Center and debated Lorne Lanning, an iconic figure in the video game industry, on the very issues that spawned the Blank Rome/Take-Two SLAPP Bar complaints against me. You can read all about the debate at http://www.gamepolitics.com/.

It appears I did very well, despite heavy security insisted upon by the event, not by me. I was invited, they said, into the “lions’ den.”

In the audience [for] this event, unbeknownst to me, was the man who organizes the largest video game gathering in the world, the Game Developers Conference (GDC), attended by 20,000 folks...

Because of the quality and coherence of my presentation, I was then asked by the GDC to reprise the Philadelphia debate, this time in February in San Francisco in a 5000 seat arena, as the keynote event.

GP: We haven't verified this with anyone connected with GDC as of yet, but we're working on it. Read Thompson's court filing here.

UPDATE: Contrary to what is written in Thompson's court filing, "the man who organizes" GDC, director Jamil Moledina, was not in attendance at VGXPO. Thompson is apparently referring to noted video game composer Tommy Tallarico, who is on the main advisory board of GDC. Tallarico was in attendance at VGXPO, but told GP he did not discuss the debate idea with Thompson personally (see below).

UPDATE 2: GP has just received this statement from the GDC's press representative:
"The Game Developers Conference has not extended an invitation to Jack Thompson to speak at GDC 2008," Jamil Moledina, executive director, Game Developers Conference, said.  "We look forward to announcing the full speaker lineup closer to the show."

UPDATE 3: GP has just spoken with Tommy Tallarico about this confusing situation. Tommy, who has attended VGXPO for several years, said that he introduced himself to Jack Thompson before Saturday's debate.
After the [Moral Kombat] movie, I walked up to Jack Thompson and introduced myself... when I started talking to him, honestly, he was quite charming, it was a nice conversation...

After the debate Tallarico had dinner with Lorne Lanning and Spencer Halpin. They discussed the possibility of having a similar debate involving Thompson at GDC. Spencer Halpin's wife, an organizer of VGXPO, broached the possibility of a debate with Thompson by phone and Thompson expressed interest. Tallarico said that he never personally spoke to Thompson about the debate idea. He told GP that he planned to put the idea before the GDC board for consideration:
I was literally writing the e-mail to the advisory board when I got the call... [saying] go to GamePolitics... [where the story had already broken]...

GP: It is, perhaps, unfortunate, but given today's controversy it looks like any potential debate involving Thompson and GDC is a dead issue.

UPDATE 4: Thompson has posted a letter to GDC director Jamil Moledina which reads:
Since this is how the video game industry treats its critics, no wonder it has a public relations problem with parents. This is an industry that lies about the ratings on its products, sells those products to underage kids behind their parents’ backs, and then wants nothing but an incestuous gathering in San Francisco to congratulate itself on how smart it is.

Federal regulation of your industry is coming because you folks simply can’t figure out why parents don’t trust you. Fine. When the regulation comes, and it will, don’t blame me.

GP: In the end, one has to wonder exactly what Thompson hoped to accomplish here. Had the deal been finalized, the GDC event could have been fascinating for attendees and beneficial to Thompson in an image sense. Very little, if anything, was to be gained by adding the prospect of a GDC appearance to the U.S. District Court record, which publicly exposed it to media scrutiny.


Mr. Thompson you obviously don't understand the difference between sexual content and actual pornography. You seem to assume the, "strong" sexual content descriptor means pornographic sexual content.

Sexual content tends to run the gamut from scantily clad women to suggestive or sexually charged dialog to the occasional nude figure.

However, nudity does not instantly equate to pornography, in fact to my knowledge an actual sex scene does not instantly make a piece pornographic.

When I was a lad of 17 I went and purchased many a ticket for R rated movies, not to mention many a DvD movie, some of which featured nudity and actual sex. These movies were rated R, and most of them were far more violent than manhunt, and most of them featured far more suggestive content than manhunt. None of the movies were considered pornographic, and all were sold off the unlocked shelf.

However since our definition of pornography is different, you considered two boys kissing "gay pornography", I assume you will be going after certain retailers (Fry's Electronics and Target) for selling pornographic movies to a minor(Me).

As for the topic at hand, Mr Thompson Lorne Lanning way an industry Icon. Keyword was, and even then he was only a well known figure in certain parts. There are far better people to debate on the industries behalf.

Reading Jack's comments on here makes me way more violent than any video games have made or will make me violent. His mindset is as warped as a funhouse mirror, yet about as flexible as a brick wall; and his entire attitude makes me want to stab forks into my eyes. Repeatedly.


When do you intend to reimburse the money from what is essentially your mistake?

Remember, the Illuminati and the Masons (and Take Two!) are conspiring against him. So it's not his fault that he lost, it's all the fault of the great conspiracy against him, involving government, industry, and the courts. They're all against him... They're all out to get him... Get him... geeeeeeet himmmmmmm...
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

@ JT

"PhoenixZero: I’m sorry, but what part about an ESRB descriptor stating “Strong Sexual Content” do you not understand?"

I'll answer for him, Mr. Thompson.

'Sexual content' does not necessarily mean the depictment of actual sex acts. Sexual content means things such as clothed lap dances and closing the door right when you see a bra fall to the floor. Do you actually SEE the pixelated sex? No. The images aren't there. The sexual suggestiveness is.

Content using actual sex acts on-screen contitutes a different rating detail from the ESRB.

That is the difference between sexual content and actual sex, Mr. Thompson. I advise you learn it.

Off-topic, i'm proud that you're actually taking the time to respond to several comments here, albeit still twisting words to your liking, but at least you're acknowledging opinions instead of turning everyone down but yourself.

@ John Bruce

Dear Knight: Because responding to an email is not a debate.

The reason I asked is that you seem to be willing to voice your opinion in any medium that allows you to be a public figure. Thus you will gladly accept any invitation to be on TV, be interviewed for a newspaper or website, debate at a conference etc. But when you are asked to respond to a private email and give a valid answer to a serious question, you refuse to answer. Why is this? Because it will not give you that public attention to which you are addicted.

Hey, Jack. I don't play any Take Two games. Its true. I'm an evil sociopath gamer, but I've never even touched a Take Two/RockStar game. Why? They don't interest me.

I'd rather play Fable or KOTOR and choose to act heroic or be a general villain and beast. I'd rather play a good action game like God of War or Heavenly Sword than Manhunt. I'd rather play a good RPG like Final Fantasy than Bully. Yes, I openly admit I don't play Grand Theft Auto. It never appealed to me.

It's not because I hate TT. Some of their games even look well made. I'm not even angry that they make controversial games. Rather, I'd applaud them for having the guts to challenge people's perception of video games. For pushing the envelope. At one time, even comic books were considered obscene. Scratch that. At one time, the Waltz was seen as an obscene dance that would "corrupt our children". People need to be morally and intellectually challenged. That's how we grow.

I'll defend TT/RR from the critics, not because I like them or what they say or do, but because they have a right to say and do those things. Take Two has the right to exist. You may not like it, but that's just too bad.

"I may not like what you say, but I'll defend, to the death, your right to say it."

@jack thompson, attorney

Um, Thompson[sorry for omitting Mr,you just keep managing to push my respect for you past the negative zone] why is it instead of competently answering anyone you go right for the personal attacks without ATTEMPTING to answer in a respectful manner?

And I saw Zach's question, it was far from silly. If you think parents are so powerless over their children IN THEIR OWN HOMES that they can't return a game disc their children somehow got a hold of

AS to weather or not you're waiting for another massacre to chase, you blamed V tech on video games before there was a body count or even before we knew the name of the attacker. Wow, since no games were installed on his computer, I guess Solitaire game him all the training he needed, ignore the hours hes pent on a gun range

In any case, if you debate Dr Jenkins, I would love to see it so long as you don't go shouting people down like I have seen you do on G4, where you even tried to shout down the moderator, or on that other channel where the other side hardly spoke, at all.

I agree. We do have common goals despite the actions of JT. Acting like an adult despite the opposition makes you a bit more respectable when you share your comments though. It's why many of the commenters here don't have much respect for JT. It's also why often (despite the direct confrontation) many of you lose your cool and then respond in some immature manner.

I can't blame you for being in a difficult situation, but Knight does a good job at trying to retain some composure when responding. Not to fluff the guy up, but it's best to go the respectable route when responding. Count to 10.

Bravo Dav. I don't think he'll agree (understandably, for his cause), but a fairly thoughtful response.

@ Everyone supporting my question

Thanks. I did give up on receiving a reply and that is why I posted the email on the forums. I am now glad I did. It really shows what John Bruce's motives really are. Just by ignoring my questions, he shows that he really does not support parents in this debate. I still have yet to figure out his true motives, but I hope I will soon.

Ha! That will do it.


First off, Godwin's Law.
Second, I agree.

!I suggest that the audience all stand and give Mr. Thompson the classic “Heil Mein Furor” salute."

It's Heil Hitler, and Mein Fuhrer.

Finally, I will see you at the PKK meeting in Northern Iraq, Comrade.


Could you define opinion for me? I'd like to see if it's anything like what i'm thinking.

With Respects, BlackIce

I'd like to join with Jadedcritic, Jack, and concede that Rockstar is the biggest part of the problem. But as he also said, it is Rockstar and not Take 2 itself that is really to blame. To their credit, Strauss Zelnick actually took out the time to speak to you. Compare that with Paul Eibler who never said anything publicly to anyone even at the height of Hot Coffee. So give the devil their due.

Probably it's because that they publish their games you feel they are complict, but Take 2 is more than just Rockstar. The developer formerly known as Irrational Games made BioShock which is just absolutely wonderful, and raises some interesting questions about free will, morality and what it means to be human. I could see however where it may not be your cup of tea, as much of the game was inspired the philosphy of Ayn Rand and thus may be at odds with your Christian faith, but the story is compelling and raises some interesting points.

(Hey, why am I telling you all this? You still have a copy of the game you bought with your son, right? Go and play it!)

Take 2 also publishes the wonderful fantasy Role Playing Game Oblivion from Bethesda. Again, maybe Fantasy isn't your thing, but I think you'll find it a darned sight more tasteful and intelligent and far less crass than anything Rockstar makes.

And finally they'll also be publishing the long-awaited third sequel to the post-apocalyptic Role Playing Game Fallout (also from Bethesda), which also has drawn a lot of acclaim and praise over the years.

Like Jadedciritc, I wouldn't shed a tear either if Rockstar closed down. I will agree that among makers of violent games, they are probably the worst offenders. The only games they made of any merit were the Grand Theft Auto Games (although Bully actually turned out to be pretty good too). But that's only because behind whatever violence and mayhem there was, it was actually a good game. I can't say the same for Manhunt 2, and as I have said in other threads, I will not support a company that generates controversy to artificially inflate sales of what is in essence a bad game. So maybe they'll learn their lesson from this one. I don't know.

If Rockstar went out of business, I wouldn't care less. But please, Take 2 isn't the problem. There is a difference between the people who actually make the games and the people who just publish them. The sooner you understand that distinction, the better off we'll all be.

And finally, just curious: If Rockstar and/or Take 2 suddenly went out of business today, what other game publisher or developer would you go after next? Or would you just stop there?

Think I like this one better.

Just a warning to everyone, i'm far to the left today, so bear with me.

With Respects, BlackIce


I'd say it's more than a fine line b/w impersonating and being Jack ;) But the main reason I was thinking GP might've checked is that I've seen him post on the comments this morning, so I figured that with Jack so active, he probably would be keeping an eye out to some extent. Just a guess on my part, but I thought it was a fairly good guess! :)


Agreed. I used to fly off the handle at JT comments. I kinda mellowed out, especially after my temp ban.

I had a whole writeup about comparing JT to the relative everyone has who thinks the government is one big conspiracy, and practically bursts with pride every time they let everyone in on the "secret", but then I realized that I don't need to go into detail. Everyone knows what I'm talking about. ;)
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

Dear Manta: First of all, stop being a coward and use a real name.

Secondly, the day I disclose to all my tactics at GP is the day I pack it in. Nice try. Here's the only issue for me:

Do you think retailers should sell alcohol, tobacco, and firearms to anyone of any age? If no, then why would you think that retailers should sell to anyone under 17 a Mature game, with no parent in sight?

That's my only issue. Deal with that, and stop with the other stuff.


You only have 1 of those relatives? I've got an entire branch thats like that.

Dear Ms. Knight: I support parents' rights, which is why they support me. Retailers should not sell Mature games to kids with no parents in sight. You don't want a debate. You want to be "clever." You failed on both counts.

Somebody get this guy some mental health help:

Jabrwock Says:

November 5th, 2007 at 11:47 am

When do you intend to reimburse the money from what is essentially your mistake?

Remember, the Illuminati and the Masons (and Take Two!) are conspiring against him. So it’s not his fault that he lost, it’s all the fault of the great conspiracy against him, involving government, industry, and the courts. They’re all against him… They’re all out to get him… Get him… geeeeeeet himmmmmmm…


Oh I've got more than one too. But everyone has AT LEAST one.
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

Manta... I agree with you very much so, but you have to understand that there is a connection between the development and the distribution of information.

That's why T2 is even considered part of the problem in this instance. They are part of the distribution chain.

Drugs: Growers are the real problem, but there are the transporters and the dealers.

Pornography: Photographers actually take the images, but there are the publishers and the distributers.

My point is, because they maintain that relationship, they can be held as accountable as the people that create the content. If T2 felt it was their responsibility to no longer support the material that is continuously developed by R*, then they could drop them. However, they continue to publish the games that are developed. They have to be able to stand up to any scrutiny that arises.

@E.Zachary Knight

For what it's worth, I don't think it's quite so simple as that. If I were him, I wouldn't answer either, but for other reasons. It's possible I'm giving him too much credit, but consider, there's no shortage of JT hatred around here, and replying to your email privately would mean giving you his email address. He might not trust that you'd be willing to respect his privacy/not pass along that email address.

Look at the bright side, this thread is pretty unusual. I don't quite know what's gotten into him, but he's being quasi-civil. Granted, there's still some name-calling going on; but he's actually taken the time to discuss with at least 3 or 4 with us, I would call that improvement over most days. (Feels wierd being optimistic, I'm usually so cynical this is out of character for me, but I do like to believe in second chances; and if he quit trying to whip everyone who doesn't share his opinion with the legal system, and started trying to persuade, I for one wouldn't have a problem with that.)

@Black Manta

Yes, Rockstar has a habit of releasing games that have content not suited for everyone. But the problem doesn't lie there. That is actually the restriction that they place upon their own games, and it's up to the public and retailers to understand that. No, these games are not for everyone. They are for people ages 17 and older. For those keeping track, that's one year of people who are minors, and many years of those that are adults.

Rockstar also created several franchises and stand-alone titles that aren't GTA, that sold - Max Payne, Midnight Club, The Warriors, and Oni.

The thing is that if Rockstar gets shut down because of this, that just opens the floodgates for morons like JT to come in and try to either censor more material or find a way that violates our freedom of expression. At that point, where's it going to stop? Would Sephiroth have really killed Aeris on screen, or would a text box pop up later in the game saying "Aeris died of Cholera?" Would Mario really jump on Goomba's heads, or would he just sidestep them, saying "Excuse me?" I realize these examples are extreme, but it's the direction that this would continue if idiocy from these censorship-preaching peons were allowed to go unnoticed.


And finally, just curious: If Rockstar and/or Take 2 suddenly went out of business today, what other game publisher or developer would you go after next? Or would you just stop there?

Hah! He wouldn't stop there, he'd just change his title from "jack thompson, attorney and you're not" to "jack thompson, destroyer of Take Two, and you're not".

Maybe he'll go back to whining about id Software.

I've always wondered why he switched gears mid-stream and dropped any semblance of caring about Doom and it's makers. I guess it's easier to convince parents that a "street gang/cop killing" game is more dangerous than one where you blast demons from Hell...
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...


I have a friend like that ^^;


From a technical standpoint, the removal of the filter over the content in Manhunt 2 is no different than the removal of the filter over the (anatomically INCORRECT) bodies of nude Sims in The Sims and The Sims 2. This is not an "unlock"-able feature, it is a code hack, a modification that violates the EULA. Simply put, the more clear image that is seen after removing that filter *must* be drawn by the graphics card before it can be distorted by the blur filter - that someone interrupted the draw sequence before the distortion can be applied is in no way the fault of R* or T2. The very same sequence interruption could be done in the latest Barbie game from Mattel, interrupting the drawing of the model before clothing could be applied, which would ordinarily block the view of the (anatomically incorrect) nude Barbie.

This same sort of content removal could occur in any game. In fact, it has happened in a number of them, many of them made for the kids-teens audience. Why did you not go after them?

@Jack Thompson, our hero and idol

Read DavCube's response. I've actually played Manhunt 2, with and without the overlaying filter and will do so again shortly though actually playing it is more punishing than any of the executions shown in it.

I'm a little disappointed that it's taken you that long to respond to something I've said.


You pretty much responded as I would have if I saw his reply sooner.


I agree, I started playing Manhunt 2 since Halloween night and I'm barely into the second "stage". I never finished the first game either. Though I do enjoy GTA (or at least the 3D ones, never liked the others largely due to my dislike of the top down view) though mainly for the exploring aspect to it.

If that really is Jack posting here, then wow. Immature.

@ JT

Oh Jack, you were on such a good run. About 12 hours before going back to your old ad-hominum ways. So sad.

"Secondly, the day I disclose to all my tactics at GP is the day I pack it in. Nice try."

Do you think we were actually expecting some sort of bad action movie villain cliche from you?

"Do you think retailers should sell alcohol, tobacco, and firearms to anyone of any age? If no, then why would you think that retailers should sell to anyone under 17 a Mature game, with no parent in sight?"

Well, they don't. Almost ever. Since you stand right next to your son when he buys the game for your single-sample study (which you yourself say is inconclusive) the clerk takes the assumption that you think your son is mature enough to play the game without becomes a murderous bottom-feeder. The human mind is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

"That’s my only issue. Deal with that, and stop with the other stuff."

Same to you. Quit threatening a bunch of anonymous people on the internet with legal action challenging threats that don't even fit the definition of 'threat.'

And also, Mr. Thompson, Jabrwok was making a joke. You do the same thing many times. I would hope you'd be able to detect such obvious sarcasm.

Also Jack, when are you going to say about the Punisher game that came out two and a half years ago and published by THQ? People have been removing the filter from that game's executions for years now with no one batting an eyelash. Hey at least now I doubt the free publicity would mean much seen as the game is over two and a half years old.

@Weighted Companion Cube

Rockstar didn't make Max Payne, that was Remedy, Rockstar was a publisher and bought the rights to it.

@Jack Thompson:

"why would you think that retailers should sell to anyone under 17 a Mature game, with no parent in sight?

That’s my only issue. Deal with that, and stop with the other stuff."

"Retailers should not sell Mature games to kids with no parents in sight."

If this is your only issue, can you explain then why you go after Take Two's releases and other video games directly (the Bully case, trying to get Halo 2 declared a public nuisance, involving GTA in the cases of Cody Posey, Devin Moore et al, blaming Manhunt for the Stephan Pakeerah murder, etc.)?

If your problem is with the retailers, then go after the retailers. to use your own analogy, if a store sold a case of Budweiser, or a pack of cigarettes, or a copy of Playboy, would you seek to sue the brewery, the cigarette company or the publisher of the magazine? No, you would sue the store itself.

Either concentrate on the retailers or admit that this is not your only issue.

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen Jack post this much.


Gah, missed one. You're right. Oni was actually made by Bungie, too. Regardless, they were published by Rockstar, meaning they still had a hand in its release.

Folks, keep in mind that what JT is trying to do isn't really 'debate', not in what I think is the truest sense of the word. Debate I always figured is the exchange of ideas - a two-way exchange. JT doesn't come off as one who wants to get more information on the matter at hand in order to form an opinion; he already has an opinion and is using 'debate' as a medium by which he can express said opinion to as many people as possible in an effort to convince them he's right. In other words, I don't think he CARES about your arguments. You can keep reasoning with him if it'll make you feel better, but at this point I'm not inclined to think it'll matter.

I agree with: "Retailers should not sell Mature games to kids with no parents in sight".

but not with: "I support parents’ rights, which is why they support me".

I know it might surprise you JT but there are a lot of parents here. They practically all agree with you on the first count.

"Do you think retailers should sell alcohol, tobacco, and firearms to anyone of any age? If no, then why would you think that retailers should sell to anyone under 17 a Mature game, with no parent in sight?

That’s my only issue. Deal with that, and stop with the other stuff".

True, that's your only issue. Not rated R movies. No it's okay " that retailers should sell to anyone under 17" I guess. Why would think it's okay for retailers to sell a rated R movie to someone under 17 with no parents in sight? (I doubt you will answer, you've never made a public statement about this as far as I know which shows how much you're scared to be called out on that).

By the way, it's not a crime to sell a Mature rated game to someone under 17 as much as you want it to be one. The M rating does not mean that it's not appropriate to everyone under 17, just that some people under 17 cannot handle it. Just like some people cannot handle roller coaster (that's why there's a warning on them too).


Nicely written, well-reasoned argument.
Poorly written, unreasoned argument coming from Jack in 3...

This is exactly what I've been talking about.

Anyone else would've been banned by now. Jack is allowed to rant and rant.

Dennis and Jack are drumming up publicity for each and obviously they're in it together.

I'm sick of the whole bloody thing.

Dear Manta: First of all, stop being a coward and use a real name.

Secondly, the day I disclose to all my tactics at GP is the day I pack it in.

And the day I actually give you my real name is the day that you promise you won't threaten to use that knowledge to threaten to sue my ass like you tried last year, asshole.

As for the retailers? That's their problem, not Take 2's the developers or anyone else's. You fail to understand how buisness works and that's why your proposal for the developers of games to not support retailers doesn't work. First off, they don't have that kind of clout. Second it'd be economic suicide for them and you know it.

You deal with that and stop the other stuff.

"Do you think retailers should sell alcohol, tobacco, and firearms to anyone of any age? If no, then why would you think that retailers should sell to anyone under 17 a Mature game, with no parent in sight?"

1. It's your problem because..?
2. You go after the developers when it's the fault of the retailer.. why?


Publicity is only worthwhile if you can capitalize on it. Dennis makes no money from GP (no ad revenue), so publicity actually COSTS him money. Poor business model if you ask me. I submit that you maybe didn't think that all the way through.

Wow Jack really went on a posting spree, didnt he?

BTW Jack you never answered my email question about the Saw movies and the Hostel movies.

@jack thompson, attorney

Well, I see you fail at understanding sarcasm and seem to think we have to give out out real names, home addresses, hell, why not post our social security numbers for you? You don't give a crap about you own son;s safety, why woudl you give a crap about anyone else's safety much less their rights, consumer or otherwise

@Johnny: I think JT's line on the movie thing is that games, by virtue of being interactive, are more threatening than movies. (It's a popular argument in the anti-game camp. While it's not well supported by research, the research often gives that impression just because there's a lot out there on the effects of interactive media. To my knowledge the effects of movies and passive media is studies with much less frequency.)


And he actually responded to a few posts.. which leads me to suspect that it isn't, infact, the real Jack Thompson.

If it isn't though, they've done their homework.


Quantity =/= Quality

First of all, stop being a coward and use a real name.

You first... John.

why would you think that retailers should sell to anyone under 17 a Mature game, with no parent in sight? That’s my only issue. Deal with that.

Yet your lawsuits are almost exclusively against the producers, with the retailers added almost as an afterthought...

Oh right, because the retailers are being paid off by the producers. Conspiracy strikes again!

I highly doubt you'd back off if parents were the only ones putting these games into the hands of kids. You'd still be suing the publishers for producing these games, you'd just change tactic and pretend that parents were being misled somehow into thinking that Mature 17+ meant "Minors 11+" or something silly like that. Or continue with your conspiracy rants about the ratings system.

Honestly, why would the ESRB need to conspire to hide mature content, when your favourite stores apparently (according to you) don't enforce the ratings anyway? If they enforced the ratings, it would make sense, but since according to you they don't, there's no point in hiding anything.
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

@ Weighted Companion Cube
Oh i know that :)

Still, surprised.

I think it is the real one. GP responded to most of them.
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Big PermHer costume is amazing. It may be the best costume ever08/28/2015 - 8:30am
E. Zachary KnightLike I said, she looks like a fun character to play, but her costume is really obnoxious.08/28/2015 - 8:29am
MattsworknameMika was always about being a show off and using her but to crush her foes, even back in the alpha days. They just took that and maxed it to the extreme, and I LOVE IT!!!!!08/28/2015 - 5:36am
IvresseJust saw R Mika trailer myself. I do like the inclusion of Vega as the punching bag, especially with that Stone Cold Stunner knocking his mask off....but that ultra move with his face between 4 buttcheeks...class! :-)08/28/2015 - 5:20am
MattsworknameOk, finally got a chance to look at the R mika trailer for SF 5, and I Heart her so bloody much. She just looks like pure fun to play as and is SO colorful. All the YES!08/28/2015 - 3:23am
PHX Corphttp://www.gamnesia.com/news/sony-is-disabling-users-from-archiving-their-ps4-livestreams-of-until-dawn Sony is Disabling Users from Archiving Their PS4 Livestreams of Until Dawn08/27/2015 - 8:47pm

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