President Bush Games with Wounded Troops; Bloggers Take Offense

November 10, 2007 -

President Bush's recent gaming session with wounded Iraq war veterans in a Texas rehab hospital is not sitting well with some liberal bloggers.

At this point, it's not known exactly which game Bush played. As reported by AFP:

President George W. Bush had a shoot-out with the "bad guys" in Iraq on Thursday, playing a computer game with war veterans that simulates a firefight in Baghdad... Bush tried his hand at the game with two soldiers during a visit to a rehabilitation center in Texas that treats veterans wounded in Iraq.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Bush helped "shoot the bad guys" in a Baghdad neighborhood, albeit virtually... the president saw several "cutting edge virtual reality games" that allow recovering soldiers at the center in San Antonio to simulate riding in a car or boat.

The Huffington Post's bare-bones report on the story generated a thousand comments (although, to be fair, many of those relate to a flame war among HP readers). Meanwhile Exit Stage-left really wigged out:

First, did he wear his flight suit? Just because you play a god blessed video game, you did not fight against the "bad guys" you twit.

It's an insult to the men and women you are sending in to lose limbs and their lives. You playing a video game does not make you a soldier, you giddy moron.

...For [military personnel killed in Iraq] there was no restart button, the bullets were real, you don't get any "life packs" or supercharged powers. You don't play in an air-conditioned room with tons of admirers/donors watching your every move.

GP: Let me say right up front that - my opinion - George W. Bush is a freakin' disaster as President. But c'mon. The troops - many of whom have lost limbs - were rehabbing and enjoying the game. What's the problem? Bush has plenty of real issues over which he can be criticized. Let's not manufacture one from a few moments of game play.


Re: President Bush Games with Wounded Troops; Bloggers Take

I can't believe that people are bitching about Bush playing a fucking game! He was just playing a game with some of our Troops who are American Heroes.

btw, I think I am the only person here who likes Bush...

Which makes them more Evil, and therefore more likeable.

Plus they're Communists! It's like i'm in Bliss..

He is the worst president ever. But we have other issues that are far more important than him playing a game for a bit with some soldiers, because it really doesn't mean anything, in truth, it holds little power.

Now his veto of that child's health care thing, that's something much more important to focus on, for example.

What amuses me is the spin in the report by the AFP. It's silly.

I wonder what JT would say? WWJTD?

Anyway, I hate Bush for startinga useless war (that might have turned out good, with a lot of care) and letting yes-men dictate the warring and then when they failed (Surprising isn't it?) not throwing them away ASAP. I also hate registered Bush Bashers, anyway they only preach to the choir, who can't see that he might have done a few nice things. Hell, I'd bet they would STFU if any equally incompetent democrat president made the same thing. Anyway Bush is where we lost hope of getting a sane republican party and, of course, at the same time the democratic party hasn't got to be sane to compete anymore. Damn the neo-cons (and the people who fell for their spin) for getting the US in a politically locked situation of total failure. (The alternative was called Al Gore, so perhaps the US voters didn't make the worse choise...)

And as for saying that 'he perhaps has better things to do" I'd like to remind people that a sleep deprived and stressed person is not some one you would like to see running a powerful nation, I repeat, a half crazzed psycho is not a good leader, out.

Besides, let him go without the PR for once, please, we nedd less spin in politics already, and not just the "I have less spin in my campaign!" reverse spin that still is spin, we need less spin. Lies, I can cope with, just don't try to persuade (=! convince) me they are true.

There are plenty of things to criticize Bush about. This doesn't need to be one of them. If you want to spend time talking about all the mistakes and miscalculations Bush has made there is tons of material out there that is actually relevant to the state of the world. Who really cares what Bush's motive in playing games with troops is? It's not nearly as important as the fact that he refuses to see that his Iraq policy has totally failed, he's not doing anything to really help our troops have money and medical care when they come home, he is working very hard to prevent advances in medical fields through stem cell research and he is attempting to make sure that congress cannot extend medical care to children who's parents make enough to live but not enough to actually take them to a doctor. Basically it comes down to
Bush playing video games with troops = unimportannt
Bush's policies and effect on the nation = VERY IMPORTANT.

"No one else in the intelligence community knew Saddam had no WMDs"

Except, you know, Hans Blix and the weapons inspectors.

You know, I'm no "Bushie," but damn, these left-wing nutjobs are every bit as bad as the neo-con-moralist right. It seems like every single thing W does is 'wrong' - even when he's right (for once).

Gaming with injured troops, especially when he's ultimately responsible for putting them there, is never a bad thing. Games have been shown to speed recovery and help with pain managment.

ah the disabled/wounded playing together...isnt that nice least the soldiers will get better in time....


Who let the clown into the hospital!

Sorry if there were no cams/pics I would give thumbs up to this but with the pics it smacks of a PR stunt more than visiting the wounded.

I'm glad the bias is out front, but it's nice to know that GP isn't someone who can't find good in anything the president does.

So, G.W. Bush has become the first gaming predisent in US history...nice to remember that even though I'm not his sympathiser.

wow, never thought I would be defending Bush, but I really don't see the problem here.

by the way, middle eastern FPS....COD4?

not really its like the mission accomplished spew its a freaking photo op.

its a photo opt and whats worse because bush and co put them there in the first place....uhg.... sorry there is nothing He and his can do that is not partially corrupted from the start.....

These days, George W. can't blow his nose without enraging the ire of the liberal mainstream media, while Fox News and Rush Limbaugh defend him as the greatest president EVAR!!!! Is it any wonder my favorite source of news is the Daily Show? And now the writers strike has taken that away from me, the greedy bastards.

The people wigging out over this just need to hear one thing from me:


@ZeRu - I don't think he is the first gaming president in US history. I'll get back to you if I can prove otherwise =)

If the game session was indeed a military simulation, I bet I can figure out which one it was in 3 guesses. If it was just an entertainment game, then some differentiation needs to be made.

its hard to do so when this asshole and his friends have fcked over the country so much even more so than whats in the socialist dims wet dreams, there is no excuse to have this retard and his cronies still in office but alas goverment is broken and falling downhill.

Its only a matter of time before the neo cons and neo dims (lack of a better word to not offend the libertarians :P),hell calling them by thos names are not good enough these aristocrats are damning the nation and will destroying it in a generation or 2.

So the president spent some PR time with people directly affected by the Iraq war. So he played some games with them to show a little bit of a human side. So what?

This does not mean that he is evil. It means that he has taken time out of his busy life to show these wounded soldiers that they have not been forgotten.

"So the president spent some PR time with people directly affected by the Iraq war. So he played some games with them to show a little bit of a human side. So what?

This does not mean that he is evil. It means that he has taken time out of his busy life to show these wounded soldiers that they have not been forgotten. "

QFE Knight, well said.

p.s. - I wonder if the vets let POTUS win a round or two? :P

So the President is a gamer? One more reason for JT to hate Bush... ;)

(Although I seem to recall in the Rolling Stone piece that the interviewer noticed a Bush magnet on the refrigerator in his home, indicating support and thus making him a hypocrite...again. Then again, what else is new?) :P

E. Zachary Knight
key word PR, not everythign needs to be a photo opt if he went without cameras I could not diss this but with the cameras its nothing more than a photo opt to look good....meh and mabye to boost troop morals......*wanders off to remove 100 foot tree from ass*

Personally I see nothing wrong with this. The reaction is way off base, but what I've come to expect from certain groups. We live in the age where not only will some people take issue with actualy policy matter, but will also go out of their way to manufacture issues to complain and scream about.

I, for one, am glad it's completely meaningless. That man almost makes me want to register democrat. The day that he takes up gaming is the day I consider hanging up on my controller. I can't imagine a worse advocate. Well, maybe Jack. Problem with that theory is the day Jack takes up gaming is the day LEGIONS line up for the PRIVELEGE of tea-bagging him on xlive.

This blogger is a complete asshole.

@ Zippy

POTUS can't even leave the White House without a camera in tow or a heads up of where he is going.

The only time I can think of was when he surprised the troops in Iraq at Christmas by sneaking out of his ranch. Even then though a handful of reporters were given the scoop and flew with him.

I'm sure the troops at the hospital appreciated the opportunity to meet the Commander in Chief and be told personally thanks for all they have done.

@ Zippy

So the fact that cameras were present completely negates any good will present?

I agree with Baron. The pres can hardly go to the bathroom with out a parade of reporters.

He's spending time with the troops. It's good that he's taking time to play games with them when there are so many other things he could be doing (i.e. fixing the mistakes he's previously made). So why are people bitching and moaning about it? Because there's always people who feel that they have to bitch and moan about something.

Agreed, Austin. Doesn't mean i like Bush, but... yeah.

@ Black Manta

With the amount of dumbed-down language in this article (virtual reality, 'shooting the bad guys,' simulations) JT just might try to subpeona Bush. AGAIN.

@ Zippy

Does Bush EVER go out in public cameras? He's the president. No, of course he doesn't. I didn't vote for him and I don't support what he's done but I'm going with Baron and Zachery on this.

And if Bush refused to play a game with the soldiers, these people would be shrieking that he thinks he's too good to mingle with commoners or something...

I hate Bush as much as the next Democrat, but it's kind of interesting to me that people automatically assume that he was playing a Call of Duty 4, Prey, Halo 3, or Gears of War when they could just as easily could have been defending their Pinatas from the bad sour Pinatas in Viva Pinata.

...Then again, I guess people love to fabricate news stories just to attack George W. Bush when there's so much other stuff he's done wrong...

True, Bush is a horrible president (and that might even be an understatement) but this was pretty cool of him.

Bush may not be a good president, but these asswipes who think he can't even play a video game without turning it into a huge hate-on don't exactly make it a fair playing field.

E. Zachary Knight

the camera people can be removed from the area.... he can do private visits when he wants to...

if it were halo or a regular game... then it might not be worth making noise over...

but playing an Iraq sim? -with vets who had their legs blown off (in reality) in iraq??? -with the guy who personally sent thousands of 'us' to die and kill tens of thousands of 'them' (in reality), and who justified it with LIES????

...and this is to create a down-to-earth show of sympathy for the troops, that's the part that's weird

Maybe it would be better for Bush to play a game like Wii Sports.

I don't think Bush was playing the games to try to relate to or be more like the soldiers. He was doing it to have fun with them. I'm not a fan of Bush myself, but this is retarded. It's the same situation when he was called racist for saying Obama is articulate.

Never really saw Bush as a gamer myself. Much to uptight. Still if he wants a PR shot of his spending time with the recouping troops (that he sent into harms way. He either has big balls [doubtful] or a lack of tact but that is not news with Bush) who is to quibble? So some bloggers did not like it? Those same bloggers bash Bush on a regular basis anyways, he cannot win for losing (and he loses a lot as it is). We have oil prices through the roof, possible war looming in Iran, inflation going nuts (due to said oil prices) and they have a problem with his playing a game? By all accounts even in the blog the games were helpful to the vets, so that should not be the issue. If someone wants to shoot off a few virtual rounds I cannot see the problem there either. In fact I the only problem I see here is the bloggers themselves. They are giving the rest of us a bad name.

Just for the record I hate despise Bush as much as any Democrat and I am a registered Republican. But to get a kink in the pants over his playing a game with them? Anyone renting clues? Obviously those bloggers cannot afford to one of their own.

This is a reason why I think the national sport of Bush Bashing has gone too far. Yes, credit is due when he or any other president screws up, but it has gotten so far to become reflex amongst some people.

Long line at the DMV? Blame Bush.
Got stopped for speeding? Blame Bush.
Mismanaged local crisis? Blame Bush.

The funny thing is that he did do something nice here. I wonder if any of the people slamming G.W. would do the same...

@some people...

he's not being 'nice' -he's trying to get congress to pass his vets spending bill +make a little bit of positive publicity so it looks like the congress doesn't care about the troops and he's their hero.

This does not mean that he is evil. It means that he has taken time out of his busy life to show these wounded soldiers that they have not been forgotten.

I suppose it depends on whether the abysmal conditions at the rehab centers have been fixed, or whether this was just a photo op to pretend they were.

The link leads me to a pop-up of a so-called virus-spyware scanner. If you're going to link somewhere, at least check to see if it won't put a reader's computer at risk. :(

Also, the Exit-Stage-Left link only leads to a Daily Telegraph article that contains none of the quotes in this article.

I don't like Bush as a president, but that article seemed a little harsh.

And here I thought Dennis was a critical thinker.

Sad to see you're on the Bush hate bandwagon.

As young people, I'm pretty sure there's a written rule that says we're prohibited from stating we like bush.

That said, if we looked up bush's gamertag, bet you that he hasn't unlocked enough achievments in Iraq to satisfy critics. Y'see, who needs the writer's guild for late night?

Yes, nice of him to drop in on the soldiers recovering and play a few video games....

So tell me...

How many terminally ill American CITIZENS did he drop in at hospitals and such and play a few video games with (such as at the hospitals where GWG and Child's Play donated games)?

Or, how about the citizens recovering from natural disasters (and some not so natural disasters)?

Nice of him to give attention to the soldiers fighting wars overseas. But maybe every once and awhile he can give some attention to the CITIZENS of THIS country.

NW2K Software
Nightwng2000 NW2K Software Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as


Those soldiers are for the most part citizens of this country too.

I'm no fan of Bush (quite the opposite, I can't stand the man), but criticizing him over this is pretty idiotic and petty. I'm as left-leaning as they come, but those comments almost make me ashamed to say so.

I guess Bush was getting with wounded troops to soften his image before his departure, oy. Remember when he said a month or more ago "Childrens do learn"? LOLOLOOOLOLOOL. And I laugh at how 2004 elections pictures on photobucket featured Bush as superior mostly and how John Kerry was a "Cheese-eating Surrender Monkey". Look at that and the consequences of the Bush Administration now, oy.

Cute.. The Clown's playing video games..

If Preznit Bush thinks that's what Iraq was like, then the bloggers are justified. I wouldn't be suprised if that was going through his mind at the time. Of course, if he had said that, then the vets would have thrown him out the front door.

The other possiblity is that he was just there to enjoy himself and spend some time with his loyal soldiers, in which case the bloggers aren't justified, but are interpreting the situation as they see it.

The third possibility is that he was just doing it for the press.

Although Bush is a politican, he is a simple man (also known as an idiot), so it's more likely to be the first scenario than the other two.
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