Detroit Prosecutor Issues (outdated) List of 10 Violent Games to Avoid For the Holidays

December 4, 2007 -
Detroit is the second most dangerous city in America, according to 2006 crime statistics.

Top Prosecutor Kym Worthy (left) thinks violent video games may play a role. As reported by the Detroit News, Worthy has issued her 3rd annual list of the Top 10 Most Violent Games. Of the titles, she said:
It's no wonder we're seeing the crimes we're seeing lately...  Please do not buy these video games and bring them into your home. It desensitizes [children] to violent acts.

From the Detroit News article:
Grand Theft Auto topped a list of the top 10 most violent video games... The video game "absolutely glorifies" carjacking, Worthy said, and encourages shooting, running over pedestrians and other violent acts.

Other video games on the list make a sport out of buying and selling drugs, show children witnessing the murder of their father and Rapper 50 Cent being involved in the drug underworld.

It won't be especially difficult for parents to avoid purchasing the games on Worthy's Top 10 List, since most of them are at least a year old; some are several years old:

1. Grand Theft Auto (last released on consoles 2004; PSP, 2006)
2. Manhunt (2004, we assume they mean 2007's Manhunt 2)
3. Scarface (2006)
4. 50 Cent Bulletproof (2005)
5. 300  (Feb, 2007)
6. The Godfather (PS3 - March, 2007; other versions, 2006)
7. Killer-7 (2005)
8. Resident Evil 4 (Wii, PC 2007; other versions 2005)
9. God of War (2005; we assume they mean 2007's GoW2)
10. Hitman Blood Money (2006)

GP: We understand that politicians are going to compile lists of this sort around the holiday shopping season. Is it too much to ask that they do their homework, figure out which games are actually in demand right now and offer parents guidance that is more relevant?


@Dark Sovereign

tell microsoft to stop recycling material and puting out crappy games and Ill play their system more but for now im gonna stick to my PS3 and my Wii (get your head out of mycrosofts ass and your own)

fanboys suck

Killer7 only ranks in at number 7? Geez, even on a list of violent games, Goichi Suda can't catch a break.

For the record, I think Killer7 is the most influential violent game on the list, because it's the only one that actively encourages you to change personalities in order to kill efficiently - that sounds like a recipe for serial killer psychosis, doesn't it? I'm pretty sure it's also still available in stores on the used game racks; I saw a few copies going for $15 at my local Zellers. It's actually one of the most artistic games I've ever played, so mature gamers with a good grasp of how their parental controls work should pick it up for the experience.

@ Adrian Lopez

Don't try to infuse logic in this. Just because your point makes sense...

Yeah, so violent video games have caused Detroit's high crime rate. Nothing else. At all. Ever. Don't buy your kids Night Trap!

Whoo, good to see killer7 getting the attention it deserves. Just out of interest, why isn't Manhunt further up that GTA? Just a random thought...


Because it's GTA, and because she can't be bothered to PLAY the game to see what context the content in question is in.


Haven't bothered to see the new stuff have you?

>It’s like someone saying, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” and some else answering, “omelette’s!”

AHAHAHAHA! Tom wins =) That is such a perfect comparison.

i have its also on the ps3 except gaylo 3 and im gonna stop feeding you

stupid troll
fanboys suck

[...] Thanks: GamePolitics and Detroit News [...]


I find that post ironic for a number of reasons.

That last news link reminds me: WHERE IS BIOSHOCK?

But dammit, DCOW, my Pol Sci 110 class (my only Pol Sci class) involved quite a ton of reading and homework...

These people must not be huge sci-fi fans.

And LMAO at Detroit authorities talking about how the city just recently got bad. If I recall the mayor isn't doing a good job in reforming, and as a result the upper middle class is moving out of Detroit and leaving it to the poorer and less fortunate.

Detroit should be the last city to play the blame game on their crimes.

I think for Christmas, all parents should try to find old Atari systems, go out into the desert, and try to dig up the remains of E.T. Anything else is violent and affects children psychologically, including Tetris.

all hail E.T.

Yeah, there wasn't any crime in Detroit prior to the creation of video games.

Yeah, I mean, in Tetris you're really killing those lines, after all. That sort of violent imagery is uncalled for.


"stupid troll
fanboys suck"

I find that very ironic.

when someone does their game related homework for one of these lists then we might have to worry that they are actually on to something. Luckily that is never going to happen.

BTW I highly doubt they relize that they mean
1) GTA: There is a subtitle here
2) Manhunt Censored
ext. ext.

why don't they do like Gamerdad and instead have a list of age-appropriate games to GET for the holiday?

He's right, you know. Before video games were invented, Detroit was a magical land where children skipped down sunny streets and leprechauns gave out gold and candy.

Damn you, Pong. Damn you to hell.

Ah, "She's right," I mean. Reading comprehension ftw.

Wait, wasn't the 300 game only for GBA? lol

What fucking dumbasses. That game was all pixelated and stuff. Also, the list just seems to be focusing on the most controversial games rather then the most violent. Postal isn't even on there.

"It’s no wonder we’re seeing the crimes we’re seeing lately… Please do not buy these video games and bring them into your home. It desensitizes [children] to violent acts."

It always annoys me when some know-nothing "expert" says this. No study has yet to find a link between violence and video games and yet they alone think they have the answer.

And if being desensitized causes you to go on a killing spree, why aren't there more murderous doctors? Who is more desensitized to blood and gore than they?

I have an idea. Why don't parents not buy games that are rated M for their children. That way they are set.

On a related note, this prosecuter and various senators and congressmen need to get a message out to the parents:
"Parents, please! Don't buy your children cigarettes, pornography, and alcohol for Christmas. Despite pretty colors or friendly looking women on the covers, they are not for children! We are attempting to remove such things from store shelves. Also, illegal drugs are not a good idea either, mmkay?"

stupid woman

@ Weighted Companion Cube

Mario glorifies drug use. Donkey Kong is addicted to "bananas".

It's not like these games aren't sold anymore. Just because they are old doesn't mean they don't exist.

[...] via Game-Politics [...]

At least this list didn't include any game that doesn't actually exist, but who's title resemble a game never released outside of Japan. If I recall correctly, there was a "10 violent game" list that did that once.


I remember one that put both Halo:CE and Halo 2 on there...a year before Halo 2 came out.

@Dark Sovereign

Not the list I was thinking of, out of curiosity I did some quick googling and found it:

"Gunslinger Girls 2", was the game they listed that made no sense.



Yeah, the one I'm talking about was published in Game Informer.


The whole thing makes no sense.

A employee of the state of Michigan that's an idiot? Who'd a thunk it?! I couldn't have said it better than how jkdjr25 said it. Also, why the hell is a Prosecutor doing this? Their job is to put people in jail, not be media whores issuing stupid press releases like this. Of course, poverty and/or drug addiction couldn't be a factor. Crack/heroin/Meth/Whatever is expensive thanks to the epic failure of our drug policies! When is the last time someone knocked over a gas station or carjacked someone so they could get their fix from the next GTA?

On the "bright side" Dow has announced they're cutting 1,000 jobs, granted not all of them are going to be in Michigan, but still from looking at the Midland Daily News, that's going to probably be around 100 less jobs in the area if not more. But hey, Google is bringing 1,000 new jobs to Michigan.. Right? Right? After we've lost 2,000 or more by that time.


And let's not forget our enormous debt which lead us to the edge of a state government shutdown (but that was because a budget couldn't be agreed upon). Low income, living in a trash heap of a house, no, that couldn't possibly cause violence either, even if they're too poor to afford video games; they get it from others, like some twisted contact high.

@ Detriot Prosecutor

With this list in mind I hope you will pick up the following title for yourself:

-Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Detroit needs better prosecutors and with this courtroom simulator in hand that shows you how to conduct yourself in a professional manner it will be just a matter of time before you become the prosecutor Detroit needs to clean up its streets.

So please, put down Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law and start playing a real game for real lawyers.


@ Geno

Actually, 300: March to Glory was a PSP exclusive.

If GTA is the worst offender, doesn't that mean Manhunt 2 deserves the same rating?

Ijsut now spotted the Detroit bit. Makes me ashamed of my state, AGAIN!!!!


Wow, Shadow Heart is in that list? Come on!

According to this year's stats, I believe Detroit has gone so far as to snare the number one position as "Most Dangerous City in America."

I have a vivid recollection of reading this last month (and being none too surprised).

that's too funny. so, video games are making detroit the bastion of evil? check out this list:

cities with the most video games per capita. top of the list? must be detroit!

nope. it's salt lake.

damn all those violent lds folks!

tho, detroit does make a showing on the list down in the middle between the body bad filling cities of charleston and columbus.

what about the most violent city in america? st. louis? not even on the list.

so, exactly how does that reconcile with anything kim worthy has to say?


Way to stay on top of things you dopes. This lady can't even spell her own name right. Quit trying to be chic KIM. Nobody but you does that.

A deaf mute with a normal name,


pie is right about 1 thing fanboys do suck

where is Resistance. COD4, F.E.A.R., ect.

Couldn't she find some better games to go after than 50 cent or 300?

i live in detroit. its drugs (a least the buyers and sellers) and the really uneducated and the really high poverty rate here thats up-ing the crime not games. and the LACK of jobs. if your really poor you cant buy vid games duh. Detroit city counsel is full of idiots easily.

I'll third/fourth the fact that Killer-7 is getting some publicity is a good thing.

as a gamer who lives in Detroit I will say: yes city counsel members blame video games don't blame it on the drugs dealers don't blame it on our hip hop Mayor who laid off our cops it has to be the video games and if your going to make a list that of games to warn parents not to buy it least make an updated one...

@ pie
When I said "Sony's devil machine" I was only making a little joke, kind of referencing ho many sony/apple people think Bill Gates is "the devil" I wasn't trying to start a flame war, and I don't consider myself a fanboy. Simply put, I have an Xbox 360, and have recently aquired a Wii. I think that there are several games on the PS3 that look excellent, like heavenly sword, Resistance, and Moterstorm. However, several of your comments reflect several errors on your part:

"tell microsoft to stop recycling material and puting out crappy games and Ill play their system more but for now im gonna stick to my PS3 and my Wii (get your head out of mycrosofts ass and your own)

fanboys suck "

1.The xbox might have some games that are the same tired things we've been playing since Goldeneye (A game I remember fondly. Hey, that has violence! How come that didn't make the list!) but what console dosn't?
2. "putting out crappy games"? WTF? Where have you been the past year? Dead Rising(Chop till you drop!), Gears of War, Mass Effect (Which I NEED) Bioshock (One of the best games EVER, and don't you DARE say it isn't!) and, of course, Halo 3 (You may say it's the same game as the last two, but compare it to a turkey sandwich with turkey(Story), cheese(Features), and mayo(Multiplayer). Each is an intergral part of the sandwich. Halo CE had all three, but was lacking in cheese. Halo 2 added cheese and mayo but took out some turkey. Halo 3 added a s---load of cheese, eve more mayo, and put some of the turkey back, albiet in strange, contorted shapes. It's essentialy the same sandwich, but it's revamped with even more ingrediants each time. In any case, I liked it.)
3." Fanboys suck"? that's an oxymoron.

Please stop your crusade against microsoft and go on to play games, regardless of console. The GP comments section is the last place to wage a flame war. If we could direct this energy to those idiots like JT instead of each other, we could knock some sense into them. Or cause them to have a cerabral hemmorhage (yes, I know I speeled that wrong) when they see your grammer.

Spelled. Jeez, I'm off today.
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