AK-47 Wiimote Makes Wii Zapper Look Tame by Comparison

January 16, 2008 -
There's no truth to the rumor that this fella was voted "Most Likely to be Pasted into a Jack Thompson anti-game e-mail Rant."

What you're seeing is a standard Wii controller fitted into an AK-47 replica. As reported by Gizmodo:
Now you can convert your very own AK-47 and feel like a Soviet soldier while killing crazy bunnies and Zelda goblins. It may not be as cool as firing a bazooka in a 360-degree environment, but it definitely beats the Nintendo Wii Zapper.

The hybrid controller's creator, "Donald," told Gizmodo: 
It is not a real AK-47. It used to be an airsoft gun... Including the Wiimote and cost of the AK it's probably around $80. That sounds expensive, but the Wiimote (+ the nunchuck) is the brunt of that cost.


Re: AK-47 Wiimote Makes Wii Zapper Look Tame by Comparison

AK-47 is nice but I still love my Tokyo Marui M14 Carbine (OD) AEG Airsoft Gun.

Way to give Jack Thompson ammunition. No pun intended.

um... the only thing i can say is i hated the AK-47 in Call Of Duty 4... Oh, and this is a total waste of time, but if someone does bash gamers cus of this i will flip a shit.

It's just an experiment but it will still provoke dipshits of the JT sort or that conservative 'blogger' who masturbates to Mass Effect.

Does this matter in the eyes of anyone with functional and decently developed brains?

*scratches chin*
Is having a Wiimote shaped like a crack pipe bad?

It seems like it's gonna be a while before someone brings this up, so I'll get this said:

That's a very decent looking mod there. Sure, it's not the best thing for a kid, but this isn't a commercial product we're talking about here this is one guy tinkering with his own property.

Er, Tricky...

Call of Duty 4 AK-47 =/ Real life AK-47.

Do NOT bring real world physics into play.


I know that! I'm just sayin, when you compare it to the stats of the other guns on COD4...

I dont mingle real life and my gaming together, cus that is dangerous.

I'm going to be honest. That looks AWESOME. If this is bad, then people need to start targeting the Ghost Squad arcade game first. I personally think this is neat.

Interesting, but one still has to live in the real world where the physics of a real AK 47 are far different from a replica fitted with Wii motes. Physics which would defy someone believing they are training by using the replica. If they've never used a real gun, they'll get a rather nasty surprise when they try to use a real one after using the replica.

Which will defeat the misinformation spread by anyone making false claims that the replica will further train people to use the real thing.

NW2K Software
Nightwng2000 NW2K Software http://www.facebook.com/nightwing2000 Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as http://groups.myspace.com/pfenl

If I may make a suggestion...

The modder would do good to set up the gun such that every pull of the trigger activates an electric motor in the AK, which will in turn activate a piston to simulate recoil.

A couple of weights built into the frame also go a long way to simulate the real rifle's heft.

Twin Skies,
He'd have to make the shell actually have contact with the Wii Mote, wouldn't he?

I haven't actually seen the Zapper up close, let alone this one, but the "trigger" that is physically pushed by the finger is still the button(s) on the Wii Mote, right?

He would have to design the shell with a seperate trigger so that while you pull the shell trigger, it not only makes contact with the Wii Mote, it also triggers internal systems in the shell to activate the "vibration". And a vibration might be the extent that could be reasonably set up. And only a moderate one. I've never used a real gun, let alone an AK 47, but would repetitive "recoil" of similar effect that a real AK 47 might produce risk damage to the Wii mote, let alone an inexperienced user? Just a thought. Vibration is one thing. Recoil, even at half strength, is something else.

NW2K Software
Nightwng2000 NW2K Software http://www.facebook.com/nightwing2000 Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as http://groups.myspace.com/pfenl

It looks cool, but I can already see the headlines:
"Videogames are not only making our kids violent, but they're also officially teaching them how to be terrorists!!!"


The Wiimote's survived becoming an impromptu Anti-TV projectilse on several accounts. I'm sure a little extra jiggling can't hurt it. I'd imagine loading the Wiimote into the AK's pistol grip, and re-wiring it.

And if he did base this on an airsoft, he can probably use the integral battery to power the piston, which I'm thinking should be placed on the reciever.

It's doable - I've seen a similar layout from a Beretta M92F replica, except it was gas-powered.

Doesn't bother me, I was running round with fake guns at the age of 6, and learned to use the Binatone gun not much later. People tend to forget that one of the first ever video consoles had a light-gun.

The AK-47 is one of the firearms I see people most commonly use in Counter-Strike, oy. Talk about unbalanced.

I fear this will lead to trouble :(.

I want a wiimote mod that makes it in to and M-1 or an M-14.

Now i wonder if you could ever recreate the kick properly.

Now. I'm an avid fan of both airsoft and videogames. However, as an airsofter, this mod scared me a little. Don't get me wrong, I think this Wii mode is pretty kickass. But my fear is that anti-videogame proponents would actually discover airsoft. And that may screw the sport over big time. Hopefully, nobody of importance can make this link.

Rule # 1 of parenting: if you see your child with a actual gun in your house, not just a toy one, whip his/her ass right there.

What I would like to see is making it fit into a crossbow, fit for Link's Crossbow Training.

Why did he do this?

Is the game he is playing soooo boring that he is more concerned about the aesthetic of the controller? Or is he just trying to push peoples buttons and give ammot to every misinformed and ignorant parent and politician out there.

Look, I'll admit that his design was interesting. But either he's an idiot for posting his mod picture or he really just wants to defecate all over everyone who enjoys videogames. Dressing up as a terrorist makes me believe it was both.

I forsee the following ...

"Teen shot dead by police after waving videogame controller at them

...A teen was shot dead when he waved his Wii controller at policemen who mistook it for a gun. One officer said 'The damned thing looked just like an AK-47. Why would Nintendo sell these to kids?' Why indeed. No one can argue that the popular game console is marketted to kids...."

I love Gunsmiths..


Not that a good amount of anti game activists cant' tell the difference between a mod and what actually comes in the game. To them this WILL be a commercial product.

Neat idea though. It is missing the orange barrel tip.

Orange barrel tips are only required when these guns are being sold. Taking them off/spray painting them after you bought it is perfectly all right.

My bad I meant to say @kurisu7885. Please forgive my momentary brain fart.


I know all that, I'm just saying that'd bea nice way to make it obvious it's a fake gun, but that gets lost on some people, not saying I mean you, I mean those who will think the industry is selling these.

It's too bad, really. Because he used an AK-47, it'll be picked up as a terrorist thing. Had he instead chosen, say, a replica M16, it would be seen as a patriotic act and the Army would probably start mass-producing them to help recruiting.


I doubt it'd matter.

The M16 just as easily procured by rebels and terrorists these days as the AK-47.

It just depends on which side of the world you live in.


Them from opportunists we'd be hearing that this is undeniable proof that the military uses games to train kids to kill. There really would be no way to win this.

Here's a good question, why the hell did he put that on his head?!

This cannot be good, the only thing that can come out of this is more "ammo"(no pun intended) for JT.

You know, if you wear a ski mask or wrap a towel around your head while using it, that would make it more real......and probably distract you and cause you to lose, but than you'd have an excuse....

What about a BFG wiimote holder?

Imagine how awkward it would be if you're holding that mod yet firing a pistol or an RPG in the game.

Looks nice though (and unfortunately if it gets enough attention from the wrong people it will be something we will NEVER hear the end of).

I find the end of the video, where he is "hitting" the rabbits with the stock of the gun, to be hilarious. Anti-video game activists be damned, they will not deny me my right to stock butt bunnies who sing out of tune! Honestly though, I don't think there is much of an issue anyone could take with this. People mod things all the time for no more reason than "Because I can.". Why should controllers be any different? I guess I would recommend not taking that to a public place, like a bank or store, but in this day in age you have to expect being shot if you are holding something that even looks remotely dangerous (no pun intended). Like that guy who got shot for holding a pear, which I guess look like grenades. Who knew?

As far as it looking too much like a real gun, it IS an airsoft gun. It looked like that before the Wiimote was added. Frankly, if people are going to get offended by this, they may as well be going after BB guns, Airsoft guns, and actual guns. I'd be shocked if there weren't tens of thousands of people in this country who learn to use real guns before the age of 12. The only thing new here is adding a virtual environment. If anything, that makes it less real, since it eliminates most real-life physics (such as recoil).

Call of Duty 4 AK-47 =/ Real life AK-47
look my video
http://www.stage6.com/user/Jero38380/videos/ or
this gun is make for cod4

I smell trouble a-brewing.

I think because we have been discussing politics on here for too long that many of us are acting like this is a bad thing and that politicians are going to jump our shit.

This is awesome.

The main problem is that I'm sure that the AK replica is about as big dimension wise as a real AK. That's one bigass wiimote. Hard to hold for a small child... WAIT. That means kids would have a hard time using it! Least we have SOME ammo for when some politician gets mad.

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