Jack Thompson, Seeking Killer's Video Game History, Threatens NIU with Lawsuit

February 18, 2008 -
The Northern Illinois University campus is still reeling from Thursday's rampage shooting by an apparently deranged 27-year-old man.

But that hasn't stopped anti-game violence activist Jack Thompson from threatening NIU with a lawsuit. Over video games.

Thompson e-mailed GamePolitics a copy of a letter that he faxed this morning to the university's public safety department in Dekalb:
Pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request production of copies of all documents that reveal Steven Kazmierczak’s play of violent video games, including but not limited to the use of his computer to play Counter-Strike, which he apparently, according to the New York Post, used to rehearse for his Valentine’s Day Massacre at NIU.

The killers in the two worst school massacres in history—in Erfurt, Germanay, and at Virginia Tech University—similarly trained on Counter-Strike to rehearse for their killing sprees.

If I am not provided with this information, I shall bring a civil action  to secure these documents.

GP: Frankly, I had difficulty believing that anyone would waste the time of busy investigators and intrude into the NIU community's period of mourning over something as trivial as the video game habits of a grown man. For that reason, I asked Thompson to verify that he had actually sent the fax to the university. His response:
Of course I sent it to them, you idiot. 

The NIU investigators have already responded, professionally, and told me they will get me this information in due time.  This is how you do this, which you wouldn't know.

I can't vouch for Thompson's version of the NIU staff's response.
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Why not sue GM for all the cars that have killed people over the years?

@ jds

Because success would limit his liberty as a driver... Jack only wants to infringe on other people's rights.


No offense, but I think Jack was right to call you an idiot. That question you asked implied he would be capable of tact and decency. Have you learned nothing?

First question:

Why would the university have information regarding the private life and personal entertainment habits of a graduate level student in student's permanent record files?

Second question:

How would this personal information, if it even existed, be considered accessible through the Freedom of Information act?

Thrid question:

Why hasn't this man been sued into oblivion for harassment, malicious prosecution, libel, slander, and defamation of character?

Please get disbarred already, fuckwit!

I blame Valentine's Day. But I'm willing to admit that this is my personal distaste for the day, rather than an actual cause to the massacre.

See how that works, Jack?

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

[...] Today, 18:14 As if the whole ambulance chaser role isn't enough, it seems Jack Thompson wants the entire Video Game past of the man responsible for what happened last week, and he claims he wants to file a lawsuit against NIU just to make sure he does. GamePolitics.com

Good lord, it's like watching a bad horror movie. You already know almost exactly when the maniac is going to strike, and you can think of a million solutions to defeating the maniac, but no matter how hard you scream, the person in the movie just walks right into the trap.

'The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts'

I'm thinking that Jack Thompson would be a non-problem anywhere outside of the U.S. because after all, countries like Canada play as much violent videogames but there's not a lot of school shooting in Canada. No massacre to chase would make Jack Thompson pointless and sad. Not that he isn't in U.S. too.

This fucking sick douchebag couldn't even wait a week for things to calm down before trying to use this as an opportunity to further his own crazy agenda? Good fucking grief.

Thompson's still using Virginia Tech to back-up his theories... We really need someone to speak up against this guy.

So let me get this right?

27 year old plays video games, goes and shoots up a school. JT blames it on Counter Strike (his old favorite). When pointed out that the shooter is legally old enough to buy the game, JT says basically 'it takes time, and he would have been playing it long ago' (paraphrased of course). So Counter Strike came out in 1999 (wikipedia) if he's 27 right now, its a good guess to say he was 18 when the game came out if I'm doing my math right (depending on what month he was born of course). What does that teach us..

But of course, lets forget all about his girlfriend breaking up with him, and that he stopped taking his medication, as that could have *NOTHING* to do with it.

I mean really Jack, I almost kinda supported you in keeping violent games out of kids hands. Then you go and do this... Was your entire crusade a lie?

I'm not sure, but I thought it was mentioned the last time a school shooting happened and JT asked for basically the same information - documents and information relating to an ongoing police investigation are immune from FOIA requests.

I'm pretty sure someone (maybe even I have, at some point?) has asked this question before, but here it goes.

Is there any way to make JT's correspondence with Dennis, and on this site, available to the relevant legal parties? Conduct unbecoming an officer of the court is the least of his offences displayed therein, and he really shouldn't be allowed to keep doing this, particularly with his own trial going right now.

Ya know, that response just sums up Jack..

"This is how you do this, which you wouldn’t know."

Too funny. Everything he does seems to be unprofessional, unethical, for his own personal gain, and/or childish. And yet he claims to be doing this the right way (after calling someone an idiot in the previous paragraph, no less).

He needs to be disbarred for his own mental health - most likely he'll see it as a conspiracy against him, but there's a small chance that it might shake him up enough to see that HE is the one with the problem. Until that happens, he's just a danger to everyone around.


"Why would the university have information regarding the private life and personal entertainment habits of a graduate level student in student’s permanent record files?

How would this personal information, if it even existed, be considered accessible through the Freedom of Information act?"

Not through the NIU. He's threatening the investigators. Stuff like search warrants are usually accessible through ATI.

Gaming habits, though, are likely considered personal enough that JT will have to wait for the results of the investigation, just like everyone else. Lawsuits will only piss off the investigators and make them even MORE polite when they tell him to shove off.

GameTwat: How do you account for the fact that every country in Europe has videogames, and a mere percentage of the school shootings?

Jack Thompson: Because we have more guns. Kind of simple.

Case closed?

This man is just desperate to ban videogames. He never ever succeeded in doing this.

Jack is retarded a game is not possible way to train to kill someone. First there is no sence of empthy when playing a game, compared to killing something in real life. Second there is no way that this guy could play Counter strike for 9 years and then pull out a 12 guage and start blasing. Unless this guy mapped out the school and made a level devoted to going after the people, he could not have trained on a video game.

So what if he "rehearsed" on it. It didnt make him do it. Thats like saying he reharsed it by playing paintball or airsoft. Im surprised nobody blamed airsoft or paintball because this is as close as you can get to a shooting not something that is a cartoon and where you just push buttons. People just dont make sense. The gamers are way smarter than these "people". How about you play a game for once and see how it is Fat Thompson.

Why does he keep lying about videogame habits? I even have counter strike, but I never played it. It came with my copy of Hal Life 2, for free.

The guy at VTech may have played the game at some point in the past, but then again, most of the world has. If you add in Unreal Tournament and Quake (all flavors), you probably have a statistical fish in a barrel.

It almost as if he thinks that by telling the same lie over and over, it will become true. Maybe he is a Scient-

hmm.. isn't saying you'll 'get it out in due time" is one of the standard polite ways professionals use to say "You're getting nothing, leave us alone." ?

Jack Thompson is going to Hell.

Isn't name calling grounds for Slander?

What records would the school have of this anyway? Does this school actually keep records of what games people play? I imagine the students will be quite upset knowing such a file is being kept about them.

Here is an idea.

Can somebody who has good writing skills write the schools newspaper and let them know about what JT is trying to do in all this. I think the student population would love to know it is happening and if the school really will provide private information like that. Anybody up for it?

I believe this below is the school indy paper:

Seriously, what the hell?

In regards to Mr. Thompson's ever-absent courtesies toward the gaming public: Grow up, you twit.

In regards to Mr. Thompson's spinning of this tragedy to further his own twisted ends: You disgust me. At least give the victims time to mourn their losses, there will be plenty of time for your baseless accusations and childish name calling after they confront their grief.

Morality has suffered a causality, a fatality in the cause of insanity....

JT has shown he's nothing more than a attention seeker.

Jesus H. Christ. He is one of the most idiodic, moraly bankrupt, lying Jackass's in the history of law. He makes ambulence chasers look bad.

Where was Jack Thompson in the early 80s when all those kids were dying of Pac-Man fever?

Let's not step in the same mud as JT folks. Leave the name-calling and immaturity to the soon to be disbarred lawyer.

Seriously, he loves the hate and feeds on the insults from the comments here.

It is too bad he gets so much screen time here, he really isn't worth the effort.

i think we sould just ignore the guy now like a ranting crazy man with a sign reading 'the end is nigh', hes gone beyond the mildly amusing phase towards mentaly unstable. if current reports are true he is soon to be disbarred, a fitting end

i swear this man is satan's reincarnate! suing a school that is in mourning over records of a alumni's video game habits?! ...this is just the worst thing ive seen yet...jack you are a man with no soul...no soul to speak of

Gotta agree with Matt, this is the last few surfacing bubbles that remain of a man who convinced himself he was Jesus and tried to walk on water. Let the poor deranged man sink in peace.

[...] Jack Thompson, Seeking Killer’s Video Game History, Threatens NIU with Lawsuit [GP] [...]

Well that is it. Before we could kind of argue that Jack was eccentric, prone to exaggeration, prone to theatrics, and overzealous. Now he is an outright liar. He's said things before that aren't true like starting jackandgoliath.com like saying that he was invited to talk at the GDC but now he has directly gone against what he has always claimed.

He has always said that he didn't want to ban violent videogames only ban the sale of them to minors. Now he is actively pursuing a case involving a 27 year old who was at least 18 when the game came out. If Jacko is pursuing this then there is only one reason: to assert that violent videogames are dangerous for anyone regardless of age. This directly contradicts everything he has ever said.

Jack Thompson is a liar.

Just a sick, sorry excuse of a human being.

He is willingly tampering with an investigation. Can't he get in criminal trouble for this?

i hope hell exists because that is exactly what this asshole deserves.

Is it me, or did the New York Post only report that because that's what he said on Faux News? Spreading misinformation and then using that misinformation to validate yourself? Sounds like Thompson, yeah.

And he's still saying Cho played video games. Why would a university have records of how much any individual student played video games anyway?

Still ignoring the fact the the guy was batshit crazy and off his meds.

Kinda figured out why he has a big pull for gaming on this one.

We know he wants games out of hands of kids but since this guy was an adult it should have nothing to do with his cause, but it DOES.

Think of it like this, he is doing this to make a connection between the game and violence, this is old news. But if he makes the connection that adults are effected this way, then look how bad it must obviously be for kids with developing mind.

So this is very important to his cause and makes sense why he is pursuing it so intensely.

All these school shootings, horrible horrible crimes committed against innocent undeserving people, kids just getting on with their education, whom in no way deserve to be so brutally treated.

Now crazy Christian lawyers....that's another story. =P

You. Fucking. Wanker. Jack.

Everytime Jack or anyone else uses virgina tech as an arguement againest video games, please send them this link: http://www.governor.virginia.gov/TempContent/techPanelReport-docs/FullRe...

and scroll down to page 32.

I like to think that video games teaches the gamer on how to murder as much as guitar hero teaches one on how to play an actual guitar; can you say NOTHING AT ALL?

''The killers in the two worst school massacres in history—in Erfurt, Germanay, and at Virginia Tech University—similarly trained on Counter-Strike to rehearse for their killing sprees.''




Internet records could tell you what someone played if you knew what you were looking for. However it wouldn't stand in court because games can use the same ports.

Most schools keep a surprising amount of information on what has been accessed or sent over the school network on the way to the internet.

Stay classy Jack Thompson.

Another well thought out move by the master of righteousness and good timing. Jack Thompson is showing us all how to become perfect, like him. He learns, improves, and wins. It's a surefire strategy. He learned from VT he shouldn't go soft on the grieving. Being correct has no time for tears.

Now he's striking while they're weak. You'll all learn that this is the only right way to deal with tragedy

How many kids play 'Cowboys and indians', 'Cops and Robbers' or 'Soldiers' as a kid? Leave anyone with a weird desire to kill? No? Didn't think so. Just healthy running around daft like kids do. We play to escape and do the things we wouldn't in real life, why doesn't someone explain this to Jack? The catalyst to send someone over the edge could be anything (Catcher in the Rye - Mark Chapman?). I'm so sick or hearing this anti game crap I might have to get into politics myself.

note to jack - the ' Valentine’s Day Massacre ' has already been used to describe an event, way to link mob violence to so called ' video game ' violence.

Mr. Thompson. I'll say it once more.


Get that through your diamond-encrusted skull. The college has no right to tell what video games a LEGAL ADULT can and cannot buy.

That is all.
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