Minuteman Group Targets New Immigration Game

March 3, 2008 -
Issue-oriented PC game ICED (I Can End Deportation) continues to attract negative attention from anti-immigration activists.

The well-known Minuteman Civil Defence Corp (MCDC) has now turned it attention to ICED, which was launched on February 18th by human rights organization Breakthrough. In a solicitation on the Special Guests website, a trio of Minuteman officials are offering themselves as potential guests for talk radio programs.

Minuteman founder Chris Simcox, national executive director Al Garza and VP Carmen Mercer seem eager to criticize ICED, which their Special Guests posting describes as an "illegal alien video game which teaches kids contempt for U.S. immigration laws:"
National Executive Director, Al Garza, not only sees a problem with violence in video games in general but sees this video game as a “deliberate attempt to manipulate the minds of children to believe it is ok to reject the rule of law,” he says. U.S. Immigration authorities object to the video game because it is their view that it “trivializes” a very important issue.

An Associated Press video report describes some of the controversy surrounding ICED. Although we were unable to get a comment from Breakthrough president Mallika Dutt in time for this article, she has defended her group's game against criticism in the past:
ICED... is a video game about the lack of due process in the immigration system as it applies to legal permanent residents, asylum seekers and people who are here on valid visas - it’s not about illegal immigrants - as anyone who’s actually bothered to play the game would quickly realize.

GP: Big thanks to weatherlight from the ECA Forums for the heads-up on the video...


Living on the Border, I know all to well about this kinda thing. Lemme just clear up some stuff here.

1. The minute men dont act as vigilantes, they watch the boarder and call the Boarder patrol when they see illegals crossing it. They don't open fire on them or anything unless they get shot at first.

2. The issue with Illegal immigration right now has 2 major problems. One, is border enforcment, which admittedly, is getting a little better but still sucks hard. THe calls for a border fence and other measures are not because of any hatred for illegals but because there is nothing THERE right now and america, LIKE any soverign nation, has a RIGHT to defend and secure it's BORDERS.

3.. The current immigration process needs to be simplifed and STREAM lined and quickly. I've always said that we should grant people work visas and make them follow a series of rules, if they maintain it for 3 years, then they get to be permanat citizens and can also extend that ot there family. The rules would be as follows.

1. Must Work and PAY taxs for 3 years with no major felony violations. I"m not gonna prevent people from becoming citizens due to having a traffic ticket or 2.

2. THe MUST LEARN ENGLISH!! I don't fucking care what country your from, I and over 70 percent of america want ENGLISH to be the countries offical laungage. You can speak whatever yo like but you have to LEARN english.

3. To prevent illegals from sending the bulk of there money home, they must pay a 5 to 10 percent higher tax rate then citizens, with drops after each year till they become citizens. That would not only keep there money here where they earned it, but also would help improve the economy and help with the nation budget.

Thats all I really think they should be required to do. IT seems fairly reasonable to me. No long process of applications, no big up front payments. The government gives them a work visa. They keep there nose clean, pay there taxs and learn english, and BAM, there in clean as citizens in 3 years. Lot better then the 10 year systems we currently use eh?

Ok, thats it. I'm done.


Thanks for the info.

I just played the game, and I could see some problems. The biggest problem was when I was just walking around, I got a message saying that there was a woman that was being beaten up. I chosen to call the cops, but I lost points and said that I was bringing attention to myself.

If I did nothing illegal, and just did a good deed, I don't think the US government would kick me out.

There was a immigrant that was selling bootleg movies. They were explaining that immigrants are force to go to situations that they have to do illegal activity. Saying that is like saying that you are so desperate that you have to rob a bank, or kill a person. There are other legal alternatives in life, you just have to look.

They explained how immigrants would be deported if they did something illegal. I don't what they say, but if someone is stealing, making fake IDs, or killing, I want them out of the country. I understand the games point if it's a minor crime such as a first time traffic violation, but that isn't the case.

Even though Minuteman is blowing way out of proportions, there are still some concerning messages in it.

@ Michael
'Fraid you're wrong on the Minutemen not chasing people. I watched groups of them pursue, harass, and assault people in the name of "the rule of law". I've had the rather immense pleasure of locking up more than a few of them. These might be isolated groups, but they claim the Minuteman name. And if it's a choice between people crossing the border to try and have a better life and a group of armed redneck vigilantes, I'll side with the border crossers.

Maybe the KKK should make a game of their own to counter this one, they could call it "We don't take kindly to your TYPE round here". It could be a first person harass-em-up where you get pitchforks, flaming torches and the occasional shotgun to run out of town whatever TYPE is specified by the intolerance-o-matic 2000 (I'm thinking a redneck version of SHODAN)


And perhaps it is officers/border agents like you that are part of the problem.

"Hey Jose! 100 bucks? Sure!..... Nope, I didn't see nobody illegally cross the border .> Nothing to see here but desert."

There is a thing called a citizen's arrest (if you are in law enforcement, you should know that, if you don't, there is another problem right there, idiots like you enforcing our laws.....)

So technically, they could chase them down, place them under citizens arrest, and hold them there using reasonable force until the real police arrived.

If they did place them under citizens arrest, you couldn't touch them for doing so since it is written out in federal law that they can do that. The only exception is if they used unreasonable force in detaining the illegal crossers.

Personally I am all for LEGAL immigration, but completely AGAINST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

The key word is that it is Illegal Immigration, so technically, they have ALREADY BROKEN THE LAW. So it doesn't matter WHAT they do in this country, traffic violation etc, they have already committed a felony by coming here illegally.

Secondly, they get free public education for their kids, welfare most of the time, WIC, public housing, etc. They can get all this without having to prove they are here legally, and guess who gets to foot the bill? Yeah, that is right, those of us who are citizens or here legally and we PAY TAXES THAT SUPPORT THESE PROGRAMS.

How convenient that when the number of illegal immigrants in the country goes up, the economy suffers.....think about it.

No, they really have no bushiness chasing people down. For one thing, God forbid the person they're chasing has a weapon.
I've got no issues with them having issues with illegal immigration. I don't like it either. But, them running around like goddamned cowboys and risking people getting hurt only makes matters worse.
And as I said earlier, the motivating factor for a lot of these guys is hate. Not patriotism or a desire to uphold the law. And I can tell you that from expierence.
And as for this comment:
"And perhaps it is officers/border agents like you that are part of the problem.

“Hey Jose! 100 bucks? Sure!….. Nope, I didn’t see nobody illegally cross the border .> Nothing to see here but desert.” "
Don't ever question my integrity as a police officer. I have never once taken a bribe, or turned the other way when an obvious crime was being committed.

A “deliberate attempt to manipulate the minds of children to believe it is ok to reject the rule of law.”

We should be taught to question the law. See also: Progress, change.

As of 2000 the Census Bureau issued press release that stated that one in five people speak a language other than English at home, the release also said that 92% of the population over five has no difficulty with English. The "learn English" refrain is largely silly. The vast majority of immigrants do learn English, it is impossible to function within the U.S without a grasp of the language. And yes I am fully aware the census only works so far as people actually report, so those trying to stay under the radar aren't going to report. Then again this has less to do with illegal immigration than my general irritation at the whole "English should be the official language" issue. It already is, 1 in five people don't speak it at home but 92% have no trouble with it.

Again this really has nothing to do with the issue of illegal immigrants learning the language, and more with the fact that I don't see much point in making something already De Facto, De Jure when it would be needlessly expensive and time consuming when the government could be doing other things than simply saying "yeah this how stuff is anyway but were going to make a pointless bill filled with pork and unnecessary riders because it will make people vote for us".

Err sorry for the rant guys; and the slight derailing of the topic.

@ Yuki


->"2. The issue with Illegal immigration right now has 2 major problems. One, is border enforcment, which admittedly, is getting a little better but still sucks hard. THe calls for a border fence and other measures are not because of any hatred for illegals but because there is nothing THERE right now and america, LIKE any soverign nation, has a RIGHT to defend and secure it’s BORDERS."


You said: "‘Fraid you’re wrong on the Minutemen not chasing people. I watched groups of them pursue, harass, and assault people in the name of “the rule of law”. I’ve had the rather immense pleasure of locking up more than a few of them."

Now correct me if I am wrong, shouldn't you have been the one chasing those people instead of the Minutemen? Why would you stand back and take such a passive role? From a comment like that, how can I NOT question your integrity as an officer?

Sure they can put themselves in more danger, but I still stand by the fact that if officers aren't DOING their job (hence you just sitting back, watching people cross the border, and not doing anything until the Minutemen start chasing them....) then it is a citizens DUTY to do something about it, even if they are a bunch of stupid rednecks. Weather their motivation be hate or patriotic feelings, I don't blame them.

I'm not racists, but I am so damn tired of all these F****ing illegal immigrants coming into our country and draining our systems, economy, and our way of life. Anytime a large group of Illegal Immigrants move into a community, crime rates sky rocket, believe what you want, but it is no coincidence. I had Illegal Immigrants as neighbors before and they did not speak ANY English, they were my neighbors for 6 months. Guess what, apparently they decided not to pay their rent for their car or house, b/c they moved out in the middle of the night to Texas and never came back, next week, Forclosure sign on the house, yeah, that really made MY neighborhood look good.


I don't think a report from BOSTON means anything, especially when you Present it to a person living in ARIZONA. I see the real effect this crap has on our state every damn day.

Now, that being say, part of my whole point was that we need to make it easier for a person to get citizen ship. Boston may have it on the books that Illegals, as you said, pay takes, doesn't change the fact that they are STILL illegals. Now on the other hand, I wouldn't mind the idea of some sorta work visa program being created that opens up a simple path to being a citizen, like my 3 year idea for example, but that comes SECOND. Securing the BORDER MUST COME FIRST. I noticed you made NO comment on those points. Couldn't come up with any that sounded good or just didn't come up with any at ALL?

Im all for having better immigration systems, but It has to be second pritortyy to securing the border first. Living on the border I can tell you right now, The idiots in boston aren't even close to being qualified to talk about Illegal immigration compared to the people who live on the BORDER or in a BORDER state like I do.

It's funny how illegal immigration only applies to people south of the border too. If you've ever done any public health work, you'll find lots of people from europe or former soviet block countries who have expired visas, and may even try to get deported by turning themselves in, however immigration doesn't have time to deport these people. Why are we wasting so much time and money trying to police token stretches of land and tolerating vigilantes when we should be fixing the root of the problem? These band-aid solutions will only last for so long. Illegal Immigration is the symptom, not the disease. We need to assist with some serious economic improvements in Mexico.

We need to assist with some serious economic improvements in Mexico.

Yeah, like drilling for oil there and Alaska and telling the middle east to "F" off.

I agree 100% - if we spent more time helping them with their own economy, it would help them a lot. Of course, their government is almost as corrupt as the US.

But - if we did that - all these investors and corporations who exploit cheap labor from Mexico would be forced to pay real wages.

Can't have that now, can we?

thats the way the US government works ^^
they have to pander for votes and then spend billions to pander more.

I believe my points are still valid, young or not.

You are stereotyping officers. I know some, and they do have times when they sit around doing nothing, but that's only when nothing is happening. Then there are days that they have to work 48+ hours straight.

It maybe true that there are many illegal immigrants crossing the border, but do you think that you could cover every miles of the border 24/7 and still able to afford it. It's not that easy. Also, it's not like you could just cross the border by just walking across anywhere on the border.

As for illegal immigrants doing crimes, it works visa versa. How often you heard of a US criminal running away to Mexico, you see it in crime shows all the time like in "America's Most Wanted".

After reading this article, I decided to see for myself about the game, and for once the company in charge of the software is wrong. Let's look at the quote:

>> ICED… is a video game about the lack of due process in the immigration system as it applies to legal permanent residents, asylum seekers and people who are here on valid visas - it’s not about illegal immigrants - as anyone who’s actually bothered to play the game would quickly realize.

For a game that's NOT about Illegal Aliens, they sure talk about them a great deal in the game, listing things like how they have to sell bootleg products and placing illegal alien questions in the quizzes, even featuring one as a player character. Even that character profile reeks of one-sided propaganda, putting quotations around the word "Illegal".

Another thing I found disturbing was the portrayal of the military. Were they trying to be funny with the recruiter talking about "going to camp and singing 'be all you can be"? It was bad enough that the PC with the military background feels like the stereotypical movie portrayal of a Vietnam vet.

Breakthrough created ICED – I Can End Deportation - to underscore the need for the US to uphold the rule of law and respect the ideals of basic human rights such as due process and the right to be free from imprisonment without just cause. For example, we believe that our government should stop forcing judges to automatically deport US residents, including legal residents and asylum seekers, without considering the circumstances of their situation. Play the game at www.icedgame.com.

Nice to see you here Breakthrough. You do have an valid argument and I support you cause for 'legal immigrants'. My concern about the game is that you seem to justify the 'illegal immigrants' a little too.

I suggest you to write your wikipedia article to make sure you game is represent the way you want.

I am a legal immigrant which is now a citizen. For 5 years I was supposed to get a permenant green card rather than a temporary one, but the immigration department lost it every time I went to their offices and spent the WHOLE DAY standing in lines to get my temporary one prolonged and ask about my permenant one. It came a week before I took the citizenship exam...

I am for fixing the immigration system which is inefficient and in many places broken so I do support this game and its general message.

It should be easier to come to this country legally.

I am also against mistreatment of legal aliens.

Illegal aliens on the other hand should ALL be expelled from the country...
I support the minutemen.

While most of the game focuses on legal aliens, this game in some places supports illegal aliens such as the "millions of undocumented aliens can't even apply for citizenship..." and "undocumented immigrants have to keep on the down-low" OR "people who illegally come here as children can be deported many years later" or "why can immigrants join the army but can't vote" or "working with fake ids or fake social security can get you deported, is this fair?" or "illegal aliens are forced to sell bootleg dvds and do other crimes cause its hard for them to find jobs" or "homeland security targets people of color on trains and in airports to check their immigration status is this fair?(I remember one day in New York when I wished to god they had been doing this since the millenium started... I also remember some immigrants of color celebrating with fireworks in their neighborhoods on that particular day... I'll give you a hint, it was in 2001 and the school year had just started...)" so the game does have some moments when it says oh those poor 'innocent' illegal aliens, oh wait...

There is plenty to complain about in this game... because it does clearly support illegal immigrants while focusing on the terrible things the system does to legal residents...

Of course the system is often unjust to natural born citizens as well so this is mainly a problem with the legal system and has less to do with deportation specifically... Ever heard of the 3 strike policy in California? liter 3 times and you may get 20 years... Being serious here...

Thank you, Shady8x, and congrats on becoming a citizen. Sorry about the ineficiency of the government.
Your response was by far the best written, and should be the last word. It was well researched and fairly presented.

Thank you
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