April 10, 2008 -
The Federal Bureau of Investigation apparently has had enough of Jack Thompson.

This bit of news comes from Thompson himself, by way of an e-mail that the embattled anti-game crusader shipped out yesterday. The message was cc'd to GamePolitics and dozens of others. Addressees include U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta, the chief federal prosecutor in south Florida.

The e-mail alleges - yet again - a conspiracy by the Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court to persecute Thompson. It also claims that Thompson's personal e-mail account was hacked recently. He sees the Bar's hand in that, as well. Regarding the FBI, Thompson writes (emphasis GP's):
Despite your forwarding this matter, Mr. Acosta, to the FBI, the FBI has done nothing and refuses to talk to me.

With all respect, either the FBI takes this seriously—the computer hacking, the criminal use of lunacy proceedings, the whole nine yards... or I and others will do what we need to do.

As GamePolitics has previously reported, the Florida Supreme Court recently sanctioned Thompson by refusing to accept any filings from him. Now, it appears that the FBI has shut him out as well.

GP: Although I've never revealed it publicly, since 2005 Thompson has reported me to the Miami and Philadelphia offices of the FBI on at least five occasions, alleging all sorts of things, including violations of the Patriot Act.

Nothing ever came of these ridiculous allegations. I was never even contacted about them by the FBI. But I can tell you that being reported to the FBI is a frightening thing. It caused me a great deal of concern.

So, please forgive me if I LOL over Thompson's whining that the FBI is ignoring him.

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"or I and others will do what we need to do."

What? Send flaming emails and bitch in the comments at websites? MY GOD I'M SO SCARED!

QUICK! Someone hide Send/Submit buttons before it's too late!

@JC and WarOtter

So it's okay to fight for free speech for games, but when someone says something you don't like, they aren't allowed to say it?

Pretty hypocritical.


This officially made my day. Thank you.

@ Pheonix:
Won't SOMEBODY think of the fax machines! Why won't they think of the children-- I mean fax machines!

@ Lard
And this is hype for JT... How, exactly? It's a bit of humor that Dennis, in his gamepolitc blogging goodness, decided to share because the VAST MAJORITY of his readers LIKE to see JT fail.

It's nice that you have an opinion, really. But disparaging the author just because you don't like what he's doing is moronic, counter-productive, and (in this case) Not going to get you anywhere.

And do you know what those behaviors make you? They make you Jack Thompson. Jack Thompson sans leagal threat.

So do us a favor. Stop whining.

Oh and Dennis? Rock on, man.


Stop bitching or shove off. If it bothers you so much, make your own fucking site.

Is this news?





Not to me. What's pointless is a pregnant half-man/woman transsexual and what's this year's hot new spring fashion.


I like to see JT fail too. But does 80-90% of the articles on the site have to be about him? No. It's just endless promotion that draws attention to a whacko that doesn't deserve it.

As for "whining", it's pretty much what I figured. People will fight for free speech - but only *their* kind of free speech. Anything they don't like needs to clamped down on immediately.

People like you and JC and WarOtter are no better than JT himself.


Go look at the front page. Do the work. If you can honestly tell me you think that 80% of those are JT related, you need a crash course in remedial math.

As for speech, your argument has little to do with it. You're entitled to your opinion. You hate JT a lot of JT stories. Unfortunately, you're forgetting that we're entitled to ours. And we LIKE JT stories. Just because we outnumber you, doesn't give you the right to pretend you're a martyr, protesting for all the world that we're putting you down. So quit your bitching.

"You hate a lot of JT stories."


Well, technically they're using their right of Free Speech to tell you off. See, the big thing is, you're free to say what ever you please, but so is the other guy.

And that's why it seems JT gets mentioned a lot... he doesn't know when to stop and think before opening his mouth.

Freedom of Speech - Giving you the right to look like a moron since 1791.

@ Lard

Ad hominem attacks aren't the best way to end an argument.

Not saying you don't have a right to say what you want, in regards to whatever the hell you want, but at least keep it civil.

hmm I wish they didn't ignore him, I wished they pay attention to him long enough to send him to an asylum.....

Somehow I think that this latest email might get the FBI to take Jacko seriously -- just not in the way that he wants. Threatening the FBI is probably a really good way to get them to take you seriously.

So it’s okay to fight for free speech for games, but when someone says something you don’t like, they aren’t allowed to say it?

Pretty hypocritical.

That isn't hypocritical of me at all. I only stated if you don't like it, you're free to leave. As a blog, the author posts his/her personal taste on the website. It can be as simple as them taking a crap and complaining it was bad. If you don't like reading about what the author (In this case, Dennis) you're free to leave. He isn't here to entertain you, he's doing this for his own enjoyment.

If you have invested into the site since the ECA funds this website you'd have reason to complain that some of your money is funding this blogger. However you're saying that I'm restricting your free speech? Free speech doesn't exist on the internet unless it is your own personal blog. Dennis has a right to remove whatever comments he wishes.

I like to see JT fail too. But does 80-90% of the articles on the site have to be about him? No. It’s just endless promotion that draws attention to a whacko that doesn’t deserve it.

As I stated before, if you really feel 80% of the attention goes to JT, then you're welcome to leave, no one forces you to read this website nor is holding a gun at you. Complaining that it somehow shouldn't be put there is trying to restrict a blogger's freedom of choice of what he puts onto his own blog. If anyone is trying to restrict speech, it is you, in an ironic way.

As for “whining”, it’s pretty much what I figured. People will fight for free speech - but only *their* kind of free speech. Anything they don’t like needs to clamped down on immediately.

Which is kind of funny as that's what you're trying to attempt to Dennis right now. It isn't constructive criticism. It is blatant slander on your part.
The only one being hypocritical is you.

People like you and JC and WarOtter are no better than JT himself.

That's a major insult to me, I really wish you keep such comments to yourself as apparently only you have shown yourself to be a hypocrite. You don't know me, nor do I know you, but you're obviously not being very polite to anyone here by insulting people.

You know it's bad when even the feds think you're crazy.


Hats off.

Good man.

Very amusing story, definitely LOL worthy. It's difficult to get the FBI to notice you, and it's damn near impossible to annoy them to the point where they will not work with you...I mean, that takes some talent and commitment.

@Lard - At no point did anyone say "You can't say those things. You have to leave right now!" That would be an example of other people claiming you do not have the right to speak freely here.

Conversely, what was said was more along the lines of:

"We do not agree with your opinion. We find your comment annoying. If you do not like what you read, you are free to go read something else which would mean none of us would be bothered."

Your baseless, knee-jerk reaction claim that your 1st Amendment Right is under attack is weak. You have your opinion. I have mine. The rest of the community has their own.

If you don't like what you are reading, feel the need to insult the writer, and trample the spirit of free speech with your martyrdom, then maybe you need to take a few days off to work some things out.

Again, very entertaining news story.

@ Lard

Kindly shut the hell up. Dennis doesn't post 5 JT articles a day. Outside of 'series' involving him (of which, IIRC, there were only two in the entire 3-year lifetime of the site) he maybe posts 5 articles about him in the span of a couple WEEKS. Not HOURS.

We're not saying you're not allowed to say you don't like seeing stories about them. We're saying you're borderline lying about Dennis' behavior and overall being an asshole. There's a difference.

These ever increasing veiled threats by him should be the greater concern to the FBI.

"...or I and others will do what we need to do."

No "figuratively speaking" there.

He's even finally been banned by Rumpole over at the Justice Building Blog. Not that I support banning anyone in general, as I've said before. But John Bruce gets himself in these situations and then blames everyone else for his getting punished. It's no wonder he supports the "blame media, not the criminal" (from his "blame video games" and "blame porn" stances) stance.

Seriously, Dr. Wunderman, are you regretting backing John Bruce yet?

NW2K Software
Nightwng2000 NW2K Software http://www.facebook.com/nightwing2000 Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as http://groups.myspace.com/pfenl

JT also reported me to the FBI two years ago over what he percieved was a threat against him by me. He sent me an email, showing me that he had taken a screencap of my LiveJournal profile page, claiming to have sent it to the FBI's Florida office. I never understood this really; since I live in MD, wouldn't it have made more sense to have sent it to the FBI office there?

I think JT deliberately went about it the wrong way, assuming I was ignorant of the law and the FBI's procedures and that his stature as a lawyer would have been enough to scare me (a common tactic on his part). He was wrong. I saw through his bullshit and told him to "make my day."

Like Dennis, nothing ever came of those actions. And to this day I consider myself a member of an exclusive club: People Who JT Reported to the FBI. I knew I had done nothing wrong, and if I was contacted by the FBI, I knew I had nothing to hide. Fraternizing with amateur porn stars and strippers by itself is not a crime. ;)

Nice to know the FBI has now officially shut him out along with Lieberman and the Florida Supreme Court. His downard spiral continues towards its inevitable conclusion.

More proof that crazy knows no bounds.

After he gets disbarred how long will it take before he gets himself institutionalized? Actually, I hope he gets institutionalized before he actually hurts someone – because that’s what it sounds like is going to happen when he gets disbarred.

Yet another group who proved that they are not JT's personal speech suppressors

Better to not respond to Lard anymore, he is just a troll, I remember him from a few months back doing the same thing, bitching and moaning about how GP was in collusion with JT, and anyone that tried to either explain to him the truth or just to tell him to shut up and leave were subject to his reverse accusations.

Ugh. Today my brain will be -10 interwebs

Warotter, I pretty much have to reply to lard, even if it's just once.


what part of 'blog' and what part of 'not public domain' of this website don't you get?

second of all, it's not like there's more than one article about JT per day, and this is news, because obviously if you don't hear it here, you'll hear about it somewhere else.

it's not like your being forced to come here at gunpoint lard. so just stop trying to pull a JT on us here.


Thanks for that info. I don't remember him specifically, but I do recall this being the third person I've seen complain about this.

Btw, don't let such comments get to you, relax and enjoy GP's funny post. ^^

Amusing. I have to agree with the post up above by RollicRillics about how if there really was such a great conspiracy against him, obviously the FBI would have to be in on it too.

Also, @ Altair
I think the GP blogs actually use a limited set of HTML try (if I'm wrong this will look funny)
<blockquote> "Quote goes here" </blockquote>

test 2

I'm more familiar with the []'s of a lot of the forums (bbcode?), but here it mixes me up because it uses the greater than and less than symbols.

JT has to know the story of the boy who cried wolf. Only, in this case he is the boy who cried "T-Rex!" and after a while, everyone knows he is lying... also, the story ends without a T-Rex eating him because let's face it, there aren't any T-Rex's arround.

Wunderman has got to start to wonder if perhaps he shouldn't have done JT that favor. It didn't win him any brownie points.

Okay, Dennis. The title (and content) of this article is FTW. :D

@ Lard

you're a moron. Say what you want, you have every right to, but that still doesn't change the fact that you sir... are a moron.

on the subject of the article, good stuff. I really can't wait to see if he gets disbarred. I know he still won't shut up after this, but it definatly will severly damage his cause.

Looks like we're 2/3 of the way there. Now to get him disbarred (correct term?). I think its funny that the FBI won't pay attention to his incoherant ramblings. Till then, everyone get ready for the victory party but prepare for the next 'Jack Thompson' to appear.

The boy who cried wolf... GETS IGNORED. What a child you are, Jack Thompson.

Because of the permanent brain damage inflicted on me by the likes of GTA and Killer7, today's piece of high Thompsonian drama has given me this remarkable idea for a TV series where Jack drives around in a panel van, solving gaming-related mysteries that the FBI refuses to investigate. Sort of a cross between X-Files, X-Play, and X-Scooby-Doo. The truth is locked away in the back corridors of Wolfenstein! Scientists are inspired to create gigantic mutant insects after playing SimAnt! Dang, I should get some more loglines together and pitch this to G4.

Oh and guys... Lard is a troll. Seriously, his handle means "fat", can you really take him at face value? (don't feed him)

Hmm, claiming that Dennis is somehow profiting off of reporting on Jack... complaining that anyone telling him to shut up and go elsewhere is infringing on his 1st Amendment rights...

Lard = Jack Thompson Lite


That is indeed BBcode, used on forums mostly because of attack vectors available against a forum and it's readers that can be better protected against on a blog if they work at all. By simply restricting all HTML posting on a forum and replacing it with BBcode as needed the forum is more secure, and BBcode is a little more human friendly so people find it easier to deal with.

I have to agree about the crying T-rex, it's slightly believable in a museum where it might be falling over or something so you need to get away, but outside there's simply no way it's real. I would like to see it end with a T-rex eating him just for the dino factor, but this is one situation where my hopes and dreams will be crushed by the cruel harsh reality of the world. Unless we get really lucky, but my luck has been down all month.

Did he include pictures in the email? We all know JT has come to add "Visual Aids" to his legal papers. So why not E-mails to the FBI?

"With all respect, either the FBI takes this seriously—the computer hacking, the criminal use of lunacy proceedings, the whole nine yards… or I and others will do what we need to do."

Once again with the threats. Jack I don't know if you know this pal, but threatening the FBI isn't really a smart move. They do no care about your insane conspiracy theories on how R* and the gaming community are working in secret with the Florida Bar and the US Government to get you disbarred so they can sell "Murder Simulators" to children and raise the next generation of psychopathic killers.

I suspect they are watching him far more than they are listening to him, especially after yet another one of his unspecified threats, this time to the FBI, how crazy is that?

I just realized something, who are the others from the
"or I and others will do what we need to do."

Does JT have multiple personalities that he believes support him now or something? I can't recall anyone else who actually supports him anymore, except maybe some fake news groups (Fox anyone?).

Anyone know someone who does publicly support JT?

Jack better watch himself;

Threatening the FBI is a pretty fast way to end up with a couple of agents or Federal Marshalls at your door. I really hope someone gets that on video.


Reporting everybody and their mother to the FBI is the type of activity insane kooks do. Yet another insane activity the "sane" lawyer partakes in. Perhaps a tin hat is in order...

Just as a curiosity, GP, was FOX News among those he emailed?

I wonder if they are regretting making him their Jack-Of-All-Expertise now or if, in their eyese, this is how "experts" should act.

NW2K Software
Nightwng2000 NW2K Software http://www.facebook.com/nightwing2000 Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as http://groups.myspace.com/pfenl

Mmmm... video footage of JT being taken down by Federal Marshalls. JT gone wild?

With such great lines as "I should've known you'd be a part of the conspiracy, but now you've tipped your hand and unwittingly given me the key to your destruction. Figuratively that is." and "I'll get you, and your little dog too." (after he's taken away and put in the padded room he belongs in).

@Ix mused..."Anyone know someone who does publicly support JT?" The answer is, in Johnny Bruce Thompson's world, that would be "me", "myself" and "I"...

just wait till jt finds out how many fbi agents have read "catcher and the rye" (then he will find out how deep the conspiracy rabbit hole goes)

"Threatening the FBI is a pretty fast way to end up with a couple of agents or Federal Marshalls at your door. I really hope someone gets that on video."

i would pay to see jt on cops

This isn't merely shouting 'Fire' in a Movie Theatre, it's waving a lit match around and demanding that people run 'or else'...

Oh, it will be on video...and all over youtube within the hour.

I saw that JT is attacking the Rumpole blog in other filings now and trying to get Rumpole shut down. It all comes together now that someone mentions JT got the ban hammer there.

And it's no surprise to me that the FBI is ignoring Jack. How many spurious claims has he filed with them and presented NO EVIDENCE of any infractions? Claims along the lines of "Somebody said bad things about me on the internet" are not worthy of the FBI's time. I'm sure the FBI has a big ol' file filled with Jack's rabid letters and threats and they take it out every so often and have themselves a good laugh.

JT's claim is that since his e-mail was hacked, it was CLEARLY the Florida Bar that was behind it. That's quite a leap of logic there, Jack. Especially since it could be anybody you've managed to piss off in the past couple of years. I seriously doubt that narrows the field down by a whole lot of suspects.

(P.S. This is why you don't put personal information out on the web, dumbass.)
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