GTA IV Banned in UAE

May 3, 2008 -
The United Arab Emirates has banned Grand Theft Auto IV, according to a report in The National.

Some gamers, however, have found a way around the loophole by purchasing the game from the duty-free shop at Dubai Airport. The Abu Dhabi airport, however was not stocking the game.

The ban is not surprising, given that past GTA games have been banned in the UAE. And, as GamePolitics recently reported, Sony's popular God of War has been banned as well.


Re: GTA IV Banned in UAE

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Re: GTA IV Banned in UAE

actually, it is available in dubai. the duty free will get a new shipment soon. it is also there in a games and toys store in lulu hypermarket in al barsha the shop is called hi 5. also in the games store in union coop hypermarket in jumeirah next to safa park. you can also bid for it at . it is there also in marina mall in abu dhabi. 

Re: GTA IV Banned in UAE

i hate jews....srry couldnt hold my self...freaks!!

Re: GTA IV Banned in UAE

.....they banned the game in UAE wat does that have to do with races & not respecting ppl & yah u ZippyDSMlee ur a stupid hypecrit go learn about life !!! shame on u sayin that to arab ppl .. shame

Re: GTA IV Banned in UAE

A little off the topic. But odd that no one is complaining about the 'Gears of War' ban in Germany (among many other games which have been banned in Germany and rest of Europe for that matter)

Ahh I see, only coz it's a 'non-muslim' country, let's 'not' go a-wall on it...

I´m agree this is not a surprising subject. But when they start to make their own games, even the more violent will have more support than the occidental games.

When they gonna ban women too?
(sorry could not resist...)

I have lived in Canada my whole life and never had an issue with free speech and I rarely see any Canadian politicians trying super hard to sensor our media (unless you call an overhaul of primarily Canadian content, censorship. It really is kind of close.) or take large corporations to court for the content they are producing. I think, as a Canadian, our government does a good job supporting our entertainment industry and not spending large amounts of time and effort trying to censor or come down on any fraudulent aspects of it.

Why do you think I mentioned it?

Still people in the Soviet Union were happy, as some Western Europe Communists once told my grandfather at a meeting in Stalingrad you are very happy people, you would be rioting if you knew what you don't have but since you don't know, you are very happy indeed.

and people with all my respict
dont use streo type on a whole nation.
bin-laden is simply a shameless mark on our history
and anyone who agree with him.
i know its unrealted but 4 real the damge that has been taken by both the east and west is already too sever.
hatred wont solve anything.

All I've gotta say is that UAE's royalty must be fuckin' loaded, or using credit like mad because they have the most ambitious construction project in the world. I'd visit Dubai just to go up to their 2000-ft skyscraper or crash at one of their crazy hotels. That's about it, though. Unless UAE plans to turn Dubai into Super Dimensional Fortress Macross...

But you play in a New York like setting why is it banned???

I wounder why GTAIV is banned in a region that encourages terrorism on Israel. Maybe i'm making a wrong assumption, but it sounds insanely retarded.

[...] wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThe United Arab Emirates has banned Grand Theft Auto IV, according to a report in The National. Some gamers, however, have found a way around the loophole by purchasing the game from the duty-free shop at Dubai Airport. The Abu Dhabi airport, however was not stocking the game. The ban is not surprising, given that past GTA games have been banned in the UAE. And, as GamePolitics recently reported, Sony’s popular God of War has been banned as well. [...]

Shows again how freedom of speech is arranged in muslim countries

The prostitutes aren't wearing Burka's!? Ban!

I really dont see how this could surprise anyone, we're talking about a part of the world where free speech is a laughable idea. Sortah like Canada now...

Who gives a damn about those people? They encourage violence on women and on the west. Screw them.


I'm with you!The day I listen to these f*ckers about morality will be a sad day indeed.But there are some actually decent Muslims out there,believe it or not,it would be stereotypically AND hypocritical for me to assume there aren't any.

"we’re talking about a part of the world where free speech is a laughable idea. Sortah like Canada now…"

Wow your ignorant.


Well, that is not so far away from reality, but if you are talking about Canada,ok, maybe you are right.

It's strange how extremist leaders like in the UAE and the "Moral majority" christians can sometimes agree...


nations cannot change their cultures in one day. Imagine if GTA IV had been introduced in America in the 1920's. If technology was eighty years ahead and GTA IV had been introduced then it would have been banned immediatly. You cannot change cultures in one day. Forcing change quickly creates conflict.

@ ManiacA4,

after reading your post I was : wtf is he talking about !? But I realized you were right, we have freedom of speech but when we say something which sound "offensive", the word RACIST is yelled. Just last year in Québec there was a investigation comity about racism and immigrants. Total waste of time and money.

These people should learn about real morality before banning fake morality.

this is funny since i bought my copy of Postal 2 from the UAE when i was there back in '04.
so postal 2... a game that allows you to pore gas on people set them aflame then piss all over them is okay, but GTA4 is bad?


"me Says:

May 3rd, 2008 at 12:41 pm
It’s strange how extremist leaders like in the UAE and the “Moral majority” christians can sometimes agree… "

Enough said. No, enough.

But GTA IV is fashionable to hate, voters haven't heard of Postal ;)

forcing change creates conflict, this has been shown time and again, not surprising, but its their own business about what they ban and what they allow.

I believe a blogger by the name of ND explained that these games are banned because it is a sin within Muslim culture to create images of living things, because it mimics god's power of creation or something.

UAE is a developing, largely Muslim, country. Its a cultural thing. Nor can i truely criticize give that there reason isnt violence is probably Muslim law. While i do not think it is right to have a country under the influence of Muslim law but that really has nothing to do with a game. This is just a symptom of a much bigger problem on oppression in the UAE

On the back of my copy of GTA3 PS3(purchased from a small stall in Dubai)
,it says:

"For sale in the Middle East only"

None of the content is cut out though, and the ban doesn't seem to be very effective.


Only in a masques


dude low blow...


I live in Canada, and no I'm far from a ignorant bigot let me explain myself. Much like no one in the mid east can speak up against say there politicians/Sheikhs/ Religion here in Canada because of the way we've become a cultural mosaic if I speak up about anything revolving a person of another skin colour and I'm against him I'm a racist red neck..go figure.

I disagree with any form of racism, and abuse. I also disagree with ANY form of censorship, but with the r word thrown at every single person who doesn't agree with you speaking up about what you believe just doesn't seem possible.

On topic, again I disagree with the UAE's decision but what can we do about it? Oppression isn't a fun game and that whole regions playing it.


US corporations are trying to sneak a DMCA law into Canada, so yes, the issue of free speech in Canada is potentially in danger...

Don't judge book by it's cover.

Now people need to learn:

Don't judge a game by it's case.

In other news, the UAE has banned all videogames, movies, books, fun, women, gays, men who look like women, people who where hats while indoors, Poke'mon playing cards, Liv Tyler, moobies, sneakers, any and all music by WAM, soda, computers, and ducks. Yes. I said ducks.

The ignorance displayed by some people here is laughable. Don't even try to comment on an entire culture you don't understand.

Most people are commenting on their crappy government which enforces the whole "radical Islam" thing, not their culture.

SO why is the United Arab Emirates banning this game?
In completely unrelated news airplanes weren't included in this version of GTA...

On a more serious note, them banning the game has little to do with their religion. They are simply trying to put up an 'iron curtain' of sorts to try to protect their culture from an ever encroaching and wildly popular west. While it may be wrong, this is done by every restrictive society that is trying to stop the spread of foreign ideas in their lands... Seriously their way of doing it is much nicer then the way everyone else has done it... and yes the west has also done this...

The UAE is one of the more civilized places in the Middle-East and is in fact the richest nation in the Middle-East. It's really not that much different to any given Western country, except for the fact they enforce Sharia law. Therefore it's no surprise that they ban a number of games. The ignorance displayed here is astounding. The UAE is not Saudi Arabia or Iran, get a clue.

I've heard that "Iron Curtain" idea before, the Soviet Union used it and look how far it got them.

I’m a journalist who works in Dubai and although the game hasn’t been banned yet (they’re making a decision now) it almost certainly will be on grounds of violence and sexual themes.

Although, it’s only really the sexual scenes – not that I know what they are yet, my copy is still in the post.

They love violence here. Last week they were showing Terminator 2 at 10am and I once watched Aliens while having breakfast. None of the swearing is cut out either. Compare that to America (or England, where I’m from) and in this sense they have a greater freedom of speech and fewer restrictions.


You'd think then that Rockstar could get away with releasing a version with the hookers or strip clubs. I reckon it would still get looked at severely due to the fact that conservatives in every other country have all called it very naughty and dangerous.

It's the UAE. Who gives a shit?



how safe are you if you want to rail agisnt the church? :P
freedom of speech and media censorship are 2 slightly different things but really each country has its own set of WTF rules and laws.

the US loves sex and violence but its TV is censored with randomly "sponsored" uncensored stuff, however you can get unrated harder than NC17 videos at walmart just not porn.

the UK has less resections on TV but more on home video, and asutraila has uncensored TV and naziatic home video rules......humnas are strange things indeed..


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