Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay Gamertag Purge

May 25, 2008 -

The Richard Gaywood saga has gathered some press in recent days, as Microsoft's Xbox Live service followed up its recent ban of user name TheGayerGamer by zapping the Gaywood monicker as well.

Aside from the obvious question of discrimination, it turns out that "Richard Gaywood" is actually the XBL user's name, and not some type of sophomoric screen name (gamertag in Xbox Live parlance).

Lesbian Gamers had some harsh words for Xbox Live:

I’ve taken a few deep breathes, run this story over in my mind again and again and yet still return to the same annoying factor: Why does ‘gay’ automatically equate to sex or “of a sexual nature” and carry with it such negative and deviant overtones...


I can understand Microsoft are trying to protect users, but perhaps there needs to be some tabled debate as to what they’re protecting whom from and what they’re perpetuating in the process. Linking ‘gay’ to some negative or sexually explicit content merely fans the fires of homophobia.

Meanwhile, GayGamer offers this take:

I'm somewhat on the fence with the issue, having played many MMORPGs and seeing the many annoying and disturbing names that can come from idle minds on the internets, and it seems as if Microsoft is putting up the normal "we can't make exceptions" defense...


All of this, however, is greatly outweighed by the fact that it is his given name, and despite the connotations it may carry with it, he lives with that name everyday...


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Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay ...

Could you imagine if they did this sort of thing in real life to this guy? Imagine him going into a bank and being turned away from opening an account with them until he changed his last name from "Gaywood" to something more "appropriate"?


Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Why do so many people add a sexual connotation to the word "gay". Does "straight" have a sexual connotation???

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Reality/////////////////////////////////////Fantasy. Seems like a pretty thick line to me...

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Sure it does.

Anyone notice how proud LGBT pretend to be, then they want to argue semantics about the words "gay" and "straight"?

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

I don't think that anybody is going to be happy with any outcome of this issue.

gay people will continue to resent that gay to a 13 year old means bad.


13 year olds will continue to resent the fact that  gayboner69 is a banned name on xbox live



and richard gaywood will continue to resent the fact we all think his name is hilarious.


now a more important question:   How do we spin this into a lawsuit?

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Bottom line is they are basically asking that every name be personally reviewed with a follow up on the account owner.. how is microsoft supposed to know the difference between this, and some thirteen year old using it in a negative way?

If they unban the word, you will have an influx of people abusing it, and somewhere along the line someone will accuse them of discriminating against homosexuals anyawys.

They cant win.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Wow, what an amazing chorus of opinions. Hands down, homosexuality is offensive. I'm glad Microsoft is keeping a short leash on the attention-seekers that have nothing better to do than flaunt their sexuality to the least tolerant groups of people in history: Xbox Live gamers and GP readers.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

It is obvious you are trolling for attention but I have to ask. How exactly is homosexuality offensive? What is it about two people who love eachother that offends you?

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Let me ask you this: how is farting in public offensive? Perfectly natural, right?

There are some things that should be kept private, and not displayed as a Gamertag.

Fart on a homo; it's only fair.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Do you have to try to be so stupid, or does it come naturally?

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Let me use the same excuse so many oddballs with attention-seeking disorders have made:

I was born that way.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

I would really like to see what they would do if someone had the name "hetrogamer", or "straightgamer". I would they react the same way? or give them a free pass

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

I have no idea why anyone would want to have a gamertag like Thegaygamer. With the blithering morons on XBL who love to use racial and homophobic statements while they are playing Halo 3, COD4 and so one, why would you want to call attention to yourself when you know all your are going to hear is idiotic comments? Though I find it funny that a real name used as a gamertag was forced to be changed because it had the word Gay in it. Though once again it had to be reported by someone, and I am thinking that the someone was one of those idiots we all run in to on a daily basis on XBL. Hell I had my GT reported because someone said it sounded like I was a terrorist, thankfully I was not forced to change my name.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

tis zippy, mew name is locked so I can not use it yet >>


All in all this is about limiting stupidity and name caling, this is PCisim in motion but a fatshion ofit I can stand, however gaywood is bad not all gay sir names are going to be ripe for "humor".

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

I dunno.  I mean, both sides have valid points.  Ultimately, Microsoft decides what is acceptable content, since it is X-Box LIVE!.  However, that doesn't mean that Microsoft is homophobic, nor does it mean the Microsoft is persecuting gays, lesbians, etc.  The censors are merely doing their job, and really, who can blame them?  If your job consisted of censoring potentially offensive names.  A good rule of thumb in this case is this: try to see it from the other side's point of view, and act accordingly.  You may love death metal (I know I do), but having "D3C4P17473DFL35|-|P|-||_||<4" for a name isn't gonna fly in the online community.


If you can read that name, kudos to you.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

I couldnt read past decapitate :p

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Sorry, I kinda cut myself off in the middle of a sentence.  What I meant to say was, if your job consisted of censoring potentially offensive names, you'd constantly be in a state of conflict with gamers.  What may be offensive for some may not be offensive for most, but if the few get enough support, then the masses will react accordingly.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

On the one hand I would say it is Microsoft's choice what kind of names they allow or disallow on their service and if we are honest a Gamertag like "thegayergamer" IS controversial, as I do not see any reason to express your sexual orientation - whatever it might be - through your Gamertag. And if have you ever played online you can imagine what kind of reactions this provokes (as there is always at least one moron in every public online match). On the other hand I see a guy like Microsoft's David Weller (Program Manager - XNA Community) using the Gamertag "letskilldave".. kind of controversial as well huh? ;)

Personally I think the entire issue is kind of ridiculous, but who am I to decide...

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

The main reason why people put "girl" or "gay" in their tag is to get the rude comments over with in the beginning of the round, instead of having ppl say "OMG YOU SOUND GAY" right after you try to warn about the engineer being a spy. That way you can actually win some rounds. Without fail, every single CTF, Team-DM or whatever kind of match will at the very least contain 2 people who feel the need to hit on every girl who comes on and tell everyone who appears to be black, gay, hispanic etc that being what they are is an affront to GAWD ALMIGHTY.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

I know a lot of people also get annoyed if you confuse their gender or something. Not many boys like being refered to as girl, and not many women enjoy being refered to as he. So if someone calls out he, or somethigm male to a girl she will most likely correct him seeing as how girls have a right to play games too. Then you have the same issue as if she had put girl, or female, or woman in her name.

Furthermore gaywood never entered my mind as being sexual or inuendo and I am a complete pervert.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

How about this:

It's Microsoft's network, they can do what they want.

I just can't stand all these people; gay, straight, Chinese, black, stupid, whatever, that get offended over everything they can equate to their demographic.

Get over it.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

They have every right to ban tags with "black" "hebrew" or "gay" in it if they way, but as free citizens we also have every right to call attention to those policies. I suppose you also would rail against people who complain about downed cows carrying disease being used for our food.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Ha ha...

My point is that we are becoming a great lot of pussies. Everyone is offended by this and that, don't say the wrong thing, or type the wrong letters. Watch your mouth, because people just seem to get offended by the dumbest things.

It really is ridiculous. Richard Gaywood's name offends someone. Who cares. Microsoft controls Live and if they want to kick off someone because of their name, good for them. It's their service and they run it as they see fit. So, Richard... get over it. Everyone shocked that Microsoft would do it... get over it. Everyone working at MADD pissed at GTA IV for having drunk driving in it... get over it. Everyone offended because someone makes a black, or white, or Polish joke... get over it.


Jesus; just get freaking over it.


And yeah, thefremen... you got me pegged. I think the gub-ment should be able to sell me poisoned meat. Idiot. Actually, I'll hardly rail over anything because if something offends me, I'll just get over it. Novel concept, huh?

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Actually as a company they are supposed to have some standard... And not a double standard...

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

I'm sure Gaywood is not his real name. The driver license picture he posted looks fake.


Well we don't know for certain, and it's besides the point of the matter.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Ok the arguement I've seen for this ban is basically that his name can be found offensive. But the only one who would find it offensive are bigots am I right?

He isn't forced to change his name offline because someone is mad when they hear it? Gamertags with things like Black/Hebrew/Muslim/Japanese aren't being banned are they? Honestly I wouldn't even wanna see somene who has Nazi in their name get banned.

I've been on Xbox Live a few times despite not owning an xbox and I get cursed out, my family gets threatened, I've been called Nigger, Fag, Cunt, Bitch, By people who don't even know who I am. Granted some just hate my little brother and he sometimes inspires such language not that I'm saying it's right, but why don't people get banned based on their actions.

His tag wasn't actually offensive to anyone considered to have good sense by modern society, and it Is his name. Maybe he should be excluded by real life orginizations for having such a name?

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

I don't know about feeling offended by it, but anyone who doesn't know that's his real name is going to think he's a 12-year old with a moronic sense of humor. And as a result, gay and lesbian individuals, I would think, would be more offended by it than bigots, who in turn would actually appreciate it.

If you have never read any articles about this, you would think that "Dick Gay Wood" was someone being stupid. I don't know how anybody could say otherwise in this day and age of online anonymity when such handles/phrases/etc... are used very often.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

The word "gay" is not automatically sexual anymore than the word "straight". Both terms are linked to sex and sexuality but so are many other terms, as Doctor Spock put it "...from the day we enter this world to the day we leave it we are sexual creatures. This is expressed in different ways depending on what stage of development we are in.". How many people have "69" in their handle on x-box live? Not to mention other offensive things, I happen to know that Rudy Guiliani had 911911911 as his gamertag because that's all he's capable of typing. When you get down to the meat of it, Microsoft is saying that Straight people are three dimensional and complicated but Gay people are sex maniacs who corrupt our children and steal our women/men. This also explains why when I search with MSN under the term "gay" it always suggests "did you mean 'sinner'?".

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

First of all, 69 is, while granted, a little immature to put in your xbl handle, it, and any other sexual references are only offensive to people who are immature/puritans/prudes in the first place, their is nothing wrong with sex, and they need to get over it, sex doesnt corrupt anything.

And microsoft is not saying gay people are deviant or that they corrupt anything, they only have 2 choices here.


Ban the word gay in gamertags

or dont


If they do, 90% with the word in their tag will be something hatefull, it will be a bunch of 13 year olds using names like this or that is gay, or Ihategaypeople even... the minority of people that use it legitamately referencing their sexual orientation (why they want to do this in the first place I dont know)might get screwed over a bit.


If they dont, people will use the word RAMPTANTLY in every possible negative way, half the party in any given game match will be a thirteen year old who thinks something or someone is gay or that something bad should happen to gay people... actual homosexuals and homosexual groups will call microsoft discrimanitory against gays anyways for not policing the names.


They are screwed no matter what.

Mountains of Molehills indeed

Oy, there are a lot of misconceptions going on here.

First it's not a BAN, just like "gayergamer" they're forcing him to change his name before he can log back in. A 5 minute change, TOPS and he's free to play again, after he changes the name. There's a vast difference. This is exactly how most online services deal with accounts that have questionable or innapropriate titles. Why is XBL suddenly being treated differently than other online services? Why is it that just NOW are people getting bent out of shape over this?

Second, Microsoft enforces only what is brought to their attention by community reports and they're dependant on the community self-regulating and sending in reports. Just like YouTube, World of Warcraft, this very site, and any other user submission based service. There are so many gamertags out there, and so many created on a daily basis, that I'm quite sure that it is beyond impractical for them to crack down on every questionable name. Again, why is XBL being singled out all of a sudden?

Third, it's a private network run on commercial servers. Just like any other online service, they're free to run it and enforce behavior and protocol how they see fit. There's not any 'freedom to speech' there, no freedom to assemble or associate, and so on... Not difficult to understand, it is their playground and it is their rules. So at the end of the day, if a person doesn't like it then treat it like any other capital based scenario and VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET!

And really? It's difficult to see how Richard Gaywood is questionable? How about  "Dick (common nick for Richard) HomosexualErection", is that a little more clear?

Is it an unfortunate name to have in real life? Yes.

Does that make it OK without any context to strangers and children in an privately run online environment? Nope.

Is a 5 minute account name change really worth all this alarmism and homophobic fingerpointing? NO!


Re: Mountains of Molehills indeed

and yet, play Halo and get called a fag every two minutes...


Here are we -- and yonder yawns the universe.

Here are we -- and yonder yawns the universe.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

I think Microsoft should just go ahead and deregulate part of the XBL community. I actually thought that was what the underground area was for but apparently you can still be banned for being a jerk in there. But considering that anonymity turns so many people into complete assholes, XBL should have an area just for them to act like racist morons. Almost anything can be construed as offensive as every single person draws their own line somewhere, so it becomes an impossible job to protect people from being offended. Anyway, if this guy can prove that Gaywood is his actual legal name, then Microsoft should reinstate it because no person's name should be banned speech no matter how much innuendo can be found in it. If the old people at the dentists office can handle the name Gaywood being shouted into the lobby, then I think the XBL community can do the same.   

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

In all honesty, why doesn't this guy sue HIS PARENTS.  If my last name was Gaywood (which is fine), I'd go with Zeus, or Augustus, or something.

Case in point, Mountains have been made here; primary ingredient - molehills.


~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Yeah I'm not even understanding how people can't see that this could be offensive. This is the equivalent of banning the name "AfricanAmericanGamer" or "GirlGamer". And blanket banning the word is not doing gay people any favours. Sure "gangbeatgays" should be banned, but so should "rapegirls" or "lynchafricanamericans".

Gay is not an offensive term towards homosexuals, it's not the equivalent of calling a black person a N*gger or a woman a C*nt. F*g is offensive and should be banned, but the word gay in and of itself is not an offensive word towards homosexuals. I know "gay" is all too frequently used as a slur, but hell, girl is often used in a similar sense i.e. "you shoot like a girl". But no one wants to ban the word girl to 'protect' women from potential slurs. Blanket banning a word implies there is something inherently offensive or derogatory about it, and though it probably wasn't their intention, Microsoft is implicitly condemning a gay lifestyle. 

Also the names "Richard Gaywood" and "Richard HardDong" are not two eggs in a basket, one is quite possibly a real name, the other is not. It's more like banning the name "Black, Richard",  while it could be construed as "Black Dick" it could also be a legitimate name, unlike "Richard HardDong".

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Honestly, Microsoft were trying to please the parents here by trying to bann users using the word Gay on their XBox Live database without realising that they could be persercuting more innocent gamers than the ones who are trying to be offencive for the fun of it. That is what it appears to me. I know that with any small or innocent word can be taken out of context and being interpreted in such a deep and negative way, With me, I have no problem with the word Gay, because to me I know that Gay can mean happy, or gay can be like saying you are proud to be a Homosexual and not afraid of what people might say about you, or even Gay can be something that is used to say that this 'object' is stupid or boring. That is 3 ways to look at the word gay. So to me, I don't find gay offencive at all. But I do find Homophobia offencive because it is putting down those who are homosexuals and it is also provokes unnessesary fear of a certain type of people who may not be considered good in the eyes of some religions. Also religion does not offend me, but comments made in the name of religion that descriminate a certain type of people of no fault of their own do make me sad in some ways.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

It's weird but I read the "GayGamer" avatar name in such a different way than most others.  I had assumed that the "gay" was not in reference to sexual orientation but was more of a derogatory/ ironical statement of the gamers abilities. (Said in the crude terms of todays youth.)  For those of us who play online games we're all used to the way in which the current generation of kids uses the term "gay" to refer to things they don't like.  When I saw the tag "GayGamer" I had thought it a derogatory statement of said players abilities and not a proud statement of sexual orientation.  So in my mind the term actually was offensive.  To me the name was similar to something like: "God_My_Bad_Shot_Was_So_Gay." .... Sorry for the poor example. 



Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Frankly I'm offended by Xxx[Gamertag]xxX, think of an original name!

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

This reminds me of a ctrlaltdel comic.

---Oh sure, its fine when a monkey does it. But when I throw barrels at an Italian plumber, they call it a hate crime! - Stephen Colbert

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay


from what I can see, their banning of richard gaywood was because of a blanket ban on the term gay for gamer tags, and before everyone shouts Homaphobia ( late..), think of it this way.


assume, for a moment, that there are too many gamertags to be looked at by a human being (how many millions are subscribed to Xbox live?)

Which would you rather have, a million immature twelve year olds with tags like "Ih8gays" "gayf@gsgodie" etc, and no banned richard gaywood...

...or none of those offensive tags, and one banned Mr. Gaywood?

the fact of the matter is that there are simply too many names to have a person weed through them to determine which of those are used in an appropriate manner and which are not.






Seriously, if it is his given name, why the hell are they banning it? But i gotta say, it must suck living with a name like that xD

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

There so much stupidity in these comments it makes me want to retire from humanity.  Gaywood is a last name.  The word gay applies to a person's sexuality, or happy.  Anyone offended by these two things should be ejected from the face of the planet.  End of discussion.  It's that simple.  gayfaggotsburnanddie is not an acceptible use of the word gay.  woodupyourass is not an acceptible use of the word wood.  If Microsoft would like to actually defend people's beliefs and ideals, they'd do best to not blanket words as discriminatory or hateful simply because of what they are related to.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

To Mr. Richard Gaywood: Sue Microsoft.

To Microsoft: I'm disappointed, Mr. Gates.




Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

If Microsoft allowed gamer tags that were offensive to gays, like "gayassqueers" or "kilalfags" or such, you know damn well that the gay and lesbian and transexual alliance would be up in arms about Msoft being against gays for allowing such gamer tags to exist.  In order to AVOID that kind of issue, they institute a blanket banning of the term "gay."  They probably have a blanket ban against sexual tags too, which "gay" would fall under, anyways.

What exactly is the difference between sexual preference and sexual reality?  And how does either of those NOT refer to sexual activity?  Being homosexual means you prefer having sex with your own gender rather than the opposite.  No?  Being bisexual means you prefer having sex with both male and females.  Being heterosexual means you prefer having sex with the opposite gender. Is this not true?

"Its not just about sex.  What about love?" you ask.  I love my two male best friends, but I don't want to have sex with them.  I love my mother and sister and cousins and aunts, but I don't want to have sex with them. I love my friend's wife, but I don't want to have sex with her.  I love my girlfriend, and I do want to have sex with her. I can love men and not be gay.  I can love women and not be straight. Whether you are gay or straight depends on your gender, and whether you want to have sex with your own gender, or the opposite.

The problem is that the gay/lesbian/transexual/genderconfused/whatever want public acknowledgment of their proclivities.  I don't care who you do or don't have sex with.  I don't care.  What bothers me is that I'm expected to support and acknowledge and agree with it.  I don't.  You prefer having sex with your own gender.  Cool, whatever.  Its none of my business, so stop trying to rub it in my face.

I also don't understand the whole "gay pride" thing. If your sexual orientation is not a choice (ie; "I can't choose to be gay. That just how I am!") but hardwired into your being, and being gay is supposedly normal, then why the pride? Should I be proud that my thumbs are opposable? Should I be proud that my hair is brown? Should I be proud that my skin is white?  Oh wait, thats racist isn't it?  Just as if I were to march in a "Straight Pride" parade, I'd be homophobic, right?  Is that too subtle for you, or can you see the BLATANT double standards?

I am not a fan of Microsoft. I am not a fan of the 360 console. I will defend them here, though, because this is a case where no matter what they do, they are going to be attacked. Someone commented that a human checking over this name issue would have let it slide, as opposed to a program instituting a blanket ban.  Well, considering how many people are on Live at any point, and how many new accounts they get, can you explain the logistics of having every name vetted by a person? If you buy a 360 and want to play online, are you fine with waiting up to 48 hours before you can play so that your gamertag can be checked by an actual human to make sure its not offensive to any race, gender, religion, or lack thereof? Its just easier for both the company and the consumer to have these automatic checks in place.

Last point: As soon as Msoft banned "Thegaygamer" they had to go against every other use of gay.  If they banned Thegaygamer but left Mr. Dick Gaywood alone, then you'd hear the shrieks of how Msoft was homophobic because they banned thegaygamer, showing that their view on homosexuality is negative, while gaywood was allowed because it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Oh, and Msoft is not the only company around with the same automatic bans.  Final Fantasy XI prevents the use of gay in names.  It is automatically rejected during the character creation process. I found this out because I wanted to name my new Elvaan character after the Japanese comedian Masaki Sumitani, aka: Hard Gay.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

I don't understand why people are getting in a huff over this. The only mistake made was that Microsoft did not make contact with the person first. All of this could also been avoided with a quick check of his details. But the base arguement is that MS are sexually discriminating against gay people. Don't you see that they are infact trying to stamp out discrimination. they thought this was a derrogative statement and reacted. For every case like this one there would be many more where Microsoft are stopping immature adolescents, and sickening amount of adults from perpetuating Homophobia. I think people are all too quick to shout 'hate crime'.

There's more...

Because, this isn't a remote banning. It's been happening to various people, while names that really could be offensive are left unchecked.

If it was one case, that's one thing, but this is just one case in a string of similar cases.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

I am just amused by the irony of the situation mostly. XBL is largely accepted as being a giant mass of immature offensive kiddies. So they pick names which are on the borderline of potentially offensive and ban those instead of the more direct problems.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

The thing is that some gamers and site users need to make it very obvious who and what they are all about. I am familiar with policing user profiles for unsavory content and some of the stuff I and others have seen boarder from childish ignorance to deliberate and epic pedophile proportions. Sure it is okay to tell people about yourself, but I certainly don't dish out my user info and then say, by the way I'm straight. Did anyone ask? No. Is it appropriate? No. There are other places for that.

Does sexual orientation even have to be advertised? I don't care what your sexual preference is, what color you are, what language you speak, etc. Just be a gamer damn it. 

I have "gay" friends, but I don't know a single one that has ever felt the need to blast it out there so everyone knows and certainly not in a user profile. 

Gay never lost it's meaning, it''s just that people don't bother to acknowledge what the dictionary says. That is their problem, the rest of us get by just fine. I'm surprised people are not getting lawsuits tossed at them after they announce that they are going to go outside to "smoke a fag" (that is "smoke a cigarette" for those of you not familiar with the term). 


Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

This is where microsoft will start to fail.  They still won't acknowledge that people's 360's are rrod because of gta 4.  this is the forum that microsoft refuses  to say anything about.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

Is there anyway to contact gp directly anymore.  Now the only contact is through eca which is not to cool.

Re: Gay & Lesbian Gaming Sites React to Xbox Live's Gay

The game is mostly irrelevant when it comes to 360's getting the RROD.

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Matthew WilsonI updated to a clean instill of windows 10.07/29/2015 - 2:36am
Mattsworknameargue that it's wrong, but then please admit it's wrong on ALL Fronts07/29/2015 - 2:06am
MattsworknameTechnoGeek: It's actually NOT, but it is a method used all across the specturm. See Rush limbaugh, MSNBC, Shawn hannity, etc etc, how many compagns have been brought up to try and shut them down by going after there advertisers. It's fine if you wanna07/29/2015 - 2:05am
Mattsworknamediscussed, while not what I liked and not the methods I wanted to see used, were , in a sense, the effort of thsoe game consuming masses to hold what they felt was supposed to be there press accountable for what many of them felt was Betrayal07/29/2015 - 2:03am
MattsworknameAs we say, the gamers are dead article set of a firestorm among the game consuming populace, who, ideally, were the intended audiance for sites like Kotaku, Polygon, Et all. As such, the turn about on them and the attacking of them, via the metods07/29/2015 - 2:03am
MattsworknameAndrew: Thats kind fo the issue at hand, Accountable is a matter of context. For a media group, it means accountable to its reader. to a goverment, to it's voters and tax payer, to a company, to it's share holders.07/29/2015 - 2:02am
Andrew EisenAnd again, you keep saying "accountable." What exactly does that mean? How is Gamasutra not accounting for the editorial it published?07/28/2015 - 11:47pm
Andrew EisenMatt - I disagree with your 9:12 and 9:16 comment. There are myriad ways to address content you don't like. And they're far easier to execute in the online space.07/28/2015 - 11:47pm

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