Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

May 27, 2008 -

New research says that video games appeal to the male urge to conquer, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

The newspaper cites a new study by Stanford Prof. Allan Reiss (left), published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research

Professor Allan Reiss, who led the research, said women got the hang of the game and understood how to win the most territory, but were not as driven as men...


After analysing the MRI data, the researchers found participants of both sexes showed activation in the brain's mesocorticolimbic centre, the region typically associated with reward and addiction. Male brains, however, showed much greater activation. The amount increased as they gained more territory.

Reiss commented on his research:

These gender differences might help explain why males are more attracted to, and more likely to become "hooked" on, video games than females. I think it's fair to say that males tend to be more intrinsically territorial. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who historically are the conquerors and tyrants of our species.



Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

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Whats next, ordering pizza from Xbox live?

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Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

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Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

ugh again guys think their the only ones who like to play games.. what do they think women do for fun cook & corchet?

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

"It doesn't take a genius to figure out who historically are the conquerors and tyrants of our species."

No, nor does it take a genius to figure out who, historically speaking ofcourse, are the prostitutes of our race or the ones that stay at home and do the laundry?

Does this tell us anything about the sexes? Using this type of reasoning are women thus more attracted to games where they sell themselves or do housework? I think it depends entirely on the situation and the culture around you whether you get into videogames at all, I think it has little to do with your biology. My girlfriend, as an example, is a complete Civilization nut as well as other RTS "Conquering Tyrant" games. I prefer the games with a lush story or atleast a game where I get to beat things to death with something novel like a wrench or, say, their own limbs.

It's not that I'm so opposed to the no-brainer conclusion that men are attracted to computer games (dur) but that it's because their tyrannical urges and need to conquer have something to do with it I think is kinda suspect.

On a slightly seperate note. Am I the only one that cringes when people start saying things like "Men are like X" and "Women are like Y"? To me it sounds the same as saying "Caucasians are like Z" and "Asians are like Q" etc. Just silly the feminist campaign here in Iceland that goes like this: "Men Rape!". I took a double take on that, then wandered off to fufill my rape quota for the day =p

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

So all that means is men are more likely to become addicted to video games than women. Women can enjoy them just fine, and they can also easily put them down and not become obsessive completionists or achievement-jockies.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

tis zippy again


I hate this palce...good lord what I am saying, I hate the update, still no editing posts and the loss of easy spell checking.


Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Tis Aliasalpha

Look up where the controller is and cast your eyes downwards, there'll be a login/register link under the ad for the ECA and above the other ad for the ECA

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Tis zippy again


Your missing the point it’s not that females cannot be territorial or dominating it’s just between society and the way it shapes genders and how male and females react it leads to a greater number of males being more likely to be it.


Mew thinks your injecting your PC leaning POV into things, it’s not the females cannot be anything it’s that in general they are not so much X number of something then men are and vice versa becuse ZOMG men and wemon are diffrent.

PS:I am not aruging the study as much as the line of thought, the study seems to have some holes in it.

BTW I hate this place dose not work with broswer spell checking......

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Unfortunately my respect for GP commentors when the subject is science has dwindled over the past year or so.
I suggest anyone here who dares comment on the ability of this scientist or the quality of his work actually READ THE PAPER (not just the daily news article, which ironically everyone is so quick to point out as a bad news source).

Those of you saying he should have his PhD removed... Shame on you. It is quite clear your grounding in science is not at a level to comment.

Those of you who are saying 'but I'm a girl and I like games' or 'what about my GF/wife' or 'but I am a guy and I dont like to dominate' are what we call part of a population that is VARIABLE!!!!! an exception that when grouped over a population level study is dwarfed by the 'norm' or more consistent response.

For everyones interest there are hundreds of papers and studies showing neurochemical differences between males and females of all species. These are significant differences that do not determine the 'you or me' per se but our response to stimuli that MAY affect the way we perceive and hence act upon that or other stimuli. Estrogen and testosterone are steroids that act on the brain, nuff said. The regions he was looking at are critical in reward and addiction as based on a few more hundred papers (actually an area of research I work on).
It is unfortunate that this study was not of a huge sample size (11 females vs 14 males), but if you read the article you would have noticed the following statement about further studies that should be conducted:
'investigation of subject populations in other age groups and from different cultural backgrounds'
It takes a lot of time and money to do these tests so testing everyone in the world (whilst it would be nice) is not actually possible.

Lastly, his statement for the press uses terms such as 'dominate' and tries to generalise because otherwise half of you would not understand what he is saying (moreso for those who read the daily news). These generalisations are his opinions/views as to what it could mean, the research evidence is the science.
Sorry for the flame but by insulting the work of a professor without even reading his work or the paper in question (or understanding research science at all) I consider a personal insult. If anyone is actually interested in intellectual debate then don't hesitate to reply. I can't give a copy of the paper out due to copyright restrictions but your local university can probably get the article for you (or I can paraphrase it for those who are interested).

sorry for the long post...

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Like I said, sample size is insufficient. With that many people participating you could come to conclusions like "Guys named 'Chad' prefer Halo 3 to GoW".

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Not that would pass the scrutiny of a simple statistical analysis (unless it were the most likely case)...

number per group and the variance of the group is accounted for by stats. 12 per group of a controlled sample can be sufficient. The study also utilised each persons ability (i.e. motor control) to perform the actions required which serves as a within-subject control helping to reduce the variability.

It could just be the findings are the case in the current cohort but if you were to sample 12 Chad's maybe you could say they prefer Halo :)

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Hey, how about test this theory on another game, like chess. Because Chess is also a game about territory and defeating units. This guy should have not only tergeted Videogames, but also looked at other games like chess in order to see if there is any real relationship between Videogame addiction and Board Game Addiction.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

"It doesn't take a genius to figure out who historically are the conquerors and tyrants of our species." It also doesn't take a genious to figure out that all these researches about Videogames in science labs are nothing but a load of bull. How can one look at the brainwaves of people, and then conclude that they reflect something so trivial. Isn't this guy supose to criticize his own results in order to see if they are able to stand up to such scrutiny before Generalizing?

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Haha yes because women aren't territorial or competitive...

Might be interesting to do a study examing the varying reactions between the genders when idiotic, half arsed, biased generalisations are spouted as not only fact but SCIENTIFICALLY OBTAINED FACTS!

I half agree with Laughing Hyena, this guy should have his PHD confiscated (assuming its actually real & not made up for the story). She implies that this should be the end of the matter but after confiscation I think it should be coated in metal and used to publically spank this bloke while he endlessly recites "I will not abuse the scientific method or present unsubstantiated assumptions as true for the purposes of personal gain"

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Tis zippy,mew name is still locked.


Equal but different comes to mind, face it men and women are slightly different in taste and style thus the media they consume is going to be different, there is nothing wrong with different however, it merely means statistically there is a difference in behavior or thinking, humans are still human and do human things but you can average of groups to statistics.

A good example would be White IQ vrs Black IQ is there a difference “maybe” if most Blacks or Whites were impoverished even then the difference is pointless to note because it’s a well know fact both whites and blacks can be smart and stupid in roughly equal amounts so to further claim one is smarter means you have an agenda, after all there are parts of society that raise their sect up while bashing others down.

When it comes to men and women it’s a well known fact they think differently, the structure of the process is slightly different because after all men and women are different, this is not about ”equality” or any other catch phase to make the genders feel better about their societal standings this is  about the shear fact males and females are “different” than each other.


Let me repeat this is not about feel good everyone is the same BS this is about the rather well known fact males and females are different, “separate but equal” and “we are all human” does not quite work here because males/females have different levels of hormones, raised to different mindsets all of this adds up to becoming slightly different, and I am not saying they cannot either but its more statically sound that they fall to other things first.


Personally I am an odd number in statistics I am a male that dislikes to dominate, I am more the mental lush emotional type..and I’d rather run in traffic than get in a fight too…=0-o=




More crap.

At this point I kinda don't give a shit what any of these researchers say. I'm not saying that he's not right on some of his points, I'm just saying that there is really very little point in having a big old talk about the merrits of his study. Tomorrow there will be a new study thay says he's completely wrong and the next day we'll have another study that says he's spot on...What he's saying is not going to change or reinforce the censorship crusades of worthless fuckheads like those retards at commonsensemedia or the PTC. All he is saying is that according to his study, most games appeal more to men. And yes...I think all of this research-absolutely all of it-is flawed by one simple error: You forgot the god damn variables. Whatever.


-GRIZZAM PRIME(c)is property of...nobody.

Reality/////////////////////////////////////Fantasy. Seems like a pretty thick line to me...

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Okay, Pr. Reiss, but how does that explain my love for Final Fantasy Tactics and similar games? And the fact that I try to dominate any game I play (card, board, and video games) if it involves other players in a fun setting? They usually hate the fact that I'm not a sore loser if I lose.

You know, winning the most territory?

Oh, that's right...I'm a girl. This is pure bullshit. Someone take away his P.H.D. please, it sounds like he didn't deserved it.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

I HE-MAN I strong, me like tarzan! me king of jungle, me go find woman!


(wanders off to play oblivion and hang the Emperor's dead corpse from the castle battlements)


In all seriousness, no when I play games I do not feel like Og the Caveman.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Let me get this straight: the concept of "conquest" is a brain-level primitive, directly analogous to a state that is represented in a video game?

I call BS and pseudoscience on this.  This is high-tech phrenology.



Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Hmm, I still don't see how this fits in the "All Girls love Burnout" Theory.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Hasn't the internet already proven that girls don't play video games? And I think MMOs have proven that any girls you may see are really creepy middle-aged men.

I kid, girls can do whatever the hell they want. (Though that middle-aged men part is kind of true)

-"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject." -Sir Winston Churchill

I'm Offended!

Just listen to the claptrap that they open the article with: "He might be playing with cutting-edge technology, but when a chap picks up a games console he turns into a caveman."  That is patently false!  Anyone who's ever seen me play NetHack knows damn well I generally start as either a Barbarian or a Monk!  Sheesh, Daily Mail, do some research -- the Caveman is the least-played role on the server.  In all likelihood, a chap who picks up a controller turns into a wizard.

The Mammon Industry



Re: I'm Offended!

What if a wizard turns you into a whale. Is this awesome? Y/N

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

I wanna call BS that games are a guy thing. I mean I play games like Okami, Half Life 2, Prey, FFXI, Garry's Mod, Home World 2, Robotech Battlecry, Lumines, .Hack, Metroid series, Zelda series, among others. Does that mean I'm a guy? Heck no, 100% girl here and stuff like this gets me quite pissed. I mean seriously assuming that all female gamers play only Sims and the Wii or the DS is in itself quite annoying.

I personally think all of these researching on this stuff is flawed since they do a these kinds of fact checking within a small group within one area. Instead what they need to do is check this out with a large group in a lot of areas, in different states, or even in other countries. Different areas will get different stats, and larger groups would allow for more accurate testing. And while they are at it, make the larger group testing be spred out over a longer period of time, I say this cause if you choose only one day to do this testing, theres a chance you'll only get a certian portion of a group, where as if you test a few each week over a few month period, you could get a more variety of people.

To say that women dont have the drive that men have in video games is flawed within it self. History of video games have shown that for a while, when pong and other arcade games first came out, that men dominated for a while, but then women started to get into the games and generally excelled at playing them than men.

Am I saying that women are better players? No I'm not. It differs between games and what not. Yeah there are games out there that appeal more to the differ genders, and personally I would like games that would appeal to both. But i beleive that there has been word that the female gamer population has been growing for a while, same with the female internet population. Its quite saddening to talk to some random person in a IRC, and they act like every gamer/chatter is just another guy. (pisses me off even more when people assume that I chose my name after a certian video game character, and not my actual name in real life. Or that Sora is a purly male name thanks to said character.)

Ok I guess thats enough of ranting I guess, though another point I would like to point out about general scanning for these kinds of thing, is that they generally lump the male and female mental processes together as if they are exactly the same, the fact is, no they arent, what one brain scan would say for a certian area of it that was being stimulated for a male due to one event, would not nessarily mean the same for a female, even if they have the same reaction physically to it and emotion towards said event.

Speaking of games that appealed more to both genders, they should make more games where you can choose your character gender, or games that allows you to create your own characters. Yeah there are games like that, but it seems like the good and interesting ones are sparce, like the Megaman ZX series.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Agh, more Right-Wing Sensationalism. It's like listening to that bastard on WKTT.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

The Daily Mail makes Fox News looks like a completely unbiased and reliable news agency. One of these days, The Daily Mail will publish something from The Onion or a shopped headline from /b/. Habeeb it. At any rate, if womminz haet dominating then whuts up with the dominatrix? What about Mary Queen of Scots or Queen Elizabeth or Cleopatra? What about Hillary f'n Clinton? I don't buy that these historical and modern examples of women schemed to gain power out of some sense of duty to humanity as if they were Bene Gesserit. I would suggest that this guy's results were influenced by his test subjects. If you rounded up a bunch of people in the welfare line I wouldn't be suprised if you only found men who are compensating for percieved shortcomings by dominating others (the pimp psyche) and women who really just don't try (welfare moms). If you round up doctors and lawyers or even just law students I'm certain you'd get different results.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

I didnt notice it was the Daily Mail.

WTF is GP doing quoting from that trash?  You can pretty much assume if it's printed in that it's made up, and the 'expert' either doesn't exist or was totally misqouted. 

Maybe Jack Thomson should apply to be editor.. he's good at that kind of stuff.


Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Yes, there are biological differences between men and women, but by far the biggest of these is in terms of the reproductive organs.  Other differences are miniscule and, if a woman's vagina has little or no impact on her ability to play games I seriously doubt that other aspects of her biology do.  It's FAR more likely that a person's upbringing - and not their biology - determines how (or whether) they play games.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

I dunno, I've heard of women doing amazing things with a mouse, keyboard & joystick simultaneously...

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

I think a lot of readers are taking the "territory" statements too literally.  You can conquer stages and levels without literally having conquered a territory.  By progressing through the game you are conquering it, piece by piece, stage by stage.  So this goes for all games, including casual games.

In addition, we need to remember that all games are built on this concept and that's why they work.  This study basically confirmed that video games are made to appeal to your conquering instinct and they are working.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Does everybody really need to argue about this?

Sure, statistically men have dominated the video game market over the past several decades... women (as well as people of all ages, male or female) are making a larger impact as video games become more mainstream.

We cannot say one way or another which one dominates the market, irregardless of how many boys or girls play video games, much less process the thought on the amount of people that never held a controller and might actually enjoy it. But that is an unknown variable...

I am guy living in an area with a low female gamer populous, so seeing one that is actually single is something of a gem in the oasis in the middle of the sahara.

There might truth to our ancient instinctive drives, though. Afterall, what guy hasn't bought a game that hasn't had a single smoking hot babe or massacre players to show their superiority?

Now if you would excuse, I need to kill some nazis...

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

What people really have to remember here is he is not saying it's "across the board", not everyone is the same. He's saying that it's more a of majority, which I can see. Are there women out there who love it as much as men? Sure, no one is disupting that. He's just saying that men are more so attracted towards it. Is it true or not? Dunno, I didn't conduct the research, I could see it, but that doesn't make it fact.


Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Oh and I DO think there are gender differences that causes the audience gap in video games...

I just don't think this study is credible. It's relying on a far too typical and easy answer "men are agressive and like to dominate things" when I think it goes far deeper than that. And I personally take offense to it because I'm one of the most physically passive people I know and I feel like my love of video games is on a much more sophisticated level than mere conquering. It has to do with exploring worlds, becoming a different persona, affecting change, and in many cases they present fun critical thinking challenges.

Video games are also a more "technical" hobby, involving GUI and digital input devices (controllers). Things of that nature tend to attract males more. Also look at the Wii, it's very popular among females and I think because of the more intuitive, organic nature of the control scheme.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Don't trust any reports coming from Daily Mail, they sensationalize and warp most things. For example, an emo girl committed suicide and they did a story saying "all emo kids believe they go to The Black Parade when they die".

These types of studies are limited and blurry. They say it's about winning territory, only a small percentage of games involve property or ownership. Mario is about getting from point A to point B and avoiding obstacles. I think the word "conquer" is a little bit of an overstatement. And while Animal Crossing is popular with girls, it's audience is also mostly male as well. Actually you could say games like Animal Crossing are MORE "territorial" in nature because it involves advancing and accumulating your property.

Also, what about MMORPGS and other team-based games, where the goal is mutual victory as opposed to domination? What about adventure/exploration games? Not ALL games are about one party "conquering" another. If you want to say that any sort of victory is about conquering, then what about women and dating, shopping, dieting, exercising, reading, cleaning, schoolwork - you could say all of those are about conquering in some sense also.

Much more research is needed before they start coming to conclusions like this.

And the tyrant line is absolutely unneeded. A dig like that would not be tolerated against women coming from a professional. ("It doesn't take a genius to figure out who historically are the oversensitive and wimps of our species" ??)

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Some of you are taking the word "territorial" too literally.  The part of the brain that was stimulated was the reward and addiction section.  Most games are about gving the player incremental rewards (character levels, items, completed areas), or about "conquering" game levels to move onto the next chalenge, etc.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

I'm not saying that the research or its claims are correct or on base because I can't say either way without evidence, but why do people always immediately attack any research or claim as to a seperation of the genders as sexist. Is it so infeasible that there could be some baseline difference between men and women. Nearly every statistic shows a difference between men and women in every skill and measurable intelligence, sometimes women win, sometimes men win, regardless who wins, everyone calls it sexist. Why is it so impossible that maybe women would make better pilots, or men better bakers, or women better biologists, men better engineers? or all of those visa versa, why is it always sexist?

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

I agree.  People have become too sesitive to anything that might be construed as "unfair" or sexist/racist/biggoted.  Many equality advocates of the 70s and 80s pushed the notion that there was no difference between men and women.  Most don't think that now, but the uneasiness of talking about differences remains.  Men and women, from their bodies to their brains, are different.  That doesn't make one gender better or more worthy to pursue activities if they want, and accepting that truth doesn't make you sexist. 

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Depends - if that's your motivation to play... my wife's always been a gamer too. Yeah, I know - I'm lucky, eh? Her sister was a gamer too; but not quite to the degree my wife is anyway.

I'm curious though - are those the same reasons there are more male lawyers and politicians? I bet even more so than video gaming.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

As a few readers already pointed out, this is hardly scientific. The main reason being that they simply observe a slight difference between sexes on a particular brain region. They don't know what that difference actually means, they don't know what is causing it or what are the underlying processes governing it.

Science means understanding and being able to explain, not just observing and especially not jumping to conclusions. This is the main reason why studies linking violent videogames to actual violence have little to no weight: they usually just show that playing an exciting game gets people excited, and that's the same as stating that rain makes things wet.

But catchy titles make the headlines and being on the headlines brings grant money and you can't do science without money.

I understand why they would create a very simple game for their study: to minimize the number of variables and keep the test conditions as stable as possible, but then again if you want to make conclusions about videogames in general you should analyse different types of games.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Males "tyrannical", "driven" and "more intrinsically territorial"?  The single most tyrannical, driven and territorial British political leader in recent history was its only woman Prime Minister - Margaret Thatcher.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Yeah, suuuure!  I'd like to see the data - I'm sure there are big problems with this study.  More nonsense from sexists in academia.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

I can definately see where this comes in, but I would have picked it as a dominant male thing honestly.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

this must be why i like heavy strategy games. I LIKE TO CONQUER!

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

How do you feel about commanding?

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

I love to command, but I only command to conquer. I also tend to conquer in the most efficient way possible, like by capturing enemy buildings in order to use them to my own means. Which I guess changes it to "I like to assimilate" instead "I like to conquer." Really though, who wants to waste a perfectly good factory by destroying it when you can simply make it your own...

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

I like the way he tosses in the word "tyrants", in case the ladies think he is saying that men being conquerors is a positive thing.

Bad brutish territorial men!


Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers


It is distressing to see quotes like this:

"After analysing the MRI data, the researchers found participants of both sexes showed activation in the brain's mesocorticolimbic centre, the region typically associated with reward and addiction."

This statement shows a bias as these same brain regions can be involved in learning.  Should we also say that a good school creates addiction? Invoking a word as problematic as "addiction" shows a point of view that automatically implies a negative bias.

The study, from what I understand, was based upon a game they created

"The researchers designed a game involving a vertical line (the “wall”) in the middle of a computer screen. When the game begins, 10 balls appear to the right of the wall and travel left toward the wall. Each time a ball is clicked, it disappears from the screen. If the balls are kept a certain distance from the wall, the wall moves to the right and the player gains territory, or space, on the screen. If a ball hits the wall before it’s clicked, the line moves to the left and the player loses territory on the screen."

This game has little to do with the reality of games today, not to mention the high variety of games that are in the market.  Are we considering Peggle and Solitaire games?  How about Petz games?  What about Second Life where the demographic seems to have more women than men.

Unfortunately, I can not find the original article. If anyone has a link, I'd like to take a look.

I applaud the authors' attempts at understanding the changes of brain and psyche that occur through gaming, however, I am not ready to believe that either "addiction" nor gender bias exist based on what I've seen of the article so far.



Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

Good on you in mentioning Solitare. If only these scientists would have used more diverse genres of Videogames to do their full research on instead of just one game. I for one would also love to mention Chess as it is a board game as well as a Videogame Or how about Manopoly? Manopoly is one of the most popular board games around, and it is easy to see why because you can get allot of money in that game.

Re: Games Are a Guy Thing, Say Researchers

@ researcher person:

Tell that to my 2 sisters who are hooked on DoA4 and my Gears loving mum

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MattsworknamePS: hudson played winston zedimore08/03/2015 - 7:24am
Mattsworknameinfo: the orignoal cast wasn't part of Star trek, but the charecters in the movie were the same charecters. Ghostbusters with out stance, ego, venkman, and Earnie hudsons charecter, whose name I forget for some reason , feels wrong to me08/03/2015 - 7:23am
PHX Corp Scathing Nikkei Report Hints At Shameful Treatment Of Staff By Dictatorial Konami Management08/03/2015 - 7:15am
IvresseJust finished with Coxcon 2015 last night (convention in the UK organised by Youtube Jesse Cox). Was a damn good weekend meeting Jesse, Totalbiscuit, Dodger etc. and getting to ask them questions and stuff.08/03/2015 - 6:15am
InfophileReference for my comment earlier about Dan Aykroyd in the new Ghostbusters: - 6:00am
benohawkI hope the new ghostbusters is good regardless, but I also expect it to have to surpass the orignal for people to acknowledge that.08/03/2015 - 1:37am
benohawkMecha, those changes are also some of the bigger complaints I've heard about the Abrams Star Trek movie.08/03/2015 - 1:35am
MechaTama31 <-- Letterman interview with Bill Murray, he seems to have a similar opinion to mine about the pink-slime movie.08/02/2015 - 11:27pm
MechaTama31I don't think it's as big a deal as you think, matts. After all, JJ Abrams' Star Trek removed the original cast (mostly) and changed the formula significantly. If the movie is enjoyable, people will enjoy it.08/02/2015 - 11:23pm
MattsworknameDoc: Hope he recovers soon.08/02/2015 - 7:49pm
Matthew Wilson by Peter Thoman, and better known by the name Durante. he talks about dx12 in detail08/02/2015 - 7:45pm
DocMelonheadIGF's Chairman resigns due to cancer: - 6:46pm
Matthew Wilsonit wont let me update it, so the title is Tifa's Breasts Too Big for the FF7 Remake?08/02/2015 - 6:14pm
Andrew EisenRemember, when linking videos, please tell us what it is (title usually words) in addition to who it's from.08/02/2015 - 6:05pm
Matthew Wilson a interesting video video by Gaijin Goombah08/02/2015 - 4:54pm
MattsworknameInfo: Well thats something at least08/02/2015 - 3:04pm
Infophile@Matt: Apparently Dan Aykroyd actually is involved. We don't know how yet, though, but he's apparently going to be in the movie in some way.08/02/2015 - 4:17am
MattsworknameI still hold that not having the origonal cast invovled in any way hurts this movie, and unless the 4 actresses in the lead roles can some how measure up to the comic timing of the origonal cast, i just don't see it being a success08/02/2015 - 12:46am
MattsworknameMecha: regardless of what you think of it, GB 2 was a finanical success and for it time did well with audiances ,even if it wasnt as popular as the first08/02/2015 - 12:45am
MechaTama31I think they're better off trying to do something different, than trying to be exactly the same and having every little difference held up as a shortcoming. Uncanny valley.08/01/2015 - 11:57pm

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