Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

June 30, 2008 -

GameSpot reports that the upcoming Shellshock 2: Blood Trails has been refused classification by Australia's Office of Film and Literature classification over concerns about violent content:

Shellshock 2 is an Eidos game slated for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms, and was due for release in 2009. The game places players in Vietnam War-era Cambodia, where a mysterious chemical dropped into the jungle has had some strange effects on people. An [Australian distributor] Atari spokesperson said there were currently no plans to appeal the banning decision.

The last game to be RC'd by the OFLC was D3's Dark Sector.


Re: Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

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Re: Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

Fuck the OFLC, People will just end up downloading it, Creating more and more rippers/pirates/whatever you want to call it... Grats OFLC, Rob another company of a hard earnd pay.

Re: Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

Not bagging Australia...... the people here rock.

Re: Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

I have got to say, I am a U.S. citizen staying in Australi. I just got the news that Fallout 3 has also been banned. I am quite upset at the games ratings censorship here. I came here to be with my soon to be wife, I gave up alot to come here, left my friends and family, my nice strong chemically filled food, along with good ole southern cookin and Mexican dishes. Now I cant even get decient games. I am goin the Hell back home. Australia has its good points, and its poison snakes and spiders, it baby poop color red clay dirt, dum as can be kangaroos, and sun scortched grass, but I tell you, I am not missing out on my freakin games. I miss the green mountains back home anyway,The worst I had to worry about there was hillbillys with guns, " Ohh well, they were my friends anyway."

Re: Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

Well Rage of Thorn, one less American here will make it all that much better.

Re: Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

Looks like the person who runs will have to do another censored/uncensored video game comparison once he's done with Dark Sector.

Re: Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

The thing is, the game hasn't been banned.  It's just illegal to sell it within Australia.  It's perfectly fine to import it from an overseas store, which if you're smart about it will usually give it to you for half the Australian RRP plus postage.

That's the part that really irks me about the Australian video game market:  We pay literally double the price of our compatriots in the united states.  The Aussie dollar is worth US$0.96 at the time of this post, and yet we're paying the equivalent of US$105 for a new release game.

Re: Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

This nonsense has to stop. we're nothing but a joke to the outside world,we hurt our own economy(people will simply import or pirate copies) and our very  freedom of choice is controlled by a few individuals who dont understand the basic concepts of modern society. other countries (in fact all nations in the western world) have successfully implemented a R18 system for games, so why are we almost 20 years behind? is it really about children and possible exposure to evil elements in (mature rated) video games? are we, as parents, not competent enough to protect them from these "evils"?

this is disturbing to say the least because in the end freedom is what makes western society thrive.

Re: Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

Our backwards rating system sucks, its sooo backwards. And its ammusing since many people voted Rudd under the impression we were kicking the conservatives out of power. Howard was HATED amongst the younger electorate because of his backwards social conservatism and Rudd came in pretending to be a change

In all fairness to Rudd it is Michael Atkinson that is holding this up and stopping it. He is trying to remain low key trying to get people to forget about it and not change his stance. He is our equvilent of Jack Thompson, but with political power, so basically he is worse than Jack.

Re: Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

Censorship protecting childern from tits and buring them as whitches... since 1620.

I is fuzzy brained mew =^^=
(in need of a bad overhaul)


Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




Re: Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

Man, I played the first oen back in the 90s. Such fond memories of tank combat.

Re: Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

So even more Australians will turn to import copies then.

Couldn't see that coming. =/

Re: Report: Shellshock 2 Banned in Australia

"Censor this, ban-hammer that. We'll be like China in the drop of a hat!"

Harmonization 14, Freedom 0.

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