Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the "Emotional Equivalent of Stalking"

July 12, 2008 -

In 2005, Jack Thompson wrote Out of Harm's Way, an autobiography which detailed his brand of activism. Toward the end of book he lists 25 Culture War Tips From the Trenches.

These include "Be mean" and "Take the Offensive."

Thompson apparently put his philosophy into practice with zest, if one judges by transcripts of his November, 2007 Bar trial. Judge Dava Tunis cites large chunks of those transcripts in her 169-page report to the Florida Supreme Court in which she recommends that Thompson be disbarred for life.

While GamePolitics has already offered exclusive coverage of the transcripts involving Thompson Bar trial witnesses related to video game cases, we had not previously read the testimony of Florida attorneys Larry Kellogg and Al Cardenas (left) of the Tew Cardenas law firm. In 2005 Kellogg was hired by Beasley Communications to deal with Thompson. Beasley owns radio stations and Thompson had targeted some of their shock jock programming. From the transcripts cited by Judge Tunis:

Kellogg: ...what [Thompson] does in these situations -- is he attacks the lawyers for those he wants to do something with... once he learned that I was involved, he started sending me communications to me about my client and about me to others. He also started copying me with all the communications he was sending to others... the F.C.C., third parties of every sort...

I had another matter out in Denver... So I went out to Denver and I didn't get back to Mr. Thompson quick enough for him. So I started getting e-mails threatening that he was going to sue me personally if I didn't arrange a meeting. He sent me an e-mail giving me deadlines. I must have this meeting -- agree to this meeting -- by a certain date or things were going to happen. I was getting all these e-mails, but I was out on another matter and I didn't think it was the most important thing in my life was to arrange a meeting with him. So because I didn't do it fast enough for him, he sent a series of letters... and this was the basis for my initial Bar complaint, why I got involved for the first time in 26 years in a Bar proceeding. I've never filed a Bar complaint and I've never been involved in one prior to this day. This is what made me do it...

Al Cardenas is my partner. Al Cardenas has never represented Beasley and he had never done anything
personally on behalf of Beasley up to that time and never has since. He's never billed an hour of time. He's never talked to them about any legal matter. He's never represented them in any way. He was simply an innocent bystander, who happens to have been the co-chair of President Bush's Florida campaign. He is involved in politics. He's well known as being involved in politics on the Republican side and he knows very well Jeb Bush and he knows George Bush and [Florida Governor] Charlie Crist. He knows them all and they all know who he is.... So Mr. Thompson, because I wouldn't get a meeting with him fast enough...[made the following statements regarding Mr. Cardenas.]:

From Judge Tunis' Report: On March 17, 2005, [Thompson] sent a letter to Florida Governor Jeb Bush stating that Al Cardenas, a partner in the Tew Cardenas law firm, “...has been involved in facilitating the commission of criminal activity in violation of 18 USC 1464 and other federal and state criminal statutes.” Respondent further stated: More specifically, Mr. Cardenas personally and his firm collectively have actively protected the distribution of pornographic material to children and helped target me and my family because of my alerting federal authorities to this activity and Mr. Cardenas’s and his firm’s involvement in it... This makes Mr. Cardenas and his firm involved, in my legal opinion, in a statewide racketeering activity...


The next day on March 18, 2005, [Thompson] wrote Mr. Cardenas: "Not having received it [a return telephone call], and [Thompson's then-attorney] Ray Reiser and I not having heard from your partner Mr. Kellogg about our requested meeting with Caroline Beasley, I alerted the Daily Business Review here in Miami that I have asked Governor Bush to direct the Statewide Prosecutor to investigate your law firm’s receipt of fees from a multi-county criminal activity that violates federal criminal statutes."


Thus, Mr. Thompson explicitly states that the reason he is requesting an investigation by a Statewide Prosecutor from Governor Bush, and simultaneously notifying the primary daily legal newspaper in Miami, is because he did not receive a return telephone call from Mr. Kellogg.

Kellogg: Once he found out about the Bar complaint [that I filed against him]... I knew exactly how he was going to respond. He was going to go after my clients, he was going to go [sic] my partners, he was going to go after my employees, he was going to go after me, and he was going to say Beasley was behind it -- not true. I thought hard about whether I should do this, but I tell you. I had seen him do this to so many other people in the short time that I had been exposed to him and I said, "I'm just not going to sit by and let him do it."

Many of these communications were copied to every person in my firm. I made the decision to block Mr. Thompson’s e-mails from everyone in my firm except for me; and the reason I didn't block them from me is because I was still representing a client, Beasley, and I had to read the garbage that he was sending me to make sure it didn't impact Beasley, but everyone else, I'd would [sic] block it. I had to block it. Occasionally, he would change his e-mail address and some would get through and now I'd have to deal with the reaction. You can imagine. I've got a 50 lawyer law firm that everybody in it -- including lots of secretaries -- would get stuff about me and Al Cardenas being pornographers or mentally molesting children and that sort of thing...

Jack Thompson:  In fact, go to Exhibit 39, if you would. [Florida Bar prosector] Miss [Sheila] Tuma had you read from just a small portion of this letter, I believe, Exhibit 39. It's my letter to the president of
Florida A & M University.

Kellogg: Oh, I remember it.

Thompson: Okay. Why don't you read starting at the last paragraph on the first page and read through the in bold type at the top of page two. This is a letter, so that record is clear, to the president of Florida A & M. which is predominantly an African- American student body.

Kellogg: (After examining document) Yes. You said: "In February, 2004, I was successful in getting the Howard Stern show off all Clear Channel radio stations in America, including the one in South Florida, because Stern aired the following comment while interviewing the man who had sexual intercourse with Paris Hilton and streamed the audio and ran video of it on the Internet: "Ever bang any famous [n-word]chicks? What do they smell like? Watermelon?" Is that where you want me to stop or should I keep reading?

Thompson: Yes. You can stop there.

Kellogg: That's what you said to the president of Florida A & M.

Thompson:  Right.

Kellogg: The African-American school, yes.

Thompson: And that was -- I'm sorry, Mr. Kellogg. Do you have a problem with my telling that to this African-American gentleman whose law firm is representing the company that has that on the air?

Kellogg: For one thing, it's not his law firm. It's a member of his Board of Trustees. I don't know whether Howard Stern...

Thompson: Whose law firm?

Kellogg: We were not representing Florida A & M...

Thompson: Do you have a problem with me telling the president of Florida A & M about this, the fact that Al Cardenas is in the law firm that bears his name that is representing this programming?

Kellogg: Well, I do because -- for a number of reasons. One is, you're trying to get Al Cardenas thrown off the Board because I won't drop my Bar complaint.

Thompson: Where do I --

Kellogg: Second is -- let me finish. Second is, we never represented Howard Stern programming; and even if we did, Al Cardenas never did. Third is, I have no idea if Howard Stern actually said this or if he didn't. I have no idea if you actually got him off the station. I have no idea. You say it all the time. I don't know if it's --

Thompson: Well, never --

Kellogg: But to go to an African-American school and paint this picture of Al Cardenas who is a member of the Board a racist because we're somehow affiliated with Howard Stern when you know we're not? Yes. I've got a problem with that, Mr. Thompson...

Thompson: Where do I say Mr. Cardenas is a racist?...

Kellogg: You think you're cute by calling him a racist, in a way, saying he's a white politician who puts
profits ahead of race relations. To me, that's calling him a racist. I think you can understand why someone might take that as meaning that Al Cardenas is a racist, and it's certainly the way I took it.

Thompson: Is it possible Mr. Cardenas is insensitive to matters of race in this regard?

Kellogg: No...

From Judge Tunis's Report: On May 1, 2005 at 7:33 A.M., Mr. Thompson sent an e-mail to various people including President Bush, Governor Bush, Al Cardenas and numerous Tew Cardenas employees and media. This letter included “John B. Thompson, Attorney at Law” letterhead and was also addressed to U.S. Congressman Fred Upton. Notably, below the top page margin and above the letterhead Mr. Thompson wrote: “Dear Al: Bar complaints are dangerous things, si?”

Kellogg: Exhibit 44 is a letter that he sends to the President and C.E.O. of Martindale-Hubbell. Now, Martindale-Hubbell, as you know, is the rating agency for lawyers and it rates lawyers based upon the opinions of their peers. They do surveys. Al Cardenas and I are both AV rated lawyers, meaning that we have the highest rating both as to skill and ethics that Martindale-Hubbell can award. It's a very important -- you know, it's an important thing to be rated AV in the Martindale-Hubbell.

From Judge Tunis's Report: On May 7, 2005 at 10:12 A.M. and 3:34 P.M., Mr. Thompson sent two emails to Larry Kellogg which included letters to John A. Lawler, President and CEO of Martindale-Hubbell, stating that, Larry Kellogg, Al Cardenas and [another attorney]...“do not deserve the high dual rating from Martindale-Hubbell. It is my opinion that this firm has engaged in criminal conduct.” 

Kellogg: You've skipped one that's really important to me and I'd like to talk about it, if possible, and that's May 8th, on Mother's Day... I have it right here... This is a letter to Mrs. Lawrence A. Kellogg and Mrs. Al Cardenas care of Al and I, which is copied to every female lawyer in my firm and some other
lawyers as well regarding "Hypocrisy at Tew Cardenas on Mother's Day, 2005," and in it he says that -- Well, I have a lot of young female lawyers working in my law firm and he sends them an e-mail and to my wife and to Al's wife in care of us. I shared it with her because I said, "I want you to see what I'm dealing with."

What he said is: "These two men, along with the entire firm in which they practice law, have actively facilitated distribution of criminally indecent material to other mothers' children in violation of [federal law]. In addition, they have committed perjury in a sworn Bar complaint... They have threatened a critic of what they have done, all the while claiming the First Amendment protects the distribution of porn to children."

Then he goes on to say: "The problem, your men, Mrs. Kellogg and Mrs. Cardenas, seem to have it is
that they care about some women, but not all women. They certainly don't care about my wife and our 12 year old son." Then he says: "They --" meaning Al and I "- - facilitate the objectification of all women and the mental molestation of minors for money... All the women who work at Tew Cardenas, along with the
wives of the men who work there, ought to be ashamed of what Tew Cardenas is doing. You are all
hypocrites who care only about yourselves and not about others."

A very Happy Mother's Day greeting copied to female lawyers in my firm saying that I objectify women, that I mentally molest minors for money, and that I'm a porn lawyer who should be criminally prosecuted. I've got to tell you, you know, there is no line that he wouldn't cross at this point... I will say that this went on and went on and went on and went on for two full years.

From Judge Tunis's Report: On June 16, 2005, [Thompson] sent an e-mail to various individuals,
including the Tew Cardenas law firm and the media. This letter included “John B. Thompson, Attorney at Law” letterhead and was also addressed to the members of the Board of Pasco County Commissioners, a Tew Cardenas client.


Therein, Mr. Thompson wrote: "Tew Cardenas has been involved, for quite some time, in efforts to facilitate the illegal broadcasts of Naples-based Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc., in violation of [federal law]... I am not quite sure why Pasco County would want to hire a firm that is a front for a portion of the pornography industry…two of Tew Cardenas’ equity partners, Larry Kellogg and Al Cardenas…have committed perjury (not yet convicted), in stating under oath that Beasley has ‘no links to the porn industry.’…Tew Cardenas’ lawyers have been involved for quite sometime in efforts to silence, with intimidation, harassment, and threats, an individual who has gone to state and federal law
enforcement officials about the aforementioned criminal activity... If the Commission should like me to journey to Pasco County to explain further why Tew Cardenas should be dumped as its lobbyist, please let me know...

Kellogg: ...Pasco County Commissioners, they receive a letter. They don't know who Jack Thompson is. They don't live in this community. They don't see what he's made of and what he does. They say a lawyer has sent us this letter and they make inquiries. Now, I had to go explain to the Commissioners of Pasco County the background of all this and why it was happening and why it is we're not pornographers or we're not a front for the porn industry and all these other things he said. I had to respond to that
client's concerns based upon his communication, in response to my Bar complaint...

Bar prosecutor (to Al Cardenas): Can you tell the Court what effect Mr. Thompson’s conduct towards you has had on you?

Thompson: Objection, Your Honor. I think that's irrelevant.

Judge Tunis: Overruled.

Cardenas: Well, you know, by now it's been a period of almost four years, I would presume. We filed this complaint – this grievance -- with the Bar in March of '05 at a time when we thought there was ample
information to justify it, but it didn't stop then... but it got to the point where we had to ask our IT Supervisor to block spam e-mails because frankly they were of an emotionally hurtful and distracting fashion, and this went on and on and on.

I mean, there were missives sent to people who are in public office but who are personal friends and acquaintances over many years: The Governor of the state, the President, the Attorney General, the U.S. Attorney, the State Attorney, all people that I have known for decades, literally, and have developed friendships with. Clients received missives. The newspapers have received missives. My wife has received missives. Young lawyers, some of whom I recruited in the firm, received missives. Employees received missives, where basically I was being accused of participating in a criminal enterprise, of indulging in child pornography or supporting child pornography. Frankly, it was the emotional equivalent of stalking. It just wouldn't stop...

Frankly, Mr. Thompson, I never objected to you representing yourself or a client or a cause. We were representing the other side and I couldn't care less for how long and with how much zealousness you represented your client or yourself as long as you treated us with the protocol and etiquette that the Florida Bar calls for. It's that simple. I have never objected to -- and wouldn't intend to -- to any cause that you decide to undertake. It's your methodology that I object to.

From Judge Tunis's Report: As to this count involving Tew Cardenas, the conduct and motivation of Mr. Thompson as proven by the evidence surpasses the extreme, at the very least. It is almost hard to imagine a lawyer comporting himself in this wholly reckless manner, but the evidence shows beyond any doubt that the Respondent in fact, did so.



Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Nintendo is indeed selling SOME of these on the Virtual Console but not even close to all of them. While i agree in part to his piracy he was filling a market that Nintendo failed to recognize. Maybe someone doesnt want to buy a Wii. maybe they just want a console with 50 - 100 NES games on them?? maybe just maybe?

but no Nintendo wants everyone araba kiralama to buy the Wii. thats their excuse but thats not what copyright is supposed to protect. i am real sure that the makers of 10 yard fight were losing sleep because they were missing out on their $0.00025 worth because they didnt get royalties from this player. *smirk*

my question is, should Super Mario Bros. be banned from public domain forever? isnt 23 years enough time for Nintendo to have made their profits?

If you have followed the Steamboat Willie case regarding Mickey Mouse you can rest in your bed well at night knowing that the MOUSE will still be under copyright law, away from public domain after your great grandchildren are in nursing homes. That is beyond ridiculous dont you think??

Gallagher can araç kiralama say all he wants, but I strongly rent a car believe it's due to his crappy leadership and E3 being a joke. ESA's Board of Directors need to find a way to get out rent a car of this horrid contract with this Bush cronie before there's no one left on the Board.

Btw, I think Atari and Midway will drop out too, but mostly travesti because  these guys have done nothing ttnet vitamin or little and need to start saving costs.


Now I don't have to get off my ass for the important shit anymore!

Whats next, ordering pizza from Xbox live?

Wait... I think that sounds like a good idea.

But I think voting should MAKE you get off your ass, and see outside or a second while you go vote. I mean, your picking the president of the United States of America for God's Sake... least you can do is drive down there and punch out a card.

Thompson gets the axe permanently.

I know this came kinda late, but for the first time in my life, I agree that this guy (Jack Thompson) is a mentally deranged psycho that has nothing better to do with his time than to bash video games at every single chance he gets, whether it was on FAUX News, X-Play (great job by Adam for slammin' him one!) or any other media outlet in Florida. Hopefully now he gets the idea that video games are not the root cause of violence and nor do they encourage violence of any sort.

I mean, even with the rambunctious attitude he had during the trial to storming out of the courtroom, he was solely responsible for putting the kibosh through his own career as one of those ambulance chasing trial laywers (rip on John Edwards).

For now, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. He will never show his face in a courtroom again, nor will he ever show his face on any representable news outlet ever again. Now, we need to focus on seeing what we can do to get rid of all the other whackos in the anti-gaming movement.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Well, I'm a bit late, but I just wanted to add my heartfelt THANK YOU to mr. Kellogg, Gamepolitics and everyone else who stood up to mr. Thompson. Reading the above, it's unbelievable what you all must have gone through in dealing with him.

Living in The Netherlands, mr. Thompson's antics have been little more than a (very big) annoyance to me, but even here he's known to have been contacting Dutch politicians regarding his skewed views on videogames. Him being taken on in court personally was long overdue and I salute you for finally making it happen!

Maybe after this, people can finally begin to focus on the real underlying problems if a shooting ever occurs again, instead of mr. Thompson continually clouding the investigation by blaming videogames in any media outlet he can contact. If so, I have no doubt that your actions today will eventually, somewhere, sometime, save future lifes.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

You know, for someone who always tells us gamers to get a life etc...  He sure has a lot of free time to search these message boards, send these mass number of despicable emails, and pray for the day of reckoning.

I can say that I have about 1-2 hours a day on the net, and maybe an hour or two a week for video games.  I can only imagine how much time you're on the net every day in your relentless search for ways to torment people.

The first step is to admit that you have a problem jack.  You have to admit that you have an addiction to the net.  You need to go outside, and start a new life.  Or you can always wait until you're forced to really soon.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

One problem is that his actions fly in the face of the concept that everyone should have representation. He seems to do his best at attack the family and companies of the lawyers for his opponents for simply trying to defend their clients.

You know what? We know that the people that JT accuses are innocent of what he claims, but let's take a look at Bizzarro World. Let's act as if GTA's really had hidden pr0n and was really marketted towards kids for no other reason then to be evil. What would JT want? For the company to go to trial with out a lawyer? If the company gets a lawyer, JT starts to attack them for trying to defend their client.

He attacks lawyers for the crimes that their clients are accused of. For him, a defense lawyer in a murder case is guilt of an accessory to murder.

The only time I've seen the lawyer guilty for the crimes his client commited was in this case, where JT's lawyer was found guilty of almost 30 counts of misconduct.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I'm curious why civil suits were never filed? Given the amount of information some of these people have had from JT's harassement it seems like an easy case to sue for Libel/harassement and the like. As a Christian I believe JT is a waste of whatever gift God gave him. And I hate frivolous lawsuits but there is enough damning things JT has done that he should be in bankruptcy due to civil suits by now.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Right now, with his license it is difficult to sue him. As a lawyer he can file endless amounts of crap to delay it to the end of time and back (he has been limited on that, but it is not impossible now). It is actually far easier to wait until he is disbarred and then strike.

Then again with his reputation, NO ONE wants extra contact with them...and would do anything in their power just to avoid Jack and never see him again.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I was going to suggest that as soon as he disbarred from the Florida Bar and his right to practice law gets revoked then he can't threaten to make lawsuits anymore thus he would end up absolutely vulnerable and who would he get to defend himself... no-one wants to be associated with the loon let alone defend him against lawsuits.

So wait for his disbarment then ALL his enemies and us gamers will have this sick fuck tied up in lawsuits until he becomes grass.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Still, it'd likely take more than two hands to count the peopel who might like soem good old fashioned payback.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I think I covered the answer above.

It was perceived as simply too much trouble for its worth to do so.

Hopefully after he loses his license to practice, there will be a slew of lawsuits arguing  your point.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I bet he drives a HUMMER too

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Jack? With his .001 lawyering average? I'm sure he drives a Prius with one grey fender and a busted out taillight. :P

Or he takes the bus and sues anyone that looks at him crosseyed.

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Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

A HUMMER is a pretty good measure of how much of a D bag someone can be, plus, I don't think you can even try to run somwone off the road with a Prias :P

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Forget person lawsuits, go for criminal charges.  There's got to be enough evidence to get him on an insane number of harrasment charges, and probably a couple for stalking to.  I have to say that for everything Jack's done, permanent disbarrment and enough lawsuits for him to go bankrupt would never be enough.  He deserves real punishment, jail time, parol, I know it's a stretch but registered as a sexual offender (for the gay porn he posted on the Florida Bar website).  This man deserves every form of punishment allowed by law to be thrown at him.

And Jack, if you're reading this, a guilt trip about pulling you away from you wife and child to put you in jail, and putting your family through hardship by being forced into bankruptcy will not work here.  You've dug your own grave for years with your irreprehensible behavior time and time and time again, you put a list of people through emotional and mental hardships all in the name of your greedy, immature, personal crusade in the name of "God".  I tell you as a Christian that no other true Christian would EVER act the way you do, I don't believe you have any love in your heart for anyone except yourself.  What you're doing to your wife and child are brought on by yourself and no-one else.  I feel so sorry for the both of them and the hardships you force them to face every day because of what you do.  I've prayed for them to have strength through your bar hearing, and I will pray that they will have the strength to get through what may eventually become an insurmountable list of lawsuits and criminal charges that should be brought against you.

You've been left to your own devices for far too long, and have caused a great deal of damage.  It's time for you, Mr. John Bruce Thompson, to be brought back to face the consequences for your actions.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I think taking GT away from his kid would make his kid grow up to somewhat normal

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I meant JT not GT

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I am supprised Jack hasn't been on here making threats and calling us readers "idiots" etc again.

11th Commandment of Moses "Thou shalt not speak a word against Jack Thompson" is apparently in Exodus 20 in the JTV (Jack Thompson Version) of the bible.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Ah yes, the King Jack edition.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Queen Jack Edition.

(King James was a documented homosexual and earned himself the nickname Queen James... after King Elisabeth. I hope Jack reads this comment just for the "annoy the fundie" value.)

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

King Jack Edition: The one where they replaced swords with walkie talkies?

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

The King Jack edition.  LOL!!!  That's a good one.


 Well, finally something is happening at least. I'd buy Mr. Kellogg and Mr. Cardenas both a keg a piece if I could. Thank you so much, both of you, for putting a stop to Jack Thompson and his reign of terror he has brought onto the gaming community.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I don't understand how he got off this easy to be honest.  In my mind this goes beyond a simple bar complaint, or even criminal harassment.  This is clearly Witness Intimidation, he's attacking people who filled legitimate grievances before a court of law, and trying to obliquely threaten them into silence.

That bit about bar complaints being dangerous things is like something out of The Godfather.  The meaning is clear, "This is all happening because you told the court about my behavior, and it's going to keep happening unless you placate me somehow."  He never comes out and says it, but its crystal clear that this is his method of trying to keep the complaint from proceeding, since he could obviously never defeat it in court.

How he could've possibly avoided jail for as long as he has boggles my mind.  That he's done this to support his web of harassment, libel, and slander against percieved enemies, should have led to charges of felony witness intimidation/witness tampering.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

If Thompson continues this pattern of behavior after his disbarment, I suspect he will be in prison by the end of this decade.  He just loves that "Jack Thompson, Attorney at Law" stationary, and you know he won't stop using it or referring to himself as an "Attorney and you're not."

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Watch, he'll keep trying to represent people whenever Take Two MIGHT be involved. THe perpetrator can have hated video games as much as he has, but he will likely march into the court declaring "GTA made him do it!!!" Er, wait, no, forgot, his MO doesn't include letting the bodies cool

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

This is way off subject, but Dog Welder? That's the coolest fricking name I've ever seen.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I've always loved that name too, though it's always made me wonder: is that a welder who is a dog, or is it someone who welds dogs?

I have this surreal picture of a building made of toy poodles welded together.  Still yapping.



Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

End of this year.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Kinda late but I wanted to give a shoutout to both Norm and Larry for coming here to post about all that. Thanks guys!

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Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Kellogg's right, Tunis has also become a target for Thompson's wrath simply by being the referee and not ruling in his favour; basically, he’s mad at her for doing her job.  

So, like an angry child, he’s promptly resorted to sulking (walking out of court), crying (whining at the judge), and throwing a tantrum (insulting the judge). He's doing his best to not only humiliate her but discredit her by pointing out the most frivolous irregularities. Frankly, if we lived in a world where people took the items he accused Tunis of seriously, then he’d have been hung, drawn and quartered by now.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I'll be doing back flips once he's gone.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

It doesn't even really matter if the doctor says JT is sane, we all know he's not. And if the doctor says he's perfectly fine then I'd throw him in the loonybin along with Jackie. This man needed help a long time ago, although I can't say he deserves any. Who knows, maybe they'll even start recognizing his condition as a new mental illness, and they'll name it Jack Thompson disorder. 

A toast to watching Jack Thompson's "career" in law claw it's own brain out, and a long handshake to those who decided to confront him.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Oh he still deserves mental help, it's just too late to make any difference whatsoever.

岩「…Ace beats Jack」

岩「…I can see why Hasselbeck's worried about fake guns killing fake people. afterall, she's a fake journalist on a fake news channel」

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the


It's a Sunday morning here in Florida, in July, and I have just finished reading all these posts.

As I have been referred to here and again, I wanted to join with my friend Larry Kellogg and simply say 'thank you' for the kind and generous thoughts you have shared on the message boards.

The gaming community has been instrumental in lending insight into the relevant issues of these disputes; of bringing logic and truth to the debate and the public.

You have proven to be a  thoughtful, introspective, and sophisticated partnership of members, and you yourselves should be very, very proud of what you have achieved and how you have prevailed over voices that sought to unjustifiably demonize you. You too have endured the weight of accusations that were false, aspersions which were untrue, and generalizations that were specious.

Congratulations on your endurance and energy.

In its forthcoming opinion, I think you will see that the Supreme Court of Florida heard your voices.

Norm Kent


Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I have to say it's especially nice to see posts from those who have been personally involved with JT.  JT has villified the gaming community and now the gaming community knows he's villified those within his own profession in his lengthy, "They're all out to get me!", crusade.

Thank you Mr. Kent.

Thank you Mr. Kellog.

You have earned our praise and support with your honorable actions.

"Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

"Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

There is an action that seems to fit better than any words I know. In sport fencing the fencers always salute their opponent before and after a bout. It is ceremony as much as it is a symbol of respect to the other person. It is difficult to describe as it is something that must be felt.

With that said, I raise my sword and salute you Mr. Kent. You've earned it.

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Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I can't believe I forgot you!  I'd buy you a beer, too!  :)

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Dear Mr. Kellogg and Mr. Kent,

The two of you are invited to a cup of tea with Mr. S. Darkman at *SNIP REAL ADDRESS*. Please come post-haste.

EZK: Please don't post your address.

(Just kidding with the EZK thing. I really want to post the address, but I know I can't. -S.D.)




Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

All of those who stood up to Jack Thompson should recieve medals. And thank you Mr. Kent, and Mr. Kellogg, and so many others for confronting Mr. Thompson on what he was doing, and for helping to bring this moment to us. Mr. Thompson, for too long, had insulted the legal profession for far too long, and to see him finally pay the penalty for his actions, well, that is reward aplenty.

Seeing what I had in the report proved to be sobering. To see so many people have their careers damaged by Thompson showed that his video game antics were just the surface of it. Too many legal professionals had to pay the price for his foolishness.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

You know, Jack's actions seem suspiciously close to the actions that Scientologists would take: if you cannot halt the actions of others, defame and destroy their character. It's even spelled out in Hubbard's book Dianetics (or so I believe). So, my question to Jack is this: considering the actions that you have displayed, would you make a good Christian or a good Scientologist?

@DeusPayne: I knew it! Their actions and methods of fearmongering are almost identical, but this time, a much fewer amount of people listened to him. As per my previous statement, maybe he would make a good McCarthy-ist...

Mr. Kellogg, Mr. Cardenas, thank you for having to put up with the endless bullcrap that spews from JT's mouth so that he could be revealed as the scumbag he truly is. I'm just sorry that you, your friends, and your loved ones had to put up with this for so long.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Scientology? At this point, I wouldn't be surprised honestly. :P

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Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Scientologist's philosophy: The purpose of the lawsuit is to harass and intimidate.

“A reasonable man adapts himself to suit his environment. An unreasonable man persists in attempting to adapt his environment to suit himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” George Bernard Shaw

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I figured it out, he's the reincarnation of McCarthy, and the part of his brain the deciphers meanings of words has "Video Games" and "Communism" mixed up.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

@ GP

Thanks for the post involing the non-gamers.  It made it even more clear to see that the conduct was not only directed toward those in gaming.

@ Mr. Kellogg

Thank you.  Hearing from you, we can appreciate all you and Mr. Cardenas went through.  Thank you for writing in.  As a law student, I did (0n this side of the pond) some research and it seems that the referee reports usually runfrom 15 to 30 pages, max; many are summaries of the events.  I think a lot is owed to Judge Tunis, as Mr. Kellogg stated.  If she just wrote a summary, somehow the effect of all that occurred over the 20 years wouldn't have had the same impact.

But seeing the transcripts and letters and faxes quoted from, sure lays it out.  Looks like she put in a lot of extra work and becasue of that made his conduct anavoidable to see.  Seems like this was a convergence of a group of people from a lot of states willing to take the case all the way--with the bar--and a judge willing to stick with it.  I disagree with the post that said it was boring.  I guess you've never read land-use briefs (to name one type.)  This was like a novella, only based on actual transcripts and evidence. 

Think about the difference in reading something like "many emails were sent with misleading information", versus the actual quote after quote after quote.  Sometimes (as a budding writer) the style makes as much difference in the presentation as what is said.

Again thanks to GP and Mr. Kellogg for writing.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

Still floored by the things that keep washing up. It's... pathetic, really. Both that a person could stoop so low, and that it took so long, and took so much heartache from so many people, to finally (presumably) put him down. Kudos to you, Mr. Kellogg, GP, and all the rest who've had to put up with him. It's almost painful just watching the splash damage from the sidelines-I can't imagine how nasty his actions must be at ground zero.

An unscrupulous, even arguably downright evil, or at least sociopathic, man is about to have his legal teeth pulled. Is JT the worst lawyer in the country? Who knows? Maybe there's other, even nuttier lawyers whose specific conspiracy-theories and mindless crusades don't interact with the communities I follow. But one certainly has to allow for the possibility, if you think about it. The possibility that JT is, in fact, the single worst lawyer in the country.

For now.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

whats always stood out to me in this case, and in all of jacks filings really, is that he has never once actually made a filling that defends his actions, his early fillings were trying to draw attention to what Norm Kent was doing in a "Hey, your mad at me, but check out what he's doing" sort of manner

now his latest filings, are all about how nobody in Florida is fit to oversee his disbarment trial, all for multitudes of reasons, still no defense for his actions, even if you read some to the transcripts of his cross examination, he never once even tries to show himself in a good light, he just tries to show that the people complaining about him are angry at him, and as such their testimony is invalid

to me what this suggests is that even Jack realizes that there is no excuse for his actions, and instead is trying to save his career shooting for a technicality of an invalid trail, he gets even more abrasive with each day in an attempt to get the bar to say "Screw this, we're done", or make them look like they are just so angry with him that they are making things up to get rid of him, fully realizing that it's these actions that got him in trouble to begin with

even in his book he suggests these methods for fight a "Culture war": Be mean, take the offensive, use shame. which is exactly what he's trying to do here, his goal is a PR battle instead of a legal battle, he hopes to cast the courts in such a negative light that they give up prosecuting him, just to make him stop

While i personally have no ill will towards the man, i do hope he is disbarred on the grounds that this is no way for a lawyer to act, and it's very apparent that he has no intentions of changing the way he does business

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

In part I think that comes from him not being willing to admitt that he is wrong in anyway. Him having to defend his actions means that he could possibly be wrong in some way shape or form. Therefore he will not defend what he has done, as he has always been right and will always be right.

I'm confusing myself with this now, so I'll stop before my brain becomes Tapioca pudding.

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Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

I think we've all seen why no one has gone after Jack until now. It's pretty self-evident from the evidence presented. It's simply too difficult and painful to attempt to move against Jack in a legal way. He has no qualms against destroying his enemies in any way he sees fit. 20 years ago, the Bar realized this, and they unfortunately hoped that if they ignored the problem, it would go away. Perhaps they hoped he would move away and they wouldn't have to deal with him. Or perhaps he would do something so out there that we would be incarcerated (a distinct possibility), or that he would do something that could easily be countered. But he didn't, and countless people have had to suffer for it.

The truth is that the Bar took the easy way out. They foresaw what challenging Jack would entail and didn't bother with it. They hoped he would do away with himself in one way or another so that they wouldn't be burdened with bringing a conslusive case against him. There was ample evidence at the time, but they didn't want to deal with his unceasing attacks and mudslinging.

It was only through the tireless efforts the complainants, such as Mr. Kellogg, that brought Jack down. He could lie and discombobulate as much as he wanted. But they persevered. They ignored his lies, baseless accusations and threats, and use facts, and his own behavior, against him.

Kudos to those who did what the Bar would or could not.

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

After reviewing the judge's highlights in her 169 page document... I honestly cannot believe that Thompson's wife isn't aware of any of this. I cannot believe this has not affected her career. While it would be unfair to do so, there is always going to be politics and if I ran around Florida like this man did, I can sure as hell be catching crap at home for it. You have a man defaming two highly rated lawyers and this didn't get back to his wife? WTF?

Re: Florida Attorney: Jack Thompson's Attacks are the

If she's a "good Christian woman" then she wouldn't dare to question any of her husband's actions. This is the only reason I can see that he continues to profit from her actual work. She seems to be the sort of woman whom Jack mentioned when he accosted the Blank-Rome attorney on the stand. She will stand by her husband no matter the horrors and attrocities he commits, because she believes that that is the proper conduct of a wife.

One should acknowledge her faith and adherence to its doctrines. But at the same time one must wonder why she does not use her apparent professional skill to confront her husband's actions. There comes a point wherein blind faith and common sense must collide. And I am mind-boggled that this has not occurred yet. It's one thing to believe that a wife should be subservient to a husband - it's not something I subscribe to, but people are free to choose their beliefs - but it's another to accept anything the husband does as acceptable.

This is not an ignorant girl we're talking about, but a successful, professional lawyer who is respected by her peers. At some point she needs to sit down with Jack and have a discussion about his actions. She would do so with any other client or the like. Why she hasn't with her husband is beyond reckoning when he has displayed such irrational and unconscionable actions.

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