Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

August 20, 2008 -

A controversial new book fingers video games, television, and digital communications as culprits in the author's indictment of modern youth culture.

The book is The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future (Or, Don't Trust Anyone Under 30) by Emory University professor Mark Bauerlein. has a lengthy interview with the author:

Something insidious is happening inside their heads. Young Americans today are no more learned or skilful than their predecessors, no more knowledgeable, fluent, up-to-date, or inquisitive, except in the materials of youth culture.

What then, asks, does Bauerlein make of the widespread involvement of young people in the Barack Obama campaign?

...if it turns out that we have 75 per cent of young people voting in this election, then I will be happy to say that my comments about civic apathy were wrong. But if inspiration proves to be their only motive and their participation falls in later elections when an Obama is absent, then my initial suspicion will be correct. We need a diligent citizenry, and not merely a momentarily inspired one.

The book's description on Amazon says, in part:

The Internet, e-mail, blogs, and interactive and hyper-realistic video games promised to yield a generation of sharper, more aware, and intellectually sophisticated children... we assumed that teens would use their knowledge and understanding of technology to set themselves apart as the vanguards of this new digital era.

That was the promise. But the enlightenment didn’t happen. The technology that was supposed to make young adults more astute, diversify their tastes, and improve their verbal skills has had the opposite effect. According to recent reports, most young people in the United States do not read literature, visit museums, or vote. They cannot explain basic scientific methods, recount basic American history, name their local political representatives, or locate Iraq or Israel on a map...


Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

I'm in the 'dumbest generation,' so I'm personally offended. But (reading an above post) the computer education in high school sucks. The teacher of Computer Applications in the area assigns stuff out of the book. It consists of copying these passages when it's in the assignment, editing already written activities, and doing a bunch of useless crap. This is because of the operating system is 'different,' even though it runs almost exactly the same as the older formats.

I half-ass(ed) {not telling you my age range} my assignments and still got an A. The teacher is an old lady who has a degree in English. Excuse me, but they prevented a choir teacher from teaching band because "she didn't have the right degree." Yet they have an English teacher, who knows nothing about computers or has a teaching degree in computers, teaching a Computer class.

Some other problems include a lack of funding.

I really need to check, but I think some schoolteachers are paid based on attendance. So, to increase attendance, they have this crap where, if you miss school over illness, you must take semester tests. The point is, miss two or more days because you caught the flu or mono, go take crappy tests. If you flunk, above tests are not mandatory, but you are advised to take them. Really, that is ridiculous, because (if they're already flunking) they already don't give a crap unless they have to do them. (Tests count for 10% of your final grade if they're mandatory, if the teacher acts like an asshole. Otherwise, they'll grade to a curve, if everyone bombs or something. This happened when I was in Algebra 1 where EVERYONE bombed the final test, including myself.)

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"



"Dumbest generation"?

Can their generation build a computer from scratch? No.

Can their generation download mods for platform games + Pc's? No.

Can their generation access hundreds of pounds worth of software from the net? No.

Can their generation overclock or mod a PC? NO. 

Can their generation whine about things they are to technophobic to understand? YES. 

This generation may not conform to their degenerate ideas that excersise and health is the only way to live, or share their arrogant attitude towards technology - BUT WE ARE NOT STUPID.

I have nothing against exercise, enjoy reading, am a dual linguist (English and German) and a multi platform gamer. I am anything but stupid, unlike this "author" would have youy believe.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Seems right, another baby-boomer no longer feeling like he's fitting in culturally. Ironically (or maybe because of that fact) baby boomers have the most power in the government and receive more economic benefits.

Contrary to the DS game, the world does not end with you, baby boomers.


Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

You could argue, that thanks to America's stupefying media-culture (tv,movies,games) the rest of the world is following suite becoming more stupid.

There are, and always have been stupid people no matter what country they live in, but if a peson chooses a movie or a game over a reading a book, theater etc, then one could argue that it is America with it's values we have to thanks for.

Oh, obesity too, Thanks mcdonalds!

And pollution?Oh thank you Hummer.

War? Insecurity?

Sorry, but I am just having my morning coffee.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

I'll make this quick. My sister: Fourteen. did better on the sat than most of the college kids there when she took it.

My dad: Went to clown college, learned to swallow swords.

My mom: told by her counselor "not to bother with college" when she was in highschool.

Granted, I love my parents, but me and my sister are more educated than them. it's just plain true.

so, mark, you've been flauccinauccinihilipilificated by a thirteen-year-old. who does practically nothing but play his 10$ sega genesis in his free time.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Fuck this guy!

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Okay, I guess that explains how I can get honors geometry and advanced physical science in 9th grade and still have plenty of time for video games.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

NOTE: I know what I typed is long, but please read the whole think before making conclusions because I made muliple views which may make the view more objective.

Wait? Is he saying that his generation with a extremely high drop-out rate for high school is smarter then this generation who legally can't drop-out. We have university level math from last generation by grade 9, we have advanced computer technology classes in by grade 10 which never existed 5 years ago (which we learn theories such as mechanical sorting, high level financial, and databasing which is in extremely high demand) etc.

Now what about the TV, Internet, Video Games, etc. The demand for reading is at the all-time high. We have wikipedia articles, instant messaging, text messages, heavy text RPGs. You can't get away from reading without being a social outcast.

People learn the best from creating, and that is more possible then ever before. Music/video production use to cost millions 5-10 years ago, but could be done on a cheap $600 Mac Mini, and a $200 camera. With websites like youtube, vimeo, and video google, you can share and learn from others critism from people around the world. There are blogs which you can learn basic journalism and improve. Wikipedia teaches you more about one event or object then a tour guide at a museum. Then are forums for everything in which you could learn from people from all backgrounds for free, and nearly instantly.

If you ask me, we have the most potential to be the smartest generation every based on this very technology. The problem is, the generation that this author is in is more lazy then ever before when it comes the parenting. Many parents just can't grasp the things which is evolving society, so unable to set limits, unable to make sure then there is proper development, and ignore it altogether.

Another problem is that with views able to so widely spread with television, and with such narrow sight, there are people like Fox News who would tell complete lies, and people would believe it.

In Canada, we have a politic comedian called Rick Mercer (Basically a Canadian version of Jon Stewart from the Daily Show but better IMO) and he use to have a segment on the show This Hour Has 22 Minutes called Talking to Americans. What Rick Mercer did is go to central to southern America where many people barely know Canada, and lead then with false facts about Canada and they return with ridiculous opinion. Here is an example. Rich Mercer asked if Canada should keep a Navy even though it's no near bodies of water. They even tease by having university students answering, and not catching on the joke.

I am talking about the non-youth generation, and yet, they are as illogical as they see us to be, if not more. I know I can't say that about everyone, or even most people. I am just talking about the loud ones that we see on the headlines of this website everyday.

I think with the power of the internet, we are getting more views then ever before. We are more sceptical about what we see on Television and willing to look up multiple resources. Even though the internet in general isn't reliable, it is a great tool that could be used to conclude a reasonable result.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Well, he's a baby boomer, the world's - nay, history's - most egregious sufferers of what's known as an "inferiority complex." Their parents were known as the "Greatest Generation," the executors and "heroes" of World War II. They've tasked their most brilliant members with curing hair loss, fixing Erectile Dysfunction, and manufacturing artificial supplements to help with their rampant obesity. They ran General Motors, Ford Motor, and Chrysler into the dirt, inflated the size of the government to inconceivable and illegal levels, and engaged in pointless and deplorable armed conflicts. The current "standard bearer" of their generation can't pronounce nuclear, thinks "misunderestimate" is a real word, and was recorded uttering the phrase "Is our children learning?"

And this arrogant prick deigns to deem us the "Dumbest Generation?" What has his generation left us, other than a broken government, a horribly inflated money supply, drugs to give us erections, a mass exodus of jobs, an oppressive and draconian book of "laws," and a book claiming WE are the dumb ones?

I'm sorry, but he's got me convinced I'm an idiot about as much as John Edwards has me convinced he's a moral, faithful family man.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

By the way, all of you insinuating that it was our education (or lack thereof) which created a perceived "stupidity" have to remember: he's a teacher himself. Why would he possibly place the blame on his profession, even if it is true?

That's right, it was his generation that shouldered the responsibility of our education by their own choice.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Yes, because I'm sure being able to recall these specific facts is the very definition of 'intelligence'.  Ugh...

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

 Maybe if we kids are dumb our parents and skools aren't smartening us right?

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Better title.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Two (four if you attach the multitap!) can play that game!

"The so-called 'greatest' generation are really just a bunch of arrogant pricks that decided on that name for themselves just so they can bitch about the things their kids and grandkids do that they can't wrap their heads around."

Too long for a book title?

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Unless the author's REALLY old, he ain't part of the Greatest Generation. My guess he's an aging baby boomer with a chip on his shoulder, never knocked off since he spent all his time in his little ivory tower.

Trust me. I disagreed with my grandpa (who WAS part of the G.G.) a lot, but he never insulted me. We just didn't see eye to eye on everything -- which is how it should be.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Come on, the dumbest generation is clearly the one that gave birth to whoever wrote this stupid book.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Xenophobia; noun (adj. Xenophobic): A fear of anything new or different

I just summed up this guy in one word I think... -.-

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Oh sure, it couldn't possibly be because of poor schools and bad parenting. That would be crazy. As someone who knows the scientific method I'd love to know what facts he has to back up his hypothesis.

If that is what he truely believes then I would ask him to read "Everything bad is good for you"

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

It's the cultural evolution of society, and he is not helping. If he realised what is the present, what is the past and what is the future. He could, if he really have to, bring the past books of greatness to the present, and make the cultural masterpieces to games or movies. As it stands now he is fighting a tidal wave, he thinks he knows the greatness of the past, but without control of the present what use is there? Take the old classics to the new form of culture, it's like pokemon when they evolve, they are the same as they were before only their physical form is much more strongly manifested. (god damn im tired.)

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Oh please.  The latest generation is not stupid, they're lazy.  Mind you the proliferation of standardized tests doesn't help matters.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

I'm not a fan of 'new math' or 'creative teaching', but sometimes I wonder if our education system needs to try something truly paradigm breaking. Mathematics and science skills are definitely necessary, and you better learn at least basic English if you want to communicate (with me anyways). But is the rote memorization of events and facts needed? Yes, you need to know the what -- but how about the why, and the who involved?

This is particularly interesting in light of resources like Wikipedia and Google, combined with laptops and Web-capable cell phones, that can be used to pull up a needed fact or line of data.

It won't ever replace multiplication tables (hey, I still think people should learn those), but I live for the day when I see someone write a better explanation for the causes of the American Civil War or World War 2 than 'slavery' or 'Hitler did it'.




Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Another thing that makes kids dumb is the calculators.  They are totally dependant on it.  Ask somebody something simple like 15 times 11 and it will take them hours without a calulator. 

I also find that that history textbooks don't go into that much analysis. 

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

I hope your final comment is just a hyperbole, as it would be depressing to see such cynicism. While I certainly cannot count my self as solely representing the current state of American education, I can at least say, with pride, that my history classes have put more focus on analysis than memorization. I would assume (the most I can do without experimentation) that the issue of learning versus memorization stems from interest. A person can rehearse a piece of information with total apathy, but finding that the Treaty of Versailles put Germany in a position of total weakness, and all it took to gain power was promising a return to glory, takes at the very least a tiny amount of enthusiasm. On a personal level, I tend to retain more knowledge about the chapters in history that I find odd (favorite period being the Robespierre part of the French Revolution), though I do tend to have a more exaggerated memory of them. Even today, I spent about an hour trying to prove after the answer to a question was given that it could be proven without substitution and primarily through the use of variables. The public education system is a factor in the quality of education that today's youth receives, but social and personal preferences also play a role in how well people learn or how willing they are to learn.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Sorry about the wall. was spaced when i hit post. Guess i failed somewhere.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Problem is, history is always changing, both from a scientific and a political perspective, it's a lot easier to say that Japan bombed Pearl Harbour and ignore the siutation building up to it. It would be 'uncomfortable' for the US government to admit that the lack of Oil resources in Japan helped motivate their behaviour, for obvious reasons.

Same with WWII, it's easier to point at Hitler and ignore the fact that an entire country supported him, and the reasons why they did, which was, in part, a depression caused by paying reperations for the last War, it's easier to say that America joined WWII 'in the name of Freedom' than to admit they nearly bankrupted the UK in 'fees' afterwards.

Much of the lack of knowledge of details of these situations is quite, quite deliberate.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

 Not really, the fact that Japan desired Oil resources is really only one contributing part, you also have to look at the rise of the military class, the failure of the racial equality clause in the Treaty of Versailles and the western response to Japans growing power in China. Also all of that is considered fairly common knowledge at least once you get to basic college level courses.

Also just one other minor thing, the idea that Germany was bankrupted by the reparations required has been discredited fairly extensively, Germany never really paid anything near what they were asked to pay, the bigger economic issues was the loss of the coal and their merchant fleet. 

Are some things avoided, of course but thats hardly unique to America.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Exactly, there's a whole plethora of reasons, but a lot of these aren't covered thoroughly or are not presented in a particularly unbiased manner, but History tends to deal with Characters over trends, they think that individuals shape the future, which is all very nice, but not strictly accurate.

I suppose my point is that political concerns will always affect what we learn until we get to more independent establishments, like colleges and Universities, but schools work to a political leaning, and you get sanitised versions of history in a basic education.

I also agree that the US is a long way from being alone in that practice.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

  I remember this quote, just not where it came from. "History is written by the conqurers."


Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Yeah, pop culture is the reason we have stupid people in this generation, not the fact that our education system is comparible with an overcooked turd.


-Entertainment isn't the reason the world sucks. It's the reason we know the world sucks. For information on games and psychology, look up: Jonathan Freedman(2002)Block & Crain(2007)Grand Theft Childhood, by Harvard researchers Larry Kutner&Cheryl Olson

Reality/////////////////////////////////////Fantasy. Seems like a pretty thick line to me...

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

I'm sure the Museums and Bookstores were absolutely packed with Hippies and Rockers when she was young.

As for under-30 voting, that was at it's height during Vietnam and dropped sharply afterwards, what I see happening at this election is pretty much a mirror image of what happened then. History repeats itself, but people remain blind because it gets in the way of feeling superior to the next generation.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

"History repeats itself, but people remain blind because it gets in the way of feeling superior to the next generation."

Finally! Someone else has noticed the pattern!

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who once said, "If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it." It seems that those words have proven themselves truer and truer as time goes on. How pitiful we humans are, unable to escape the continuous cycle of ignorance, no matter how hard we try.

However, I have read the numerous posts, and I still feel hope for our younger generation yet.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Jack Thompson V2.0! nothing as trivial as facts and logic can stop these towering media..towers of gaming hate! "...most young people in the United States do not read literature, visit museums..." of course this has nothing to do with high gas prices or the fact that you can find the equivalent online But for now all we can do is poke holes through there paper thing arguments and laugh as they fail to grasp basic technical concepts.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

So, basically the author is saying, "Stop text messaging on my lawn."?

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

"ccording to recent reports, most young people in the United States do not read literature, visit museums, or vote."

Hasn't that always been standard?

"They cannot explain basic scientific methods, recount basic American history, name their local political representatives, or locate Iraq or Israel on a map..."

Oh yeah, talk to some random adults on the street (i.e. your generation) and you'll get similar results. Most likely because those kinds of questions aren't useful in day to day life.

Don't give people the whole picture and it's amazing what you can accomplish.

---------------------------------------------------- Debates are like merry go rounds. Two people take their positions then they go through the same points over and over and over again. Then when it's over they have the same positions they started in.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Yup, us peoples beins the dumbnest.

Just look at how much we debated in the last 48 hours over this one incident. Every argument and situation ive read in the last 10 minutes has been (mostly) well articulated and fully thought out. We didnt start with the "F*** you uber nub i be pwnin ur a** and whosit" like he seems to expect of us, so i think we just fully disproved him with this simple blog page.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Typo...should be due

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

What a cunt.  I always kick ass when playing trivial pursuit do the the fantastic knowledge I've picked up in school and at home.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

I'm not touching this with a 10-foot pole. The author is obviously not in touch with reality.

---- There is a limit for both politicians against video games, and video games against politicians.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Why does America hate its own youth so much? I've seen nothing but a stream of insults from so many sources.

It's hardly surprising the youths don't respect adults, they've never been led by example.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Oh my God! It can't be! This generation is a product of the environment it was raised in and the parents who raised them! It's the end of the world!

Having just got a degree with 15 A Grades and 1 B-Grade, I take offence to this woman's generalisations.

Maybe she should, instead, be looking to an Education system that is falling apart at the seams to the point where it cannot even tell the difference between a Science and a Religion?

Historically, young people don't vote to the same degree as older ones, that was also the case when she was young, just as fights between 'Mods and Rockers' involving knives, chains and other weapons were more common in the early Rock'N'Roll years than youth violence is now.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

And how many people over 30 still read or vote? Not alot there either.

But hey, mister man, don't forget that rock music corrupted the entire last generation! Elvis Presley made otherwise chaste young maidens promiscuous! The Beatles introduced dangerous devil music to our youth! And with their shockingly long hair they encouraged an entire generation to rebel against authority and do drugs, no one had ever done that before! The Rolling Stones helped make people abandon religion, because before they came around we lived in a perfect age where everyone went to church and no one had sex before marriage! 

Man, the biggest mistake people seem to make is assuming nothing is the same as it always was and trying to find something to blame for it.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

I can do all of those things she listed at the end... and I play Halo 3, CoD 4,  TF 2, R6V 2, and GTAIV...

Could it just be that her generation is fucking up our generation by not educating the majority of us properley?

But she made those facts up anyway. I don't think I know anyone who is that stupid (except for the knocked up, coke-head white trash you see walking around).

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Societies change, deal with it old man, if you are smart enough to be able to.

I suppose he would like us to spend 30 years in school memorizing history and culture and becoming completely useless bags of flesh in the economy.

We could also all sit around a fire with our monocles reading Shakespeare and look like total retards while we are at it.


Stuff like this is why I have a tendency to hate people in general.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Most eloquent, young master.

Yup, all that book larnin' ain't help us bring in the bacon none. All we gotta do is work hard and keeps our noses to the grindstone. Keep consumin' to keep the economy a runnin'.

I suppose the Nazis were right to burn books. Hell, they took those useless academic intellectuals and put them to work in camps where those ivory-tower brainiacs should be! Instead of discussing philosophy and art, they were much better off building munitions for bombing runs against targets in Britain. And if they were Jewish, well, the Nazis only needed one book, Mein Kampf, to teach them what to do.

And the Commies were right when they told us we need to devote all our energies to the State. Stupid bourgeois merchant class and their overeducated, intellectual progeny. I'm glad Stalin taught those Trotskyites a lesson!

And those Islamo-fascists...I'm real glad they don't even read the one book they're allowed. Someone else does the reading and interpreting for them, and that's good enough. Who cares if these "teachers" tell them it's okay to strap bombs to their chest and walk into a crowded marketplace? It's enough to know that someone else says that the book says its okay to kill people in the name of this book...and yourself along with it.

But it's impossible to know about any of this if I didn't read any history books to begin with. In fact, how do you know if cultures change without actually learning about some history? What a conundrum!

Maybe you'd hate people less if you got to know about their cultures more. Or maybe you would. I don't know you. In any case, even English professors don't wear monocles any more. And retards are those who don't want to know things.

Anti-intellectual ignoramuses make me worry about the next genocide...but I don't hate people in general just yet.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

We should all pine for the good ol' days of the 1950s. Back before the Civil Rights Movement ruined everything.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

In all seriousness, while I think he's off-base with the characterization of young people and their pasttimes (especially by using such an insulting and provocative title), some of the numbers cited in Baurerlein's interviews are somewhat disturbing. There are touchstones of culture and history that we are not passing on to kids and young adults.

I've always been a history buff, and it seems that many people who post on gamepoltics appear historically literate and insightful, but I think many of us agree that the emphasis on understanding who and what we are as a nation and where we've come from has taken a backseat as we try to push kids to pass standardized test after standardized test. We can't BLAME TV, iPods, the Internets and video games for what essentially is a broken education system.

If kids can't point out Iraq on a map, understand what a quorum or a filibuster is, what a Constitutional convention is, or even know who their Congressional representatives are, then there is a problem with the impact of our teaching not with the intelligence of the subjects.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

To a certain extent, I kinda have to agree with you.  The big thing for me is that, while there are many individuals who don't read books, but blogs and wiki.  Their language skills are languishing because they are not seeing words that are of greater difficulty.  I love to read, I've got about 40 books at my house right now.  These books helped to expand my vocabulary and ability as a writer.


On the other hand, many of the blogs and information sources are not promoting higher levels of English and learning due to the fact that they are often times being written by someone who has a similar vocabulary to those reading it. 


I do overall disagree with this author as a whole though.  The problem of education is to spread out.  Schools that care more about passing students than teaching them.  Thus things like standardized tests are bastardized due to lowering their difficulty.  Parents, who don't know better, are insisting that they do.  I've seen more parents ruin a child by interfering with education or discipline than I have seen parents save their child.

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"

Do you know or even remember any significant amount of history at all about the place where your great great grandparents come from? No?

Hmmmm, how disturbing eh?

Re: Author: Gamers Part of "Dumbest Generation"


In my case, my paternal grandmother died during the Korean War. My father lost track of his family for a while after his father left him in a monastery in Seoul just before the North Koreans invaded. My grandfather and my uncle fled to Pusan on the very southern tip of the peninsula. My father unfortunately lost his sister and another brother after the allied forces and the pro-communist forces signed a cease fire officially setting the demarcation line at the 38th Parallel. I may still have family in North Korea for all I know. We've never successfully received any news from the U.S. State Dept. or the North Korean government (of course). 

My grandfather and his father were forced conscripts during WWII when Korea was still held by Japan. Japan had forcibly annexed and occupied Korea in 1910 and that held in place until Japan's surrender to the Allies after WWII. My grandfather fled to China when he was a young man, but returned shortly before the beginning of the War. A lot of personal stories about the occupation and the Wars I admittedly don't know because those memories are painful for members of my family to recount.

On my mother's side, my family was nothing remarkable. Farmers and craftsmen from around Seoul for hundreds of years. Through Japanese occupation, French influence, Russian alliances, Chinese occupations and so forth.

And no, I'm not disturbed. But thank you for asking.

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Andrew EisenThat's why I embed the chat box from my Twitch Page. Can't get chat on the YouTube page to work either.08/31/2015 - 8:49pm
Andrew EisenI do but I haven't seen a way to incorporate viewers to chat without specifically inviting them to the event.08/31/2015 - 8:49pm
Goth_SkunkThough I'm surprised you'd not be familiar with this, Andrew. Do you not use Google Hangouts when you do S.P.A.C.?08/31/2015 - 8:45pm
Andrew EisenGP Movie Night!08/31/2015 - 8:41pm
Big PermEveyone should be too busy with phantom pain to notice GP is down. Hail Vidya!08/31/2015 - 8:40pm
Goth_SkunkBut such a hangout *could* be a neat idea. It could be used, for example, for all us GPers to get together and watch the new FemFreq video, and then discuss amongst ourselves in real time what our thoughts are.08/31/2015 - 8:38pm

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