Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

February 22, 2009 -

A just-released online news game allows player to try their hand at saving the economy.

As reported by the New York Daily News, Addicting Games exec Kate Connally describes Trillion Dollar Bailout:

With this game we're giving game players the chance to experience what it's like to make a decision about who to bailout and who not to. Games can help people experience news events by putting them in the shoes of the people in the action.


News events are something that really unite our culture, everyone experiences it together, so adding games into the mix of how people are experiencing major national events is just part of what we do. They're not just a silly pass time. It's a form social commentary.

In Trillion Dollar Bailout players are presented with cash requests from corporate executives and average homeowners. It's up to the player to decide how to dole out the bailout bucks.

GP: We initially embedded the game with this story, but - rather obnoxiously - it starts running when the GP page loads. You can, however, click the link to check the game out.


Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

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This post makes no sense to me

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Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

I hope Obama doesn't have to issue bailouts with the music turned up full volume like that; I couldn't hear myself think and handed the cash out to everyone!


Tim from closet organizers, gas fireplaces.

Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

That’s somewhat interesting. But playing online games is a lot easier compared to real life situation. In real life situation, we never know what will happen next, while in playing games we can make changes in the things that will happen in the future. The fact is that, we can’t save the economy by playing. But somehow, it can alleviate your burden even for just a matter of minute. Automakers are in trouble worldwide, but it seems that the U.S. automakers are in far more trouble than others. Well, they did get a lot of bailout money, and they're looking for even more installment loans to float them in the recession. General Motors is in some of the worst trouble. They are looking for a lot more in gap financing to keep them above water, yet they have obviously lost a lot of money as evidenced by their recently posted first quarter figures. Ford is the lone wolf of the automakers, as they have only asked for stand by credit instead of direct debt relief.

Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

Apparently, some people don't realize that energy efficiency doesn't always have to be about saving the environemnt in order to help you.

You don't have to believe in the global warming claptrap if you don't want to, but it's hard science proof that lower-wattage in your bulbs in your home means less kWh a month, and less expensive bills. And that's something everyone universally would want to achieve.


Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

Here's an idea! Fund industries that produce major exports of the U.S. and bring money into it! Oh, how about tossing money to car companies and banks? All the japanese and chinese are just screaming for more U.S. made cars.

Change we can believe in? He's a politician just like bush-his answer is to advocate throwing money at things. The only difference is what he throws money at is different.

Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

I gave money to no one. No one deserves government money, not even the government.

Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

Apparently, I won by giving bailout money to the car manufacturers and slapping everyone else.  Hell, I was even slapping cars off the fucking road.

In other words, this game makes no sense whatsoever.  The only thing it goes to show is how many groups want government money, and how none of them actually deserve it.  I think I slapped the 'energy efficient' and 'green programs' jackasses the fastest.

Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

I gave out everything to everyone and the economy collapsed... which is how it will be in real life unless we stop bailing everyone out...

The bailouts are destroying the economy a hell of a lot more than anything else...

Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

Funny, I did the exact same thing and the Economy was saved.

I played the game  5 times. Once, gave out everything to everyone, the economy was saved. Next, denied everyone and the economy was saved. Three, gave out only to homeowners and the economy was saved. Fourth, gave out only to businesses and the economy was saved. Finaly, tried giving to everyone again and the economy colapsed.

The game was terribly designed right down to the falling religious figures.

E. Zachary Knight
Oklahoma City Chapter of the ECA

Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

That's exactly what I did. It's such an awful game that it makes The Bailout Game look well thought out. I suspect Ian Bogost will be pissed again.


I blog about controversial video games at The Legal Arcade.

I blog about controversial video games at The Legal Arcade.

Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

Don't worry, it's not like the Democrat party just wasted 1.3 trillion (interest included) for no good reason.  It'll create green jobs and give money to the people who didn't contribute in the first place.  Meanwhile, the veteran benefits got cut from the stimulus (porkulous?) bill.

I've been finding more and more that people who like Obama like him, and have no idea about his policies.  Honestly, I don't see how any American can be happy with this wasteful spending.  In ONE MONTH, he spent nearly 1/3 of this year's tax money.  And he claims we'll halve the deficit by 2013.  Bullshit all around, gentlemen.

Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

I'm with you, but even Clinton had to spend a shit load of money to fix things before he could start saving the country money.  It is really too bad Bush screwed us up this badly.

[Side question for anyone who can answer.  How does the oil industry get millions from Bush, have a record profit year, and when the price of the barrel plummets, they said they haven't made enough to fund everything, and keep prices around $2/g?]

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Nido Web Flash Tutorials AS2 and AS3 Tutorials for anyone interested.
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Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

I gave out nothing, because we shouldn't have a bailout...

Re: Play Trillion Dollar Bailout

It would be nice if the button at the end worked.

Nido Web Flash Tutorials AS2 and AS3 Tutorials for anyone interested.
How to set Xbox 360 Parental Controls

Nido Web Flash Tutorials AS2 and AS3 Tutorials for anyone interested.
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Re: Play "Trillion Dollar Bailout"

I Opppose Obama bailing out the companies(to a certain extent) and Fear that a nationalization of banks would put us in serious trouble debt wise

Watching JT on GP is just like watching an episode of Jerry springer only as funny as the fights

America has just became its own version of the Jerry Springer Show after a bizarre moment in Florida involving a carnival worker.

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