In Congress, Dennis Kucinich Urges Elimination of Funding for Army Recruitment Game

March 12, 2009 -

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has requested that Congressional leaders remove funding for the Defense Department's Virtual Army Experience, according to a report on the raw story.

The VAE is a recruiting and public relations exhibit which the Army deploys at large public events around the United States. It has generated protests at a number of venues.

In a letter to the House Armed Service Committee, Kucinich writes:

I urge you to eliminate budget authority for the Virtual Army Experience (VAE) in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010. The VAE is a state-of-the-art, interactive recruiting tool used by the Army to give participants as young as 13 years old a naïve and unrealistic glimpse into the world of Soldiering...


The VAE shields participants from the realities of killing while glorifying the taking of human life in a thinly veiled attempt to recruit new soldiers. Making matters worse, if a child wants to take part in the simulation, the Army collects his or her contact information, as well as an assessment of the child’s performance in the simulator.

The VAE travels around the country to family oriented venues such as amusement parks, air shows and county fairs. When the VAE came to the Cleveland Air Show in 2008, I raised concerns and objections with the Army. Allowing children as young as thirteen years of age to participate in a simulation endorsed by the United States Government that glorifies and sanitizes extreme violence is unacceptable.

Kucinich conducted an unsuccessful campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

GP: For clarity's sake, Kucinich is targeting the traveling VAE, not the PC-based, freely-distributed America's Army computer game.


Re: In Congress, Dennis Kucinich Urges Elimination of ...

"Kucinish is a crackpot. How did he get elected? The people of Cleveland are not social drinkers."

The same reason why Barney Frank keeps getting elected, the people in his district are idiots.

Re: In Congress, Dennis Kucinich Urges Elimination of Funding

"Kucinich conducted an unsuccessful campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination."

And 2004

And 2000

Kucinish is a crackpot. How did he get elected? The people of Cleveland are not social drinkers.

Re: In Congress, Dennis Kucinich Urges Elimination of ...

Kucinich is a crazy person.


I can't figure out how he even got elected.

Re: In Congress, Dennis Kucinich Urges Elimination of ...

This same nutjob who wants to demilitarize the United States when countries like North Korea and Iran are building nukes and terrorists like Al Qaeda are still around. Yeah no thanks, the army has had trouble recruiting over the years and they shouldn't be given any more problems by some looney anti-war congressman who if he had his way we'd all be under the rule of an Islamic Theocracy

Re: In Congress, Dennis Kucinich Urges Elimination of ...

I actually agree with him.

The army should not be spending taxpayer funds on advertising itself to children. It should be spending it on making remotely pilotable robots and giving those robots a squad AI, or working on power armor for our troops.

okay, fine, I'll be serious. It is RIDICULOUS that they're leading teenagers into thinking the army is a good idea. The U.S. in the past century has treated its veterans like absolute shit, if they lose a limb, they're screwed.

Re: In Congress, Dennis Kucinich Urges Elimination of ...

Their actually doing all of that now. By 2010 they estimate 1/3 of the airforce will be UAV's, ad by 2015 1/3 of the ground forces will be replaced by remote control drones. Figure by 2020 Skynet will have us hiding in holes

Re: In Congress, Dennis Kucinich Urges Elimination of ...

There are a bare handful of people who even care about what Dennis Kucinich says.  This will go away soon.  He should really just stop talking, take a seat, and relax, secure in the knowledge that there's not a thing he could do to make the voters in Cleveland stop electing him.

Re: In Congress, Dennis Kucinich Urges Elimination of Funding

When we start to really care what Kucinich thinks, maybe this will be worth a longer response.  Until then, suffice it to say that no one really cares what that jackass has to say.

Re: In Congress, Dennis Kucinich Urges Elimination of Funding

I think the VAE should be more useful in high school then in county fairs but thats just me.

Re: In Congress, Dennis Kucinich Urges Elimination of Funding

Kucinich conducted an unsuccessful campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

That's because Kucinich was a one trick pony whose trick wsan't that great.

As for the Bid to remove their funding, I think someone is taking these things way too seriously and it's not anyone who uses it.

E. Zachary Knight
Oklahoma City Chapter of the ECA

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