Reddit Responds to Lamar Smith’s Comments on SOPA Opponents

January 5, 2012 -

In a response to a question about the protests over SOPA going on at Reddit, the bill's sponsor Lamar Smith (R-Texas) described the community to political site Roll Call as a "vocal minority" whose complaints about the bill were "unfounded." Reddit users have a simple response for the head of the House Judiciary Committee: Challenge Accepted and Completed.

One Reddit user in particular, Inuma, has thrown down the gauntlet, creating several videos challenging what the Congressman from Texas has said about the bill and those who publicly hate it. From the post:

"In a thread made ~2 days ago, Lamar Smith issued a challenge to critics to use the bill for criticism.

I decided to take that challenge and create a video displaying the language and translating the entire bill for others to understand. The video is just an analysis and I am not a lawyer.

The videos are ~6 minutes each filled with text. Later videos will have more, but for now, I'm still learning how to make movies and production. Regardless, Lamar Smith's statement that people are being critical for nothing is a false statement.

Let me be clear here... The first video was a learning experience and may be more technical than the second video. The second has a much better flow to it. It's easier to understand, and shows the reasoning in a better manner. I'm currently doing last minute edits on the second video. Both will be updated along with this thread in the morning after a few hours of sleep."

The result of that work - the two videos mentioned above, can be found below:

The biggest challenge opponents of SOPA face is that those who support the bill have a vested interest in seeing it pass because they have taken money from the entertainment industry. If videos like these get the mainstream media talking about SOPA - something that hasn't happened to date - then that is a major victory. Politicians are afraid of strong public pressure more than anything else.

Source: WebProNews


Re: Reddit Responds to Lamar Smith’s Comments on SOPA Opponents

I have no problem with trying to curtail piracy, but the way that SOPA goes about doing this is utter bollocks.  It uses too broad of a definition of piracy, and way too many legitimate websites will get caught in this net.

Re: Reddit Responds to Lamar Smith’s Comments on SOPA Opponents

"There's nothing wrong with the bill! People who say there is are just stupid!" is pretty much Smith's response to this whole clusterfuck and it's pretty much as wrong as you can be when it comes to citizens speaking out against the decisions their elected officials are making for them.

Well done on this particular Redditor's part for doing such a thorough job of proving otherwise.

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