Petition Asks EA to Oppose SOPA

January 10, 2012 -

A new petition on, which already has over 1,800 signatures, is asking Electronic Arts to publicly come out against the Stop Online Piracy Act. The petition was created by New York University student and gamer Shashank Kasturirangan. The petition is directed at Tammy Levine - VP of Worldwide PR, Joel Linzner VP of Business and Legal Affairs, EA CEO John Riccitiello, and SVP of Corporate Communications Jeff Brown. Previous petitions at have proven affective by causing policy changes at Bank of America and Verizon.

From the petition page:

"The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a tool that protects monopolists and targets sites relied on by small-time businesses, like indie game developers and artists, condoning disproportionate action against these sites for any evidence of copyright infringement from any of their users. If EA wants to protect their monopoly so badly, we need to let them know that they will lose far more business by supporting this bill than by allowing indie developers to operate unimpeded. It is obvious that this bill's primary use is to paint a big red bullseye on the main distributors of indie content, protecting the market shares of big-time businesses like Electronic Arts.

EA is a member of the Entertainment Software Association which supports SOPA. It's time for EA to stand up and publicly oppose SOPA. Don't mess with the internet, EA. You will regret it."

You can join in here.

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Re: Petition Asks EA to Oppose SOPA

Would it matter as long as they are a part of the ESA, who publicly support SOPA, and Protect IP? - W

Consumer responsibility is just as important as Corporate responsibility. So, be responsible consumers.

Re: Petition Asks EA to Oppose SOPA

Quick question on SOPA...

What would happen if Warhammer Online accused World of Warcraft of IP theft because a character is a little to similar to a Games Workshop character? Since this is an Internet based 'download', does that mean that, under SOPA, you could close down the WoW servers until the situation is resolved without even so much as a Court Order?

Not that I play WoW or Warhammer Online, it's just an interesting thought that occurred to me with regards to the way SOPA is presented.

Re: Petition Asks EA to Oppose SOPA

I wouldn't be surprised if that could be the case. If it is I can imagine a ton of MMOs are chomping at the bit to shut each other down.

Re: Petition Asks EA to Oppose SOPA

Now expand this line of thought to any website, any service...

Re: Petition Asks EA to Oppose SOPA

Indeed. Hell, ALL of Destructoid could be shut down over oen bad review.

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