ESA Spends $190k to Lobby Lawmakers about PIPA

January 16, 2012 -

What level of commitment does the Entertainment Software Association have in the anti-piracy bills before lawmakers? About $190,000's worth according to a Kotaku report.

In the spring and summer of last year, the trade group representing the interactive entertainment industry paid two lobbying firms a total of $190,000 to lobby about PIPA and some other issues. The data comes from lobbying records for the second and third quarter of 2011.

The ESA paid the Smith-Free Group $60,000 between April 1 and June 30 for "discussions relating to online infringements of intellectual property" (Protect IP Act) and other issues important to the group. The same group was also paid $50,000 in the summer for issues related to education, energy and tax policy.

The ESA paid the Franklin Square Group $40,000 in the spring and an additional $40,000 in the summer to lobby for issues including the immigration policy (for highly-skilled workers) and for PIPA.

While the filings do not show what the ESA's position was on PIPA or other issues, it did show that it flexed its muscles with its checkbook. The trade group has publicly stated its position on SOPA: it believes the bill is a good thing, so it's doubtful that they would be fighting against PIPA...

Disclosure on the winter period for lobbying has not been released yet.

Update: As Andrew Eisen points out, the ESA does support PIPA. It said recently that it supports both the "Senate and House bills," meaning it supports all of the above - except OPEN, of course...

Source: Kotaku. Image Credit: ESA


Re: ESA Spends $190k to Lobby Lawmakers about PIPA

so they take their final steps to becoming just like the RIAA/MPAA.  gg ESA, gg.

Re: ESA Spends $190k to Lobby Lawmakers about PIPA

"...we support the House and Senate proposals to achieve this objective." -ESA's statement to Joystiq

That to me says it supports both SOPA and PIPA.


Andrew Eisen

Re: ESA Spends $190k to Lobby Lawmakers about PIPA

The way they treated the members of the VGVN pretty much sums up how little respect they have for the Computer Game industry. They have forgotten that an 'Industry' requires customers as well as manufacturers, and, personally, I would like to see some boycotts of ESA registered companies to remind them of that fact.

Whether SOPA passes or not, these people have shown their true colors. And it's time, as it were, to not put our money where their mouth is.

Re: ESA Spends $190k to Lobby Lawmakers about PIPA

Congressional aides approve of this money.

Re: ESA Spends $190k to Lobby Lawmakers about PIPA

The ESA, pretending to be our friend and then shoving us in front of the proverbial speeding train.

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