DNC Chair is a SOPA Supporter

January 17, 2012 -

I don't know if SOPA or PIPA will have an impact on the presidential election, but it is disconcerting to note that the person serving as the spokesperson of the Democratic party is listed as a supporter of the Stop Online Piracy Act. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D- representing Florida's 20th District) is the current chair of the Democratic National Committee and is listed as a supporter of SOPA at ProPublica.org.

In between assailing Republicans in the lead-up to the South Carolina primary on TV and via Twitter (a service that opposes SOPA and PIPA, for the record) perhaps she could explain why she thinks SOPA is a good idea, why she supports it, and if free speech is still an important tenant of the Democratic party.

You can ask her on Twitter: @DWStweets. I already have, and if she responds I’ll update this story.

On a related note, you can find out who - among all of those currently serving in the House and Senate - supports these bills by visiting ProPublica. They have a lot of helpful information within those wonderful pages.

Image Credit: ProPublica.org


Re: DNC Chair is a SOPA Supporter

Since when is free speech a tenet (not tenant) of the DNC?  Last I checked, they were the ones behind trying to push the idea of "hate speech", and to criminalize it.  Not to mention, they are all too happy to jump on the ban-videogames-bandwagon when politically convenient.

Re: DNC Chair is a SOPA Supporter

Well it isn't as though the party chairperson actually has any power. I'm not any more bothered by this than by any other particular SOPA supporter.

Re: DNC Chair is a SOPA Supporter

Doesn't matter if the chairperson has power or not ,thisi s handing ammo to the opposition.

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