DICE Seeks Anti-Cheat Administrator

January 30, 2012 -

DICE is looking for an anti-cheat security expert, according to a new job listing on its official site. The Battlefield series developer is looking for someone willing to take up residence in its home office (Stockholm, Sweden) where they will be charged with "secure the online experience for all DICE titles." Whoever dons the mantle of "Anti-Cheat Administrator" will have their work cut out from them, given all the hacking and cheating going on with its latest title Battlefield 3.

If this sounds like your cup of tea and you're qualified to handle the job, you can find out more here.

Source: GameSpot by way of IndustryGamers


Re: DICE Seeks Anti-Cheat Administrator

So... They haven't thought of looking at anti-cheat until NOW?!

Good grief EA...
...Valve already had one of those you know. *meep meep*


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