The University of Minnesota’s Distraction Dodger

February 2, 2012 -

The University of Minnesota has developed an online video game called Distraction Dodger, which teaches young drivers about the dangers of doing stupid things while driving. You know, eating, drinking, using your cell phone, texting - those kinds of things. In the game, players drive a virtual pizza delivery truck with the goal of delivering those pizzas while facing a number of distractions like eating and using a cell phone. At the end of the game session, the player is given feedback on how they did.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood has called the game a "valuable new tool for fighting distracted driving that delivers its message in a fun and interactive way."

Distraction Dodger will make is on display today at the fourth annual Teen Driving Summit, taking place at the Rosemount Community Center, in Rosemount, Minnesota.. Over 160 attendees made up of school advisors, resource officers, local law enforcement representatives, traffic safety officials and student leaders are attending the event.

You can check out a video report on the event at news station KARE 11. The game has been available since December of last year, but now it's finally making the rounds into local school districts. You can find out more at

Source: KARE 11

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