Mojang, Humble Bundle Team up for 60 Hour Charity Game Jam

February 15, 2012 -

Minecraft developer Mojang is teaming up with the people behind the Humble Bundle to make a game in 60 hours. The proceeds from the game they make will go to charity. The event will be called the Humble Bundle Mojam and will start this Friday at 10 AM CET (1 AM PT). The Mojang team will spend a marathon 60 hours developing the game, and anyone who donates during those 60 hours will get the game when it is finished.

There will be other perks for meeting certain donation goals, though what they will be has not been determined at this time. Mojang is also conducting two polls to determine the genre and theme of its 60-hour game. The highest and lowest genres chosen will be combined.

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Source: Shacknews


Re: Mojang, Humble Bundle Team up for 60 Hour Charity Game Jam

This could be VERY Interesting, indeed. And if I had the time, I'd be watching them do it.  :)

This means fun for them and others, plus charity benefits from it too. COOL!

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