Brian Fargo Talks about Kickstarter for Wasteland Sequel

February 16, 2012 -

Interplay founder and inXile boss Brian Fargo says that he will use Kickstarter to fund a sequel to the old school post apocalyptic RPG Wasteland. Inspired by the success of Double Fine's adventure game funding, Fargo put the idea out to the community with a tweet on Tuesday:

"Pondering bringing Wasteland back through this crowd funding. It's a world I have longed to work with again," he said.

Later he confirmed that he would use Kickstarter, telling IGN that the "process means we don't have to do it like the publisher wants."

"The fans started pinging me first," Fargo added, explaining how this whole thing got started.

Fargo and Interplay created Wasteland, Fallout 1 and 2, and countless other classic role-playing games. Fargo recently reacquired the rights to the Wasteland franchise, which is why he is talking about a sequel now.

While details on what the sequel might look like or what it will be named were not revealed, Fargo promises that the new game will be "100 percent faithful to its roots." He added that the game "would be focusing on top-down, probably isometric, party based, skill based -- where if you'd just finished playing Wasteland and moved onto this you'd feel comfortable."

Finally Fargo said that he doesn't know if Kickstarter or crowd funding will ultimately transform the way developers fund game development. He also thinks that it will take at least $1 million dollars to develop a new Wasteland game. inXile is looking into whether it is feasible to build a game given its current developmental schedule, but if it is, expect a Kickstarter campaign to go live next month.

Source: IGN

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Re: Brian Fargo Talks about Kickstarter for Wasteland Sequel

I'm so on board with this it hurts. Wasteland is why I became interested in art/game dev.

Yes I'm old.

Re: Brian Fargo Talks about Kickstarter for Wasteland Sequel

When I read about Chris Avelonne of Obsidian (a former associate of Fargo's) trying to kickstart an old-school CRPG and asking for suggestions, I wanted to say something about Wasteland, but didn't because Obsidian doesn't own the IP. I guess I'm not the only one whose mind this crossed. I'll definitely throw in when this gets going.

Looking forward to something to rekindle that fire for the genre that the original Fallout sparked in me. Fallout 3 nearly snuffed it out entirely.

Re: Brian Fargo Talks about Kickstarter for Wasteland Sequel

Never played Wasteland so I can't care about it one way or another.  However, if this could lead to modern sequels and remakes of other Intrplay games (I'm looking at you Blood and Magic and gold box D&D games) then I'm totally 100% in favor.  Although I assume the licensing around the old D&D games is probably a mess, so this is probably hopelessly unlikely.

Re: Brian Fargo Talks about Kickstarter for Wasteland Sequel

Fallout was it's spiritual sequel, if you've played that or part of it's series in a way you have.

Re: Brian Fargo Talks about Kickstarter for Wasteland Sequel

Hmm, so Wasteland, the game that was pretty much the predecessor to the Fallout franchise, may see a revival?



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