Report: Australian Stores Holding Up a GameStop Acquisition of GAME

February 29, 2012 -

According to an MCV report that relies on anonymous sources, GameStop is interested in buying troubled UK games retailer GAME, but doesn't want to buy the stores in Australia because it conflicts with the business operations they already have there with EB Games. GameStop runs 6,627 stores in 17 territories, which includes a number of Australian EB Games stores it took over after the 2005 merger with retailer Electronics Boutique.

The MCV report gets its information from "nose-tapping publisher execs," who told them this week that "it’s widely known GameStop is looking at Europe." They said specifically that GameStop is particularly interested in regions where GAME is a market leader such as Spain and the UK.

GameStop didn't have much to say about the report beyond the usual: "As per our policy, we do not comment on market speculation or rumour."

In January GameStop closed three retail stores in Northern Ireland and 16 in Portugal, but industry insiders think this move was to prepare for "acquisition and integration."

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

Source: MCV

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Re: Report: Australian Stores Holding Up a GameStop ...

I can't comment as to the validity of the rumors but the Australian part sounds legit. There's only two dedicated  game stores in Australia right now, EB, formerly Electronics Boutique and purchased by GameStop and, GAME, formerly Games Wizard and purchased by GAME.

There's no way that the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) would allow the same company to own and operate the two.

Re: Report: Australian Stores Holding Up a GameStop ...

Which is more harm than good in this economy.

I would rather see a monopoly established if it meant more people could keep their jobs.

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