Silicon Knights 'Confused' About Hold Up on Canadian Grant Money

March 30, 2012 -

Earlier this week it was revealed that Silicon Knights had not received grant money from the Canadian government that was announced on July 14, 2011. In a "he said, she said" moment, SK front man Dennis Dyack tells GamesIndustry International that he just doesn't understand why the Canadian government is holding out on the grant money. The Canadian government attempts to explain the hold-up, which Dyack then denies.

First Brigitte Marleau, responding to questions about the funding, tells to GamesIndustry International the Government's side of the story:

"Ontario has a longstanding track record of partnering with the province's digital media industry, but we also have an important responsibility to ensure accountability with taxpayers' dollars," said Brigitte Marleau Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation, Sr. Advisor, Media and Communications. "We announced a conditional funding agreement with Silicon Knights on July 14, 2011. Because the company has not yet met the conditions of the agreement, no funding has been provided."

"Over the past five years, Ontario has successfully partnered with businesses to create thousands of new jobs, leveraging millions of dollars of investment and improving the competitiveness of its economy," she added. "This includes Ubisoft which has produced blockbuster titles such as Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle."

When presented with the government's response to questions about the funding, Dyack said he was still confused on the hold up:

"Silicon Knights has met all the conditions for the grant and is confused by this response. We are continuing to look into the situation," Dyack told GamesIndustry International.

Perhaps this is simply a case of miscommunication, but we will never know because the conditions that both parties speak of are sealed under a confidentiality agreement. Silicon Knights should probably take the agreement it signed with the government and see exactly what it is they have not done to get funding...

Source: GamesIndustry International

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Re: Silicon Knights 'Confused' About Hold Up on Canadian ...

We haven't been a good game since aboot Eternal Darkness. We need aboot a lot of money and we deserve said amount of money. What aboot us?

Re: Silicon Knights 'Confused' About Hold Up on Canadian ...

You do realize your sentences make no sense (not just here, in general) and that more actors use the "aboot" than Canadians?

Re: Silicon Knights 'Confused' About Hold Up on Canadian ...

Considering how the Harper's government is acting right now, I'll place my bet on them being in the wrong...

Re: Silicon Knights 'Confused' About Hold Up on Canadian ...

Except it's a provincial grant from Ontario so it'd be McGuinty and the Liberals, not Harper and the Conservatives.

Not to mention the tories love them some corporate tax cuts -- if it was a federal grant, I'd bet Silicon Knights would be rolling in dough.

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