Netflix Forms PAC

April 9, 2012 -

It looks like Netflix wants some representation in Washington D.C. and has taken steps to set up a political action committee (PAC) called "Flixpac." This will allow the Internet-based streaming entertainment company to give up to $5,000 to a candidate per election year and up to $15,000 to a political party annually.

While Netflix has employed plenty of lobbyists for awhile now and has given plenty of money to members of congress (it spent $20,000 in 2009, $130,000 in 2010, and nearly half a million dollars in 2011), the new PAC represents a ramping up of its efforts to have an influence in Washington politics - particularly issues that are important to its survival such as copyright law, telecommunications issues, consumer protection laws, taxes and the Internet."

Netflix is in a strange position because while it supports the idea of content protection and the fight against piracy, the company has remained mostly neutral on the big issues of the day such as SOPA and PIPA.

Source: Politico


Re: Netflix Forms PAC

Just thought I would throw this as an update here. Netflix has confirmed that this PAC was not formed to support SOPA like legislation but for issues like Net Neutrality, Usage Based Billing, Bandwidth Caps etc. Things that directly effect its business.!/netflix/status/189485496366407680

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