The Audioguide Louvre Nintendo 3DS Deploying Today At World's Most Popular Art Museum

April 11, 2012 -

Nintendo has begun providing the Louvre art museum in Paris, France with Nintendo 3DS systems that offer an exclusive audio guide. The Audioguide Louvre Nintendo 3DS will become available at the Louvre for visitors beginning today. The audio guide will provide audio and visual tools to the 8.9 million annual visitors which will help them learn more about all the exhibits on display.

Using 3D images and animation, the guide includes an interactive map that allows visitors to see exactly where they are in the museum along with over 700 commentaries on the works of art. The audio commentary was created by the museum’s curators and lecturers. Nintendo UK has a run-down of some other key features offered by the program here.

"I’m particularly pleased that our partnership with Nintendo has taken this new form today, thanks to the new multimedia audio guide on the Nintendo 3DS system," said Mr. Barbaret, Managing Director of the Louvre. "Through this partnership, we wanted to bring together heritage and the innovative world of interactive entertainment through a system many people are already familiar with. We feel that the Nintendo 3DS is perfect to achieve this goal. Nintendo has brought over 35 years of experience in games and game console development, and we believe that the new audio guide is a valuable tool that will help visiting the Louvre a more dynamic and rewarding experience, particularly for those that are not so familiar with a museum environment."

Source: Nintendo UK. Image courtesy of Nintendo.


Re: The Audioguide Louvre Nintendo 3DS Deploying Today At ...

Ignore this. Something's changed on the site, apparently.
I meant to suggest that they sell the tour outside the museum, but
there's something wrong with the word wrap on the RTE.

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