PSA: F-Secure Releases Removal Tool for Flashback Trojan

April 11, 2012 -

VantureBeat reports that antivirus firm F-Secure has released a free automated removal tool for the Flashback Trojan that has infected so many Mac OS X systems. The removal tool, available here, is in a zip file. Once you download and unzip it, follow the instructions to find the virus on your system.

If the removal tool finds the Trojan on your system, it will isolate it in a password protected file in your "Home" file. The password to this file is "infected." The removal tool will also save a log file of all its activities on your computer and give instructions for how to clean your system up.

Most victims of the Trojan were infected by simply visiting a web site that asks them to download and install a browser plugin. The Flashback Trojan exploited a hole in Apple’s version of JavaScript, which it has already patched to deal with the security hole.

F-Secure chief research officer Mikko Hypponen pointed out in a recent blog post that Apple still needs to build some way of detecting the Flashback Trojan in its Xprotect OS X antivirus tool. Apple has also failed to patch the JavaScript hole in OS X versions 10.5 and earlier as well. Hypponen says that this accounts for 16 percent of Macs.

Source: VentureBeat


Re: PSA: F-Secure Releases Removal Tool for Flashback Trojan

But...  But the Mactards always told me Macs can't get viruses, because of some kind of inherent superiority of their platform.  Surely it couldn't have simply been that Macs used to be too few in number to merit the virus-writers' attention.  What a preposterous idea!

Re: PSA: F-Secure Releases Removal Tool for Flashback Trojan

It is kind of funny yes...
I think I will print out this article and carry it in my wallet for the next time
a MAC-fanatic makes that claim. ^_^ Which should be just about every
other day. >.<
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