BioWare Blames Sony for No Mass Effect 3 MP Challenges on PS3

April 12, 2012 -

According to this C&VG report, the reason that owners of Mass Effect 3 on the PlayStation 3 do not have access to the multiplayer challenges that other platforms enjoy is because "Sony won't approve them."

The game's first multiplayer expansion, the Resurgence Pack add-on, introduces new maps, characters, weapons, and consumables on PC and Xbox 360. Those who participate in a multiplayer event this weekend will be given a free Reserves Pack containing one new Resurgence character the following week.

Sadly, PS3 players will not be able to participate in this event because they have no access to the content. BioWare's official blog points the finger directly at Sony:

"Unfortunately, we are not yet able to offer our Multiplayer Challenge weekends on PlayStation 3. Sony has not yet approved the promotion," reads the post. “We continue to work with them to find a compromise, but until then, Sony will not allow us to run the same Multiplayer Challenges on the PlayStation 3 that we run on Xbox 360 and PC."

On a related note, the patch released earlier in the week is proving to be more trouble than it is worth for Xbox 360 players, according to C&VG. Some Xbox 360 users are complaining that after patching Mass Effect 3 they are experiencing game lock-up during the boot up sequence. This makes the game completely unplayable, they claim.

After a multitude of tweets and forum posts complaining about the issue, BioWare responded last night by telling fans that it is "aware" of the situation and has asked players to describe their problems in greater detail to help create a fix.

Some users claim to have found success by loading up the game while being disconnected from Xbox Live.

We will continue to follow this trouble with the update and let you know when BioWare has figured out what the problem is. 

Source: C&VG


Re: BioWare Blames Sony for No Mass Effect 3 MP Challenges ...

They are not fans they are customers. 

This is something Bioware needs to understand. We are consumers are going to go somewhere else and most of us are tired of Stanley Woo and the Bioware writers forcing their Yaoi love stories on us.

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