Expert Witness: Sociologist Says Oslo Mass Murderer Can Not Differentiate Between Fantasy and Reality

April 19, 2012 -

As you are probably aware, the trial of Anders Behring Breivik is in its third day in Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian man is charged with murdering 69 people at a summer camp and eight others using a bomb last year - a charge that he has pled not guilty to. Yesterday Breivik took the stand and the media pounced on what he said about gaming, along with what he wrote about it in his lengthy manifesto, along with his anti-Islamist views. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a great analysis of Breivik's testimony and points out that the media only gives credibility to his gaming habits and not has mad view of the world or his delusional thinking on conspiracies and secret societies.

What we want to focus on is the third day of his trial, where sociologist and professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen - a witness for the defense – testified that Breivik cannot tell the difference between reality and "the computer games he played."

"So, when he puts on his uniform he is no longer the lone slightly unsuccessful young man from the west end of Oslo, who never completed an education, never did really well in his working life. He becomes a knight, a defender of the civilisation of Europe against the invading Muslims with his home-made uniform with all the insignias and medals that he has bought on e-bay and with membership in the big and powerful, secret society, the Knights Templar."

He goes on to say that the defense will try to use his testimony to argue that Breivik was sane when he committed his crime. 

"I expect that they want me to help them substantiate the claim that he was not insane, which of course is a difficult question. What I can say is that his world view, or large parts of his world view are fairly widely shared, not as it were by a majority of the population in Europe, but by substantial groups who feel that globalisation is not going their way that their country is being invaded by foreign, alien enemy Muslims, that Muslims can never be good democrats, and that we are being ruled by spineless multiculturalists who don't see the dangers of Islam and who even can maybe be complicit in their plans to take over Europe."

The trial is set to continue for 10 weeks. We're curious to see how the media continues to portray this clearly insane man who thinks it is okay to kill nearly 100 people because he doesn't agree with their religion, thinks globalization is evil, or dislikes immigrants.

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Re: Expert Witness: Sociologist Says Oslo Mass Murderer Can ...

Can't tell between fantasy and reality? Well, that was much was obvious when he said he used World of Warcraft as "training".

Re: Expert Witness: Sociologist Says Oslo Mass Murderer Can ...

The part that makes it difficult for me is that, had he been a Muslim, many people would find it far easier to blame his beliefs on his religion, rather than the fact he's batshit insane.

Also, you can be certain that the papers will ignore the fact that he had decided to perform a suicide attack before he took a year off work and played computer games all day. So whilst the BBC website claims he stated he 'planned the attacks using computer games', the truth of the matter is that the two events happened in the reverse order to the way it is likely to be projected.

I think a lot of his 'network' is imagined purely to try and justify his own beliefs, he's largely invented a kind of Christian version of Al Quaeda. Whilst I'm sure other people exist who share his beliefs, he's simply trying to play the same game that every other fundamentalist plays, i.e. "We're everywhere! Fear Us!!'

Re: Expert Witness: Sociologist Says Oslo Mass Murderer Can ...

So, is he hoping to just drag as much pop culture down with him as he can?

The shithead is seriously messed up, I mean, they refused to air his testimony since he was advised to use that to spread his message.

Re: Expert Witness: Sociologist Says Oslo Mass Murderer Can ...

This man is perfectly sane, he knows the difference between reality and virtual reality. He knows the difference between right and wrong, he deliberately did something wrong.

He is a terrorist like all other terrorists. They are all the same, they perform heinous crimes for personal beliefs. Do not give this mass murderer excuses.

Re: Expert Witness: Sociologist Says Oslo Mass Murderer Can ...

So? Do we change the world for the few crazy people? I well...I mean ...I guess we do we did for the terrorists.....

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




Re: Expert Witness: Sociologist Says Oslo Mass Murderer Can ...

Well, depends on what you mean by 'change'....

Generally, insanity pleas are not the 'get out of jail free' card movies have made them out to be.  In many ways they are more horrific then being thrown in jail, and generally a defense lawyer only tries to use one seriously if they actually feel that it would be for the best.

If you successfully manage an insanity defense, what awaits is not pleasant.  As a prisoner you still have rights, you are still a human, you still own your body.  An insanity charge takes that away.. no more due process, no ownership of your body, you are no longer considered an adult, you are barely considered human.  It gets even worse if the treatment actually works since THEN you become both aware enough to be impacted by your actions but still have no due process so you can be kept locked up as long as politically expedient.  No '40 years and your sentence is up'.. just 'eh, we will let you out when we feel like it, or at least when people who could give me trouble feel like it'.

Re: Expert Witness: Sociologist Says Oslo Mass Murderer Can ...

It really took an expert to make this determination?  Apart from his statements about his motivations, and that he did it for an imaginary sky daddy, is there anything about this guy that suggests he is rooted in reality?

Re: Expert Witness: Sociologist Says Oslo Mass Murderer Can ...

Well, the tricky part is much of the things he is apparently 'insane' about are part of fairly normal rhetoric in the region.  So simply saying 'he believes X Y Z' isn't enough since many other people also believe those things, or at least claim to believe them.

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