Report: Four-Year-Old Saudi Boy Shoots Father Over PlayStation

April 24, 2012 -

According to the Asharq daily, a four-year-old boy (four years, seven months) shot his father for not buying him a "PlayStation," and now authorities are trying to figure out if they should charge the boy with murder. According to the publication, police in the southern Jizan area of Saudi Arabia claim that the youngster asked his father for a PlayStation.

When his father returned from wherever it was he went, he returned without one. Police say that, as the man was undressing, the "angry" four-year-old grabbed his gun and then shot his father at close range. Some reports claim that the boy shot his father in the head, but other reports from inside Saudi Arabia say that he shot him at close range. Other reports also claim that the boy had no idea that he would do his father harm by using the gun.

What the reports don't tell us is where the boy currently is now. The only thing that is being reported is that they are considering charges.

I find the entire story hard to believe, particularly the whole "he shot him because he didn't buy him a PlayStation angle." Likely the cause, as tragic as this story is for all involved, boils down to the careless placement of a loaded hand gun.

Meanwhile, sites like Christian Post are playing this story up as further evidence that video games are linked to violent and/or aggressive behavior. That's a canard, particularly in this case, when you realize that the shooter is a four-year-old boy from Saudi Arabia.

Source: Asharq Alawsat



Re: Report: Four-Year-Old Saudi Boy Shoots Father Over ...

Wow, I'd wouldn't be worried about the fact he shot his father over not buying him a Playstation, I'd be more worried about WHY there was a gun laying around where a 4 YEAR OLD could easily access it. This it the PARENTS fault, not the 4 year olds.

Really, this is NOT about a Playstation, as this could have happened no matter what that 4 year old asked for and not gotten.

But once again, senseless and non gaming things/issues are blamed on gaming anyway... it just doesn't make sense why people have to jump to conclsions it's all a gaming issue/fault when a game or gaming machine is involved.

Soon EVERYTHING will be blamed on gaming and it's just not right.  :(

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