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May 9, 2012 -

Before there was a game called "DOOM" or "QUAKE," id Software created a first-person shooter called "Wolfenstein 3D" that changed the PC gaming scene forever. Considered the great granddaddy of the first-person shooter genre, Wolfenstein 3D put id Software on the map and led to games like DOOM and Quake. These games pushed the boundaries of game development and eventually popularized the idea of 3D gaming.

Today marks the game's 20th anniversary, and to celebrate id Software owner Bethesda have released the original game on the web. By visiting wolfenstein.bethsoft.com and punching in your age (it's age gated), you can fire up id Software's classic right from your browser and start putting some vintage WWII metal into some nasty Nazi antagonists.

The web game offers all three of the main episodes, offering 10 levels each. You can use the mouse if you want to but purist will want to stick with the keyboard controls.

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Re: Wolfenstein 3D in Your Browser

the purist comment at the end is a little confusing; the original version had mouse support too. Left-click was fire, Right-click was hold to strafe. if your mouse back then had a third button, that was used to open doors

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Re: Wolfenstein 3D in Your Browser

Indeed, still have the original (awesome game!) Maybe GP is not such a purist? :P

Re: Wolfenstein 3D in Your Browser


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