InXile's Brian Fargo Explains How 'Kicking it Forward' Works

May 14, 2012 -

InXile CEO Brian Fargo has updated the “Kicking it Forward" site - located at, in case you didn't know - to answer a number of questions about the concept he started when he launched his Wasteland 2 Kickstarter. The easy answer to a definition of "Kicking it Forward" is to kick back 5 percent of the successful funding back into other Kickstarter projects.

Fargo posted a lengthy explanation of how the initiative works on the site. The process begins when a Kickstarter campaign puts that "Kicking it Forward" image and link on their project. Once profitable (read: making lots of money off sales from the game) they agree to take an equivalent of five percent of that profit from their own pocket (not out of the project they had funded) and invest it in other Kickstarter campaigns.

Fargo emphasizes that the whole initiative is a honor system; their won't be an auditing of books or chasing people to make the investment they swore to make, nor will anyone tell anyone else what to invest in.

He wraps things up by explaining what his involvement is in this whole "Kicking it Forward" initiative:

"My involvement will be to create the badge and set up a site that displays which projects agree to "Kicking it Forward" and which projects were supported through this program. Then, after that, it needs to take on its own life. After all, I need to make sure Wasteland 2 meets everyone's expectations."

You can check Fargo’s full statement out at The page also displays all the projects that have taken the pledge to give back to Kickstarter projects. It's a very, very long list of projects.


Re: InXile's Brian Fargo Explains How 'Kicking it Forward' Works

Brian Fargo about gave me a heart attack this morning. After achieving the massive success of a Kickstarter campaign, he had promised that Linux support was going to come. This morning he tweeted that Wasteland 2 would be using Unity3D as the engine of choice. Unity does NOT have Linux support. I guess after getting a lot of upset tweets or something, he clarified that they are getting the Unity source code and will be making the needed changes to get Linux support.

I sincerely hope that he will be sharing the changes his team makes to Unity with the Unity team so that they can create a version of Unity that supports Linux out of the box.

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