Report: E3 Could Leave Los Angeles in 2013

June 4, 2012 -

Is E3 done as a Los Angeles institution in 2013? According to an LA Times report it may relocate if problems associated with the construction of Farmers Field and the rebuilt convention center are not resolved. This is according to Michael Gallagher, president of the Entertainment Software Association, the organization that owns and operates the annual games industry event. The show generates an estimated $40 million for the city, according to the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau, so losing it would be painful.

Last year the ESA warned LA officials that it would find a new location for the show, but expressed optimism that the city would iron out its issues with dealing with construction. Considering that E3 has been in LA for 16 out of the 18 years it has been in operation (the event was held in Atlanta one year a long time ago and in Santa Monica one time), losing it could be a major blow to the city. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing to return to the East Coast, but given that most of the industry is on the West Coast that doesn't make a lot of sense either.

The ESA's biggest concerns going forward are getting assurances that they have what they need to run the show from the Convention Center:

"We need assurances on things like square footage, the quality of the space, the ease of loading and unloading equipment, signage throughout the convention center for marketing and sponsorships," he said. "We love being in Los Angeles, but we also have a show to put on."

We'll find out at the end of the week if it will end up somewhere else.

Source: LA Times

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Re: Report: E3 Could Leave Los Angeles in 2013

I thought they'd tried that before, and there were complaints.

But if they must move it, may I suggest the IX Center in Cleveland?  It's about the same size as the current venue, and whatever the ESA needs, the staff will MAKE it work.  You should see some of the things they've done in there!

EDIT:  Oh, and we just opened a casino downtown.  30 minute drive... think about it...

Re: Report: E3 Could Leave Los Angeles in 2013

I attended E3 in Atlanta back in '98.  I had a blast.  I saw Unreal fro the first time, saw Duke Nukem Forever and Prey footage as if the games were imminent.  And I remember playing Silent Hill for the PS for the first time in the Konami Booth.  

Re: Report: E3 Could Leave Los Angeles in 2013

I doubt any convention center in Michigan would be big enough.

Re: Report: E3 Could Leave Los Angeles in 2013

Come to Chattanooga!

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Re: Report: E3 Could Leave Los Angeles in 2013

I would love to see E3 somewhere else, then maybe I could go. How about they send it someplace like Nashville or Memphis? A guy can dream.


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