ACTA Rejected by Fourth European Parliament Committee

June 5, 2012 -

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has now been rejected by four European Parliament committees according to a press release issued by the European Union. The latest committee to urge the full parliament to reject the treaty is the Development Committee. Prior to that rejection, the Civil Liberties Committee, Industry Committee, and Legal Affairs Committee gave similar recommendations. In a vote of 19-to-one (three abstained), the Development Committee recommended that Parliament reject the treaty.

While the decisions of all these committees are non-binding, they certainly have an influence on Members of the European Parliament. Their recommendations will be passed on to the International Trade Committee, the lead committee on the ACTA. That committee will vote on the treaty before it is scheduled to go before the full parliament on July 3rd.

You can read all about it in EU press release.

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Re: ACTA Rejected by Fourth European Parliament Committee

That's funny, because I got an e-mail from telling me about how ACTA is all the rage in Europe.  Somebody's sure shoveling some serious shit here...!/response/role-anti-counterfeiting-trade-agreement-acta

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