Report: Linux Steam Client in 2012

June 5, 2012 -

It's a one-word email but it's enough for those who have been asking Valve for years to bring Steam to the Linux operating system. A Phoronix reader named Joe Davison recently e-mailed Valve's Gabe Newel to ask him if the Linux version of the Steam client would be made public before the end of 2012. In a simple one-word response, Newell replied with "Yes."

You may recall that Michael Larabel, who runs the aforementioned website dedicated to the Linux operating system, detailed his visit to Valve’s offices back in April, confirming that a Linux version of Steam was in development. He also said at the time that Gabe Newell was leading the project.

While this one-word response from Newell still doesn't give us an exact date for when Linux will finally be able to play games on Steam at least we now know the wait for the client won't extend into 2013...


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Re: Report: Linux Steam Client in 2012

nice, now about that 64 bit version so we can get 64 bit games....

well valve? it WAS there some 6-8 years ago, where'd it go?!

Re: Report: Linux Steam Client in 2012

Actually Steam can run 64 bit games even though its a 32-bit application. Its just that taking advantage of 64-bit processing requires a significant amount of code to be rewritten. It also wasn't until recently that 64-bit versions of Windows started becoming mainstream, meaning that theres probably still a good number of people who use a 32-bit version of Windows.

Re: Report: Linux Steam Client in 2012

Ifi t automatically helps games work on Linux, more power to Linux users.

Re: Report: Linux Steam Client in 2012

Developers will still need to make Linux ports of their games. With the changes to the Source API, the developer will have to implement those changes. Nothing automatic.

The best part of this I can think of is that I will be able to redeem my Humble Bundle games at some point.

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