Karma Promises 4G Customers Rewards for Sharing Hotspots

June 18, 2012 -

A new 4G provider called Karma wants to offer a pay-as-you-go portable hotspot device that costs $69 and charges customers $14 a GB. The device is powered by Clearwire's network, which provides WiMax 4G service in 80 major cities in the United States. There are no monthly fees or minimums, but there is a special perk for those willing to share their hotspot with other people: free data.

Karma makes your hotspot into an open Wi-Fi network which users can then sign into. If they sign in with their Facebook account, they get 100MB of free browsing. Every time this happens, customers who "own" the hotspot get 100MB of free data credited to his or her account. The company calls this idea "social telecom."

"Something is fundamentally broken in the market for mobile providers," says Robert Gaal, one of the founders of Karma. "We want to give everyone a mobile, 4G hotspot that lives in their pocket. It's open to everyone, and lets you pay as you go. Best of all it works no matter what carrier or what device you're using."

The company basically wants to do with mobile what Dropbox and services like it have done for storage.

You can learn more about it at www.yourkarma.com. The service hasn’t launched yet, but when it does you can get a notification by signing up at the aforementioned site.

Source: The Verge


Re: Karma Promises 4G Customers Rewards for Sharing Hotspots

Not that others are much more reasonable, but $14 a GB and only a .07% return per sign in for letting others burn your over priced bandwidth. Yeah no thanks, the sharing is just a gimmick to help people burn bandwidth with only a token reward for doing so.

Re: Karma Promises 4G Customers Rewards for Sharing Hotspots

Explain your math, please?

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