European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade Rejects ACTA

June 21, 2012 -

Yet another European Parliament committee has decided to reject the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). By a vote of 19 to 12 the European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade (INTA) soundly rejected the treaty.

All told, ACTA has been rejected by five committees: Committee on International Trade, the Development Committee, the Civil Liberties Committee, Industry Committee, and Legal Affairs Committee. While the recommendations of these committees are non-binding, their decisions will be taken into consideration when it goes before the full European Parliament for a vote on ratification July 3.

Most believe that this latest recommendation to reject the treaty is a deathblow for it and that it is unlikely to survive a full vote in July.

UK MEP David Martin, the lead member of the committee, has been one of the most vocal critics on the treaty. Speaking to the BBC after the vote he said that the treaty's language was too vague.

"This was not an anti-intellectual property vote. This group believes Europe does have to protect its intellectual property but Acta was too vague a document," he said, adding that it "left many questions unanswered", including the role of ISPs in policing the internet.

"In the end it came down to vote on intellectual property or civil liberties and I'm glad that civil liberties won over," he added.

Source: BBC

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Re: European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade ...

Trigger the European Commission expressing their concerns this will make them look bad. -_- Hint, next time don't discuss in private and make sure to doublecheck the internet-stuff. When afterwards you go "if we'd left that out it'd have been fine", then maybe you should have done it in the first place.

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